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...a slap in the face of the season ticket supporter especially if they live out of town...HDTV looks better and better!

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And the biggest answer is "HELL YES"

...if there is not a higher goal than beating Vandy why go through this....?

Written on John Adams: Like its players, UT coaches have something to prove:

....Adams laid out the facts so the coaching staff can accept the challenge it presents or withdraw and pout....I think that I know which one Butch will do...!

Written on Antonio Barton officially on campus, enrolled at UT:

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ut will miss golden's scoring ability, but it's good to have barton on board.

...UT will miss Goldens "sometimes" scoring ability, but UT will gain a "real" point guard....!

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...if this OL decides not to be intimidated in Gainesville, that Saturday could get funky for the lizards....!

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

John, you are right about Fulmer being the sole reason for the football decline, but Fulmer is right about the administration. I think Fulmers downfall was much like Dooleys....they could not recognize coaching talent.

Written on In UT's open practice at Neyland, Butch Jones says fans will get sneak peek at 2013 team:

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Vandy had less than 300 at their open practice last night. Had another arrest and then canceled practice tonight. sound like the anchor is down...way down. Now it's time to show the nation what the best fan base is all about. Other schools are noticing what is happening here and best of all so are the recruits. Time to do our part and show up in a big way tomorrow night.

...I have never considered Vanderbilt a major college football program nor do I personally know anyone who does, less than 300 at their practice.....yawnnnnn!

Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

....there will always be a certain inequality in college sports as long as football is the money gorrilla.....!

Written on Butch Jones says Riley Ferguson has 'stepped up,' although he hasn't named a starting QB:

....Ferguson and North from Mecklenburg County, NC, and Justin Worley from adjoining York County SC. where Clowny is also from. These two counties rival the entire state of Tennessee in four star plus players and Dooley didn't even accompany the caravan to Charlotte last year.....see you at the Charlotte caravan next year in Butch...!

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....let's just chuck the whole orange thing and develop all new colors....tradition is kind of silly anyway...we can wear new colors each game...wouldn't that be fun...!

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.....I am dead set against using this uniform more than once per year.....period!

Written on Vols geared up for Saturday's scrimmage:

...could someone tell me if Justin King has ever been healthy....

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game: celebrate the National Championship in this manner is always appropriate. Sadly however; it also points up the fact that several teams have more National Championships in one decade that Tennessee has in its entire football history. Until UT adopts a championship attitude mediocrity will continue to reign from the administration, to the alum, to the fans.....all have let this fine program down.

Written on Defensive end Jacques Smith fractures thumb, out 4-6 weeks:

....and so it begins....the Tennessee curse...!

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Am I the only old guy still around that remembers Jackie Walker, HackSaw Reynolds and Steve Kiner? Ah, sweet memories. These guys can make some more.

....your not the only one who remembers them. When I saw those three line up together I knew I had never seen anything like it. Joe Paterno said that they were the best linebacking trio he had ever seen....!

Written on Tennessee defensive leaders who missed spring with injuries making an impact in camp:

Unlike many programs who have hired a new coach's Tennessee's cupboard is not bare, so this will be an opportunity for fans to see how Butch and the boys can coach......!

Written on As Vols start to add pads, coaches will pick spots for practice hits :

....Fulmers teams were never viewed as tough since he was terrified of injuries and his practices were light on truly is a two edged sword...!

Written on RB Brandon Powell rescinds commitment to Vols:

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Can't really blame him for choosing the U!!

He got a much better offer. seem sadly uninformed. With Miami being investigated as one of the outlaws of college football this dumb *ss switches from an up and comer to a down and diving. The only time this kid will play before a 100K fans is if he plays us....your stupidity is showing...!

Written on Erik Ainge DUI case reset to Aug. 6:

...the scary thing is that recovery does not always work....!

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:

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Word on the street is that a Camel was involved.


....word on the street was was a lamb...bahahahaha!

Written on Mark Pancratz, Marco Harris candidates for director of basketball operations:

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Dave Hart needs to find Coach Martin a Bammer. You can't have too many Bammers. be the very best we are going to have to stop thinking strictly in terms of alums or we will miss some good talent...!

