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Written on Justin Worley, Nathan Peterman not focused on competition for starting QB job during spring game:

well I know one thing, they cancelled theirselves out today, lets hope josh dobbs is the answer

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the committee I believe will pick two of these four teams on the bubble: tennessee, kentucky, ole miss, bama, which two is a toss up, we need luck to get in, a lot of luck.

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you know what im tired of hearing..."we have a long way to go" every coach since fulmer has said that literally at every practice, when do we have a short way to go? never?

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11th out of 14 teams in the sec, how would you rate it?
Sec Grade: 3/14= 22%=F
NCAA Grade=103/123=84%=B

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

Not a VFL, I think you have to be here at least two years to qualify for that, not that it matters, he didn't really care about tennessee, he just wanted to show off his talents. Whatever...Bray needs to stay for his own benefit if he wants to be a successful NFL qb.

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Can't we at least try and convince them to stay?? I mean they are great athletes, and vol fans are basically talking like they are past tense. It sucks hunter left, but if patterson and bray stay, then we can still have a great offense next year. I wish the media would shut up and stop talking like they are leaving. If bray leaves, he's an idiot, he won't get drafted until late, don't care where he's projected and he'll be the next erik ainge, and patterson....You can't be a VFL if your only here one year, this guy also needs an extra year to work on his route running and his maturity.

Written on Are you satisfied with the coaching staff Butch Jones has put together?:

wow, 75% said, a bunch of unknown coaches from UC, two losers from auburn, and one ok hire, yes i'm sold!

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solid hire, probably his best so far

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Your going to see some ugly play in the secondary next year, that I can guarantee, I laugh out loud at the willie martinez hire, I couldn't think of any FBS team that would want him on their staff....oh wait, UT will take him, since we don't need any help in the secondary. This is not the best staff in america, don't make promises you can't keep Butch. I really hope I'm wrong, but watching Oklahoma and Auburn the last couple of years, he only makes players worse, not better....

Written on Tennessee's new assistant football coaches: Biography capsules :

the hiring of willie martinez is nothing short of embarressing, he's gotten fired from 3 schools in 4 years!!! He sucks!! The one position we needed serious help in...I guess everyone else is somewhat slightly acceptable, but that hire made no sense, and will really hurt us on defense

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This has got to be the worst staff in the country so far, so butch has already lied by promising to put together the best staff, what a joke, I was excited about butch and now im just so dissapointed within 3 days, I mean willie martinez?!?!? wtf?? are you retarded? Did you not see auburn and oklahoma's secondary when he was there, they were worse than ours this year, thats saying something, and tommy thigpen??? yea a good recruiter, horrible LB coach, auburn's LBs were the worst in the sec every year, and tee martin? He was blessed with lee and woods at USC, he wasnt that great at UK, and all the coaches from UC, those are just lazy hires. Once again another coach who makes poor personel decisions. What a shock! Our defense will be even worse next year. Good luck BJ, way to use your resources...

Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

This guy promised the best staff in the country. Starting out with tommy thigpen and willie martinez, you are putting together the best 'worst' coaching staff in the country. Maybe I misheard him during the press conference....There are great coaches out there BJ, don't just grab your friends.

Written on Different day, same struggles for Vols, 46-38 :

counzo is a nba type coach, he's too laid back and preaches defense hoping the offense will come from talent..sorry coach, this is college, unless your recruiting the top 10 players in the country, this system wont work, and you bring zero excitement to the program. Sorry coach, you will be fired after next year.

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both are staying according to ESPN, plenty of coaches out there, we can grab a good one, but we have to look at smaller schools

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just hire mark hudspeth, he's perfect for our situation, we dont need a home run hire, we need a "good coach" and there are lots of them at smaller school right now, I wish the boosters would understand that

Written on Coaching Carousel: After wild day of Jon Gruden rumors, Tennessee's pursuit uncertain :

I want mark hudspeth, he's the opposite of dooley

Written on UT coaching roundup: Kentucky's hiring of Mark Stoops could be relevant :

in response to Rock85:

Do you get the feeling there pushing good ol JimBo.. If JimBo can't beat Florida at FLORIDA ST. With FLORIDA player, How will he ever beat Florida at TENNESSEE..... COME TO THE CHUCKY SIDE... GRUDEN or A BUST!!!!!

dude gruden sucks, he was barely over .500 in the nfl with two great teams, mark hudspeth my guy right now, he's a perfect fit, UT won't hire him though cause he's a 'mid major' coach

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

Top 25 Tennessee Head Football Coaching Candidates (Likeliness to come to UT 1-10)
1. Chris Peterson, Boise St (1)
2. Gary Patterson, TCU (2)
3. Dan Mullen, Miss St (4)
4. Mark Hudspeth, ULL (9)
5. James Franklin, Vandy (5)
6. Bill Cowher (2)
7. Pat Fitzgerald, NW (7)
8. Mike MacIntyre, SJSU (8)
9. Gary Andersen, Utah St (7)
10. John Gruden (5)
11. Darrell Hazell, Kent St (9)
12. Charlie Strong, Louisville (6)
13. Dave Doeren, NIU (8)
14. Bo Pelini, Nebraska (3)
15. Dabo Swinney, Clemson (2)
16. Mike Gundy, Ok ST (3)
17. Art Briles, Baylor (7)
18. Gus Malzahn, Ak St (5)
19. Matt Campbell, Toledo (8)
20. Doug Marrone, Syracuse (5)
21. Frank Solich, Ohio (6)
22. Pete Lembo, Ball St (8)
23. Bill Blakenship, Tulsa (7)
24. Butch Jones, Cincy (6)
25. Paul Rhodes, ISU (7)

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

My number one right now is Mark Hudspeth, he has all the tools, but not a lot of experience. I look at how he coaches and what his philosophy is and he is the right man for the job. He will be cheap, and will implement an offense and defense based on the personnel that we have

Written on UT's offseason off to troubled start with Downs' arrest:

I was there....don't remember seeing him, though I was pretty messed up too

Written on Derek Dooley's downward spiral at Tennessee:

I think dooley needs to find an athletic director job somewhere, I feel like thats what he is really good at as far as administration, he will have to be better at making personel decisions though, and there is always espn?? he likes to talk. I know the man truly loves football, but I dont think coaching was his calling.

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

I don't understand. The one time we play true zone and almost get a pick with Jaron Toney, then we went back to man, gave up over 400 yards and lost the game. I said from the beginning that dooley's stubborness would get him fired eventually and that is just one of many reasons why he will get fired. I was gonna say get charlie strong, and that is still probably our best option, or we can go after kirby smart. I can't believe this is happening again. SMH

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im done as a fan forever, i shouldnt care as much as i do, and just being on this site is an embaressment to myself, im going to go on with my career as a coach and do a better job than these guys, i will always like tennessee and will still cheer for them, but im done as a fan and a spectator, my path to making a difference begins now, and if anyone gets in my way, screw them, i will be great, i will work my way, and i will be the next big thing, im tired of saying and watching everything theyre doing wrong, and i cant act on it, thats not the way you are suppose to coach, you act on everything, im glad they are playing this way, it encourages me to act instead of watch, i wanna be great, and i will be, no more sittin back and watchin

Written on No. 19 Mississippi St. prepares for Tennessee:

in response to tnbigg:

If Mississippi State winds...and especially if they romp us...I will become much more aggressive in my bring back Coach Fulmer refrain. was his time to ge then and I supported that. However...time has spoken to him and if he came back now he would come back with the passion that won a National Championship... Then? He can without a doubt bring back Coach Chavis. Together? They can create a return to Tennessee football for real. Not this imaginary trajectory that we are on. As for Coach Dooley? I think the guy is wonderful as a person. However...I am not into encouraging something that is not working because somebody is "nice". We need a return to REAL Tennessee football. Look at NFL rosters current and past. LOADED with Fulmer era players... N'est pas? You know...something like this:

I see this and lol

Written on Derek Dooley at practice in a golf cart:

Can he use the golf cart on the sidelines? lol

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in response to VolinCalif:

Rock excuse me if I sound as neg as you did. I support and appreciate all UT fans. But the problem is that we are writing and not talking where we interact. You sounded like a D.. Troll. So you will get a neg response.

