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At start of 2008 season with Tennessee playing UCLA it came on the screen ESPN/ABC That Tennessee has 6 National Championships. Two weeks later while broadcasting Alabama vrs Arkansas the same network placed on the screen 9 National Championships for Bama, add 3 more for 2009, 2011, and 2012 and you get 12 National Championships. Not everybody including the major networks believe in some of those bogus titles claimed. Get off that high horse ctwins because the fall of the Tide is coming!

If you do not add the 'modern era', Alabama has 14; Tennessee in the modern era has 2. I've never seen 7-9 for UT in any era.

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That these players still would be as dedicated as they are given the recent turmoil of the UT program the past five years speaks volumes as to the character of each of these individuals. They are men of respect in every way.

For the first time since David Cutcliffe went to Duke, I am feeling optimistic about the direction of this football program. No, we won't catch up to Alabama while "Coach Satan" is there, but I believe we will become a whole lot better than we have been in recent years.

I guess the Satan tag comes from not being able to beat him then. Huh.

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How sad that some of my fellow Vol fans seem to take pleasure in the fact that Vandy now officially has a few thugs, like all the other college football programs. Good for these fans for showing up and supporting the team. The bad apples do not represent everyone else. God knows UT has had more than it's share of problem athletes. I am glad all our fans didn't quit on our team every time one of our players did something wrong. Yes, this situation is worse than most, but it was certainly not in any way the result of behavior by the coaches or other players. Therefore the coaches and other players should still have the support of the administration and fans.
I will cheer against Vandy when we play them, but I will cheer for all those good kids who play for them when it comes to the game of life.
I think the coach and school dealt with this correctly and quickly. Really don't see how they could have done anything better in dealing with it. I hope UT would have done the same, and I think we would have. I would then hope our fans would have turned out for a team rally like these fans did.

A class post!

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Your comments are ridiculous and nothing more than jealousy.

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If I were a tide or gator or dore fan, I'd be more concerned about the local police blotter than what's happening at UT.

You've got to be kidding. Look at the facts over the past 7 years or so on the Hill. Right now it appears that Jones has cleaned a lot of the thug stuff up and I commend him for it. But, there haven't been many schools with a worse thug record than UT so I wouldn't be talking. BAMA has had very little problem and had one episode early this calendar year and they're gone! Saban won't put up with it and doesn't have to.

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There is nothing wrong with having a change for 1 game a year, every year.

I live and die by the Orange and White.

Winning and Traditon do matter, but that is being too shortsighted. There is not a thing wrong with having a little extra spark for one game.

Being a VOL in living in Columbia, SC, I see how the Gamecock fanbase, students, alumni, and recruits really come together and support the Wounded Warrior program and have a special uniform once a year.

Personally I love to see, for whatever game chosen each year, a new change. Black one year, Gray one year, a completely different style of the Traditional Uniform, Checkerboard numbers perhaps.

You might be surprised to know that the first school to use the checkerboard was Alabama back in the early 80s.

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I don't know if it is phony or not, but if he took money from someone I can tell you two things: 1) The athletic department had nothing to do with it, period. They're not that stupid 2) He won't play a down until the truth is found and the school will notify the NCAA if it is true. Some of these kids are stupid! Contrary to naysayers, the university isn't buying players. They come because they want to be a part of a top program, learn under excellent coaches, and follow the rules because Saban lays the law down about that when he recruits. He will not tolerate stupid stuff and if Liner has committed this error in judgment, he will be punished and/or dismissed according to NCAA rules.

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This would be great for fans that do not care about the SEC winning a national championship, because with this schedule, the chances of anyone being unbeaten and not so beaten up that they would have all their starters ready for a national title game is very, very low. Ohio State has the answer to becoming a national champion. Play very few hard games so you can be rested and well prepared for them, then hammer them and walk into a National Championship Game untested, but well rested.