Written on Mike Strange: Tyler Bray can look to Warner, Moon, Romo for inspiration:

....I have little patience with those who are gifted and do nothing to build on their gifts. Bray has gotten by with poor game preparation until now. Not being drafted should be a sobering experience for Bray and we will see how he responds....the piper awaits to be paid....!

Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

.....and now the sage is set for Cuonzo Martins final exam...!

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

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Good for him. Hope he makes it back.

....Lane will provide quality back up to the starters....

Written on Vols cram before final exam:

....the long and treacherous climb back to respectability now begins....the fall of this great program is one of the saddest stories in all of sports. I hope that the climb back is one of the most inspiring......we shall see...!

Written on With big hits looming via graduation, Tennessee on the prowl for linemen to sign in 2014:

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If I could get one question answered it would be directed towards Mike Hamilton:

What did Dooley do or say in that interview that made you pick him? fairness to Hamilton the word about him was already out in college circles and no good coaches wanted to even talk to him much less work for him...Dooley was one of those few..!

Written on Tennessee baseball gets pounded again; Dave Serrano apologizes:

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Witch Doctor say Serrano the right man. Just going to take time to recover.
Bones never lie.

....I second that motion....!

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I'm not versed in the job titles, but I hope this guy wasn't truly our main guy on recruiting if he was making 55k a year in a multi million dollar business.

...Butch Jones is the closer this guy was an administrator....lot of difference. I am betting CBJ not happy with his work....we shall see.

Written on Little separation in quarterback battle after scrimmage:

...I don't know if Butch Jones can coach a lick. What I do know is that he has an unusually high skill level in public and player relations which can result in both recruiting at a high level and changing Tennessee football culture for the better...

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

....several lessons here:

For those who believe than only an alum should coach their college team...get over it!

I hate every body in the SEC except one....UT. If you are an "SEC fan" get over it!

If Auburn is not guilty no harm. If they are don't kill the messenger when you don't like the message.

Finally, the fans share much responsibility for the mess college sports is in.

Written on Bittersweet: Florida defeats Florida Gulf Coast 62-50:

....nothing sweet about a Gator win...nothing!

Written on Mack Brown wins Neyland Award; Lee Corso the Lindsey Nelson Broadcasting Award: will be nice for Mack to receive that award the year before he is fired....!

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee has resources but no Final Fours:

....the hard truth is the University of Tennessee athletics has always been average. In men's sports Knoxville has never even been close to Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, or Columbus. Poor management of the AD and a corrupt "ole boy" mentality of "good is good enough", has crippled an athletic program that has outstanding facilities. Bricks and mortar do not substitute for championships so the mind set at Tennessee must change before anything else does.......

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract: year is Martin's final exam. His agent would like a bigger pay day, I get that, but this smacks too much of how Hamilton did business...need we say more?

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

...Dooley's "final exam" came in the 2012 season...Martin's will be given in 2013/14...we shall see.

If Martin doesn't pass Greg Marshall is my pick for replacement....!

Written on Mercedes Russell named Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year:

in response to fake_basketball:

The LV's keeping getting these "GREAT" recruits but can't make it back to the final four.

.....Baylor has a center who is a man....what are you fake...hummm..?

Written on Riyahd Jones' long journey to SEC has unlikely ending at Tennessee:

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His attitude is at a high latitude...I bet the kid makes us a good one.

By the way, my cousin's adopted son (plays linebacker) says that Groom is better this year than Patterson was last year. He was hurt last year, so I don't know much about him. Haven't seen much about him this spring...does anybody know what the word is?

...all I know is that Groom came to Tennessee highly touted, but if he can run a route he will be a better receiver than Patterson.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

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It is pretty simple really. When Martin decides to coach the team in November, December, and January we will have a shot at the big boy tourney. Until then we will have to rely on a "too little, too late" rally in February. Then we will peter out in March and ruin our chances early in the SEC tourney. Just like we did last year against Ole Miss. Look for a 1st or 2nd round NIT flame out. We are actually lucky MTSU made the big dance, because we would have been embarrassed by them again this year in the NITs. year will be the final exam for Martin as a big league coach. I think that he will pass....but we shall see.

