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It is too bad that the university and especially the UTAD have not been deserving of all of the support provided by its outstanding fan base. Florida can field consistently high level, winning football and basketball programs. If they don't, changes are made. Why should Tennessee accept less? Why are we inferior to them? Because we accept less. We get the multitude of rationalizations why we are substandard, while actually having superior facilities and equality in scholastics. Our media lead the apologists.

Time to put up or shut up. Try earning the great fan support. The same fans that pay the freight and are well known for their support nationwide. Those same fans generally know the what constitutes good, mediocre and bad coaching.

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Typical UT. Have an alum that is a proven winner as a basketball coach and never ask him to take the job.

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Bruce just did UT and its fans a big favor by speaking well of them, which countered the media led controversy. Be thankful.

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in response to underthehill:

Ever thought about growing up and taking an adult view..he wanted out because of fear of failure..the roster he has returning would likely have resulted in a demand for a buy out..and when attendance demands a buy I said ..I don't like bama Dave..but he protected UT well in this case by setting a low for the red neck fan base ..they are the strength of the UT athletic program..not the administration ..and not the product on the field at this time..where do you think UT would be without the red neck fan base..

Heckuva good post. Truth. Zo was within a game or two of being let go. The players are defending the ex-coach because they are partly to blame for the fan unrest with the lousy performance at times against bad teams. If the attendance started tanking with the losing next season the answer would not have been pretty. This is a win-win IMO.

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Oops - Cal now gets that questionable recruit along with a wannabe head coach.

He gone...

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The pros probably looked at Simmons' stats against the best teams as they are not good. She simply has not shown that she can compete well against the best players and the WNBA is pretty much made up of just that type player.

This result shows what basketball experts think of the talent that the Lady Vols are playing with - especially since she was the team's "star." It should also show what a great job Holly has done winning with talent that is held in such low esteem by said basketball experts.

Good post.

So the WNBA professionals are wrong about Simmons according to some on here. I guess many of us were as well. I would never draft her given the opportunity. One of the more selfish, me first players I have ever seen on a LV team. Her defense did not improve at all over the 4 year period and is pathetic. Her role as a senior was to bring everybody together and make everybody else better around her - not grandstand and shoot the ball as fast as she could - poorly.

The LVs can now begin to rebuild the program back to the top.

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This is such a blessing for the program. Zo was just a couple of games from being fired at the end of the season had the team not come together and piece a decent run at the end of the season. He is no better than a HS or juco level coach in his offensive system development.

Just fix it bammer Dave. Do it right.

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For what you will see this coming season is the reason I had hoped Butch would have fully gone with the youth movement last season. If all those older, more experienced starting linemen on both sides of the ball could only deliver 5 win seasons - why would you not play every younger guy you had to prepare for this season and beyond? The same goes for QB. Play the two freshmen and get them ready.

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Best of luck to Jarnell along with much appreciation for his play at UT.

Hope Zo can find a good big transfer to come in for next season. Otherwise it will be kind of iffy. Stokes and Maymon did a lot of work under the boards that will be sorely missed.

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LV fan. Know Pat personally. UConn is a better program right now. The players they recruit are very disciplined, in great physical condition, and are able to put the ball in the hole.

There was not one thing disciplined about these LV teams for years, with Simmons being the case in point. TO's have killed them for years. Now they don't even own the boards any more. UConn played a 6 woman rotation this season. LVs play at 9-10 woman rotation and still were gassed at times. Who can shoot like UConn? We could not even shoot like ND on our best day. UConn uses a very modern offense with constant motion by all players. UT - well, who knows.

Long way to go to get to that level. It starts with recruiting different types of players than what they have been recruiting for years.

Written on Govols247: Elite in-state athlete Jauan Jennings commits to Tennessee Vols:

Big, important commitment for our Vols. Welcome aboard, Jauan! Well done, coaches.

Written on Dave Serrano says Vols reached 'defining moment' with series victory over Vanderbilt:

This is how it's done folks. You are watching a true professional at work. Thanks for believing in and coming back to Rocky Top, CDS. The guys are starting to believe in themselves like Vol teams should.

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Pennington reported that when the Vols scored 71 points or more they were 19-0 going into the Michigan game. They were a .500 team when under that amount. Clearly, this should change Zo's approach to the offensive system he should have run as well as should run going forward since many on the roster are coming back next season. Clearly, he needs to hire a proven offensive assistant and hand him the keys.

