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One thing, for all of you self righteous twits out there who want to condemn Bruce Pearl for telling a lie, I would bet everything I have that you have told just as many lies in your life as he has. So don't start with the idiocy about how he told a lie to the NCAA because when you do it just proves that you are exactly what you say you aren't.

Excuse me moron but betting all you have when it will fit in a shoebox is not a bold step....and no I have never lied to my employer or the people that regulate my employer so yes it is about character and honesty and integrity and doing the right thing....I'm sure those are all foreign concepts in Owensboro though....

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Another lazy Adams "column"...just like him to regurgitate the thoughts of others while adding nothing any event...

No Pearl will not be working at a BCS school this time next year. University Presidents and AD's have proven they'll tolerate quite a bit but most have a problem when it comes to dishonesty, lack of character, and flat out being a bad person. Another problem Pearl will have is hiring quality assistants. Only those with the same lack of integrity as his will be willing to tie themselves to the Pearl bandwagon. Tony Jones of course has continued to lick the proverbial hand that feeds him but he's never been in demand either. As for the NCAA, don't bet on them giving Pearl one day of grace. Like most, they don't like being lied to. You should also remember that this penalty encompassed a number of other major infractions that they weren't able to prove but nonetheless believed to be true. Isn't that right Mr. Harris? So, worship your false god if you like but understand that once a fraud always a fraud.

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LMAO!!!!! Now I now why Peyton Manning was so good - he had about 50 of the world's greatest QBs teaching him while in Knoxville!!!! What a bunch of wannabe's!!

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Yes the program went downhill under Fulmer and yes it was probably time for a change. That said, Fulmer's worst team would still destroy any of Dooley's. The problem the last 3 years isn"t what Fulmer did or didn't do, it is the fact that Hamilton, et al, made bad hires afterward and Dooley just flat out couldn't coach or recruit. Now, it's really time that the so-called VolNation let go of the morbid recent past, stop trying to revise history with lame arguments, and focus on today and the future.

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A few things of note:
1. She's a freaking trainer - thousands of them out there.
2. It's WOMEN"S sports - nobody cares.
3. It"s a money LOSING program yet she was making 100k+. - try earning your keep.
4. Hart et al are absolutely right in busting up a stand alone women's department - The Summitt Empire should have never existed
5. Fools can keep blaming Sunseri because, well, they're fools. Fact is he had no players thanks to Dooley and the rest of the clowns he hired from the beginning. Fact is it took Sal about a minute to get a job with a better program so who was the idiot?

And finally, good bye Jenny...hope you learned some lessons about greed and ego from all this.

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Thanks for putting me in the article Quinn! I asked Coach Jones several questions during the live chat, and that was the one he chose to answer.

I also asked him, "Brick by Brick, TN will rise to the top. I know it won't happen overnight, but what goals do you have for this fall, and how would you define a successful first season? " He didn't answer that question, but later on the SportsCenter interview he referenced it and used my exact phrase - "JONES on @SportsCenter: We have a very educated fanbase and they understand this isn't going to happen overnight."

Sorry Josh...he wasn't talking about you in that SportsCenter quote.

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People need to stop whining about schedules. SEC teams haven't played all of the others in the league since anybody can remember. Guess what? Neither does the NFL but they still recognize a Super Bowl champ don't they!? And nobody questions it. MLB and the NBA pley unbalanced schedules too...just like practically every sports league on the planet! Spurrier and SC started this phooey because they're pretending to be big boys right now but can't actually win anything that matters. Was Stevie crying when he was at FL and actually winning championships? No. So the fact that you might beat all the east teams but would be 4th or 5th in the west does not mean you should go to the SEC title game. Bottom line...if it's a league opponent - it counts. It's called win or go home...or in this case - win or shut up.

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...and even if he were the best player it will be impossible for Clowney to win the Heisman when SC loses 4 games - and they WILL lose 4 games.

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Manziel was definitely a great performer at the QB position last year. But lets face it, Clowney was the best player in College Football and maybe Football period. This kid is absolutely amazing and if he played for Tennessee We would have all been raising cain because he didn't win the Heisman last year. I am a lifelong Tennessee Fan, but truth is truth and this kid is the real deal and is best player in College Football.