By the way I thought that your balls would have been frozen off by now BrassMonkey....

Written on Tennessee, Alabama in good form for rematch:

....time to end this nonsense...Tennessee is the better team...get it done and move on to the big dance....!

Written on In full-pads practice, Vols crank up intensity:

...I have always thought that the Dooley story is a sad one. The man had so much going for him it was hard to see how he could have failed.
Jones on the other hand is dreaming that he has died and gone to's now up to him to make that dream real.

Written on PG Darius Thompson likes Cuonzo Martin, UT program:

.....Stokes is going nowhere this year, Mama Stokes will see to that. As for Jordan he will listen to Martin and come back next season to put polish on his emerging game....with the return of Maymon and addition of Hubbs we may be looking at a "Great Eight" or better next season....!

Written on Vols concentrating on wins, not NCAA tournament:

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We'll see what place they are in when the SEC tournament is over. No other team in the league could have lost as important a player as Maymon was to the Vols and finish better than the Vols will finish this year. on, let the nay sayers continue to be miserable....

Written on Mike Strange: Win over Missouri brings Vols all the way back:

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Tennessee will be lucky to make the NIT field

Just Saying

....please get back on to your medication....just saying!

Written on Chairman hopes slimmed-down UT athletics board will be more relevant:

....well do tell, the "ole boy" club took a hit...more of this needs to be done to return UT to the national conversation in sports. This has been a form of corruption and much more of it still exist.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

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Vols have an Alabama/Florida State athletics director, now they've got a Gator on the coaching staff. Oh well, if you can no longer beat 'em, hire 'em -- I guess.

...if you can't produce your own you will have to hire their''s time we ate the humble pie and get on with it...!

Written on Lady Vols waiting on results of MRIs on Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison:

....the orange curse stricks again, and again, and again....UT's athletic program is "star crossed"....!

Written on Tim Spencer interviews for Vols' running back job:

....until those responsible for oversight of the athletic department for the past few years are brought into accountability Tennessee will continue to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic....!

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

Tennessee football is, and has been, on life support. The entire university has been mismanaged over many years while those who were supposed to provide oversight were on the golf course, or at black tie affairs congratulating each other. Dave Hart is trying to salvage what is left of the athletic department and must from time to time think that he signed up for mission impossible. In all of this one assistant coach leaving the football program pales in comparison.

Football coaches have never been known for making great career decisions, but in recent times head coaches have mostly averted disaster since they now have agents who have given some guidance in that department. Assistant coaches are on their own and free to make mistakes. With this as a background if it is true that Jay left Tennessee to be coupled with Randy Sanders his troubles are just beginning. Even at his tender age Jay should know that making career decisions based on friendship is a high risk proposition. Florida State is a famously underachieving football program who has suffered the loss of several coaches lately and who’s fans are very divided on “Jumbo” Fisher. Fact is, if “Jumbo” don’t soon find his “sea legs” at FSU his a** is out and so is his crew.

The whining in the media and among the fans over this issue is troubling. If Tennessee does not soon break this "ole boy" obsession they will never return to the major league. Yes, it is great to have an alum as a coach and even better as a head coach, but it is rare. Quickly name me one major program who’s head coach is an alum. Jay is a young coach who has every right to better himself as he see’s’s business, nothing personal, and Jay will either reap the benefits of that decision or suffer the consequences. One running back coach will neither make or break Jones’s attempt to return this pitiful football program to where it once was. Now we better understand why new coaches generally don’t keep the previous staff.

Dave Hart is swimming up stream in his attempt to professionalize UT’s athletic department and this mentality is a good example why.

Written on Jay Graham reunites with Randy Sanders, Sal Sunseri at Florida State:

...I can not believe that Woodbery injected race into this already sad news...

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Jay is a young coach who want's to better his career by coaching for a winner...who can blame him. .....UT football is in crises so don't expect to hear a lot of good news for the next couple of years....the jury is still out as to whether UT will end up as a major or mid-major football program in the future...!