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Written on Exclusive: UT, Memphis to renew basketball rivalry; football still in talks:

A benefit of bringing back the Memphis football game is we receive a guaranteed "W" while also getting to play an in-state rival. Win-Win in my opinion.

Written on Robert Gillespie of West Virginia leading candidate for RB coach :

It's confirmed, Gillespie is the new RB coach. Free tickets to football games for another year! Although I'd rather pay $100 a game....

Written on 21 new Vols in Tennessee's 2013 signing classs:

Great effort by the new Coach, however, I predict free tickets all year once again. I'd much rather be paying $100 a game to see us compete.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

I hear the UT Badminton club is pretty good this year, might go check them out.

Written on Vols flip Brown from Syracuse:

Free football tickets next year!!! Woohooo!

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

Solution to the outrageous parking prices = Park your car along one of KAT Bus routes for free, take the KAT Bus to Philip Fulmer Way and walk 3 minutes to the stadium. Never understood why people can't figure this out.

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

Free tickets to Basketball for me for the rest of the season!

Written on Naz Oliver makes debut for Tennessee :

Glad to see he got some playing time and made a good contribution. Sounds like its been a tough college career. Wish Oliver the best in the future.

Written on Last year's Kentucky loss set stage for Tennessee's dismal 2012 season :

The only reason I care about this game is because of the seniors. I hope they leave on a high note...especially Lathers.

Written on A look at Tennessee's 13 seniors :

Good luck in the future to all seniors!

Written on Tough to read Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray when it comes to his NFL plans :

I wish Bray wish kicked off the team along with Rogers. I truly believe our team would at least have a winning record with Worley as our quarterback this year. I hope Bray declares, I pray Bray declares, he is nothing but a tumor on the football team.

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

Dooley is turning this program around. Support our coach and staff! One more year and this will be a National Championship team!

Written on First quarter: Vanderbilt 3, Tennessee 0 :

I think Dooley is making the right decisions and has the team on the right track. Three more years and we will be National Champions!

Written on First quarter: Vanderbilt 3, Tennessee 0 :

I wonder if the reason Worley is playing is due to Bray disrespected Dooley to his face. Can we fire Dooley at halftime?

Written on Tennessee's defense will have Derek Dooley's imprint against Missouri :

Does anyone really care at this point? Who is going to be our new coach next year is the only reason I continue to check this website anymore.

Written on Mike Strange: UT coach Derek Dooley was thinking long term with defensive change :

Who cares, who is our next Head Coach and when will it be announced?

Written on Jim Chaney: Vols' success depends on controlling line:

When is the Gruden announcement? All I care about...

Written on Third quarter: Miss. State 27, Vols 24 :

This game proves we have a chance against Alabama, I like where this team is headed.

Written on Derek Dooley, Vols climb Mount LeConte:

Why would they not hike Rocky Top?

Written on Justin Wilcox, Peter Sirmon hired by Washington:

Sounds about right....the quicker Dooley is gone the sooner we can start the rebuilding process over, again.

Written on Derek Dooley: Da'Rick Rogers 'still a part of our football team':

WATE Channel 6 is reporting Rodgers is kicked off the team...

Hope Bray is next

Written on Derek Dooley: Da'Rick Rogers 'still a part of our football team':

How is this surprising to anyone? I hope they kick Bray and Rogers off the team, then we will be able to move forward?

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