This team runs a motion offense. The system calls for a high screen by a big on each side of the lane. The ball handler work off the screen. If the old pick and roll is open they work it. If not as the D shifts with the ball movement the wings run the baseline and try to rub their guy off the bigs and the congestion. The point reverses the ball to the wing who shoots or drives if open. If covered they pass to the big if open. If the big is covered they reverse the ball back out to the point to start it all over again on the other side of the floor. If the big gets it and gets double teamed he passes back out to the wing for an open shot or back to the point if covered. If there is less than 8 seconds left it is up to the ball handler to create by getting the ball to guys that can create shots.

That's it. That's all they had except in bounds plays. There would be an occasional skip pass if wide open or something else created by an individual. But there were no alternative plays or system when this one was throttled. If I know it, you know the other teams' coaches knew it. Zo needs to grow as a head coach so the players can.

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in response to FWBVol:

Let's see, in the fall of 2012, after Hart fired a certain Tennessee head football coach, Charlie Strong was said to be the top choice for the Tennessee job, but he decided to stay at Louisville at that time. By your logic Strong didn't renew his commitment to Louisville until he knew Butch Jones was going to get the UT football job.

Sometimes you have to take a long look at another program to gain new insight into your own program and get greater appreciation for it.

From which Strong left a little over a year later. I guess his appreciation for his own program was not so much.

Get your point and in some cases it works. Maybe it will with Zo. But once he posts another successful season or two I see him leaving UT for the first major Big 10 job that opens.

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OK - both camps got egg on their face. The BBB camp and now Zo with his interview with Marquette and not getting selected. Talking about the very definition of "awkward" in both cases. lol.

How this played out will be revealed by the contract extension. $1.9 M and 2 years was on the table before the interview per close sources to the situation.

It is my hope that it all gets put behind them and that he becomes very successful. That will take a serious adjustment in his offensive system and improvement in his game management skills - both of which being attainable. But in the back of my mind I am seeing him jump quickly the first time a major Big 10 job opens the door to him if the buy out is manageable.

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1.8 at most. If he has actually interviewed with Marquette - nothing.

Written on Tennessee's defense struggles to stop the run in scrimmage :

Trevarris Saulsberry. Out due to surgery several months back. Will be available for fall camp. His presence changes the interior D line play significantly.

There is plenty of time to toughen these guys up.

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Gentry - no contest. Don't let him leave town without committing. If you have not seen his highlights take time to do so, it will be worth it. Pass first with all the throws and strong arm. Has really good athleticism to run when the pocket breaks down or to run the zone read. No brainer.

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I can go negative with the best of them when I feel it is warranted. But dang, Terry. That was bizarre.

I have seen enough now. 2-4 year extension depending on the final result. Bump in pay to top 5 in the conference with escalation clauses for winning the SEC and achievement in the NCAA. Then support the man for as long as he is the coach with no reservations. He is learning how to be more assertive. He needs to keep working on offensive adjustments and his system. He needs to step up a notch in his recruiting. But he has all the potential in the world to be what UT needs for a long time to come.

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So far, so ugly. Horrible shooting.

Written on [LIVE UPDATES] NCAA tournament Vols vs. Iowa:

Laying the big egg in Dayton in the first half. The intensity of the past 5 games did not carry over to the 6th game.

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Why defend Steven Pearl's hire? Just like playing him instead of Jordan McRae. Same deal - cannot be defended with a straight face. There are hundreds of more qualified assistant coach hires he could have made that have earned the opportunity and he chose to take the low road. Again. Nothing has changed. He is a very talented coach with questionable motives and character.

Which fits the Barn perfectly.

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Zo's job is on the line. Will see how the team reacts. Hope is different than it has in the past.

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14 points in a half with Stokes and McRae on your team. Zo - plain and simple. Knows how to coach only one way. Cannot adjust.

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in response to OrangePride:

How can you NOT feel the shape of Tennessee football is on the upswing. We can't correct the Dooley years or the past, but we whipped Georgia's butt all over the field and only lost on another official review. The following week we beat a very good South Carolina team. We have a top 5 recruiting class with 14 outstanding players already here. So you go ahead and wallow in the "woe is me" Dooley past if you like. But even though its only spring ball, for some of us, we are feeling much better about the state of Tennessee football. As for that silliness about Pearl, how about you watch what the Vols did today against #1 Florida instead. Very proud of this team tonight. And baseball as well. Why don't you stop by Alumni Hall tomorrow; I put a pair of orange glasses on reserve for you.

Good post.