Yet, everybody wants in the SEC. And, when outsiders play the SEC for all the marbles, they lose. In recent years......Alabama beat Texas, Notre Dame, Michigan, Va. Tech, Penn State,Auburn beat Oregon, LSU and Georgia won major bowl games as did S. Carolina. Only the big upset by Louisville over Florida puts a stain on SEC dominance. Ohio State has a poor record against the SEC. So your point about getting banged-up during grueling games is valid, yet the SEC still dominates outside competition.

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Latest recruiting rankings have Tennessee #1 and Florida #21

That is Rivals. 247 Sports, ESPN, and others are different. Lots will change by signing day for everybody. Certainly it is a big improvement for Tennessee over the past few years. Many of the very elite prospects hold off to check more programs and many times to get TV exposure such as the Under Armour and US Army games.

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Horse Feathers. What about Alabama's violation of invading Athens Tennessee for a fund raiser?? Holy (Mayfield) Cow!!

Wow, horse feathers alright. Check who the fundraiser was for!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

For crying out loud, quit using a Bama connection for your problems. Bama has nothing to do with things. I know, it's Spurrier; it's ESPN; it's David Climer. It's the boogey man.

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Interesting that a Crimson T#RD Moron would be trolling on a Vol site. It must be a slow day for poisoning trees, tea-bagging, combing mullets, brushing a tooth, swilling the PBR in the double-wide or marrying a relative amongst the members of the Bammer Moron Nation!

Rammer Jammer, Yeller Hammer; GO TO HE#L ALABAMMER!

You obviously have a problem. Hate must consume you. Everything you say could easily be replied with equal sarcasm, but I wouldn't waste my time.

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He committed to Bama to get them off of him. He will switch to OU on signing day which will give him a better chance of being a high draft pick when he goes pro.

We'll see!! He'll be in crimson alright,but with Tide along not Sooner.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yeah, it's a conspiracy. ESPN hates you. Alabama and Florida are infiltrating your program to destroy it. Look in every closet, there is another boogey man out to get you. You people are the most paranoid and ignorant possible. If people from these other university programs are so intent on getting you, quit hiring them! Maybe things are so bad on the Hill that poor is all you can get. Next thing you know, Butch Jones loses seven or eight games and he's a Cincinnati spy out to destroy UT.

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It's easy to be a fan when your team is winning.

I've seen a lot of Bama tee shirts and license plates in Mid TN since they started winning. Not so much when they had that rough patch before Saban.

Have you considered what they're running from??

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You need a ACT score of 17 for Admission to Alabama, a 26 might get you into UT. Alabama has become the bailout school for academics. If you can't get into your state school, go to Bama. Maybe UT should dumb it down to The Alabama and Ole Miss level to improve the APR.

You don't know what you're talking about. Check out the facts before you make absurd statements. I could site numerous, national stats, but I won't waste my time when you obviously think you know it all. Which school is under NCAA watch over academics?

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A sea of crimson = a cesspool of morons

Look at the football APR ratings and you tell me who the morons are. Stop embarrassing yourself.

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Can't argue with what Adams said. It won't be good for the SEC top to bottom if all that happens anytime soon. Like most have said I'd rather Tennessee rises to the top by competing with the top and beating them. It'd be fun that way.

I'd say Georgia's been the closest to Bama in recruiting...maybe LSU? Now Ohio St.(yuch)!

Right now a great start will be to beat everyone we should beat and add a couple of surprises in there. MAYBE lose the others real close.hehe Although if we keep them close there's alway's the possiblility of a coaching change.halgh!ulp!

Urban couldn't deal with Saban and kept migranes...and left the SEC. Not to worry about Urban at "The Ohio State U".

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I don't buy into this theory that for us to catch up, the other teams have to somehow come back down to our level. This isn't some race to the bottom, this is the SEC. It's time for us to rise to the challenge and stop whining about the level of competition. Also, this isn't some game of chance as Adams puts it, this is a game of skill, and to win we have to once again get the level of skill it takes to compete. So far Jones seems to be able to do that, I just hope he can keep everything together through what will almost certainly be a challenging season. Go Vols!

