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Lots of feel good articles will follow and Big Orange Kool-aide will flow freely. Reality will not set in until mid September though.

I see a historically bad season ahead for the Voles:

08/31/2013 Austin Peay UT 32 AP 3
09/07/2013 Western Kentucky UT 31 WK 17
09/14/2013 at Oregon UT 13 OR 41
09/21/2013 at Florida UT 14 FL 27
09/28/2013 South Alabama UT 42 SA 14
10/05/2013 Georgia UT 24 GA 42
10/12/2013 Open date ---
10/19/2013 South Carolina UT 21 SC 24
10/26/2013 at Alabama UT 10 UA 35
11/02/2013 at Missouri UT 27 UM 28
11/09/2013 Auburn UT 22 AU 24
11/16/2013 Open date ---
11/23/2013 Vanderbilt UT 17 VU 27
11/30/2013 at Kentucky UT 28 UK 17

So that you don't have to write them down, I've done it for you. 4 - 8

Think you have plenty to do at Vandy, James, so why don't you get to it.

We will be just fine on The Hill!

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Better to find out now she is not dedicated to the Lady Vols than later. Only want ladies who really want to be here.

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They don't get any better than Peyton. Great VFL!

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Hate for our seniors to go out like this because they have given us some great memories, and they did it with the utmost class. The seniors, along with the rest of our team, represent us so very well. I will go so far as to say, even though there are some good programs with good girls, there is not one that can match our Lady Vols in the way they always act with great sportsmanship and just pure class.

Would have loved for them to go out with a National Championship, because they certainly deserved it, but I could not be more proud of these girls.

We will be back next year.

Thanks for the memories. Go forward seniors to happy, successful futures, and to the rest of our team, see you next year as you make your way to OKC again.

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This team has not only made Tennessee Vol fans proud with their winning all three games to get into the championship round, but throughout the year they have made us proud because of their class and character.

Even the Alabama coaches and players talked about our coaches and players winning with class after they had ousted Bama in the Super Regional.

We see a real team effort. Everyone seems to really care about their teammates and they are focused on being a team.

I love winning, and I really love winning with class. The parents and families of these girls should be very proud. Our Lady Vols act like we all want our daughters and granddaughters to be.

We want a National Championship because these girls deserve it, but they have already represented Tennessee extremely well.

Go Lady Vols!

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Way to go LADY VOLS! Great win. Ivy and Ellen were fantastic, and the HR by Gibson to start us off was unbelievable. To all the Ladies, you have made us very proud.

Now go on with your business and take down Oklahoma.

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Way to start this march to the NC ladies!

Now don't let up, and get on the easy road by running over Washington.

Good to get that first one!

Ellen had to really work to stay positive with the terrible calls behind the plate, and the outrageous call at first on a sure out. But she did it!

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Agree with Holly. We need more players, and need to never slow down.

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Really nice to have a coach who is real, and who has more energy than anyone else.

He represents the school, players, and fans in an extraordinary way. His actions last week in supporting our Lady Vols in the Super Regional showed a man of great character, and a real team player who has bought into everything Orange.

Glad he is our coach!

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It was a great win, and as a Lady Vol fan, any win is good, and a win against Bama is even better.

I am a Lady Vol fan all the way, but then I am an SEC fan, and it is totally insane the way the committee sets up SEC teams to eliminate each other. We play Alabama, and then if we (we should) go on to the WCWS, guess who we would face first (if they win as expected in their region), the Florida Gators. Last year we had to eliminate Georgia to get there, and then faced Alabama in the first game in the WCWS.

It is time someone in the SEC office stands up and calls out these nuts who keep setting us up.

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When you fold your tent early, lots of bad things can happen.

This team had great promise, but after the 19 game win streak, they have looked like a very average team. They looked defeated when they walk onto the field. Would love to see a great finish, but now expect much less after the last 6 games.

Written on Eight-year-old Averi Ramsey now marching through battle with cancer with 18 Lady Vol softball teammates by her side :

Lady Vols are always great, but this action puts them over the top. Even more proud of our team. Way to go ladies!

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Peyton Manning - the very best! So proud he is a certified VFL!

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If you go into the game not sure you can win, you probably won't. We played two thirds of the game convinced we could not beat Louisville. It is a forty minute game. Until we are willing to give it all for the full forty, then we will continue to come up short.

Hate to go out like this. We just helped the Big East to bragging rights for the next year. Play hard or go home!

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This team has the talent. They just need to be dedicated to playing all out for 40 min.. If they do, we win, if not, we may lose.

Go Lady Vols! Give your all for the Orange today!

