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Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

One and Done. Typical Tennessee basketball they didn't deserve an NIT bid or an NCAA bid.

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They might be bummed and bitter but this is the very reason the NCAA did not pick them. One and done AGAIN!!!!

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Two Georgia losses killed our chances. Too many lost opportunities for these Vols.

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Vanderbilt leads the SEC ? Wow that is shocking

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Number 14 on far GO VOLS!!!

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What else is new? VOLS always dominate the Gay turds in basketball. Go VOLS!

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in response to JonGrudensAgent:

Yes, the firing of Fulmer was not handled well.

He should have been let go in 2005 instead of 2008.

Absolutely agree Jon

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in response to 6972:

Your comment," you can also take a 5 star player and a so so coach and get a 1 star performance",is well taken. May I add to it by saying, "You can also take a player with 5 star talent with a good or great coach but if his attitude sucks there is still poor performance." I/we have seen it at all levels of sports. ATTITUDE CAN BE EVERYTHING, REGARDLESS OF NATURAL TALENT. Any names come to mind? The list is both long and distinguished.

Case in point. Oregon excelled with 2 and 3 star players.

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in response to CroKev:

Give me a break. To say Jones inherited the same talent as Dooley is a crock. Dooley inherited 60-something scholarship players and an offensive line with NO EXPERIENCE. His starting QB? Simms. Undersized walk-on Reveiz was the "Star" of the Defense. How soon we forget what Dooley hired and how he actually had a great recruiting effort landing Hunter, Rogers, et al. For a losing program, he actually did a pretty good job recruiting, landing between 10th & 15th pretty consistently. He also recruited the positions most needed for the program. Unfortunately, he inherited "head-case" Bryce Brown and had some LB prospects bail at the last moment.

As you'll recall, everybody was excited about the talent on the field for 2012. It was just like that the year before until we lost our best defensive player in Janzen Jackson and our offensive dynamite in Hunter & Bray due to injuries.

This year we lost Da'Rick at the beginning of the season and that was a killer. On a different note, probably the biggest recruiting let-downs over the last oouple of years had to be Darr & Palardy - how many games could they have changed for us?

Finally, with the exception of Bama, UT was right in it in the 4th quarter with several top 10 teams in 2012. If just half of them had gone UT's way, Dooley & staff would still be here.

It's a shame that most of these young men (half are teenagers) didn't step up at crucial times for their coaches and the Vol nation. Dooley has to accept the blame as well for the debacle in the 2nd half of the Mizzou game and whatever that was in Nashville against Vandy.

All that to say that the majority of you have really short memories. Everybody is ticked off with Dooley in the Chattanooga HS area because UT's staff wasn't camped out there. Legitimate beef. But UT has to recruit nationally and when you look at the top 150 Rivals recruits, UT was in the mix with a ton of them. I simply can't fault Dooley, et al. on that front.

Finally, I'm all in for Jones and his staff. He's inherited a darn good team, especially on the OL, the DL, LB's, and some decent RB's. They need help with ST's, DB's, and with breaking in a new QB - a far cry above what Dooley inherited. Dooley leaves his successor with a good squad and no NCAA problems, a much different situation than what he inherited.

Good insight

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I am very disappointed the Vols are so bad this year. Stats show a horrible season ahead of us.

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Is this the same Willie Martinez Georgia canned a few years ago? He was horrible!!! Please say it isn't so.

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in response to Oenoboy:

I do not believe Wilson graduated therefore he's not eligible to be a coach.

I was not aware of this rule. Is it true?

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

I have been a Vol supporter since 1965. I could remember listening to the Vols on the radio Saturday afternoons. They stuffed running backs and quarterbacks. Charlie Fulton and Dewey Warren were amazing. Every program goes through a period of tough times including Alabama in the 90's. But how far the Vols have fallen. It is sad the 9th winningest program in the country has fallen so low and can't get up. We will have to settle for the leftovers and it will be another 5 years in order to be competitive in this league if we are ever competitive again. AL, GA, FL, SC and now Vandy are guaranteed losses every year. Sad state of affairs for our beloved Vols. I am not sure anyone can fix it.

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in response to AZ_Vol:

Look, we get it. You love Fulmer.

I thought his record in bowl games sucked. I got tired of losing to those one or two teams a year that defined our season as a failure because Fulmer's teams couldn't get it done, and then flopping in a bowl game that ruined my holiday season. What I hated, was watching the man you love wink as news of Tennessee was more about crime than sports.

Fulmer had all the talent in the world, AND the best damned quarterback of a generation and couldn't beat Florida.

But what irked me the most? "You can't spell "citrus" without U T." Last I looked, the man that said that comment was still coaching. Your guy isn't. There's a damn good reason for that.

