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Written on Vols land a big one, 64-58, against Florida :

Make a Statement becomes Made a Statement! GBO!

Written on Mike Strange: Florida, Vols — it's another big game:

in response to 9willbesofine:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Thanks for your business Gator Bait. You and your boys just got dealt with!

Written on Cody Clay chooses Division II school over Tennessee:

in response to Rich_Is_Re-born:

You could have saved all that typing by saying I DON'T HAVE A CLUE!!!! You do realize that by comparing their career records PRIOR TO COMING TO THE SEC that Butch Jones has a better win % than did Les Myles, Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier don't you? Check their records prior to coaching in the SEC and get back at me. You do know this kid was being offered as an insurance policy in case we miss on some bigger guys don't you? It's late in the game and he has to do what he has to do to assemble a class. And I know some won't believe it, but under Dooley, this class wasn't gonna be that great. It was probably gonna be outside of the top 25. People were starting to see that Dooley's product he was saling just didn't match up with our competitors. He was failing MISERABLY in-state. Not only this year, but next year as well.

I'm sure you don't have a clue who all will be here for official and unofficial visits over the next month, do you? Guys like Christian Morris the big 4* OT from Memphis, UCLA commit who Dooley basically ignored. Now it's looking like he'll more than likely flip to us after he visits. CBJ has gotten us in a VERY good position with the #2 player in the Nation DE Carl Lawson along with stud RB Alvin Kamara. There is a chance we land these guys. There was ZERO chance under Dooley. That's a fact. In fact, our newest commit from Ga is really good friends with Kamara and Lawson. So much that Lawson changed his visit from the 11th to the 18th so they can all 3 come together. Our newest commit was huge in the sense that he's very connected and respect by many top players and by de-commuting from Clemson to us has opened some eyes, has players wondering what's going on at UT. He has generated momentum for us. We are also back in it for Frank Herron 4* DE from Memphis, current LSU commit. He's another one Dooley completely dropped the ball on even though he had interest. After speaking with CBJ he has stated that he is in fact VERY INTERESTED in what Tennessee has to offer and wants to get up here to visit.

I see where someone above posted that we only got our newest commit because "his dad played for UT". LOL, really? Perhaps that's why he was a Clemson committ and his brother plays for Clemson. He said himself that Dooley didn't show him much love, kid grew up loving UT. Butch has also repaired the relationships with the rest of the Vol Legacies in next years class that Dooley very well might not have gotten. Evan and Elliot Berry, Dillon Bates, Nieko Creamer, Isaiah McDaniel, Todd Kelly Jr. These dudes are all blue chip players, a couple will be 5*s, and all love Butch Jones. I can assure you as of late, recruits, HS coaches, and parents haven't had glowing reports on Dooley and his arrogance. Butch Jones is laying the ground work for a top 15-20 class this year. He's laying the groundwork for a top 5-10 class next year. This isn't opinion, it's fact. So do us all a favor. Do some research before you smash the coach.

You are absolutely correct. Dooley ruined recruiting in TN and the border states we used to rule for that matter. A very talented young man from my area, Malik Foreman, was totally ignored by Dooley and his staff. Only after he committed to Vanderbilt and the whole state asked Dooley "what in the hell was he thinking" did UT try and save face offering the young man. And it took Butch Jones and his staff to get Malik to switch even though UT was already Malik's "Dream School". And I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of reading comments from talented players saying "Tennessee never showed any interest in me". Dooley was a snake oil salesman who had all the right words to make people believe he was doing the right thing when in fact he was doing nothing more than filling the holes in the dam with toilet paper. Jones will have a Top 15-20 class this year and with that momentum and time to get his philosophy out there, we are looking at a Top 5 to Top 10 class next year. We are hearing everyday about top tier recruits turning their thoughts to UT because they know we are much better off with the new coaching staff. I wouldn't be surprised if we see quite a few recruiting surprises for UT in the coming days leading up to NSD. Jones is so far pulling his weight, we are lucky to have him and his staff. And I agree with the rest of you, this article is about as worthless as a screen door on a submarine. This writer needs to do better research and actually find a story that is relevant instead of wasting his time at the buffet and throwing something together in 10 minutes. We deserve better and his employer deserves better. GBO

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

Jimbo Fisher is exactly what we need. He knows how to reignite a program. His recruiting skills and contacts in Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama will be second to none. Plus he brings that fire that Dooley never had. My vote is for Jimbo!