Good comment; the Vols need to focus on their program and not be concerned with other programs retirements. As far as Saban retiring, he is under contract through 2019 (seven more seasons)and says he has no plans to retire. Ultimately, of course, he will but that isn't in any short framed window. Also, I think Alabama knows who his replacement will be (barring unforeseen issues) when the day comes.

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I remember a few weeks ago several Vol fans bashing Alabama about taking commitments over twenty-five. Funny how it is different when it's the shoe on the other foot. What those whiners didn't want to accept then, but do now is the bottomline has to meet 25 when signing day comes around unless you have the opportunity this article describes due to changes with previous classes, etc. Nick Saban can do no more or less than Butch Jones or any other coach/program when everything is measured against the grand total.

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Blue, I was thinking the exact same thing. Incredible isn't it? Joe's got it bad.

Live in TN. Read Sentinel. Didn't know time of day one reads a paper mattered! Apparently it bothers you. Repeat, you must be jealous. Article was about A&M, not Alabama, so here's my question: What does Alabama have to do with the article and why does it bother you!!!

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Even the defending National Champ Gumps had trouble filling Bryant-Denny with Updikes every game last season, but everything is bigger in Texas. Maybe A&M will have better results in the age of HD television and more wins over Saban in their future?

Your jealousy precedes you!

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Unless his academic situation was in bad shape, I can't imagine what Sentimore was thinking or who he was getting advice from.

While at Alabama, his grades were an issue and he took off too many plays.

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Are you stupid or what? McCarron isn't half the qb Bray is; he was just lucky to be surrounded by a real team. McCarron wouldn't have started for about half the D1 schools in the country. I will him credit for having a hot gf though..

McCarron can make all the throws that Bray can, is able to run which Bray couldn't (looked like a humped back stick), knew how to protect the ball rather than panic when rushed and throw interceptions, and has far more maturity. Bray is talking big right now to try and salvage his career. He'll never do anything in the pros, because he's afraid of taking a hit and they'll intimidate the hell out of him. And, he'll resort to his childish pranks and be dumped.

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Aren't some of you the very ones yacking about Saban having more recruits than the limit? Guess what, when it's all over both coaches will have only what they're allowed. The point is, however, the same things go on in all programs but it sure is viewed differently when it's your team versus another.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Glad you feel that way, because he is one of the brightest defensive minds in the game and he'll probably take over when Saban retires and then you'll be among those whining that he's at Alabama. I've said it before; I'll say it again, your jealousy surrounds you.

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I "allege" that worse and more widespread issues have occurred at the University of Alabama, Ohio State University, and Notre Dame University just in the last 3 years.

My "allegations" have the same credibility, if not more, than ESPN or anything Selena Roberts proclaims.

Time for the NCAA to investigate my "allegations".

Gee, Alabama has had no major NCAA infractions in three years you allude to. Want to discuss Bruce Pearl and your baseball coach and if Kiffin had stayed you could add football to the list?

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Ok the billboard is more insulting than Saban speaking before a bunch suits. I wonder why this was put together in UTs backyard. Why not Nashville
or Memphis ? Seems a bit fishy, Athens Tn,,Really?
So Preston says its just about Leadership, not Football and they put up a Billboard of Saban holding the trophy. LOL!

Im beginning to think that coach Jones just might be getting Sabans attention for him to prance around in Athens. I wonder what the Chamber is taking in for all this good will ?

Can you imagine Jones going down to Alabubba for a leadership speech with such a billboard ? I cant. But then again Im just a fan not a politician.

You're the bubba for saying something so stupid. Get a grip people. It's a speaking engagement. I hardly think it will amount to an iota regarding recruiting or anything more than a talk. With your attitudes, I'd cancel the engagement if I were him. Then you can go find a real bubba.

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You really think Battle would take that job? More work, tons of politics, dealing with those toothless fans, Battle's too smart.

You obviously haven't been to a Bama game. There are no toothless fans, idiot. You only show your ignorance making such a comment.

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Quit giving Mike the big head; he already knows he's the best writer in Knoxville. Back on topic...

Moore is right in that no one wants to be embarrassed. Better to find a weakness in March, than be exposed in September.