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To vote for one player is not good. We have to have Simmons scoring and playing defense, but we also have to have every player locking down on defense and stepping up and scoring. This is truly a team, and we have had different players shining when we really needed them. Spani always hustles and we need her points. Williams has been all out this year and she seems to inspire the others. Graves is steady and a beast. Issy has been missed, and she can be a real force. Berdick is very reliable as scorer, and in past several games she has been outstanding in rebounding. Massengale plays good about 75% of the time, but has to cut down on turnovers. Jones has talent and can be a much bigger contributor. She needs to go into each game with confidence.
Left out some, but they are all critical for us to make a run for the championship. I just hope they do not play intimidated as they did against Baylor, ND, and Stanford, and as flat as they did against Chatt., Missouri, and Texas A&M. They have the talent to win it all.

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Show up to play or get your butt kicked. We played sloppy against Miss. St. on Thursday and played scared against Alabama on Friday.

They wanted it - we acted as if we didn't.

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Got to get tougher and meaner; Massengale has to stop allowing the ball being taken away from her in open court with little or no pressure; the soft, lazy passes must not happen again; fight like every possession is the game winning play; and stop standing and watching the action - stay active, on offense and defense. Sometimes it seems we forget we are a team. We have the talent to go far; we must acquire the guts and grit to make it happen.

And we must have the killer instinct. Finish teams off instead of going on cruise control when we get a lead.

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The headline to this article is wrong. Tennessee simply gave this game away.

Spani played her heart out; the rest of the team did not have any heart.

All year, Massengale has chosen the times when we could blow a game open to give the ball away for a layup and recharging the other team.

Our team chose to be spectators and just watch Spani play. Sad way to go out.

This team has some very good players. they can play exciting offense, and can play lock-down defense - AT TIMES. But toughness is not one of their better traits. Rough teams push them around and they allow it; they even give in to it. They have to learn to push back, and they have to play hard as a team, not as individuals.

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Always good to win, but the lazy, careless passes have got to stop. And the Lady Vol defense playing the "parting of the Red Sea" defense around the basket and allowing players to drive to the basket as Lady Vols stand back and watch will get us beat. We are better than that. We need to win this tournament, and we can if we play defense and make smart passes. We do not need to make it easier for other teams by simply not doing the basics.

Good win! We will have to do better to win next two.

Go Lady Vols!

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We need her badly. If we play Kentucky again, Holly needs to draft some black-belt types to help our girls fight.

Hope Izzy gets back sooner.

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I never understand why opposing fans go to other teams' websites? I can honestly say I have never visited anoher SEC team's website.

Wonder if we will see the same people during FB time? HMMMMMM.

They just want to see what it feels like to be around real winners. In this case, it is the SEC REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS - THE LADY VOLS OF TENNESSEE!

Our Lady Vols have suffered lots of injuries this year, but their true grit has shown as they have won the championship in spite of the injuries and the FACT that everyone wants to beat Tennessee in order to make their own season.

Go Lady Vols!

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Celebrating SEC titles instead of NC's. Program on the decline.

Could say a lot about this post, and none of it is good. Cannot even believe anyone with any knowledge of basketball would make such a statement. With the terrible news everyone had to absorb less than a year ago about our beloved Pat Summitt; Holly having to step into such an awkward situation; many injuries; and the burden on the team and coaches; to win the SEC regular season is an unbelievable accomplishment.

Holly has earned COY hands-down. Hope she receives the votes. She chose great coaching staff, and they coached a great group of high-character girls to great heights.
True Lady Vol fans are very proud of this award. Looking for even greater things.

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Hate to see Taber and Kamiko go. They have been critical to the success of this team. Taber has always given all she has, and this year Kamiko has really stepped up her game.

Go Lady Vols!

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Look for Tee Martin to end up at Fla. St.. Jay must have talked to him and he thinks more of Tee than he does the Vols. Both have burned their VFL cards.

Very disappointed.

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Great win! Great heart! Stokes is a beast. Golden had a great game, and no one has more heart than McBee. Other players stepped up also.

Early on in the season this team was hard to watch; today they were hard to watch for a different reason. I kept thinking they did not deserve to lose with the effort they were giving.

Thankfully, their effort was enough. Hope they can get their legs back by Tuesday. They put it all on the line today.

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Really like this team, but I am very concerned about the poor passing at times. We show we can be very good at passing most of the time, but then we lapse into half-hearted passes which are disturbing. If we would tighten up on our passes, we can be very good.

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Do you think we might go to the Birmingham or other Alabama papers or sites to get info about where Coach Jones is, or what he is talking about? OF COURSE NOT!

This is Tennessee. We could not care less about Nick Saban - where he is; what he has to say; and certainly not advertising for him so he can recruit easier in Tennessee.

Could we get Adams, and some other pretend sports writers to spend a little time informing us about Tennessee?