Written on State's top-rated football prospect picks Southern Cal:

Face it guys, we have nothing to offer these kids right now. We have a nobody coach who has went 11-15 in his first 2 years on the job. We lose an annual game on CBS and are now playing the Gators on ESPN at 6 PM. Until we start winning or get get rid of Dooley, we are gonna lose players to USC and everybody else who has a high profile coach and high profile program. I can't stand him either, but he has the upper hand right now and he knows it. He's gonna raid us until we have the firepower to stop him. UT doesn't have the same pop it used to. It's hard to choose between having a great year and Dooley keeps his job or doing horrible and we finally get rid of him. GBO!

Written on The Streak ends at 26; no bowl game for Vols:

in response to volfan-for-life:

in dooleys postgame video interview he mentioned were not a very good team
were gonna have to get the coaches and the players on the same page
that the rebuilding process starts today
ithought we started the rebuilding process last year
so two yrs in and this is where were at
do not get me wrong im vol fan all the way i drive 4hrs to every home game to support our beloved vols
but i dont have a clue as to which direction this team is headed and it sounds as if we have more problems besides coaching

I agree, the man has had 2 offseasons and 2 full seasons and he says "We have to get the players and coaches on the same page"? What the hell has he been doing this whole time?

Written on The Streak ends at 26; no bowl game for Vols:

in response to SUPERVOL:

Your absolutely right, it is a business. And when the CEO of a business starts running that business into the ground, the board gets rid of that CEO before he can do that. Swear I remember hearing that in class sometime.

The man can't motivate, can't figure out when the defense is blitzing every play because they know your not gonna run it to pass over the middle instead, and lastly, to not run a Wildcat formation in the RedZone when your QB just completed his best pass of the day and actually had gained some confidence. The man is a magician who tries to avert our eyes while his smart play is fumbled to the other team killing your chance to at least get a tie when your scored later.

Written on The Streak ends at 26; no bowl game for Vols:

in response to underthehill:

Tennessee football is big business. Hamilton did not have authority to do the things you say. IT goes higher than Hamilton. This is how big business works..

Your absolutely right, it is a business. And when the CEO of a business starts running that business into the ground, the board gets rid of that CEO before he can do that. Swear I remember hearing that in class sometime.

Written on The Streak ends at 26; no bowl game for Vols:

The biggest concern with this whole situation that worries me is this, will Hart act quick enough to stop the bleeding that Hamilton's band-aid has caused? This man came from a mid-major school where he had a losing record as well, hmmmm. Hamilton decides to hand over the reigns of one of the most storied programs in the history of the NCAA to a man who can't win at a mid-major? Dooley was nothing but a quick fix for Hamilton to save his butt from the Kiffin debacle. There are many coaches out there who would love to coach here, that can coach here, and would be willing to come right now and save the recruiting class and maybe even add to it. We all knew things were bad, I can take losing games to Top 10 programs when our starting QB is out. But to lose to a team who couldn't score on a D-III school with a wide receiver at QB is unexcusable. The man does not deserve to be the head coach at the University of Tennessee and Dave Hart needs to immediately find a replacement. If they want that big ole stadium even close to 2/3 full next year it has to happen soon. UT football is dying and it isn't from a death penalty by the NCAA, it's a death penalty by an incompetent AD and a pitiful excuse for a football coach. GO BIG ORANGE, let's right this ship before it goes down even further!

Written on Third Quarter: Arkansas 35, Tennessee 7:

in response to volpreacher:

I'll make you guys a deal. If UT loses to Vandy and Kentucky I'll stop posting forever. But when UT beats both all of you will stop posting forever. NOt change screen names, but stop posting. You are pathetic fans. UT has played 21 freshmen and yes I saw some positive tonight. Worley is getting better. Defense was good other than Coleman. The punt return we should of tackled him but there were also two block in the backs at the point of attack that wasn't called. Now the previous deal stands, but all naysayers must publicly agree to do it or it is not happening. UT will win the East next year and I don't want you guys around jumping on the bandwagon.

There is a difference in being optimistic and being just plain blind. As much as I would love to say the future is bright, I think we all must come to terms with the fact that Dooley was a band-aid hired by Hamilton to try and save the recruiting class we had that year. He doesn't have it and he's making a living on a last name and accolades that he had nothing to do with. It's time for action, not dreams.