Please tell us why JC is "the best player in college football" because that is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard! Yes, he's the most over-hyped guy in college football but he's far from the best player. The guy is living off of about 3 highlight plays over two years. He doesn't play hard every down. His stats are pathetic for "the best player in college football." He gets his numbers against the mediocre teams/players he faces - and they aren't anything to write home about! So please do tell us why this guy is the best. I will bet anybody any amount the guy never makes a Pro Bowl and will be a journeyman NFLer before washing out in about 5-6 years. Somebody is about to make a franchise wrecking mistake by taking this guy #1 - or even top 10.

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at least Bruce isn't having to pay his salary anymore...

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Instead of a patch above their name, what if they put their name inside the outline of the state? Just a thought

a better thought would be to take the names OFF the jerseys! They serve absolutely no purpose.

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The UTAD lawyer and several others in the UTAD knew about the picture a week before the interview and said nothing to Bruce, Tony, Jason, or Steve. If someone had said anything, NONE of the coaches would have lied and NONE would have gotten a show cause. How hard would the NCAA have come down for a secondary violation bumped to a major, we'll never know. Pearl was guilty, but he didn't have to be as guilty as he was in the end.

LMAO!!! Why do you people still try to blame others??? This was VERY simple - tell the truth. The fact that others had the picture and didn't tell them is irrelevent! THEY weren't permitted to "give the heads up" and obviously weren't willing to put THEIR careers/reputations on the line to do so! Your logic is akin to telling your wife you're not cheating on her when she shows you the pic of you in bed with the other woman - even if the woman was your cousin!!

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I totally agree.

At the time when all this Bruce situation got started, everyone was saying “UT will get the death penalty” with scholarship reductions and no post season play. Well, what difference does it make if a team is on post season ban with six players versus a team that has all players and cannot make the NCAA tournament? As all UT fans know, since the departure of Bruce, we have not made the NCAA tournament, and lost very quickly in the NIT, so really UT is currently somewhat living the death penalty. As a basketball fan, my hope is for wins and a deep run in the NCAA tournament which has not been delivered under the current coach, so as a fan am I better off with a non-penalized Martin versus a penalized Bruce---no I am not.

I have a close friend who is a very good donor at a rival SEC university, and he has told me that Bruce has been discussed about being their coach, and UT usually plays this team twice per year. The only obstacle blocking Bruce's SEC return will be Slive pulling a “Petrino” on Bruce.

Bruce is a proven winner and as I have stated above, whether you like it or not, it is all about the wins (and the money the wins generate).

Poor memory maybe? Tennessee was never in danger of getting any death penalty. Remember that the entire investigation of b-ball started over phone calls. The whole BBQ/picture thing didn't come up until the NCAA somehow got hold of the photo and Mrs. Craft insisted that her husband and son tell the truth. People can blame Hamilton, the attorney's, the Craft's, whomever but the bottom line is it was Pearl who stuck the dagger in his own heart. He met with his assistants about their questioning (violation), he told them to be vague/misleading (violation), he lied directly to the NCAA (violation). It was Pearl that took minor violations (phone calls and off campus contact)with minor penalties (lose a scholly) and turned them into felonies! So you may be technically correct that you are not better off with a non-penalized Martin vs a penalized Bruce but that's because Martin was the wrong hire - not because Pearl should still be here. Finally, tell your "friend" that Pearl will not be the next coach at Georgia either. The Dawgs may be stupid but even they aren't dumb enough to invite that problem.

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As the article states there are 346 D1 jobs available, Pearl is a program builder and will find a D1 job easlily. Shay, Jones, and Forbes are decent hard working assistants but they are a dime a dozen. Pearl has won everywhere and will be hired by at the least a mid-major and at best a BCS conference school.

LMAO!! I'll take that the amount is too great!! He's gone for at least another five years!

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Gerry, if you want an answer to your question all you have to do is look at the coach at Kentucky.