Many cannot see that Serrano did what Butch did a year ahead of him. First year each recruited some really good role players plus a couple studs. Second year each recruited very large classes with strong talent at many positions of need. Third year Serrano went after elite talent to build a nationally competitive team. That is what Butch is currently working on.

Both had a mediocre first year. Serrano had an improved, but not yet good second year. Serrano is having a strong, nationally competitive third year. Butch can expect a similar, improved but not yet good by UT standards second year. After he tops off the roster with strong talent with this class we can expect them to become nationally competitive starting in 2015, like baseball.

Both coaches know what they are doing in all aspects of their games. They are in their prime and highly motivated. They each are very happy to be here and wear the orange with pride.

Now, men's basketball is a different story.

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in response to bUTch__please:

Last year the passing aspect of our offense you say..dysfunctional. Different QB's from injury so different read tendencies. Different timing out of breaks. Different velocities and spin and touch. Not to mention inconsistent play from the same QB. Receiving corps injuries and inexperience made for route confusion. Lack of depth in the receiving corps also meant tired legs and pushed decision making from young receivers getting overused. Not the best of conditions.

Two things I know about this upcoming year.
1. If those dropped passes hurt Josh's feelings half as much as they hurt mine..he'll fix it.
2. If he doesn't...this years depth will.

Good, accurate post.

Amazing how quick some are to declare "bust" for a local VFL that was a true freshman thrust into a starting role when he did not even expect to see the field when he reported to camp. The same kid that made catch after clutch catch in HS. If he is a bust, why did the coaching staff play him so much all season? They had numerous other guys that had been on the roster for years they could have used.

Josh is a very good athlete, has very good speed, and runs very good routes. He was not ready mentally for the role and lost his focus at times, The drops can affect much more accomplished receivers - such as a very experienced former first round draft pick on the Titans, Kenny Britt, who dropped more than he caught last season.

But now Josh knows what he has to do and how to do it. If he doesn't get it done the depth will keep him on the sidelines.

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They deserve a #1 seed. Anything less would be a slap in the face. They are coming together as a team at the right time.

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Quite frankly I am very happy that both lines are entirely new guys starting. The other guys didn't get it done, so I will not be whining about them being gone. Let a new set of horses pull the wagon.

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in response to grossd1991#1421007:

Very well written, excellent work.

I agree. Mike generally does good work.

It's time for the basketball program to start achieving instead of under performing each year.

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As long as fans and the media rationalize and put a positive spin on the team's and Zo's performance there will always be mediocrity in the program. Which is what it is now with arguably the most talented team that has played at TBA in 4 or 5 years. If they lack any players on the roster it is nobody's fault but Zo's. He's had 3 years to get that done as well. So now is the time to make a statement if he is planning on staying long term.

Written on Lady Vols never trail, take down SEC regular season champion South Carolina 73-61:

Dan - Tennessee took "advance" of .... Should be "advantage".

Really proud of the LVs for this one. That's the intensity on D they need for the rest of the way. Took care of the basketball and worked the whole game.

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in response to ewoodbery:

I'm not a legal expert, but in my experience most jurisdictions offer some sort of expungement/diversion process for young and/or first-time offenders charged with misdemeanors. I don't think this is unique to Knoxville or to football players.

-- Evan

You are correct, Evan. They were not treated differently than an average citizen. I checked with an attorney and a KPD officer (not a KPD case) who are personal friends that verified this was all handled per SOP.

They learned their lesson. Time to move on.

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What did she say that wasn't true? If you are an LV fan and are honest about it you know they do not play consistently good defense, they turn the ball over excessively because they are sloppy ball handlers in many games, and they are not consistently good shooters. That's the facts. That's also how they get beat by less talented teams on occasion. If those facts ever change on a consistent positive basis, the team will take a step and compete at a higher level.

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in response to wilk58:

Your giving the players a free pass. Pg play bad. Ft shooting in pressure bad. TO's bad. Players definitely play major part in this wreck.

Who recruited, developed, and schemed said players that are a "major part in this wreck"? Other than Jordy and Jerome they are all his guys, and he has been the coach of those two for 3 seasons.

A pathetic waste of $1.3 mill a year and the full support of Vol fans everywhere. A very nice man and family that is on a stage that is way too big for his abilities.

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Run until you vomit your guts out, then run again. Enjoy your 11 PM curfew, boys.

Written on Southern Cal apologizes for Jalen Hurd comments on signing day:

Dumb comment by USC us dumb. Happens every day all around the country. Nothing to see here.

