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will be an interesting view for Vol fans to see how the talent of Cincinnati measures up against one of weaker teams of ACC

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With the greatest coaching staff in the land one would think the 4 and 5 star guys would be coming to Knoxville 2 on a mule to play for them???
I guess they are all waiting until Feb. to saddle up the mule?

I have a donkey pulling that cart until I see otherwise..not gonna project either way...jJust want to see what happens...

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question..Why was Brandon Staley not retained. He seemed to be a great recruiter and knowledgeable GA..Did Jones just want to clean house with one exception and that was probably dictated in his hiring process..Retaiming RB coach...Amd bringing in the WR coach from Wisconsin who thinks its wrong yo recruit committed players..

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Very good read..should be required reading for all Vol Fans, they
Need little comedy and few laughs in their life..

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Vols resembled a girls team before when the offense/defense were restricted to half court... were these UT players rated as high priority recruits for they certainly don't resemble such with their play..

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This team will get killed in SEC this year...Sorry shooting team, the first half was terrible, and except for some generous foul calling in first half it would have been worse... Some were worried Stokes would go pro....Forget it....Ome has to wonder
If he's being coached up for improved game, or if it's those surrounding him that affects his potential. Hard to watch this team..

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afraid those who we were hoping to get from Auburn might have been derailed by this hire.... He really helped Vols get some excellent players during his stay with Vols...

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water over the Dam, but Hinshaw I thought did good job at UT
And would have liked him to be retained as WR and Rec.Coord
But at least he has landed a job...looks like all the UT assistants have found jobs for the coming year...

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Staff looks decent, we will know more after season 2013 is over.
I do think he should have retained the WR coach and RECRUTING Cord which would have given better insight into RECRUTING and WR coaching as well.

Written on Q&A with Tennessee AD Dave Hart: Butch Jones brings right attitude, but no 'magic wand':

Great answers by hart...detailed answers. He knows where the program needs to be And will support the coach In Reaching Improvement.. He mentions Bama and FSU because he has been associated with winners. Good man for AD..

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I thought maybe Peyton was better than his Dad, but not to mention him is a surprise..

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One has to believe that Chaney was impressed with Pittman and had influence of his being hired at Ark...When hired as O/C you prefer having some trusted and familiar people around you, therefore Pittman..

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Willie Martinez? Not sure this is a good hire.

Why not? Got any specifics..

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Best staff in college football just may come back to haunt him..but I suppose beauty lies in the beholder..if that's what he believes...

Written on Butch Jones promises 'best staff in the country' :

We will be able to better judge Jones after he selects staff.. He should definitely keep the GA who brought Patterson to Vols.

Written on Butch Jones press conference transcript:

jones does not need any advice from the spectator group..He was very impressive with his answers and if people give him the support and the fan base gives him time good things should happen for Vol football... I think he will do great and was, after listening to him, thinking he was the man for the Job..Very impressive guy with super family...Let's support him...

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This team has little to no offense...Terrible 3 point shooters..
Ball handlimg is problem, and would be surprise if they break even on wins verses loss. Talent is not there...

Written on John Adams: Next coach will realize UT doesn't have speed to catch up :

buckle up you Insighted Vol fans..John is definitely right on..Vols have little speed, they are muscle bound,can't run with other teams..The way they sling their arms in persuit reminds me of overweight, muscle bound people.. The interest of Dooley was bigger is better, just not in Defensive backs And LB,s.. The new incoming coach has a super hurdle to overcome getting the Vols back to being competitive...

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I see the unemployment line for Ansley..He has to be the worst db coach in the history of UT fb.

Henhad very little talent to work with... Most of what wh had should hav been playing for some Div. 2 team...Speed was a much needed element..DB'S that lack speed are in big trouble..

Written on John Adams: With new coach, it may be time for UT to spread its wings on offense :

John makes excellent points....Starting with negative on recruiting from instate talent, how can you expect them to get the better talent when you are running same system on offense and you have Ala, Ga, Fla, LSU, SC all more attractive and states with the quality players. Vols Would solve themselves well to change offense tempo, get a QB who can put pressure on defense with run and pass.. Fast paced, offense.. Clemson made the change and have been successful In getting some of the highly rated players from Fla and other states...

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If you recall, Merlot predicted that in November Dooley would be fired and Chaney would be hired as interim coach. Man that poster is ALWAYS right.

it reminds me of playing the slots, sometimes you hit it right, and that is what Merlot did...As they say, even a blind Hog will sometimes find an Acron...

Written on Dave Hart: Vols 'at a crossroads' :

Read the last sentence in this article and his last comment and you will realize how far down the drain this program has gone In recent years...No coach, not one can come into the program and have success within couple years...You are. Looking at 4'years out before UT becomes a power in the East again. will take more patience that has been shown on this board...Amother thing he got straight..No one has been talked with regarding coaching..
this says to all those supposedly I'n the know...U know nothing except what you assume...Its just talk, but it's interesting..

