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Written on Former Tennessee cornerback Daniel Gray to transfer to Utah State:

Best of luck. Obviously, not a good fit.

Why would a player wanting to play in the NFL go to Utah St? Not impossible to play in the NFL from there, just not as likely.

Written on Cuonzo Martin expects to talk to Jarnell Stokes today about draft status:

Has no chance in the NBA, right now: plays below the rim and within 8 feet of basket. Needs a couple of more years to develop a Karl Malone type of game: 15-foot jumpers and running the floor with a top point guard.

Written on A road map for getting back: Study shows Vols' fall from glory years:

Forget about benchmarking ourselves vs 1990's UT recruiting. Those days are gone. Does Apple benchmark itself against yesteryear's competitor, Dell Computer, or against Google and Samsung?

Benchmark ourselves against our recruiting foes and be better, everyday, with every recruit.

Written on John Adams: Another area SEC has edge — recruiting juco players :

I love to see a serious football article: facts, analysis, possibly some humor, quotes from relevant sources, and a few original insights.

Guess I will go read Rick Reilly or, UT Alum, Wojichowski on ESPN.

Written on All-American Kelsey Robinson among 4 players transferring from Tennessee volleyball program:

Heard coach Patrick is a "yeller" and that only goes so far with female athletes.

Written on Sal Sunseri: 'We wanted to do better for the Vol nation':

Dooley definitely raised the class of the program, however, I feel he did not hold people accountable and confront problems soon enough:

- Bray's immaturity and lack of development
- 3-4 defense transition, immediately, FL 2nd half for example
- On-going kicking debacle punting and FG's

He made changes to the OL coach and added a RB coach and the running game improved dramatically this year.

Just too nice of a guy to scream at people when the situation warranted it.

Written on Tennessee freshman cornerback Deion Bonner suspect in the theft of cell phone :


Might get back on the field in the next re-make of the "Longest Yard".

Written on Tennessee's defense can't contain its frustration :

in response to WaltGoVols:

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Everday's broadcast said every team in the SEC runs the 3-4, so why is everyone acting like it is a stupid defense?

Given our recruiting challenges of getting big, fast DL's, the 3-4 is a better longterm solution. However, it is obvious our defense lacks SEC speed and is not used to seeing it in practice (showed up with bad pursuit angles). AJ Johnson was consistently late getting to the hole, for one, and the secondary cannot close on the ballcarrier, thus all of the big plays.

Written on Jim Chaney laughs off notion that Tyler Bray didn't watch Florida film:

Bray is immature and is not getting it done.

Stares at receivers, audibles are ineffective or not happening, leadership is lacking, would like to see him run and slide once in a while.

One question, their man to man was good but we never ran any crossing routes that I could see (?).

Written on Derek Dooley says he needs to ease burden on skill players like Justin Hunter, Rajion Neal :

in response to hikerdude:

The Florida game is an example of what happens when a team of mostly 4* and 5* players plays a team of mostly 2* and 3* players.We are never going to be able to compete with the best in the SEC until we recruit better. Dooley inherited a team with a severe talent deficit. He has improved the talent level, but he has not added the 4* and 5* players he has to have to make UT competitive again. Like Coach Fulmer said back in the late 90s, it's about Jimmys and Joes, not Xs and Os. Until Dooley starts getting the best players, not just good players, we will remain in the middle of the pack in the SEC. I've argued here before that Dooley has only had two recruiting years and should be given more time, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. I hope this new crop of assistant coaches can get the recruiting to the level it needs to be.

Agree 100%. As Bear said "You have to have chicken to make chicken salad."

Written on Marlin Lane wants running backs to make a statement against Florida :

My observations on the Vol's running game ineffectiveness with Dooley are:

1. No offensive line push, in the past. Better so far this year but doubt we'll do much against the Gators for opening up holes. Our OL stands up at the snap instead of getting into a power position. Not an expert, though.
2. Lackluster RB play (fumbles, busting every play to the outside, etc) caused by subpar recruiting and no RB coach. Finally fixed this year.
3. Poor QB play for audibling to a better play at the line. Often times, we run right into the strength of the defense. Bray has to improve, here.

Written on Derrick Brodus to handle field goals, extra points for Tennessee:

Love Dooley's consistent theme: playing time decisions are "performance based", as he said when Lane fumbled and was promptly and correctly, yanked. Watson looks better than anyone I've seen since Hardesty: decisive with some moves.

Written on Da'Rick Rogers: Failed drug tests led to departure from UT :

in response to I_Bleed_Orng:

The NCAA is a freakin joke.

The fact that this punk can get thrown out of school and off a team because he won't stay off drugs, and be on a new team and playing within a week is ridiculous. He'll never be punished for this behavior. And don't tell me getting thrown off the team is any sort of punishment. He'll still get to the NFL and make millions. The fact that it will be a few million less than it could have been means nothing to this idiot.