Adams cannot get a job in Alabama because they get more benefit from him being in Knoxville kissing the butts of anyone involved with Alabama. He has to be a close relative of Paul Finebaum.

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Very proud to have Butch Jones and his coaches. Think they are going to make us very proud.

Written on Butch Jones in Nashville tells fans 'I pray every day I’m going to be here forever':

Believe they have done a great job. Love the way they work.

Hope he is here for long, long time. Think we are looking at a coach who will make us very proud.

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Can't sugarcoat this mess. Coaches were AWOL, and except for Williams, our players were AWOL.

This is TENNESSEE. Losing focus and not being ready to play is unforgivable. Total embarrassment. Losing is one thing; losing because you don't have the will to win is totally unacceptable.

If the entire organization was not embarrassed enough today to get their heads in the game, then they need to stay home. This game did not look anything like Lady Vol basketball. It looked like young elementary type basketball.

Written on Isabelle Harrison to undergo knee surgery:

Dreaded the news on Izzy. She is very important to this team.

Wish her the best and a very quick recovery.

Written on Isabelle Harrison reinjures left knee, won't practice leading up Mississippi State game :

Izzy, we need you. Hope for a quick recovery. Was so afraid it might be season ending. Thankful for a little good news.

The rest of the team has to pick it.

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This team needs to realize they are pretty good. But the freezing up against top teams has got to stop. We go into these games acting like we are in awe of these teams. Throwing the ball away with very lame passes, and throwing up shots like a three year old hoping for something good to happen, and slinging up layups hard enough to break the backboard. We are much better than this.

Looks like Holly needs to load some prozac in their water before the game. Relax and play their game. Our defense can be good, but at times we act like we do not know what defense looks like as we allow uncontested drives to the basket.

Hope we learn from this. And certainly hope Izzy is ok. We cannot do without her.

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The names on the Rock are actually people who come onto the campus. It is not like anyone is broadcasting their names along the highway. But even if they did, it only shows the ignorance of the NCAA. It is nothing more than a bad joke.
NCAA really needs an infusion of common sense, but doubt that will happen.

Written on Third straight loss for Vols:


When watching this team, you have to wonder what they spend time on at practice, if indeed they have practice.

Written on Notre Dame No. 1? According to a BCS computer, Fighting Irish still better than Alabama:

Common sense cannot be put into the computer. Giving teams credit for wins against any other team, rather than realizing all teams are not equal. Playing in the SEC is a totally different world than any other college football.

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Another good game. Like the hustle. This team plays with heart. Got to love em.

Written on Former UT safety Dave Bennett dies at 42:

Such a sad story. May God comfort this family.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

Love this team. The hustle; unselfishness; defense; banging around the basket; refusing to give in or give up; everyone shooting instead of spending time trying to get the ball to one or two players; and great attitude.

Written on Cierra Burdick out indefinitely with broken hand :

Really hate it for her and for the team. She is a very good player and we need her very badly.

Written on New lineup produces results for Lady Vols, 75-40 :

Looked more like they are supposed to look. We are Tennessee and we should never play scared. We did against Baylor from the start, and did not play like we are capable of against Stanford.

Written on Vols' Butch Jones disputes talk of riding on Brian Kelly's successes:

I am excited about Coach Jones, and it will take a lot to convince me he is not the right man at the right time for UT. I like his approach, his excitement, and his dedication. He will be a winner, and he will make Tennessee proud again.

Written on Former Vols defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri hired by Florida State, but will still draw check from UT :

Sounds as if there is plenty of blame to go around, but the real villain looks to be the lawyer who advise on these contracts. I think we need one who looks out for UT instead of himself. Oh, my bad. Forgot I was talking about lawyers!

Maybe just try to find someone with some common sense. Of course, that may be as hard as finding an honest, competent lawyer.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

Scary! Did he not realize he had made a commitment to those players BEFORE he hoped on the plane for a FREE trip to UT, and to either make a fool of himself or UT?

It wasn't like he came in and found out Coach Jones wanted to talk to him about a job. He said he had talked to Coach Jones a couple of days before he came.

Does not make Tee look good at all. Actually makes him seem to be a very good fit at usc with Kiffin and wild-man.

Kinda glad he did turn it down though because sounds like he has some issues.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

This should get us upward toward 70,000 butts in the seats for a while.

Written on Lady Vols bounce back, beat Georgia Tech 71-54 :

Way to go, Lady Vols!

These freshmen are looking good.

Don't look back, and don't let up.

Written on Oregon guard Jordan Reynolds picks Lady Vols :

Way to go Holly, and staff. Great job.

Welcome to Rocky Top, Jordan. Right choice!

Written on Five things to know: Lady Vols exhibition opener vs. Carson-Newman :

Looking forward to this year. Believe this team, and the style of play is going to be exciting.

Go Lady Vols!