Of the three phases of coaching: recruiting, coaching and motivating in practice, and game-time coaching, these guys are proven recruiters. Reeling in two pass-rushing DEs--one of which they took from Alabama--and two stud QBs was proof enough for me that these guys can recruit. Singularly, we did not lock in the stud RB we needed in 2013...CJG is gone. Now we have CRG and two RB verbals for 2014, one a 5-star RB.

Second, motivation seems high in practice. Glad he took those green jerseys off. With five stud QBs, these guys need the chance to prove themselves in a live situation. Third, my bet goes down that CBJ can also coach at game-time. Go Vols!

Bama offers several top prospects at positions, so you can be sure they got a very good one, perhaps the one they wanted the most. The results speak for themselves. However, no doubt Jones will improve TN recruiting as it had gotten pretty bad. I'm sure he will bring the program along.

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This is SO GREAT! I kept reading where Bama and Ohio State were at the front of the pack. It's been a long time since we've had this many "VERY HIGH QUALITY COMMITMENTS" at such an EARLY stage (man, it's mid-March!). Go BUTch!

Who will be next? Kelly and Hurd will be tweeting them all...

Bama is loaded at RB for 2013 and has a 5* commitment for 2014. TJ Yeldon, Jalston Fowler, and Kenyan Drake return plus Altee Tenpenny (Arkansas #1 RB), Tyren Jones (GA #1 RB) and Derrick Henry (#1 RB in nation) are committed.

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Am I the only person who kept yelling "where's the whistle" every time Stokes had the ball. Two separate games were called today. One was a call-all-ticky-tack on the Vols (except for one foul that UT got away with), and the other was "no foul" for UGA. This poor job of officiating was a disservice to the SEC, so I'd say this wasn't Slive was money. The refs took UT out of the game half-way into the first half.

Your comment applies to every game, every team. Home teams get all the breaks; visitors barely are allowed to play ball. Wonder why few teams can win on the road? It's a pathetic commentary on all basketball, college and pros (although I really could care less to watch the NBA). Frankly, the Vols get all the calls at home, just as they get few traveling..same for everyone. It's not right and it is pitiful that officials cop out so much. A charge when a team is on the road is a block on the opponent when you're at home. I don't know if it is to keep home fans happy or the officials can't handle the pressure of home fans. But, it really ruins the game.

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Nice win for the Vols.

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Young men making terrible choices. That is indeed sad. But sadder still is the attitude it's no big deal if their lives go down the tubes because FB pope Nick can just call up more 4 star players. But that shows poor choice on a fan's part; the kids' lives do not matter, only that they get to play for almighty Alabama... That may be saddest of all.

Come on, man. What a stupid comment. The university, like all of them, conduct programs constantly for athletes so they understand what is acceptable behavior and not, bring in special speakers for programs, work with them every way they can. Unfortunately, some make bad choices...and I must say very few at Alabama. You don't read things like this often. Contrary to snide remarks about Saban, he does everything he can to help players, but he is unashamedly willing to dole out punishment as well. You can trust they will deal first with the law, then with the school and will be punished. If the situation warrants it, they will be dimissed, not to make room for other players but to keep troublemakers out of the program. If this is a first offense, they'll be punished, suspended from games, and put at the end of the bench and it will be a long time before they see playing time. You can bet on that! If I was a Vol fan, I'd be careful casting stones.

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I see we have the experts on here about defense and still many of "they'll never do it" Eeyore types. Eeyore is the blue/gray, negative donkey in the Winnie the Pooh story. Granted the Vols did not come near to having the personell to run the 3-4 last year. They tried, failed, and are GONE! Some of us are moving on. We begin a new era and time will tell who they are able to beat or compete with etc. By the way, whomever pointed out how the 3-4 is better suited to stop the spread, I suppose was not watching Texas A&M against Bama last year. I know, I know the JohnnyFootball factor but early in that game the 3-4 just was NOT stopping the spread of the Aggies. I suppose that all depends on the personnel of the spread team you are trying to stop.