The coach at KY has never been cited for a violation let alone given a show-cause. Say and believe what you want but that is the fact.

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Man everyday for you is a'sky is falling' day evidently.......

on topic, at least the coach knows where to go and what they are looking for........

LMAO!!! Hell a bank robber knows where to go and what he's looking for...and of course most never get it!

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Ahhh c'mon coach! It's not like he's...well...say....Marshall Henderson!!

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And they'll come back with their typical haul of 2 star guys that nobody else wanted, claim they've found sleepers and continue to lead the world in first round NIT losses....

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Uhhh, every coach at UK has cheated (except maybe Tubby Smith)..You're one of those guys with a good view of your own duodenum.

perhaps...but they're obviously smarter than Pearl because they didn't get caught and they didn't lie when the evidence was handed to them.

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What the NCAA did to CBP was wrong, as many of their decisions are. Hope our school has the courage to bring him back so our Men's BB program can compete again.

LMAO!!! We now know that "Grady" is BP's daddy!! What the NCAA did was wrong??? Seriously???? Sorry moron but there is NO defending what he did.

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BP and TJ need to sign long term contracts with BMaze as this is the only coaching they will do above high school for many years to come. He had 3 assistants who can't even get an interview in D1 and he thinks he's getting back in? #pompousarse

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I spoke to a highly placed UT athletic employee 2 years ago who bemoaned the fact that our academic standards were too high, and we were losing top players to Bama, LSU, and others because of it.

BTW, that person is still there.

Academics should be emphasized, after all, they are "student athletes". UT should not be seen as a "football factory".

We shouldn't have to be Vanderbilt East, or compared to any other program. We should be building a reputation and legacy that will have other schools wanting to be compared to UT, on the field as well as in the classroom.

Now that is a truly laughable little story you tell! Tennessee has high academic standards. Said. Nobody. Ever.

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Typical TN fan reaction...lmao! They always want to blame the messenger, everybody is always out to get them, and if you're not one of their family in-bred's you've been sent by the mystical geniuses of Bama or FL to destroy all of east TN. How comical!!! FACT is - NOBODY outside of your little trailer park commune even remotely cares about TN anymore! Can you try to say IRRELEVENT!!?? So please stop lying to yourselves, accept that the 2 major programs are a joke, and just keep hoping that ole Butch is the right guy - cause if he's not you gap toothed mororns are looking dead in the eye of TWO decades of being a laughingstock! Deal with it - the truth will set you free!

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I know at age 9 you're not old enough to remember the Bama years between Stallings and Saban but it seems they "tolerated" quite a bit of losing for a much longer period than TN has experienced lately. But I know, you don't mind be laughed at for being stupid. It's a shame because it doesn't have to be like that.

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"I don't enjoy being laughed at for being a UT fan."

So are we to understand that you'd rather be laughed at for posting stupid nonsense?

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billy! stop posting these fantasies and pay attention to the teacher! you DO want to go to 4th grade don't you??

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whats your beef with Hart ? give me a little detail so ill have a better understanding of you disdain for him .

let me know if you figure out how to understand this idiot...all I can guess is his name is Billy and he's a kid.

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do you really know so little about everything? Baseball isn't even a legitimate argument. First they play alot more games therefore have much greater flexibility with scheduling. Second, they have much less budget therefore travel must be managed much tighter. FYI, it costs a lot less to take a bus to Cookeville, Murfreesboro, JohnsonCity, etc. Third, the pre-conf and mid-week games are mostly in state to reduce lost class time and - at least for good programs - to rack up wins. Many more reasons yours is an idiotic comparison but given all you've posted on this topic (and others) it's apparent you have no ability to understand so we'll just continue to laugh at you.

