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Let's don't be quick to judge CBJ. Especially in recruiting. If we can have a good year in football in the W column. Recruiting will take care of itself but we have got to prove it on the field first getting those W's is what we need to help the recruiting. IMO.

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I just hope they don't go changing the helmets and unis'. When we see the Vols on the field we want to be able to say "That's Tennessee" Stick with what we got. Players win games.

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The new helmet I saw I think would look better if they kept the White face mask. Go vols!

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Maybe if Phil were more passionate when he had the job we wouldn't be here now. But it was his arrogance and laziness that started this. Nobody wanted to fire him until his poor recruiting and program management caused the poor seasons that followed Cut leaving the program. You can even see the change when he came back and then left again. There was no fire for years and it caught up to him. Nobody's fault but Phil's.

I still think Phil Fulmer was let go to quickly.Two losing seasons in five. Even if his passion for the game did go down. How many of us would have liked to see him given another year and how many of us would take his other 3 years record rather than what we got now and talking about a new coach and starting over. Just saying.

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I hope our OL will give Bray some time back there to throw with out being rushed. In States first scrimmage they had 10 sacks.
Go Vols!

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First game: Lady Vols vs Miami (Ohio) Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 6 PM, with the Lady Vols Hosting.

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Ha Ha Ha Now that's funny..

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Anyone know if the game will be televised?

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I really hope that Tebow gets to stay at Denver. He is a class act. No one really know how things will go with Peyton or Tebow until the season gets underway. Hopefully all will go well and Peyton will shine as he has done in the past.

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My favorite player right now is Jordan McRae who coming off the bench has been great. He looked very good in the Ole Miss game.

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How does our "end of the game coaching" stack up?Does it seem to be lacking in a tight game? Anyone have any comments on this?

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My hope is that Fulmer gets this coaching position and does one heck of a job rebuilding Kansas into a contender for the conference championship. Frankly, it's a perfect spot for him....take over an ailing program and recruit like Anyway, he's a good man and something good is overdue to come his way. I wish him the best! (And say what you like, had Fulmer been retained, the status of Tennessee football would be nowhere near the disarray and sorry situation it's in right now.)

Thank you!!

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Thank you. We did not get that 16 year record UT had without Fulmer. All I am saying is we jumped the gun to quick. We should have given him at least two to three more years. He had two bad years out of 5.

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I know a lot of you folks beg to differ but I think we brought this on ourselves when we let Fulmer go. Fulmers last 3 years 24-15. Kiffin and the last two Dooley years 18-18. I know this is water over the dam but I still think had we given Fulmer a few more years to right the ship we would have been okay. Just my opinion. But as it is I will always root for the Vols. Win or Lose. GBO

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Dooley was seen yelling something to someone and appeared to be upset in one clip during the hectic moments. Does anyone know what that was about??

Sorry bout' that..found the answer in previous post...

Written on Calmness prevailed during hectic ending :

Dooley was seen yelling something to someone and appeared to be upset in one clip during the hectic moments. Does anyone know what that was about??

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What's wrong with our running game? It's very simple. We do not have a Jamal Lewis, Charlie Garner, James Stewart, Travis Henry, Reggie Cobb, Travis Stephens, Cedric Houston or any of the other great Tennessee running backs on this team. More importantly, we do not have a Cosey Coleman, Chad Clifton, Scott Wells, Jeff Smith, Anthony Herrera, Raleigh McKenzie, Aaron Sears, Trey Teague, or Fred Weary on the team. And apparently, we do not have an offensive line coach like Philip Fulmer.

I agree with with your theory. You need the good backs but you have to have those blocking schemes and the coach than can teach them.

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It certainly helps to have great kickers on your team.
Punting, placekicking and Field Goal kickers are a very important part of the game. An excellent FG kicker if he really has a strong leg and is really accurate can win you games even in some cases from 50 or more yards out.

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I hope that our problems are talent wise and not coaching. We are young as most of the TV analyst seem to want to bring up. Injuries do play a part but you have to have someone talented enough to step in and be ready to play.example: Brandon Wilds RB for SC last night really stepped up. You have to give SC credit also as their recruiting in the last couple of years has stepped up talent wise. I am not sure what the Vols lack or need but I do know Coaching is a big part of the game. Worley will get better with time. Go Vols!