If a player gets tossed for drug abuse he should have to sit out the rest of the season. Period.

I disagree. Janzeen Jackson did the same thing, finished his junior year at some D2 school, and joined the Giants as a FA, I believe.

I saw he was cut a couple of weeks ago. Never "made millions in the NFL".

Kiffin predicted correctly, just the wrong player. Janzen's now "pumping gas" just as Da'rick soon will be.

Written on Perseverance pushes Darrington Sentimore to first-team defense :

Reward for a lot of good, hard work. Awesome, young man! Way to step it up.

I like the 3-4 for us as we have to recruit better in the Deep South to get 6-7 quality DL's for the 4-3, but only need 3-4 blocker-eaters for the 3-4.

Tackling machines at LB are easier to come by.

Until we recruit GA and SC better, we are going to be challenged in the SEC. Fact. The last 10 years we have missed on every big-time player in the state of TN, even.

Dooley has us on the right course, but our biggest flaw, right now, is the kicking game. Too vulnerable to missing an easy FG, shanking a punt, or giving up a 50-yard return. Same as a TO.

We are going to have to play our best 10 athletes to compensate which exposes them to injury and fatigue until a kicker steps up.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' woeful running game needs a fresh start :

Last year it seemed like our OL guys stood up too much and lost their leverage, thus did not get any "push". Wondier if it was due to our DL being under-sized leading to bad habits on Saturday?

Written on Saturday practice report :

Just don't understand all of the center-QB exchange problems we have had the past few years. They either turn into turnovers or punts.


Written on 5 Things to watch as Vols open practice:

1. Offensive line needs to play "nasty". "3rd and 2" downs must be automatic first downs using the run.

2. Get Worley plenty of snaps in case Bray misses games to injury or moronic behavior.

3. Alternate kickers: punts, KO's, and FG's. Obviously, we do not have one, decent kicker so let's spread the rep's and go with the "hottest leg" in warm-ups.

Bottomline, Dooley needs to mitigate risk to achieving an 8-4 season by leveraging multiple players.

Written on No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident :

in response to AllVol311:

at least he still has his accuracy

LOL! But the car wasn't moving!

Written on Penn State vacates Outback Bowl win over Tennessee :

Interesting to hear analysts saying having 65 scholarship players is a killer for a program. Dooley has been playing short-handed due to all of the departures during the end of Fulmer and Kiffin's tenure.

I love Fulmer but everything started going downhill when he lost Kirby ?, Cutcliffe, and Garner.

Live in Raleigh and NCSU fans are talking trash. I see a tight win for the Vols, though, if our kicking game is not a disaster.

Written on Former Vol Cameron Clear pleads guilty to misdemeanor theft:

in response to TommyJack:

Maybe the kid will turn his life around. No need to pile on.

Agree. He still has the athletic ability to turn himself around.

Let's hope he does it.

Could be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Written on Nolan Richardson III, son of ex-Ark. coach, dies:

Classy comments, Vols.

Keeping the Richardsons in my prayers, too.

Written on Jeronne Maymon stepped up against Ole Miss :

Martin is developing this team, steadily.

Best move of the year is sitting Hall, for whatever reason. It sends the message of who's the boss. Prevents future problems from the team and Hall.

Written on Vols rout Arkansas, 77-58 :

in response to born2ride:

The Hogs have not been relevant since Nolan Richardson left.

Neither have you

Written on UT 75, Florida 70: Cuonzo Martin told Vols they could win in Gainesville :

in response to volcycle:

I disagree. Vandy is too smart and experienced to lose to this young Kentucky team. KY usually overwhelms opponents with talent. Vandy will match up well with them, play with experience, and play smart. Kentucky loses...

Anthony Davis is too good for VU, and anybody else for that matter. UK wins. Calipari is still bad for basketball.

Written on Mike Strange: Scouting report depends on Jordan McRae :

I am liking what I see out of MArtin's guys: toughness. That bodes well for tournament time: SEC and maybe next year the NCAA.

Written on Mike Strange: Cuonzo Martin has warning for Vols :

I team reflects its coach's values. I like this more than all of Pearl's, except for the Lofon-Bradshaw teams, due to their toughness. They are not talented enough, yet, but are on the way up, no doubt.

Toughness can win you 80% of your games in any sport.

Written on Trae Golden: 'We can't play soft'; Vols struggle against Memphis, 69-51:

in response to 1vavolfan:

Just some observations:

Don't know why CCM tries to play Skylar against these big athletic teams. There is no one on Memphis's team that he could guard.

If Stokes can't step on the floor from day 1 and be our best big man then he is highly overrated.