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Stupid is as stupid are flat wrong on this RW. Tony Harris, JP Prince, Wyane Chism, Dane Bradshaw, Jarnelle Stokes ring a bell? Tony Harris broke Memphis's heart in 97 when he chose UT and then beat them 4 years in a row at UT and was All-SEC. As far as football...we aren't in Memphis to steal recruits from U of Memphis, we want to be there to steal them from Bama, Ole Miss, AR etc. As far as traveling, the teams we would replace Memphis with are teams like Wyoming...last time I checked Memphis is closer than Wyoming. Don't be so shortsighted it's a benefit to UT in many ways.

well you certainly proved your first phrase correct. Learn to read though. Never said TN doesn't get ANY players out of Memphis. Of course they've had a few. But the the list of those better than the ones you name is only about 10 times longer and they ALL went elsewhere. Now tell me how many Memphis kids have been great in football at TN? Again the list going elsewhere is ridiculously longer. How many Memphis kids are on the current roster? How many Memphis kids have even started for TN in the last 10 years? And scheduling? Hell, MTSU is better than Memphis! Last time I checked UAB and Troy and Monroe and Western KY and about 25 others are better than playing Memphis too! So rather than prove your stupidity, tell us FACTUALLY what all those benefits to TN are!

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Absolutely stupid! There is ZERO benefit to UT to play Memphis in ANYTHING! TN hasn't been able to get the best hoops players out of Memphis - EVER! - and CCM sure isn't going to be the first to do so. Football? Yeah right. Like a top player in Memphis is going to choose the Tigers over the SEC?? I'm sure Butch is much more worried about Memphis kids going to Bama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, etc than he is Memphis. Playing there means nothing either except a handful of fans don't have to drive 6 hours. Great...better off buying them all a bus ticket! For TN to treat Memphis as any level of rival is ridiculous - why reduce yourself to that Memphis level! Ignore them, they'll go away!

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You are so right. With the talent available this year Coach Pearl's goal would have been to make the final four not just getting into the tournament. I think that after this year, unless we are willing to accept continued mediocre Basketball teams, the University needs to make a move. We should never just hope to get into the Tournament, that is phooey. We should go into each and every season with a goal to win the National Championship.

Actually you're dead wrong. First of all, the "talent" on this team is about 3 players - Maymon, Stokes and McCrae - not exactly a trio that has anybody staying up nights. If you want to include Hubbs, so be it...but an unproven freshman on a not so good team usually turns out to be a not so good freshman. After that = NOTHING! Secondly, Pearl would not have a national championship goal with this group because he would NEVER have this group! Again, the big 3 are all Pearl recruits and the rest are Zo's - slight difference I'd say. Did Pearl EVER recruit a guy from JUCO that averaged 2 freakin' points and rebounds??? I would say not. Did Pearl go into year 3 with NO PG?? I don't think so?? Bottom line this team will NOT make the tourney AGAIN and then what will all the VFL faithful be saying to justify their blindness???? I'm as orange as anybody on the planet but I'm also a realist and the reality is this was a bad hire from the start and has only gotten worse!

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It is an absolute shame that this program is in the "NCAA or bust" mode! Seriously??? Not to long ago this program argued about what seed they would be - NOT whether they would even be in it!! But let's presume that somehow somebody will bestow some actual coaching ability in ole Zo and they do make the tourney. What then? Subtract those that will leave after next season from the roster and look at what's left! NOTHING!!!! In the best of circumstances it will be back to the drawing board - and the NIT if really lucky. So somebody PLEASE tell me what this man and his staff of incompetents has done to deserve keeping this job!! Please! Make your case!

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Before all of you clowns get on your moral high horses, ask this question: Will all students who have ever attended UT and never once - in even the slightest shape, form or fashion - cheated on a paper, test, quiz, project, etc. please raise your hand? See all those hands up people??? That's right, you don't because there aren't any!! So shut up and get over it!

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Just more evidence regarding the degradation of our society. We no longer have standards. The fact that any university would accept a repeated cheater shows you they value their commercial interest more than upholding any kind of academic or moral standard. Look at Columbia U. hiring a cop killer to be a professor of our future leaders. Look at the affirmative action standard the press holds Obama to..he's above criticism and any kind of negative judgment by the left.

you forgot to mention that you are a moron....

Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

Tobias....just shut up...unless of course you want to tell the world what YOUR price was! Yeah, didn't think so!

