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If Tennessee hit someone like that they would give another year of probation to us.

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Not true. You can tell this by his first year at each school. He went quickly from a losing record in his first year to winning a lot of games his second and third years. If he just inherited the talent, there would not have been a drop-off after the initial coaches left.

Yea, Sunseri inherited talent too.

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He's got a winning record.... With all the recruits he didn't recruit. Better coach than Dooley, but not by much. He is going to have to really win fans over. Sad thing is it won't take long to have fans wanting him gone.

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Zero votes for Hunter. Sad

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Love how people bash football players like they don't have lives... Everyone in this forum drank under age when they were younger.

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Coaching a "D" Really? the fake punt alone should deserve an "F" alone.

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He is basically saying I can taunt because I am the only good thing on this team. So much talent.

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Gona have to do better than this

Did you watch the game?

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They are monsters down low.

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Curt is the BIG bright spot on this defense.

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I want Charlie Strong more than any coach out there. He wins everywhere he goes and players love him. He is like a Cuonzo type leader.

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After continually reading all the negative posts that our "fans" put on here I'll say it again: we have the WORST fan base there is. Not only do our fans continually bash Dooley and the team, they have to complain about a compliment. Some of you people really need to get a life. If all you can do is complain, it must really suck to be you!


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Pittman is legit! we have to keep this guy! everyone on our line will be playing on Sundays

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Surely he want be needed for TROY.
VOLS 62 Troy 3 (it should be the score)

Vols 51 Troy 48

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Man I hope he will be able to play again one day.

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Sam Pittman (OL) and Jay Graham (RB) are legit, very good coaches.

Most legit post i've seen on here.

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if this team stays together it will be good next year. very good

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I was there and the tackling was terrible! We have no leader to lead us in a crucial moment. Our offensive line is amazing. Our defense is a laughing stock. Patterson is in a league above everyone else and Miss State is a middle of the pack team. ( oh and p.s a State fan told me that he thinks they can run the table and go to the NC game. Wake up bro!)

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Vols don't do well against running QBs.. and Murray can run.. thats a fact. Go Vols

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It seems the week any team plays UT their injured or suspended players come back.

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Come on Tennessee fans DD needs this year and next them if nothing has changed find a new coach. If he is fired this year he will not have been given a fair chance.

smoking much?

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we have 587348734 WRs put one in ... seriously. Depth killed us last year and we have more of it this year and we don't use it.

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No BIG name high school player wants to come to a program which has a chance to be un stable again... thats a fact guys.

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This team is perfectly fine people. You act like it's the end of the World. Dooley is doing fine at coaching. We are making HUGE improvements over last year. Its not 98 anymore people, stop living in the 90s its a new era in football. The Tides will turn and we will be dominant again one day. It all comes in cycles. Why do you think so many people hate us? because we used to be so dominant and the other teams weren't. Now it has flipped. We will be back its just going to take time.

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Is there not a giving up poll?

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Should be a very close game.. It could go either way.. Lets hope the Orange way.

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I see Tyler Bray throwing 45-50 times for 330+ and 3-4 TD's - in the first half.

This is not a Georgia State defense

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Watson was fast, really fast. get him in the open with the ball.

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We didn't use half of our offensive power in that game.. it will be fun to watch when they unload their offense and all the players.

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No more losing...
No more moral victories.
It's time to play with the big boys.

4 years of pent up frustration all comes out on the Gators.

Who better?

Pandemonium Reigns - Sept 15th - Knoxville

VOLS hang 65 on Georgia State. Then drop 40 on the Gators in Neyland.
Start 4-0.

Gators have an excellent defense... 40 is going to be tough.

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Dooley=Disaster what a cluster#@!%..still cant run the ball when we want to. 20 yd fg are you serious??

Jump off a cliff! we have a lot to work on, but we looked good in a lot of areas. GO VOLS

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I keep hearing about this all mighty Safety N.C State has... One guy can't cover a whole offense. just saying.

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Frist of all you are incorrect. Marsalis Teague has covered and broken up many passes during his time on defence as a Vol. Secondly your "speed" would have been decreased if you had suffered from turftoe for over a year.

I am not incorrect. I am talking about getting beat long every game not breaking up passes.. he is toooo slow. watch the film my friend. Has he had turf toe for 3 years?

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I love Teague, but the man gets beat evey game all game.. too slow. #VFL .. Good luck friend

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Why do people waste their time signing up for this forum the hate UT? I will never understand... sucks to be them I guess

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Vols will compete with everyone this year. I don't believe they will be a push over team.

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Why is he rated so low on Rivals?

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Love reading the word battle! means Depth. Boom!

Written on UT commitment Camion Patrick will not play football for Lenoir City:

Hope this doesn't transfer over to Tennessee and become a problem.

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Eh, I wouldn't hold my breath. Henry is elite talent. With this current coach and staff there's probably a two star back in rural Georgia somewhere with an FIU, WKU, UNT, and Tennessee offer who's ready to 'get on board.'

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Derrick Henry is about to Commit to the Vols

Written on Dyer dismissed from Arkansas State team:

Derrick Henry is about to commit to the Vols

Written on Tyler Bray named to Walter camp watch list :

I dont like all the hype.

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I am not saying this because I am a Vol fan but if we stay healthy I really dont know who can stop our offense this year. Bray,Hunter, Rogers, Patterson, Rivera and our defense will of coarse improve over that train wreck from last year. We can doubt Dooleys coaching but the man can recruit well.