Sure, it depends a lot on the personnel and coaching-up the players. Manziel is unique, but if you remember Bama basically shut them down the second half after they got surprised and could have won that game. Tide will be ready for them next year, second game in College Station. They're a good team, not mistaking that. Bama is going to play 3-4 because they can which gives more linebacker play and secondary, which is Bama's bread and butter.

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I guess he feels fine with calling Saban that, Vandy doesn't have to play the Gumps this year. But he will have to live with the risk of a Gump fan, a la Harvey Updike or Brain Downing coming after him or his family. They do some scary stuff in the name of the Bear and Alabubba football.

With all the problems with players, Cumberland Drive parties and clubs, stolen laptops, street fights, women driving to S. Carolina to high school recruits games, beating up off-duty cops, throwing beer bottles onto parked cars.......need I go on.......I wouldn't be badmouthing anyone else's program Thumpa! All the Saban sarcasms are nothing but jealousy.

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Holly, pretty damn good job.

UT isn't ready to beat any top team yet, but there were some good sparks.

Graves continues to play well and hard.

Holly is on the right track.

Diggins.....sick of her. Period. Gets away with murder.

Come on. Skylar is fantastic. The girl can play basketball. She was the best player on the floor by far. IMO the best in the girl's game, excluding Grinder who has height as her best weapon. But Diggins is a great all 'round player.

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Wherever, just not Bama.

Bama might not have space for him.

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First, while I liked Bruce Pearl, UT had no option but to fire him. Believe me, had we kept him, the NCAA would have gotten its revenge a thousand times, and our basketball program would have been decimated. Furthermore, every other UT athletic program would have undergone the kind of scrutiny that no program could handle.

Second, while Ole Miss currently is winning, it is obvious that the program tolerates some very bad characters, and that will come back to haunt them in the future. A coach that encourages his players to mouth off is not a coach who is going to keep any kind of order.

Does anyone think that Nick Saban would permit that kind of open braggadocio from one of his players? Believe me, Ole Miss will pay for this in the future, as Henderson apparently believes that he can run his mouth and that there will not be payback.

Excellent post, common sense. I was reading everyone before you say "bring back Pearl". Your comments are exactly correct!

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in response to Rumblefish:

Well...we can all admit Dooley was entertaining (in the beginning of his stint here) in his press conferences.

Then, as the losses piled up, he became frustrating.

Yes and the biggest mouth and joke is Dick Vitale. I turn the sound off when he has a game and ESPN loves him so much he gets all the good games. He is as bad or worse than Howard Cosell.

Written on Derek Dooley to offer recruiting commentary on ESPNU's National Signing Day coverage :

in response to Ayres_Hall:

I hope Derek gets Gary Danielson's job with the CBS College Football crew. He would be entertaining.

Ever noticed how most of them, Danielson in particular, are genuises once something has happened and they get a quick replay from the producer truck or when they look across the field before the camera does to see a coach about to take a timeout. Vern Lunquist probably is a very nice gentleman, but sometimes he appears to not have a clue about the sport and all he does is kiss Danielson's tailend whatever he says. It's easy to be an "expert" when you're a Monday morning quarterback.

Written on David Climer: Vols staff looks close to home for recruits:

Vonn Bell will commit to Alabama. You can count on it. It's between Georgia and Alabama and he will go to Alabama.

Written on John Adams: Tough times ahead for UT football :

in response to Rumblefish:

Were you talking smack when UT dominated BAMA from 1995-2006? I believe the record during that period was 10-2 in favor of UT. Just wondering....b/c you know...once you win, you just keep winning forever, right?

Go try your psuedo knowledge on someone else, douche.

It wasn't long ago many Vol fans were saying "Bama is living in the past". "Saban will bolt in two years". Uh!

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in response to exlineman:

What is it that some of you fans can't grasp, Vanderbilt has the Peabody arrangement set up in 1974. The majority of their players in all sports slip into the school through Peabody and their degree reads degree from Peabody Univ. at Vanderbilt. That shouldn't take a rocket scientist to understand, Franklin is pushing Peabody to these athletes who can't get into some other college. I personally know of several kids there now attending Peabody and not Vanderbilt simply because they can't get into Vanderbilt. Some of these athletes are happy to take a road of less resistance. So when referring to Vanderbilt, it should be Peabody.