The problem on defense is that they are too calm. They are not pumped and energized. I like Dooley, but his philosophy on the defense is wrong. You keep the offense calm and the defense erratic. Thats why the defense didn't get off any blocks and let uga run right past them. UT looked asleep on defense and that has to change if they're gonna win games. By the way firing dooley would be the stupidest thing we could do right now. That would kill program stability again, you would see numerous transfers and players leave to go to the NFL, everything we've built up for the 4th year is gone, keep dooley, at least give him 4 years. If bray, hunter, patterson, our whole o-line come back, we will have one of the most talented and experienced offenses in the country, and on top of that a much more matured defense.

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in response to pratt71:

Really Dude! I mean really. With fans like you who needs any enemies. I have a great suggestion for you why dont you change your name from "RockyToptoNeyland" to every other teams stadium name and fight song and it will be a perfect world for you. Because with posts like this the game is already decided so why even play. Let's get behind the team instead of bringing them down. I believe if I was such a disgruntled fan I would find me another team to cheer for. "Negative people produce negative posts and negative posts produce negative results". How about it Big Orange country?

I didn't say we'd lose, UT 48 Miss St 45

Written on Mississippi State QB Tyler Russell eager to forget poor outing:

well the way our defense has been playing he'll probably go 29-30 375 yds and 4tds 0 ints

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this is gonna be more like little tiny rain cloud colliding with a category 5 hurricane

Written on Poll: What must happen for the Vols to beat Georgia?:

in response to orangecountyvols:


Let's face facts, it'll be a tough game. However, in the past, the Vols have been known to play well between the hedges.

Whatever the outcome, let's not get carried away as many did last night during and after the Akron game. We see a bunch of red neck posters as well as the whiny ones, not only after the games but even prior to the contests.

Georgia can both run the ball well, and Murray is an exceptional QB. However, until all that is said and done, we ( Vol fans ) will still be behind the team. Who knows? They may have some some surprises for the Dawgs.

CC will give us his take on it soon.

Go Vols

good post man, go vols!!!

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just go out there and win, dont think about where there ranked and all that, just go out there, play your heart out and win games. Period.

Written on Almost Zipped: Akron gives Vols plenty of problems, 47-26 :

we need help, this is not good

Written on First quarter: Tennessee 10, Akron 10 :

embaressing, I hate being a UT fan, I hate, we suck, we'll always suck, lets just burn down neyland stadium and start over

Written on Justin Coleman replaces Marsalis Teague at cornerback for Vols:

Thank God!!!! Teague should have never been moved defense, he was a decent receiver?? Justin coleman is good, his problem is that he's the opposite of teague and is too aggressive and always bites. If akron does a lot of pump fakes then he's in trouble, hopefully he has improved since last year.

Written on Jim Chaney laughs off notion that Tyler Bray didn't watch Florida film:

why is everyone's solution on here for more win production to fire everybody? Thats not gonna help. Just improve and make less mistakes. Period.

Written on Terry Bowden confident in his Akron team:

well akron is gonna throw, and it depends on which secondary shows up for us, if it's the nc state game secondary, we'll cruise to an easy victory, if the florida game secondary shows up, they'll rack up a ton of yards, this game will come down to speed, we are faster than they are, by a lot, so this should be easy hopefully. Dont make mistakes, execute, and we should win in a blowout.

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in response to BrassMonkey:

Keep drinking the Dool Aid guys. What happened to all the 42-10 UT over Florida posts from last week? I was 100% correct on my Florida vs. UT posts as I am on my post above. The truth is other schools are able to keep their best athletes on the field. Dooley cannot. Why would any 4 or 5 star player want to committ to Dooley after he has proven time and time again that he will just run them off.

wtf is doolaid? ok lets fire dooley, go 12-24 the next three years, and then hire someone one else and completley kill the program, dooley isnt the best in the world, but he's the man for the job and will eventually get wins and if he doesnt, then we're screwed either way

Written on Vols game at Georgia a 3:30 kickoff:

in response to crappieking:

Dooley should have been fired today. Get rid of all those weak assistant coaches too. 1.8 million a year for Dooley? What a joke.

yea, lets quit right now, we lost one game, we're gonna go 4-8, fire dooley and hire another nobody, and then in another 3 years lets fire him and hire another nobody, and kill the program. You just don't get it. THINGS TAKE TIME!!!!! Remember Johnny Majors?? It takes a while sometimes. Im happy with the progress we are making and no matter what this year, dooley should be given a 4th year and see how his whole 4 years of recruiting fairs. I do agree that marsalis teague still sucks and justin coleman needs to take his place. Give dooley time people. He's one of the few clean coaches out there, lets win championships the right way.