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The Gamecocks appear to have a really good defense and if we can give Worley some time back there and slow down the rush of Melvin Ingram #6, Clowney #7, and a real good defensive back in #26 Antonio Allen we may be able to generate some offense with Worley, but he has to have some time to throw IMO. GooooVols!

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Always hate to see a good player leave, but I am sure there must have been a good reason.

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The OL has got to give Tyler some time. He can not be hurried or on the run. If he has some time back there it could be a long day for the Gators.

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Say what? Kiffin was never a Gamecock.

Ha Ha Ha You're right! There is a difference between USC and SC. Go Vols!

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Wouldn't you think that Jim Chaney should be as good a coach as they come since he tutored Dree Brees at Purdue? Just my thinking. Go Vols!

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If Tauren can just pick up positive yards to keep the defense off balance to allow for Bray's passing we should be okay. GBO

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Doe anyone know how Justin Worley has looked in practice?

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Can anyone tell me how Freshman QB Justin Worley is looking of if he is getting any snaps.

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5 of 6 are from Tennessee? Either I can't count, lost track of recruits, or missed someone pulling a commitment because I thought I read that we had a pitcher from McDonough and a C/1B/OF from Lawrenceville.

The C/1B/OF you are refering to I believe is Christin Stewart who has committed to Tennessee. He set a record for HR as a Junior with 26. He could be the power hitter UT is looking for.
Stewart will be a rising Senior this year.

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I bet Spurrier threw his visor when he heard that.

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Worley will be a terrific QB for UT before he through at Tennessee

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Hopefully we can get to a point where we are good enough to schedule some big time opponents outside the SEC. I know you can't take anyone lightly and you are suppose to beat certain teams but I would love to see Notre Dame come back on the schedule and some big name schools down the road. It don't make big time news by whipping Buffalo and schools similar but if you lose....

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Two words. Brian O'Connor (Head coach UVA). I want him to be our next coach. Raleigh should have never been hired in the first place.

Agree on O'Connor or someone with a PROVEN record. For folks not familiar with his previous record. 399-160 at Notre Dame in 9 years before taking over at UVA. Lets get someone with a proven record.

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First off Tennessee baseball has not done much since Delmonico left. It is time we got a big time baseball coach in here with a PROVEN record. Look how far S.Carolina has come with Ray Tanner. Check it out.

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I'd love to see us get some big guns in the 6-9 range that can move and shoot. Something similiar to the Parsons kid at Florida. What is he? 6-10?

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I think it is a time for a change in leadership in Volunteer baseball. Lets bring in a Coach with a proven record.

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The players play the game. Martin will have to recruit some high profile type players to Tennessee. I would love to see all the guys that has elgibility come back and give this a shot.

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Do we have a chance at the Butler Coach?

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I know there are some folks out there that are not PF fans, but this whole mess with both the football (kiffin) and BB slide started when they let the most loyal representative of the University go. Nobody's perfect but I thought PF brought honesty, integrity and stability to the University. We just didn't give him enough support.

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I hope he gets to stay at UT

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I hope he is the Coach at UT for years to come.
He is passionate about the game.

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As far as I am concerned personally Bruce Pearl is the best Coach Tennessee basketball has ever had.

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I just hope the Vols can get in the NCAA Tournement field. That is what I am hoping for right now and I know a bunch of you are too. GO Vols!!

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I'm not sure who it was on the elbow call for the Vols but after looking at the replay you could certainly tell the right call was made. The KY girl was not even hit in my opinion and looked liked she faked it and fell to draw a foul ..did anyone else see this as I did?

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With Dawson going to So. Cal., 4 out of 5 looks very good with the remaining guys we wanted so far and we could land a few surprises here and there. Go Vols

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I imagine Ogeron's has tore his shirt off and is head butting somebody bout' now...Ha Ha Ha Ha

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For those of you who would like to read Jim Baxter's comment on Worley..Personally myself I believe he can be a very good QB for Tennessee down the road.

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Northwestern H S won the 4A Football Division 11 championship in SC. They have two State Championships in SC I believe and went 15-0 behind Worley. Would love to have the WR Joseph on that team who looked like his primary target.

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Just answered my own question. 4-0 through ASU

Written on Lady Vols double the trouble for Arizona State, 80-64:

Did the Lady Vols play 1 exhibition game or two. I thought they were 5-0?

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November 24th, on a Wednesday Night at 7 O'clock it is the Tennessee Vols ve Virginia Commonwealth on ESPN 2 ..BE THERE!