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Written on UPDATED: Cuonzo Martin to receive $50,000 raise:

Good. All things considered he's done a good job. Next year will be huge

Written on Alabama fan freed in Auburn tree poisoning case:

Alabama red neck. Just part of the worst fan base in the country. This is what happens when all you've ever had is Alabama football.

Written on Gray's transfer leaves little margin for error in Vols' secondary:

What's up with Gordon? Loved watching him play.

Written on Johnny Majors thinks UT will be more disciplined under Butch Jones:

Just please tell me Majors didnt say the same thing about Dooley.

Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

Yes!!! So excited about next year. Loaded in hoops and new (much needed) energy in football!

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

This is NOT about the money! TN would have countered. Jay did not want to be here under the current situation- i.e. his relationship with the new staff. Doesn't mean Butch is in the wrong. Doesn't mean Jay is in the wrong. Regardless, sends a terrible message to the TN fan base looking to get excited about football again.

Written on Miserable? Not Derek Dooley working as TV analyst :

So glad he's gone. Should have happened last year. Hopefully we don't currently have Dooley 2.0.

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

in response to davemanthevolfan:

What's going to be funny is one of these days Dooley becomes one of the best coaches in the nation and rolls into k-town and beats the hell out of the vols.

Are you high?

Written on Poll: What place will the men's basketball team finish in the SEC?:

Bottom 3? We're not that bad! NCAA tourney bound? No.

Written on Dave Hart: Tennessee's brand remains strong :

in response to thevoice:

I know you don't like the Jones selection, but please disclose the alternative.

he may be the next best thing. i personally like his style, and i'm behind him. but our a.d. seemed unprepared for the search as auburn, ky, ark all had coaches before we did. is that the ultimate factor in wins or loses- no. but it took foley 3 days to hire muschamp, which tells me- he knew who he wanted and was prepared. that would help instill confidence in a fan base.

Written on John Adams: Vols chasing Vanderbilt in recruiting :

Jones better not ever lose to vandy. Not in recruiting and not on the field. And that includes THIS year!

Written on Dave Hart: Tennessee's brand remains strong :

It's a shame hoops is so disappointing this year. Was hoping for better. Martin not showing much. As far as butch- hoping for the best, but don't see him ever being an sec or national champion. Hope I'm wrong

Written on Central Michigan focus for Butch Jones' coaching staff at Tennessee :

Hope this staff can adapt to the SEC. The Mac is one thing- the sec is a bit different.
Like most Vol fans- I'm routing for the new crew, but been burned 'hoping'

Written on Cincinnati AD: Dave Hart was "first class" throughout process:

Dave Hart is a joke!!!! This is beyond a train wreck!

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

in response to redskinvol1:


Amen, brother.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

If this article is true, it's time to make immediate plans for harts removal. It's clear he wasn't prepared for a search everyone knew was inevitable a year ago. Butch jones is pathetic! Hart and cheek are a joke.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

Great! Lets hire the one guy the loser Dooley beat! Hart- you're doing a great job! Expect ad revenue the skyrocket.

Written on Tennessee's search: Is it down to Mike Gundy and Charlie Strong?:

Lets hope gvx is clueless. So much for the home run hire. So much for Hart 'having his man' weeks ago. 8-4/9-3 here we come!

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

Gundy? Really? If this is accurate Dave hart is a joke. Gundy goes 7-5 in the sec. If our ad can't see that, he's a clown

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Well, this sucks. But at least we know something FOR SURE- these message board/thread writing/radio show call-ins are completely clueless and their 'in-the-know' comments are idiotic.

Written on UT fans debate Dooley's fate after loss to Missouri :

He should go. Next question. This has been determined weeks ago. To say otherwise is dumb.
Let's just hope Hart has had his guy for weeks. If he's about to start the process of a coaching search he hasn't been doing his job.

Written on John Adams: UT's defense a fireable offense :

It's over. It's been over. The staff knows it. It will be a miracle if we win 6, which would be great to have a new coach coach a bowl game. Sal is reprentative of where this staff was last year. You don't have 7/9 assistants leave a team when so many of the players are returning unless you know what the fans now know about Dooley.

Written on Other side of Cuonzo Martin slowly surfacing :

Very optimistic about this year. Loved the way they played last year, and think CM has us going places

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

Guys- anyone who has witnessed the Dooley era knew this was coming. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We all know we'll have a new coach in early Dec. Hopefully we'll get the right guy.

Written on David Climer: Vols exit polls may tell Derek Dooley's future:

in response to fasteddief2010:

Well, I have said it before and I'll say it again....more turnover in the coaching ranks is not the answer. I say give him another year to improve even further (lets face it with the D change this year, it is about what I expected and the offense is playing pretty well against really good football teams).

Now we might need a wholesale change after this year, if we lose Bray, Hunter and Patterson to the draft. But I believe that one more year is warranted...unless we lose to Vandy and/or UK...then its bye bye Derek...enjoy your 5 Million!

Please don't ever try to get a job in the AD. You're attitude perpetuates mediocrity. Dooley never wins! He has never won! It is not a debate! It's year 3. He's 0-3 in conference. Besides- 7/9 coaches left in the off-season. We've already had turnover.

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Vols must move with 'urgency' to catch SEC's elite :

in response to thevoice:

Time to move forward pal. Nothing is accomplished by pointing fingers and looking at the past, unless something can be learned. Same applies to Fulmer.

The fulmer lesson is this: don't hang onto a coach for 17 years who hadn't won the sec in almost a decade. Don't hang unto a coach who was clearly being left behind by the rest of the league, and dying a slow death.

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Vols must move with 'urgency' to catch SEC's elite :

in response to GloryDays:

I believe the die has been cast. Hart is currently calling and talking behind the scenes, getting things lined up. Dooley will be fired on Monday November 26 and Hart will have a new coach announced 2 weeks later on December 10. That will give him 2 months to recruit and keep some of Dooley's recruits.

I agree

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Vols must move with 'urgency' to catch SEC's elite :

Isn't the lesson of Alabama simple? Hire the right guy. Dooley is clearly not that guy. Hopefully Hart knows who wants and the process to get him is under way.

Written on Report card: Glimpses of strong play, but no consistency :

Ok, here's the good news vol fans. We now are guaranteed a new coach, and there's light at the end of tunnel. This year will get worse but we can at least look forward to that. Now it's only about who's next. Lets hope Hart is way ahead of us (which I believe he is, because he had to know this was coming) and he knows exactly who to get.

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley going to new heights for victory over ranked team :

Pcshowtime- of course you're right. And I don't care what he inherited- 0-3 against FL should never be tolerated.

Written on Mike Strange: Mullen has given Mississippi State the stability Tennessee needs :

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


Written on Mississippi St., UT's next opponent, No. 2 nationally in turnover margin :

Ms state is not a signature win! Stop!

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