Written on Mike Strange: Shouldn't someone have noticed Jarnell Stokes?:

With a couple more stupid losses, and there will be several more losses, this silliness will end soon. Yawn.

Written on GVX Audio: How might Butch Jones react to weekend arrests of Tennessee players ?:

I have no problem with the legal system handling this the same way it would be if it was a non-athlete. However it goes with regular folks is how it should go with the players. After that, however Butch handles it as a violation of team rules is fine as long as he consistently applies it. No favoritism. We saw enough of that stuff with Dools, Kiffin, and Fulmer.

Written on Butch Jones embarrassed by party arrests:

Butch will handle it. But after receiving a warning and then turning around a cranking it up even more - that deserves the arrests and stiff repercussions. Stadium steps at 6 AM will do wonders for those stupid decisions.

Written on Updated: Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Danny O'Brien arrested; seven other Vols cited at party :

Setting a great example at 2 AM in the morning - right AJ? How can you lead when you are too busy partying and disobeying police. Ridiculous.

Written on #GVX Q&A Signing Day edition: Recruiting conversation with beat writer Evan Woodbery:

They didn't lose Dews. He will be a Vol come next January. He is only 17. Needs another year at prep school to mature and not because of academics. It has full support of his family. This has been known and agreed to by all parties since his original commitment. He had other scholarship offers, but chose to continue on this path. Source: his step-father.

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If Zo's February record holds true they should get in. Make it happen guys. Will believe they make the tourney when it happens.

Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes help Tennessee throw out the history books at Alabama:

You would think an experienced, upper classmen led team would keep their focus and intensity like they did yesterday in every game. However, that has not been the case so far. Hopefully it will for the rest of the season since they are heading down the stretch.

The zone was a nice touch and helps the players keep their minds in the game. The full court, transition style also helps to keep them focused and in rhythm. Getting Richardson to knock down shots early in the game is important, not just for scoring, but to force the opponent to adjust their D in his direction. This frees Jordy and Stokes to do their thing.

Now, let's hope they and Zo remember it each game the rest of the way.

Written on Junior guard Camron Justice decommits from Tennessee:

Probably not sure Zo is going to survive. It's obvious there will be plenty of opportunities to play after this season with everybody that is leaving after this season.

Written on Vols cool off Marshall Henderson when it counts, beat Ole Miss 86-70:

Good win. But we have seen this twice already this season. Big blow out win against a strong UVA team. Then drop off. Big road win against a good LSU team. Lose to aTm at home - which just got beat by nearly 28 by winless in SEC play, USCe. So here they are again with two really good opportunities for SEC road wins to improve their record and standing. Which team will show up?

Written on With a third of the SEC season in the books, a look at what is helping and hurting the Vols:

Stick a fork in them. No heart and definitely a coach that has no clue how to coach to his roster. Add in that they are not good shooters. If you can only make 5 or 6 out of 10 lay-ups and bunnies (Maymon, Stokes) and the rest rarely make a mid range jumper, much less 3 pointers consistently - you get this result despite having two guys on the team that could make an NBA roster next season.

Fix it Bama Dave.

Written on RB Derrell Scott picks Vols over South Carolina:

For those that the sky is falling after getting another top RB recruit, which is bizarre to say the least unless you are trolling - think Lewis, Henry, Stephens. Surely you can remember that far back. All had NFL careers. We needed all three at UT.

Hurd, Scott, Paulk. Paulk probably redshirts to give him an extra year to recover from the ACL. Lane is a senior, Paulk steps in to that slot in '15. All three bring different styles and talent to the equation.

Look at UGA this past season. Two of the best in the SEC in Gurley and Marshall. And both went down for several games - Marshall for the season. Gurley played hurt the last several games. Big drop off after the first two went down.

You need at least 3 high quality RB's in the SEC. Check.

Written on Team meeting revealed 'pressure' felt by Meighan Simmons:

The LVs looked good. But it was only one game. Strong teams play like that consistently - game in and game out. They may not win every game, but they play with the same intensity and focus in the manner they have been coached every game. If this team is to go anywhere in the post season they have to get that now.

Written on No. 6 Florida stifles Tennessee, 67-41:

Don't worry, folks. Bama Dave will be all over this. Bama was a national power when he was Asst. AD there! Well, maybe not. But Florida State was a national power when he was AD there all those years! Well, maybe not. But East Carolina was a national power when he was there! Well, maybe not. But he played the game at Bama when he was in school nearly 50 years ago! Whew - knew there was somebody we could depend on to help our situation.