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so....CCM is back too...nothing's changed and neither will the result...5 guys trying to impress the NBA and NONE with a real chance is not a good thing.

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I think it is more about him not winning than attitude or off field stuff. The NFL is a business. A business of winning or you are gone. Bray just could not win. He really had 2 very good receivers and another experienced slot. Throw in a good TE and a decent line, and add all of that together should have got us more wins. He usually choked in the pressure.

you conveniently forgot to mention a defense that couldn't stop a lingerie team and a coaching staff that didn't have a clue how to motivate guys. But despite all that Bray led the 2nd best offense in a league that just had 63 players drafted! So PLEASE do tell us which games TN lost but should have won if Bray hadn't "choked"...and remember he averaged 30 points per game IN THE LOSSES!!!

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Hey Tyler, you need to go home and slap your mommy and daddy for the way they raised you. Your punk attitude contributes to your failure as a quarterback and leader. The Knoxville News Sentinel needs great paper throwers since you threw your education in the dirt maybe a good paper route is in your future.

why are you inviting him to take your job? #anotherorangeidiot

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LMAO!! A lot of life philosophers on here playing Dr. Phil - and just as ignorantly as Dr. Phil himself. Fact is...Bray had the best physical skills of anybody in this draft. What he lacked was coaching. KC is a great choice for him. Andy Reid is one of the best QB coaches in the league. And KC currently doesn't have a guy anywhere close to Bray's talent. Bray will be the KC starter by this time next year. Bank on it.

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None of us has even seen Ndiaye... but you "know" enough to "doubt" his ability to see the floor. You're wasting your skills: get yourself a D-1 head coaching job!

actually I have seen him - a bunch. He's a low major player at best. The way CCM's statement reads it was suggested that Yemi go somewhere else. Fine. Replace him with someone better if you're gonna run him off. CCM didn't. Thus nothing changes. Including improvement in the downward spiral CCM has this program on.

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Has anybody ever figured out the purpose of the spring "game"?? If I were a college coach I would do away with it. Nothing more than a chance to get guys hurt for no reason. Of course all of my spring practices would be non-contact as well. Nothing but on field classroom type stuff. They have a whole month in August to find out who wants to hit April is about learning where to be when so you actually CAN hit somebody when the lights go on. This is a complete waste of time.

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For anybody that cares, David Blackburn has been hired as AD at UTC. Formal announcement could come today - Monday at latest. Great hire for the Mocs!

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I"ve seen this guy play the last three years. There is a reason Western Carolina was the best offer he had out of high school and there is a reason he had nearly non-existent numbers 2 years later for an average juco team - he can't play! CCM recruiting has gone from bad to awful in three short years. The good news is he will soon be following "his guys" out the door! Dave Hart needs to put an end to this mess before it becomes a complete renovation project. This staff is terrible at talent evaluation, incompetent as recruiters, and far too willing to take guys that have no ability to play in the SEC. CCM this is THE University of Tennessee - not some mid-major wannabe school that has to take whatever falls in our lap! Understand and perform as such or get the hell out!

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wow...slow news day I guess. First, McRae and Stokes aren't going anywhere - if they're smart. Neither is NBA ready and both may never be. TN had several players in the prior regime that are MUCH better than these two and none of them have made it. Second, for all you blind loyalists, this is EXACTLY why Martin should be gone. To even remotely consider signing Landry is solid evidence of either incompetent evaluation, inability to recruit real D1 players, or both. And to sign him EARLY only compounds the sin! Other than Stokes, this roster is filled with this level of talent - and CCM fell into Stokes given that he wanted to leave HS early and nobody else had any spots open. This guy is recruiting this program directly into being Missouri State. What? CCM ruined them too? Case rested.

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in response to rockypop:

The concern I have with this team is that they are by college standards today, a veteran team - starting two seniors, two juniors and one super-hyped sophomore. And, they are all playing in their second season under the same coach.

In spite of having to play without Maymon, they seemed to be way too delicate to have sustained any consistency. I can't buy the argument that they needed more time to "gel."