You can call other people idiots all you like. But there's something to be said for people who keep missing the logic of why Fulmer was done.

AZ Vol
Best comment I have seen in 4 years!

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in response to golfman1975:

Good post...CPF would be a great choice but he bot burned bad and he wont touch the stove again. His last year he lost 10 starters to injury so I guess that was his fault. All the fans look at is the wins and losses...very sad. I can only wish that they would be judged on their job the same way. The last thing we need is a coach with a orange heart, with character that can recruit and coach...and in the hall of fame and a national championship and SEC titles. What were we thinking?

Wrong Fulmer's last 3 years were NOT miles ahead of the last 3 look it up.

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in response to gold12#1389721:

....and it is funny RetiredVol, I can remember when Fulmer the the coach, for the most part other then his measly 2 or 3 years that you mentioned, COACH would go into Alabama, Georgia, SC, and other states and TAKE their players. So don't forget about that!!!!!!!

Gold I don't argue the fact that he was not a great recruiter. In fact I think that is why he managed so many games. As far as an X and O coach he was probably a little bit above average. But in my opinion if he had to compete with the GA, AL, SC and FL today he would only be mediocre and by the way he coached UT for 15 years and only beat FL 3 times.

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in response to CrankE:

Likewise. The CrankE crew was there and I thought the same thing. If we don't give away the ball, then the final is 14-13, us.

I saw that pass being thrown and knew it was pick 6. Sigh.

And as I think on the identity that I would like for UT to have, the closest I can come is Virginia Tech. Lunch box. Workmanlike. And their calling card? The continuity of a coaching staff led by a VT alum. I wonder how much different things might have been if Fulmer finds a gem of a replacement for Cutcliffe-just once of the two times that he left.

Oh, and one more thing; this nonsense about Fulmer prospering because Alabama and Georgia were down is utter phooey. It is putting the cart before the horse.

7 straight wins over Bama. Fulmer kicked their aszes all over the field. No program or coach has ever done that before or since-not even Neyland. Nobody.

9 straight wins over Georgia. No other program or coach has done this to the Dawgs. Not Florida, not Spurrier, not Tie Dye, not Tech, nobody.

Alabama and Georgia were down because UT under Fulmer PUT THEM DOWN AND WALKED OVER THEM.

CrankE be fair of your assessment. Bama was going through the same thing that we are going through now. If you recall correctly the last two season's (under Fulmer)we got our clocks cleaned. So the 7 year run under Fulmer is true but clarify it. This is my opinion Fulmer did a great job but as I mentioned above his last 3 recruiting classes were 24, 4 and 35 and he couldn't keep the thugs out of jail. He did lose control of the program. We now have a recruiting problem. Most of the good recruits come out of 1. Texas, 2. Florida and 3. Georgia. Those schools get the cream of the crop and Alabama and now South Carolina get their share also. It will be years before we are on top again.

Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

in response to Govols1995:

We should have never got rid of him. The recruiting was still good we just didn't get the results. Now look where we are getting 3 star recruits left and right. Wrong move VOL nation.

GoVols I beg to disagree with you. His last two classes were rated number 24 and 34. He was part of this whole problem. If you don't believe look it up.

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in response to BigOrangeRock:

Hire Fulmer back. He can transition to Peyton/Chief in a couple of years, once he brings LIFE BACK to the program.

Yes bring Life Back to the Program like he did as he left this program in shambles.

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Well said!! Pretty sick to see him get so much money for such a poor job, still can't figure why he got such a great contract!! He was making about $800,000 at La Tech with a 4-8 season! I really can't make sense of this rationally it hurts my head.

Why do you think Mike Hamilton "retired" so quickly?

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Petrino? He can recruit and his teams win...and, perhaps more importantly to a cash poor AD, we can get him $5 million buyout clause. I think a $250,000.00 a year contract, his pick of some Hooter's girls for administrative assistants, and a brand new Harley will do the trick. LOL

traderjoe LMFAO that is a good one!!!

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in response to florida-volfan:

Mike Hamilton and others including Jimmy Cheek gave this guy a contract like he was a top notch proven coach who has won games. Yet he never had a winning record and was a head coach at La Tech. Even Wil Muschamp at Florida does not have that kind of buyout, Florida will hardly owe him anything if they were to let him go now. In my opinion anybody associated with this hire should be fired and let go with the rest of the coaching staff, it was a horrible business decision. The question is...does UT have enough money to buy out this overpaid coaching staff, and bring in another high paid coaching staff next year, because you know Dave Hart has to hit a homerun with this next hire or it could be him on the chopping block

Florida outstanding post and so true.

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Dooley is always real careful to blame the players and the coaches are all perfect. He's a smart lawyer. Wants to be fired but without cause.