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"In a 62-45 loss to Oklahoma State on Friday, the Cowboys' defense..." How did the Cowboys' defense have a loss to Oklahoma State?

Please, did your comments come out as intended...

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It is becoming more and more apparent that in order to get an athletic scholarship at UT, you have to have a criminal record, a thug, a druggie, etc. etc......Wow!!!!

Why blame UT for something they had no part of, That is..
Unless she just sharpened her girlie-girlie relationships while playing Lady-Vol basketball....Now, that could not have happened....Right!!!!!!

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Just a hunch....Believe the good Lord smiled on this team last year, just one season...Now you are on your own..Amd it may not be pretty with the clunk shooters we have...Stokes has the movement of a walrus, big feet, big body, little movement..

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Lot of Improvement will have to happen quickly or they who'll be leaving after tomorrow's game...Was not impressed... They need the other big guy down low...

Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

How goofy it has become..Cut is where he belongs..In the ACC where competition is weaker and at Duke where he wins 6/7 games and they are happy...He would not be so lucky at UT, so forget him being coach of Vols...

Written on Miami of Ohio shocks Lady Vols in NCAA soccer tournament :

vols sports program are snake bitten ...

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

Hire Petrino...Were not looking for a preacher, we are looking for a football coach who can win...If you don't like what he did, and it was wrong, but everyone makes mistakes...Vols will dicker around and Auburn will hire Petrino

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sportsmanship bortsmanship. it was terrible what happened to that young man and yes, it was touching that they gathered around him but we don't need south carolina fans feeling pitty for our past few years. go on thier message boards and you will see what they think of ut. after the lane kiffen black jersey game i went on just to see what they were saying bout spurrier taking that beating. one post said that they couldn't believe that they were just beat by a team with the tradition of indiana. INDIANA! they are new money acting like the face of the sec. don't need em.

There is one in every crowd, and u are it... Nothing.....

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For sure a stupid statement by the Dooley!! Maybe we should have slowed our offense down so the defense could rest...Well my thinking is...What did the defense do to get tired? Just Dooliesm making talk...

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley should take blame for Vols' lousy defense:

In times of despair everyone has a 10 cent remedy for all that is wrong... just more wanna-be-jock talk...Climer is no different.

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I heard that he told Sal that his defensive acumen is lower than a snake's armpit so they let him go.

Why dismiss someone for telling the truth? Dooley should have been telling Sal this instead of Phillips...

Written on John Adams: 3-5 start, 3-4 scheme two more things UT can't defend :

any manager or coach of people are good as his support management people and how well they lead and motivitate those people under their jurisdiction.. In Dooleys case he has a person who is not producing and that person is Sal and his support team of asst. coach's... He should demote or fire him therefore giving himself an opportunity for another year...

Written on Connor Shaw latest QB to pile up yards on Vols :

for sure Sal evidently learned nothing about running a defense while at Ala. Or, maybe he is a slow Learner.... No adjustments,
3rd goal from 25 and he gives safety no help...One has to wonder ..... Who hired him with big salary and contract..

Written on John Adams: Not enough resilience to mask the mistakes :

John, don't skim over the real problem...You should be writing paragraphs about the sorry state of the defense all related to sorry coaching.. I have seen High School teams with better organization... If SAL is a defensive coordinator then you John must be am F16 pilot... Tell it like it is...

Written on John Adams: Schedules have taken toll on UT, South Carolina:

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Yes the schedule is very tough. This is just one reason we should not make a coaching change at this point. We need to give Dooley time to rebuild this progam.

Should Dooley Stay! I say yes… and here is why!

1) He has structured the team to have success in the future. Building a stable core of player that are working hard and developing. I am impressed with the fact that most of them are staying positive and working hard to develop. That would not be the case if Dooley did not have leadership ability.
2) In looking back at his development of La Tech the fruits of his labor and attention to detail that helped his past team develop into the best program in their history. He set up the success they are having now. (He has set up the success we will have in the next 2-4 years.)
3) Values- He has them & his players are starting to show them as well…with a few exceptions….Bray (Who is lacking leadership as we all know)
4) The teams that we have lost to have a 27-1 record and we played them all with the exception of Bama deep into the 3rd or 4th quarters. This was progress compare to years 1-2 where we were lacking depth and were finished by half time against the good teams.
5) We are getting back on par with facilities which will help with recruiting. He needs the chance to finish out a 4 year recruiting pattern.
6) A change now will set us back due to the loss of more athletes. I would guess we would lose 5-10 players to transfers…again. That is a big part of this rebuilding process we are in now.
7) Contracts are not set up for a change now.
8) Luck… Dooley has not been able to catch a break. That is bound to turn for the better.
9) It takes time for new systems to be put into play.
10) The super stars that we thought would be going pro are not ready and some if not all should/may be returning.