Written on Third Quarter: Tennessee 24, Middle Tennessee State 0:

in response to bikervol:

4-8 looks like a really possible scenario-this team may as well just pack it up-this was MTSU-geez I know we lost Bray and Hunter-and so is nobody stepping up or is our offensive coordinator just clueless?

A little bit of both I'm afraid.

Written on Third Quarter: Tennessee 24, Middle Tennessee State 0:

This team has 0 heart, and 0 running game!

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

Wow, our inept Vols have lost yet another game that was winnable if we had coaches who knew how to alter a gameplan when it isn't working. Worley should have been pulled in the 2nd Quarter to at least settle him down. We are like a hapless boxer going in the ring with the World Champ with this coaching staff!

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

in response to bigorangesob:

Should have benched Worley in the 2nd qtr.


Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

To quote another plague in our past "It's Time", to find a coach with the credentials and the experience to come in and win some ballgames and recruit. Not keep saying next year!

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

in response to Volon:

That drive happened right after half time. Unless they are practicing in the locker room they really should not be worn out right after half time.

With the shape our team is in, that would surprise you? We have more injured personnel than a MASH Unit.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

in response to Volon:

You must have missed the 97 yard drive--4 yards at a time.

97 yard drive that would have never happened if the offense would have scored. Not to mention the defense has been on the field for well over half the game.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

Tennessee needs to make a serious move for Urban Meyer. Give him what he wants and let's go play some real football.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

This change happened way too late...

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

Can't ask for much more from the defense. They have played solid all season. Hard to keep your intensity when the offense doesn't hold up their end of the bargain.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

It's not the players or the plays. We might as well get used to the fact that we will be outcoached in every game every year except maybe 2. Hamilton's quick fix of the Kiffin era is a resounding failure!

Written on Tennessee gets 'pounded': LSU 38, Tennessee 7:

I have been a Vols fan for over 30 years now. Born into it along with my entire family. I have cousins who played for the Vols and my father was recruited in the 70's to play for them but instead chose UNC. I bleed orange. I have never said a negative word through the years, even when our glorious QB Peyton couldn't beat the Gators. We took on every team we faced no matter the spread or the opinion of a media who clearly doesn't like us. With all of that said, the state that I see Tennessee Volunteer football in is as bad as I've seen any program be in.

We go from being one of the NCAA's most storied and feared programs to being disrespected and feared by no one. Our players take the field and look like they haven't practiced all week. I have never seen a team look so unprepared for a game. First off, Fulmer should have never been fired. Sure he was on his way out, but Hamilton should have picked a time of the year to do it that would not have destroyed our recruiting that year and started the depth issues we are seeing now. Kiffin leaving added even more to a scary dwindling of numbers. You can't win in the Big East with the personnel we have, let alone the SEC.

The problem not only lies with Dooley. But seriously, did we think a guy who had a losing record at SW Lousiana was going to do any better. We wanted Will Muschamp and he replied that he wanted to remain at Texas as the coach in waiting. Where is he now? Perhaps it gets better with Hart as AD. Perhaps he can get us the quality coach we need, because Dooley does not have it folks. He is one hell of a good guy, but that doesn't win ballgames. It's time for a change, a change that is for the long run and not a finger to keep the dam from breaking. Cause folks, the dam is about to break and Rocky Top is going to get swallowed up if we don't fix the ship. Thought I would never say this, but we need to get Urban Meyer and let him right this ship if we want to survive. Go VOLS!

Written on UT hires Chuck Smith to coach defensive line :

Awesome, welcome back Chuck!

Written on Vols get defensive with Boise State coordinator Wilcox :

His defense held some of the most High powered offenses in the country to a total of 18 points. If he can coach Boise St players with that much success, then the sky is the limit at UT.

Written on Report: Boise State's Wilcox considered for UT coordinator job:

Just announced on ESPNU is the new defensive coordinator at Tennessee. Announcement this afternoon!

Written on /gvx/football/signees2010/ - Tennessee football signees for 2010:

Just heard on ESPNU that Rubio went out to USC for a meeting on Monday. Never heard that before today. Anyone?

Written on Stanley going to Southern Cal:

I'm hoping this young man understands that USC will be handed down sanctions by the NCAA. Maybe he can go bone to bone with Ambles. Guys on ESPNU are really bashing you know who saying he hasn't showed anything yet as a head coach. HAHA!

Written on Hooker: Signing Day could be boost or bust for UT :

My opinion, UT ends up a top 10 class and ahead of USC in the final rankings.

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