I think Woolridge actually deserves more playing time. Can't believe I just said that.

I started going to games in 1979 when I was 7 and I think this is the worst defensive Tennessee team I have ever seen.

Why does Griffith think the trash that Memphis fans talk to CCM is newsworthy? He tweeted it and printed it in his story.

100% agree with your comments. McBee is a D2 guard. I'd rather see Washpun get more PT as he adds fire to the floor, at least, and has quickness. McBee will be ineffective on offense until he can fake the 3, dribble, and hit a 15-footer. Teams just close on him with taller players, he rushes his shot and misses.

Written on Men's swim coach John Trembley fired due to 'gross misconduct':

Integrity trumps wins.

Hopefully, there is nothing horrible, here. AAU swimming has had a few terrible scandals the past few years.

Written on Letter from DeAnthony Arnett:

in response to volsreign:

Deer Mr arnette how were you able. To get a Scholorship to a major Universite. anyway?


Written on For Rob Patrick, a life well-lived includes Lady Vols' volleyball success:

Nobody loves football and men's basketball than me, but these sports are in the gutter character-wise. Women's sports have student-athletes that get degrees, compete hard every play, and exhibit sportsmanship. Just a superior product and volleyball is definitely TV-friendly:exciting and fast-paced.

Go Lady Vols!

Written on Tauren Poole talks about 'dysfunctional' last few years, frustrations:

in response to flatrock:

Interesting perspective. Here is mine: Poole gained 1,000 yards last year behind the weakest and youngest O-line in UT history...If you go back and check the game-by-game stats, Poole averaged almost 100 ypg when anyone other than T. Bray was playing QB...Combine that with Alex Bullard's remarks about Sims' ability to manage the run game (and check to the plays that the staff taught) and you should get a glimpse at what Poole really meant when he said "some players caring only about their individual stats"...As bad as the Vols played vs. UK, that game was very winnable, if T. Bray had checked down to Poole and the TE instead of continuing to force throws to the double- and triple-covered D. Rogers...It is one thing to be a gun-slinger, it is a completely different story to be a stupid / selfish gun-slinger...If T. Bray doesn't grow up this winter and devote himself to learning the little things that make a team better, I am for shipping him off to the WAC and turning this team over to Justin Worley. I was very impressed with him and believe he has ALL the physical, mental and character tools to help move this team back to SEC relevance. Thanks T. Poole! Go Vols!

Agree. Worley has tools and am not sold on Bray's leadership. Remember, Dooley said he wished he'd study more film? And, he "played the punk" in last year's bowl game. D. rodgers worries me, as well.

Written on Derek Dooley: 'We're going to begin our climb right now' :

No coach in his right mind and worth a darn would take the job if Dooley is run off after only 2 seasons.

Losing to KY sucks but a bowl game detracts from recruiting and inferior talent is our #1 barrier to winning. We need consecutive Top 10 recruiting classes to un-do Fulmer's Final Years and Kiffin's Honeymoon.

Written on Vols choose not to relive Arkansas game on film :

6-6 was always the realistic prediction for the season, however I didn't think we'd be mostly noncompetitive in the 6 losses. Very concerning.

I really don't see it with Chaney as OC. Granted the talent is mostly average, but he has done nothing with formations to get our possession receivers open or create space in the running game.

Written on Memories of painful drop sticks with Da'Rick Rogers :

I like Mike singletary's name for a rookie who had a case of the "drops" a few years back: 50-50

Written on Devrin Young building off fast start:

The kid is electric. They should hang a sign in the locker room with his last quote:

"You get what you earn out there."


Written on Prentiss Waggner taking back the corner :

Going to be a beatdown on Sat but agree we have a chance against S Car. Love this team's toughness but we are just outmanned.

I knew we were in trouble with the off line when Maggitt was eating us up our off line practice, but has not been a pass rushing force in even the easy games...

Written on Report card :

I really think Wilcox is over-rated: haven't seen him be an elite recruiter and his blitzes-schemes are easily handled.

Simms is a really bad QB. We'd do better just playing Worley for a few weeks and getting him some rep's. Bray will be getting hurt in the future due to his slight frame.

Written on Cuonzo Martin sets intense tone at first practice :

I like it. Coach is sending message that "no defense, no PT". Tatum will either mature under Coach into a solid 15 ppg, 8rpg player or ride the pine and quit mid-season. He has the talent, not the toughness. He'll get the latter quickly or be gone. No since wasting time on the occasional great game from him. We need him every night as our Bell Cow.

Written on Cuonzo Martin identifies five things to know about the Vols :

Unfortunately, Pearl's last few teams resembled Jerry Green's teams: soft punks who played hard only when they wanted. Often, the past couple of years, it was just embarassing.