Case in point - Kentucky's teams for the last three years. Yeah, we all hate Cal, yada, yada, yada, but when you can bring in brand new FRESHMEN teams every year and do progressively better in the tournament until in your third year, you win it all with basically a team of freshmen, then that tells me you ought to be able to get a group of guys on the same page who have been with the program at least two years.

There's no doubt that Martin's biggest challenge is recruiting. He's got one more year with Pearl's best recruits, and then he's on his own. And, it doesn't look promising. He needs to make a statement next year, because UT could be returning one of the most talented and experienced teams in the conference (although minus the depth).

Hubbs will be under considerable pressure to contribute right away, and the veterans will absolutely HAVE to perform consistently. Then Martin better find the new McCraes, Goldens, Maymons and Stokes. And, find them in a hurry.

careful there cowboy...too much truth will get you banned from here...or at least called a troll!

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in response to emailnodata:

Here's the deal, to me, with CCM.

He inherited a team from Bruce that knew how to defend inbounds plays with utter tenacity, and how to create points on its own inbounds plays (of screw them up, of course).

He walked in, and just tossed all that, rather than building on something that had been proven to get 3-4 baskets per game.

I see stuff such as that, and I being questioning his basketball IQ. When I see a team rejecting his on-court coaching, then I have to question their respect for him.

The ultimate difference between he and Bruce as coaches is that Bruce game plans far, far better. Neither man adjusts worth a s##t, but Bruce has the superior basketball mind.

You are absolutely correct IF you believe that BP actually did the game planning. He didn't. The difference between the BP program and the CM program is two very simple things. First, Steve Forbes and Jason Shay. Forbes was (and is) one of the top 5 recruiters in the country. Shay was (and is) one of the top 5 tacticians in the country. Between the two, it was simply a matter of BP taking the players and the game plan mixing it with some good old emotion and "chip on the shoulder" attitude and turning guys loose. It was never about the mistakes. It was always about the next play and the process under BP. When the lights went on guys would run through walls for that staff. Average players became very good or great players. JaJuan Smith, Dane Bradshaw to name two. Could CM take a 6'4" (at best) kid with zero hops and win 20+ games with him at PF???? I think we all know that answer. The recruiting has been terrible under the CM staff as has the development. In the meantime Forbes/Shay are playing for a national title for the second straight year with a record of about 58-4 and have sent a total of 11 players to D1 in 2 years. TN can't even get in the tourney after finishing 5th in one of the weakest SEC's in memory. TN can spend another two years letting this thing deteriorate until it's a complete rebuild job or they can take their medicine NOW! We all know that answer too!

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The players came out and played with the same attitude as the head coach, dry. The coach was negative from the start of the NIT and the players just followed his lead. Well if Jarnell and Jordy stay we should make some noise, but I don’t see it. Why should a five star Jarnell stay with a team that can’t make the big dance two years in a row, oh yea, next year….:/

If Jarnell and Jordy stay???? LMAO!!! Unless they decide they like Turkey or Greece or China, where would they possibly be going???????

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I said it at the beginning and say it again, we should have accepted NCAA sanctions and kept Bruce Pearl. If Bruce is reading this: PLEASE HAVE A "HART" AND COME BACK!!

yo idiot! how the heII was that supposed to happen when the ENTIRE STAFF was banned from recruiting??????

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If I were coaching this team,I would sit ANYONE on the bench for lack of effort, stupid shot selection and unnecessory fouls. It's the same phooey we saw last year with no improvement. I want to support CCM, but I can no longer tolerate rookie coaching. He is a great guy but just TN material.

Unfortunately you are right. Martin consistently gets outcoached, out prepared, and out recruited. He is a nice guy but that only makes him the second coming of Derek DoLittle and we all know how that turned out!

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in response to shipperman#280095:

Hart will not bring Pearl back because Pearl is a liar who almost cost us a death penalty

You are an idiot! The death penalty was NEVER on the table during the Pearl saga so I guess that makes you the same as Pearl. TN folks should forget BP - he isn't EVER coming back. In fact, his next stop will be Clemson and it will happen after next season. Bank that!