Of course he wants to be fired. He quits he gets nothing. He gets fired he gets $5 million

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Fulmer may be overly pudgy; but his last five years' work---with lesser recruits and deliveries because Cutcliffe was gone as OC---were better than anybody who has been Head Coach since.

And for what it's worth...Fulmer won in overtime more than any HC in the SEC.

Don't give me the phooey about how the REST OF THE SEC CAUGHT UP. If that be true, then UT would still have a better record than since Fulmer was fired.

Cheek and Dooley need to go. Hart needs to be put on notice. And Fulmer needs to come back as caretaker...and if Hart fails to find a GREAT HC before January 15th...Fulmer needs to be Athletic Director.

Only problem with that is that Cheek is deathly afraid of Fulmer's popularity and influence, and wants to keep him at a distancem as Cheek guts the Athletics programs.

Notice that the Lady Vols lost. And the major scoring threat for UT Men's Basketball is injured with no return date---from a team that was awful last year. And the swimming team with the morals clause coach is still reeling. And the baseball team is still losing as of its last games. And the tennis team is wacked. And...And...And...

UT Athletics has been gutted by first Hamilton, then Cheek/Hart/the rest of those in authority, to get the athletics monies for academics.

What a mess.

A state senate probe is needed.

Vol wrong! Fulmer staying was not the answer and obviously now Dooley is not either.

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Get rid of this guy he is poison to the program. But I don't have $9.3 million what a shame there is no excuse for this

Written on Vols tied with Missouri 28-28 heading to overtime :

I agree pathetic offense didn't perform well in the second half and the defense made no adjustments. Fire Dooley tomorrow.

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Same ole problem defense is defenseless

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in response to KingDanno:

Let the clock just tick out?????!!!!!!

He is afraid to lose.

Written on Halftime: Tennessee leads Missouri 21-7 :

Yep the defense is back.

Written on Halftime: Tennessee leads Missouri 21-7 :

I see the Big Orange defense showed up in the second half. Really disappointing.

Written on First quarter: Tennessee 7, Missouri 7 :

So far so good.

Written on Tennessee-Troy Report Card :

I never thought we could be this bad and we aren't. 3 decent recruiting years and the worst defense in Vol history. It is time for a change.

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in response to movol77:

The defense is getting progressively worse. It's not about 4/3 to 3/4 anymore. It's about the DC.

movol77 agreed. Doesn't matter whether it is a 4/3 or a 3/4. The DB's are horrible and can't cover.

Written on Pre-snap communication issues part of growing pains on defense :

Ain't gonna happen!
Dooley will be back for one last season and we will suck next year too.

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in response to vq4nfo:

He will be around at least another year if they win the remaining games. Probably will be around if they lose one of the four.

I think he will be around next year but only if he wins out. 8-5 would be an improvement

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Press conference Monday, book it.

Where is your press conference? What was the conference about ?

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This was pointed out to me on Saturday by someone pretty knowledgeable. Our LBs are the worst pass LBs they had ever seen. They all drop to a spot and stand their as if their feet are stuck in the mud. They are completely unaware of players in their zone. Its no wonder ever crossing pattern turns into a 25 yard gain and every tight end this season has had a career day. Our DBs can't tackle but our LBs can't cover. This truly is the worst defense I have ever seen at UT (and I have seen some bad ones). I think we would be better served playing man to man and just send the everyone else to the QB.

Totally agree. So whether Tennessee plays a 3-4 or a 4-3 is a moot point. The LB's and Secondary suck and can't cover.

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in response to glrockytop:

I have only posted once before and it was during Bruce Pearl's firing. I enjoy reading posts but have come to the following conclusions.
1. Any post with gross spelling errors is to be immediately dismissed as garbage.
2. The football program after Fulmer's firing was in total dissaray and thinking there could be any resemblance of improvement, even if we had hired a top notch experienced college coach within three years is wishful thinking for children.
3. This should have been a year to start seeing signs and in some ways there are and in some ways there are not. The pressure is now fairly on Coach Dooley to win out and expectations will be fairly on next years team.

Good post and agree 100%

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Merlot ain't gonna happen the game passed him by. Look at his last 4 seasons.

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There is no way the secondary gets a D. They have failed the entire season. Certainly Moore isn't the best DB on the squad? Pitiful there is no progress! But Dooley will be back next year along with this horrible DC. The buyout is $10 million and by the time you find a top notch Head Coach it will cost UT another $10 million. Add that to the $4 million dollar loss last year and it will not be possible to hire a new staff. I like Dooley but not UT caliber. He can't get the job done. But in defense of him Johnny Majors was 7-5 in his 3rd season.

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

Someone please explain to me why it was a must that we moved from the 4-3 on defense to a 3-4?