Written on Kirk Herbstreit interested in implications of UT-Florida game :

in response to ok_with_failure:

Tennessee will not win this football game for many reasons.

1. No matter how good your QB is, you can not win when he is face down in the ground all game
2. He's never started outside of the state of Tennessee
3. Charlie Weiss and Will MusCHAMP are some of the most creative, smart coaches in college football, they will have the Vols D and Tyler Bray's head spinning. Need I say more?

Tennessee keeps it close for the first half (17-14) then Florida pulls away in the second half.

Charlie Weiss is nothing special without Bellichek and Brady. Period. ND is better with Kelley and the same athletes.

Florida has had the players for the last 15 years, but that has not always translated into wins. That said, it will take a special day for the Vols to win in the Swamp with an inexperienced team (haven't beaten a quality opponent with Dooley or Kiffin).

Really, the last signature Vol win was Fulmer's in Miami to break their home-win streak. Still can't believe he ran the end-around on the last play of the first half for a TD which was the play of the game.

Written on Mike Strange: Will Tyler Bray 'rate' as a sophomore? :

4-1 is THE stat and if the ref's had guts it'd be 5-0.

The OL is the key. If we can play some smash-mouth with Tauren and keep the defense rested...

Written on Janzen Jackson dismissed from Tennessee football team:

in response to heyitsme:

In 2 weeks, he'll be totally forgotten. Maybe sooner.


Written on Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia:

All Vols stand strong with our Second General.

Written on Yield minor on Todd Raleigh's claims: 3 secondary violations reported :

in response to allvol32:

"Bond, Schoeneck and King represented UT throughout its 19-month NCAA investigation."

This is the same law firm that sat on the Pearl BBQ picture for a week before informing the staff the day of the inquiry and advised the staff to "say nothing - do not elaborate on anything".

This firm could quite possibly "advise" UT and its three secondary violations into a death penalty for baseball.

With friends like these...

UT wanted to fire Pearl and not pay a buyout, so it all worked according to plan, i.e. Pearl was fired with cause.

Written on Maurice Couch eats up UT experience:

We need a wide-body to hold down the middle runs on first and second downs. Hope he has a mean streak in him when challenged, as he has some adjusting to do to match the SEC's intensity in the trenches.

Written on Vols roster update: Toney Williams to transfer :

Can never have enough RB's in the SEC, so hate to see TW leave. The best thing about our offense this year is we are running the same system two years in a row. That hasn't happened in a while.

Written on Bruce Pearl: UT delayed info on photo:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say that about the best I've heard it said. Witch Doctor say Collier knocked this one over the fence.
Bones never lie.

I agree.

Bruce screwed it up, repeatedly. Really sad.

When you look at the facts, he really could not recruit, well enough. Was "gifted" Tyler Smith, Prince and his first two Vol teams. Not really sure how he got Harris. The magic of his first two Vol seasons was unbelievable...

The fact that he and his staff could not recruit forced him to deal with the subsequent team's character issues: repeated drug violations and guys getting arrested.

Written on Tennessee self-imposes 2 years of probation for NCAA violations:

I don't think the NCAA can hit us too terribly hard as the NCAA has bigger fish to fry.

- OSU: Big 10 flagship in football with many worse violations than Pearl's lieing-then-confessing secondary violation
- Auburn: Cam Newton's recruitment. The story is only going to get messier...
- Oregon and LSU: Using the "recruiting service" ala "amateur agent steering"
- UNC: academic fraud and coach (John Blake aka "Black Santa") steering college players to an NFL agent

If the NCAA hammers UT for what are relatively minor violations, these other programs will have to get hit harder. All of the above are the major moneymaker programs for their respective conferences, so the the NCAA has to "keep them in play" else effectively penalize the NCAA, itself via it's TV contract commitments.

Don't be fooled. ESPN and the Big10 Network are dictating the sanctions, here. For God's sake, taking OSU out of the bowl picture means some loser bowl is stuck taking IU or Northwestern AND TV has to show it. Taking UT out of the bowl picture means some loser bowl has to take Vandy and their 6-6 record and 1-5 SEC record, assuming they beat their usual non-con foes (College of Charleston, Furman, Wofford, MTSU, Liberty, e.g.)!

Written on Tennessee self-imposes 2 years of probation for NCAA violations:

in response to CantStandSaban:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Vandy is great in basketball when it is not March Madness: one and done.

Vandy's football accomplishments speak for themselves.

Vandy's baseball is a lot like their hoops: lots of promise but no trophies.

Written on UT details two free tickets given to player's mother:

Personally, I think they fired Pearl for the "Williams failed drug test cover-up" or whatever it was.

Face it, as much as Pearl was a beloved figure, he was causing too much embarassment to UT.