Should Dooley Go! Here is what would cause me to think Dooley needs to go at the end of this year.

1) If we lost very big to SC and our players don’t battle the last 4 games. (He would have to completely lose the team for me to think a change would be for the best)

Dooley needs one or two more years!!!

Any of you who think a change now will be good for the program don’t understand the process that it takes to overcome the setting that Coach Dooley was challenged to fix. I would guess that if you had been asked when Dooley was hired… how many years it will take to compete for the East title you would have said 4-5 years. Now many of you are having knee jerk reactions to the process that most of us knew would take time. Go Vols…and keep your focus on getting better ever day! Some of us can wait for you to be great again. I know it will happen if we are patient. Vol Pride!

Lot of truth in what you say... Don't think anyone can bring quick fix to the Vol program.. End of season will be interesting.

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

This staff ain't going no place this year.....but...It really gets no better after another, what do u do...

Written on Jannah Tucker drops Lady Vols, reopens recruitment :

Thought Geno had already made that distance judging from results for last couple years. I think this staff at UT will be excellent and recruiting this year will not spell any negatives on the future, for they will get it done..

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I've got a ongoing debate with a friend who says Patterson is the best wide receiver in the SEC. I say he's the best PLAYMAKER, but not he best WR. My friend wants to know who is better? I gave him a few names but he's not convinced. Right now, freshman Amari Cooper is a better WR as is Micheal Bennett of Georgia (who I call a slow man's Jordy Nelson). There are others but those two are great examples.
My point is, CP has not progressed with the technical know how to wear the belt. CP has all the ingredients to best them all but his growth has been stunted, either his fault or the coaching staff.
My friend blames his pitfalls on QB play, and that may be true, but I think CP has to share a bit of the blame.
Any takers?

On the right team with emphasis of getting him more into the offense, he is one of the best potential players in SEC. He is a playmaker in more than one position..Vols are not getting him the ball enough..

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Nice article. Reckon there was any other reason for Chavis being in town?

Don't get any ideas for he is a good coach, but not the top dog of a school like UT.

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I really want us to win but let's remember that The Tide losing at Knoxville gives Florida the inside track to the national championship.

Sad but true!

Not true, for SC will beat them Saturday...

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Booby Petrino.....H**L NO A MILLION TIMES. Can you imagine him walking into the living room of a recruit and sitting down with the parents? I would not even let Petrino in my house.

This season has been killing me. But I would still like to see CDD get 1 more year if we can make 7-5. I am not sold on that lardazz Sunseri by a long shot.

GO VOLS!!! Stun the Tide. :(

You would love Petrino like a brother if he were hired and win the SEC and be Nationally ranked...Oh yes, Petrino made a huge mistake, he got caught, and there are many others who might be just as guilty, just not caught...Petrino will coach again on BCS level, maybe not at UT, but someplace...

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this weeks game will be decided in 4th qtr and will be lot closer than people expect now..Vols will play their best game of the year, will it be good enough, just gotta see the game..

Written on Vols hold players-only meeting, say 'things are going to change' :

Lot of UT fans and posters should have been in that meeting...Be with us, support us, or get you another team to degrade..

Written on Pat Summitt says she was not forced out at Tennessee :

All those who wanted Hart fired, hung, roasted or worse you can now go back to your caves until the next bone is tossed giving the anti anything And everything crowd something to Bark about..

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley may see own fate in treatment of Pat Summitt:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Let the facts speak for themselves on what was said and done. For some reason I cannot believe Pat was given an ultimatum to retire, however we all know that is what she should have wanted to do and was done in her own words..U know this lawsuit cannot add nothing but negatives for Summitt for she cannot win anything positive from it...

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley may see own fate in treatment of Pat Summitt:

Hart is exactly what is and was needed at UT.. the mealy-mouse way things were happening resulted in where the athletic dept was and is. Let's just hope Hart gets it straight and all you Pat fanatical lovers and Debbie supporters need to hear all the facts before jumping to conclusions...Pat Summitt did a great service to UT and does not need to be dragged down this slimy path of he said,she said law suit originated by a woman who did what at the university that justified her even being there...Just more overhead..Was she a relative or friend to Pat Summitt?

Written on Debby Jennings suit amended to include Pat Summitt affidavit :

in response to virginiavolfan:

Dang Pat Summit's memory must be going fast if she can't even remember what was said in the meeting with Hart. Wonder if Hart will use this as his defense. I mean it is possible.

Pat will never take the stand and testify against UT... Would be shocked and am shocked that she shared the meeting with Hart with so many... And shocking that Debbie would even involve Pat with her condition... She must be desperate, 35 years, take your pension and leave...

Written on Closing holes is Vols' open-date priority:

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Coach D perhaps you should roll up your sleeve and show Sal how you want it done.

why not, for Sal certainly has not brought nothing to the defense