Peabody is not a slouch college where just any fool can get in. It is the second rated teacher's college to Columbia in NY in the nation. And, it certainly doesn't take backseat to some curriculum Vol players can take at UT, so quit bashing Peabody. Many Vol players such as Leonard Little years ago went to class with my cousin and never showed-up once for the class...but passed. So get over yourself.

Written on Vols football records 2.49 GPA in fall semester :

in response to voloffaith:

That would be alabama AFTER the bowl game...........

Interesting. Alabama's grades for athletes are higher, again. So, your sarcasm merely hits home.

Written on UT wants to get back to basics of playing defense :

Tide has lost two, inside bigs by injury for the season, so it's a struggle. Probably be a weak game.

Written on Notre Dame No. 1? According to a BCS computer, Fighting Irish still better than Alabama:

in response to rollonbeagles:

Since Ala. did a kneel down the entire 2nd half this really shows how goofy the computer is. The score could have been 56 to nothing if Saban had chosen too. I know a lot of Vol fans don't like Saban but I do. And ND had no business playing in a championship game. I don't know who should have been in there against Ala. Maybe Green Bay..

Beagles, you are right. He's intense and especially when dealing with the media (which doesn't bother me because generally they're a pain in the duff). But, he is a master at what he does, works endlessly, and here is the real key to the man........the kids respect him, he really develops the person not just the player, he 'requires' class attendance and passing grades, and he puts up with no bunk and the kids know it. So, he doesn't have many problems and when he does, they get corrected and punished and many times aren't around anymore. He interviews them with their parents (guardians) to see what kind of environment they've been in. He wants to know if they attend church. He truly works hard to determine the character of the player and oftentimes doesn't puruse a kid that he sees will be nothing but a problem even if he's a good ballplayer. Is he perfect? No, but he's one heck of a coach. You are right, Sir.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

in response to Sunshine27:

Folks, Sentimore has no where to go. He's not eligible academically. He's a low character person who cashed in his worthless chips. No way he gets drafted. He'll sign a free agent contract and get cut quickly. He was a non factor on a pitiful defense...he didn't do squat. Just being honest here. He received moronic advice....I suggest summer school and pray for a miracle.

He was recruited to Bama, but failed academically. Plus, Saban didn't want him after JUCO because he "takes off too much". He'll play one play, sit down on the next. And he wasn't committed to class and grades. Frankly, if he puts out half the time in the pros, he won't last long.

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

First, Johnny Football is extremely unique even among scrambling QBs. Second, Bama was coming off the LSU game and had to play him but once they adjusted A&M didn't score much more and could have lost that game on a last second, goal line play. But, no mistaking that he is special in that he not only runs like a rabbit but he is terribly effective passing, too. That is what distinquishes him because most running Qbs are poor passers. Just my opinion, but if any QB runs a lot he's apt to get hurt. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and countless other pocket QBs have proven quality years, healthy years at the position. Alabama's McCarron can run when needed, but generally stays in the pocket. That's where his protection is and once you leave that pocket you're vulnerable. It takes a very talented Manziel to be able to throw well on the run. Running was essentially what ended McNair's football career (not talking about his death). It almost ended Vick's and others. All in all, I'll take a QB that runs when absolutely necessary, but fundamentally stays in his pocket.

Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

in response to pcorange:

As a UT fan, I have been programmed my whole life to hate Alabama. (Honestly, I hate Florida worse.) That said, there is no denying that Bama is a great team with the best head coach in modern memory. Like it or not, that is the way it is. Congrats to Bama on extending the SEC national championship streak to 7. That is awesome. SEC, SEC, SEC!!!!

Thank you, man. Appreciate those kind words! I hope things settle down for your Vols soon, too. It goes in cycles so it won't be this way long and Saturdays in East TN will be full of excitement again.