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

in response to ive_got_huge_arms:

seriously? the guy threw for 300 yards and 4 td. his fumble on the last drive was because the best defensive player in football came in unblocked and hit him from behind. bray tore up carolina's defense all game. this game is not on bray.

Arms this is true. Offense had a pretty good day but difficult to beat 38 points.

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We have DB's that are smart enough to cover receivers this is very troubling. They get beat really bad on every play.

Written on Alabama-Tennessee Report Card :

DB's are out to lunch. Don't hit at the line and get beat every down. I find it utterly astounding replacements are not given a chance. The current DB's have been beaten in very single game. No improvement in this football team and none of them play with any "heart"!

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

Bray is regressing instead of progressing. The spoiled brat needs to be benched. I don't understand why this head coach doesn't change personnel. Any defensive back would be better than these starters. I wanted Dooley to succeed and I thought he would turn it around this year but we are headed for another 5 and 7 season. No improvement at all. Isn't this what Hart mentioned at the end of last season ? There must be improvement. It is absent.

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in response to AZ_Vol:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you are a lousy fan of this university. I've explained to you in great detail why this university is in the shape it's in at present; not just in football, but in several athletic areas, and you refuse to let that sink in to your cerebral cortex.

Yup, Manning was 39-6. Guess where 4 of those losses came from. That was in the nineties, when Tennessee was a powerhouse and expectations were national championship, or bust. What proves my statement correct, and what you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge, is the year after Manning left, Fulmer won his championship. This is common knowledge. It is also common knowledge that the talent was always there. It is also common knowledge that Fulmer didn't build that program; Majors did. Ya think that may be why Fulmer isn't head coaching now?

Dooley has never had the talent. He has never operated under the same conditions that Fulmer had. It's not that Dooley can't get the talent because he lacks the ability. It's because the university is under investigation and self-imposed penalties.

All of this, has been explained to you countless times. None of it has made a dent in your critical thinking. You're a loser, and there ain't anything anyone here is going to be able to do to change that. You want to blame the coach that came here after the aftermath of an NCAA reaming, and expect him to win immediately. That's positively stupid.

Well Said AZ_VOL

Written on Is a "moral victory" acceptable against Alabama?:

Sick and tired of moral Victories

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in response to rickytopvol:

Your wrong retiredvol. One of those bad recruiting classes was because Cutcliff left and took 2 coaches with him as well as Trooper also left. I ask again if we were so bad at the end of Fulmers tenure how did we win 19 games (finished 1st and 2nd in the east) in the 2 seasons before he was fired. Admit it you fire Fulmer idiot got us in this mess. For all I know your ID should read Retiredbama.

Ricky you are entitled to your own opinion. Calling people names make you feel better. The fact of the matter is whoever left he still had a class ranked 23 and 34. And you don't know anything about me so keep your F'n comments to yourself.

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in response to GloryDays:

I know Fulmer had his faults, but in his defense Kiffin and Dooley ran off many of his players and most of the recruits Fulmer had in spring of 09, T. Boyd of Clemson is doing pretty good. If Fulmer was our coach now, we would not be as bad as we have been over the last 4 years. Fulmer knew how to win Dooley does not. Big difference.

Glory would agree with you that Kiffin ran off alot of his players and you are entitled to your opinion but I contend one thing and that is the program was in horrible shape when Hamilton fired Fulmer. I don't think Dooley is the answer I was kinda hoping he was but this football team has not improved and they have some decent players. They are failing with good players not great players but good ones. I thought for certain the Vols would be 8 and 4 this year. Now I don't think they will have a winning record. You can bank on this that Vandy will beat UT. At best 6 and 6 and we will lose the bowl for 5 losing season out of the last 7 I believe. I am an old man and I have never seen Volunteer football this bad.

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in response to badnewsvols:

You seriously think 0-13 is an improvement? Not to be difficult, but the numbers DO NOT reflect your analysis of Dooley’s coaching abilities or the team’s improvement. In 2010, we finished 6-7 overall and 3-5 in the SEC…losing season. In 2011, we finished at 5-7 overall and 1-7 in the SEC…again, losing season. This year we’ve started off a 0-3 in the SEC for a grand total of 4-15 in the SEC since his arrival.
As for Fulmer, I never wanted him gone. I was a huge fan and respected him. Mike Hamilton single-handedly killed UT football.
By the way, you still didn’t give me a reason to believe again…sigh.

Badnews where were you when Fulmer had a losing record in 2 of his last 4 seasons? The last two seasons his recruiting classes ranked 23 and 34 not to mention 11 players with legal problems. I do not doubt your frustration with Dooley I understand it and am now convinced he must go. But Fulmer was part of Dooley's problem. Fulmer is gone now. He had a great run but eventually he failed the University of Tennessee too.