Written on Vols game at Georgia a 3:30 kickoff:

This is a huge game for this team, right now we are seeing deja vu from last year. We are 2-1 going in to playing another cupcake, then we get uga. The question is, can we get over that hump?

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Keys to the game vs Ga State: Don't Lose

Written on Tennessee's Derek Dooley wants Vols to focus on Georgia State :

The last time I checked, the sun belt competes in the fbs, but wtf do I know?

Written on Lathers anxious to return from shoulder injury :

Well I can say if we lose to Ga State, then yea I will go back and talk about this article. The NC State win reminded me of cincy win last season, like good, but not great. Beating Florida is great, beating georgia is great, beating alabama would be unbelievable. We need to get to the level of being great, not just we can beat a decent team by a couple of touchdowns. I think thats where dooley wants to get to, and I wish the players would realize that the nc state win was only a small pierce on this season.

Written on Vincent Dallas feels at home at receiver :

ok so I have come to the conclusion that sentimore is an idiot, mike glennon had well over 3000 passing yards last year......????? I guess thats average huh? A lot of people think glennon is better than bray.

Written on Tennessee releases depth chart for opener:

I wonder if you had a team that ran a 3-5-3 D, what would they call the 5th LB? Mike, Sam, Will, Jack, Roy????

Written on Tennessee Vols linebacker Christian Harris working to return:

He'll be back, had great high school coaching under stewart at etowah, he's a real disciplined guy.

Written on Davante Bourque dealing with family issues, unlikely to return to Tennessee football team :

Thats not good about brendan downs.....if he's out, then we have only two true tight ends, rivera and meredith.

Written on Marsalis Teague gets a fresh start with new UT cornerbacks coach:

Marsalis Teague reminds me of a tennessee player who was a big recruit, came in and laid an egg, and was a horrible secondary player. That player eventually got dismissed, what a shock, but I want Teague to prove me wrong this year. When he comes into the game, I don't want my first words to be uh oh....And yes, I was talking about Brent Vinson.

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in response to GerryOP:

I vote for "All of the above."

12-0 baby ... 12-0.

I like your spirit bro, I like it, don't go for anything less, but lets just say they have a repeat disaster like last year, lots of injuries, bad luck, etc. Do you fire dooley? I don't. What you all don't understand is that a program can't be fixed in one or two years, sometimes it takes years. Firing dooley would be the biggest mistake right now. We hired him, we gotta stick with him. You go by the four year progress curve. If a coach by the fourth year has shown no improvement or even less, then they get fired. I don't think that will happen, dooley it too smart. If we can retain a lot of these juniors after this season, we are a top ten team in 2013, guarantee it. But we can't just keep hiring, firing, hiring, firing. That kills program stability, which affects recruiting. Dooley is the man, stick with him. You only fire a coach for the following reasons: they're an idiot, don't care, too crazy (bringing in schemes not fit for the players), lazy, corrupt, or have bad coach leadership. Dooley doesn't seem to fit any of those, and the wins will soon reflect that. The only thing I don't like about dooley is that he is stubborn as hell. I also don't think Jim Chaney is that great. If the offense doesn't work out this year, then yes, he should go. But it's up to dooley to have the right staff. Don't worry vol fans, we'll be fine. But you can't call for dooley's head after a few losses, some of yall sound like georgia fans....smh

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Im a student at kennesaw state, but I always pull for the vols, but it'll be a weird game.....should win no problem hopefully, if not, ksu will erupt, and if we don't beat oakland this year, im going to go crazy. How do they keep getting on the schedule???