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Am I the only person on here who's noticed Dave Hart's hair looks just like Herman Munster????

It's the best hair that money can buy.

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Ridiculous that this clown still has a job, he's single handedly run a once great program into the ground, he's definitely the Derek Dooley in UT track and field history.

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I watched this on TV a few hours ago. Lane Kiffen and Dooley both had stupid comments. Kiffen wanted to "sing Rocky Top all night long after beating Florida next year." and Dooley said "You wont have Tennessee to kick around anymore"........ Butch seems as if he has some common sense not to say things like that. hahahaha Good job Jones! GBO!

*Im always watching*

I thought Butch represented with a class that hasn't seen been since Fulmer was there, he did great. I loved Tiny's quote about Vandy, i'm guessing UT will run for 300 yards on Vandy's defense this year.

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Anytime you lose the 8th ranked player in the Nation your going to feel it down the road. I just think it was very inconsiderate of her to wait this long. The coach's and all the fans were counting on her to play next fall. I think everyone has the right to know why she is not coming. I think that is the least she can do.

Totally agree, due to the way she did it, I hope she's like Wiley-Gatewood from a few years back and she fizzles out and we never hear anything from her.

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Winning solves a lot of issues doesn't it?

That's why I voted other!

That's why I voted other also. It's really simple if you look at the Florida game last year. The team came out and won a couple of games, got everybody fired up, and you had a sellout.

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I think we're looking great in all 3 sports. Butch and Serrano are proven winners and they'll eventually get their teams to a championship level. Cuonzo needs to raise his recruiting just a little. He's done a nice job with his first two teams.

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Ha, ha, losing a QB that never beat a good team and two wide recievers does not compute to an empty cupboard. Tennessee has veteran linemen on both sides of the football and basically the same defense that was No. 28 in the nation in total defense in 2011. But of course, the "Debbie Downer Syndrome" is rampant these days. There are at least seven or eight NFL draft choices on this team just in the senior class plus Tiny Richardson and AJ Johnson. Man, I can image what this dude is gonna say about this time next year when all the seniors are gone.

Not a Debbie Downer, but losing most of your starters at your skill positions and returning the worst defense in the SEC may not make the cupboard bare but it's not well stocked either. Sure there's some talent and Jones is an excellent coach, but this is a 7 win team at best.

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This happened last week, it's old news, come on KNS keep up

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"He can score around the rim, but only when the opportunity presents itself" Sounds like he can dunk if there's nobody in his way.

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No, that won't fly because he didn't find or seek Coach Jones from the get-go.


UT '81

It was like they said on the Sportsource, Jones bailed Hart out by agreeing to take the job. He had just been publicly turned down by two other candidates and if Jones didn't take the job then it was getting ready to turn ugly.

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What's up with all these 2 point scorers that Cuonzo's recruiting? That Landry kid has about the same exact stat line. Cuonzo's doing a good job so far I think, but if he keeps throwing away scholarships like this, he won't be around for long.

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Why do you even need a director of recruiting when you a recruiting coordinator. This sounds like an office assistant type of job.

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I didn't know Landry's numbers were that awful, how in the world was he once a 3 star prospect. Those aren't college numbers for any level I don't care how good the team is that you're playing for.

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If Gillespie is truly the best recruiter on the staff, then there's no way he should be the 6th highest paid assistant. I can understand paying the OC and DC the most but other than those two he should be the highest paid.

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Awesome coaching job for Holly and the staff, for a team picked to finish 5th in the SEC. I was really surprised they were a 2 instead of a 3. I'm not sure if we can get by UCLA and former Vol Alyssa Brewer.

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I don't think they lost their edge, they played hard, the shots just weren't falling. It was just one of those days.

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I thought they would be ok with 1 win, but with playing Miss St./SC winner, that might actually hurt their resume even if they win, so i'm guessing it's gonna take at least 2 wins to be 100% sure

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This was a nice win, Auburn is always a tricky place to play. When Golden is on, these guys are almost impossible to beat.

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I voted no because they're so banged up and 3 wins in 3 days is tough even with a totally healthy team.

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You should be careful what you wish for.
BTW, when is Geno's court date?

He'll probably slime out of those charges. How in the world can he recruit with all that's going on around him with those allegations. Who would want their daughter to even be close to him?

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I live 20 minutes out of Knoxville and they showed the entire Maryland/Virginia game up until the last 3 minutes when all of the other ESPN games ended

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It's kind of like a sibling rivalry, you're always sort of a rival with your little brother.

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At South Carolina.......the worst team in the SEC with Miss. State. Maybe you should have a ring made to commemorate the "big" victory.

And maybe you should put a ring on a girl, so you'd have a life and wouldn't have time to waste while trolling rival sites.

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I think Adams has officially lost it now, get some help John

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I don't think we need a lot of them, but when the program is down and in need of some depth, then we should go after a few.

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I'm sure he'll be able to find a job working as Larry David's stand in.

I heard he already has a job as George Costanza's stunt double

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UT's not winning much now but they are the only school in the country that's in the top 5 in attendance in Men's and Women's BB and football, so I think they have the best fans in the country.

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This group is fun to watch and this was a decent team they put a beating on.

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Why did Sentimore go, don't you actually have to be good to go pro.

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This team is way ahead of where I thought they'd be right now. They can beat anybody when they all get healthy.

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Good article Adams, we did beat Florida and Vandy in BB last year, but wins over the rivals have been slim lately in all sports.

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Football is the engine that drives the bus. If they don't play us in basketball then we won't play them in football. This series is continuing and there's nothing crybaby Pastner can do about it.

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One game a year won't change recruiting in Memphis. Football is where the big money is and Memphis just threw away a lot of it.

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How many Chick-fil-a's did he have to eat to achieve this honor.

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Worst article ever posted on here. The program isn't in better shape now than when Dooley arrived. Dooley has his best season in his first year, yeah there were less players, but more talent. How can you give Dooley credit for lowering expectations??? Dooley was the worst hire in UT history, the only thing I give him credit for is getting out of the way so Chaney could win the last game.

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Best article ever by JA, I think announcing the season ticket holders would be a bore for anyone who is not, but the rest of the ideas sound great

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There was one shocking part to this article. At the top Adams said he has friends.

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The Petrino and Geno stuff were pretty good

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This team lost so much, and they're so young. Next year with a loaded class coming in, they should be back near the top.

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They're gone, why is this even an article.

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No suprise, he's a special player, good luck CP

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I knew McBee's shooting was way off from last year, a torn UCL would explain it

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If you don't think Bo Jackson or Peyton aren't 2 of the best 5 ever in SEC history then you just don't know football.

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I don't really care if he's not a big name hire, but the only thing i'd want to know about him, can he recruit?

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Gus Malzahn will put Auburn back near the top in the west. He's been successful at every stop. Jones is a nice hire too, he wasn't my first choice, but like Malzahn he's been a winner wherever he's been.

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Mediocrity here we come

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Fulmer was great at one time, but there's a reason he hasn't gotten a quality coaching offer since he left UT

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Climer puts too much value on how a team is doing RIGHT NOW. UT is 8th overall in NCAA wins, the 3rd biggest stadium country along with overall facilities that are 2nd to no one, the only thing UT lacks is a solid recruiting base, but that's not a problem when they're winning. UT is still a solid top 15 job.