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The real numbers there that mean anything is the 19 sr. And 20 jrs....This is good for any program and yes there have been coaching changes....But the ones that are starters is one thing...but the ones who get a fresh start with new coaches and schemes will provide well needed starters OR DEPTH...!!! This season rides on Qb play....turnovers....!!! Defense getting off the field...injuries to key player in the back seven on the D...!!! You win on the line of scrimmage and we have good depth on both....With a senior laden FRONTS.....GO VOLS......VFL

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Finally, someone in the media in town has spoken the absolute truth. Not that Coach Fulmer did not have his day, but just because he had his day ten years earlier does not mean he gets a job for life. You may like Coach Fulmer, but you cannot deny anything said in this article.

You got to know more about what goes into the sport then what you actually think that YOU MIGHT KNOW!!! You can't lose top recruiters and your second hand man and not expect a drop off. We let Majors run the sidelines longer than anyone should've had the chance...! With record that he had and the man behind don't get me started I'm not gonna get into this BS like politics...!!!! I was a dreamer like most was with Majors and grew up loving the legend....Not understanding the game of football makes people look like idiots......Soooooooooooo continue on IDIOTS

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The talent we have is on lines....Both off. N Def. lines....These guys beating against one another all thru this camp and will continue....BUT this will only prepare them for the season ahead...Thing is building enough depth and keeping injury bugs down is crucial for any team....! The surprise is the young guys that are making an impact....This also good for the depth and competition

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Not bad.....This is a step forward for ol JA....Not Bad at all...!

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Just as lame are you troll feeders who gratify these sociopaths by re-posting their crapola and adding your nauseating simpleton retorts. The KNS, John Adams riding the lead parade float, is harming UTs recruiting by creating an environment for negativity regarding the Big Orange. Mr. Kaplan, tell your boys to get off their lazy butts and edit out all these miscreants! You're using a trailer trash method for increasing response numbers with quality editorials out of the realm of reality.

SameolVOLWantABzzzzzzzzzzzz....!!!!! BYE.....!

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Bye now....! Post away wantA B'zzzzzzzzz...Be worried....Be Very Worried.... were on our way back and it bothers You....! That can only be the real reason anybody would be on another teams articles and boards.....

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About the lamest thing a person can do is come to another teams site to troll!!

HELLo he's not a TROLL.........It's worst than when he was born and his daddy slapped The piss out of his mother....He's a UGLY OLD MUTT

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When you lose to USCe for the forth time in a row.....bring that junk you brought to the table at home like you did last year......To Neyland and see if we don't send you home with your tail between your CRACK.....!

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Goodluck JABO......Way to keep it clean JABO.....! It shows your maturity....Good for you...It seems you really wanted to go to a big time school but maybe this was all in the cards....VFL

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If they jumped from the cliff by the dam in the park......that's been fenced off.....! For years.....hence against the LAW to jump from there...Because of all the accidents over the years

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Go ahead and add (WR.)
Eric Lauderdale to the long list of stars and new 14' class

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You can all take and look at your own views as you like.....BUT....You either know something about football/Recruiting or you Don't !!! They took down the billboard near Athens And NOW there is one at the xt.350 in GEORGIA !!! If you don't know where this is....just think about it !!!.....I75 north bound 5 miles from the Tennessee line hear outside of Chattanooga.....All the recruits coming up out of the south including Ga.,fl.,Al. Coming north sees this sign with SAban and the NC trophy.....Plllllzzzzzz people this a problem like it or NOT !!! It's all about what you leave in these kids minds on there trips !!! PERIOD !!! Soooooo if you don't still get then shut up cause you don't understand football period....Because if you don't get these recruits then you don't win these games that you speak not have this problem in the first place....

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Never guaranteed tomorrow....VFL and beyond....! Say hey to Reggie White for me....saddened day for Vol Fans

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Mike you make all volunteers proud...keep the FAITH WELL...Man you guys were my heroes growing up....You,Reggie White and Johnnie Jones....I lived in Tampa and seen all of you guys in your final game as a college player...The Tangerine Bowl against Maryland....Who had Boomer Esiason as there QB...what a game that pretty much towards the end of the game you couldve called it The Fog Bowl....! Hang in there big guy

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I am in full agreement.

I was at that game, and I can honestly say it was the absolute worst coached UT football game I have ever seen. The team certainly was not prepared and had only two offensive plays being “pound that rock” and “hail-mary.” “Third and Chavis” could not, would not, or simply did not know how to make an adjustment while “7 Points Sanders” [and Fulmer] tried and tried to pound that rock, but unfortunately on that night ran into a rock that simply would not bust.

I honestly believe UT [coaches and players] felt by simply showing up, LSU would just roll over and surrender. There was as much disbelief in the coaches eyes as in the players eyes. Once the game was over, you could cut the disappointment with a knife.

If I had to specifically pin-point the exact time when UT football started to decline, I would, without hesitation, say this game.

You got to be kidding me....! This is the SEC....! If you know it....Then you know it well...! Playing that emotional game in Gainesville was like playing for and winning the SEC championship....! Then actually go and play the following weekend in the game against a team you had beaten earlier in the year.....This is the SEC....Beating an SEC opponent twice in the same year AND for the Title.....Come ON....! Yes I was also disappointed BUT I also wasn't surprised by the lost....AND I don't care what happened in the game....IT IS WHAT IT IS...! The SEC and College Football...You got to be Kidding...!!!

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Walt, you said it yourself and I could not agree more, no adjustments made. In my world, no adjustments is no coaching. And as the head coach, it is your duty to keep the team pointed in a forward direction regardless of an emotional win [or loss] the previous week.

BS.....Sounds like to me since you seem to know sooooo much that you should've been the Head Coach Mr Vol.....And I'm sure you could've been the second most winningest coach in UTs history......Side NOTE....The most winningest TEAM in The Modern Day History of College Football....!!! Tennessee....!!!

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Comment on the PAST:
The 2001 loss to LSU illustrates how critical game-planning is in top tier college football. We had more talent and experience than LSU, but we were prepared to beat their starters.

After they lost their starting QB Davey--AND running back (Toefield?)--in the first half... they were no longer the team our guys had game-planned for.

It's ironic. If LSU's starting RB had remained in the game, they would have had Mauck handing off to him instead of running himself, and we would have won.

Comment on the FUTURE:
According to the article "Fulmer hopes athletic director Dave Hart is addressing some of the institutional issues that likely contributed to UT’s decline."

"Hopes... is" indicates he doesn't know if Hart is or not. Which means all these changes we've been reading about are evidently NOT (in Fulmer's mind) the critical ones.

I think that's the real news in this article.

Hit it right on the nails head....You nailed IT...! We need more UT fans like yourself....Well DONE

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Congratulations David. Hope to have you back on The Hill after Dave Hart retires. This is a position well earned.

Absolutely agree with you....also coach Fulmer made a great hire no doubt....! I will miss him.....but he will be hear in my hometown....If your right and he comes back as the AD....Then that will be a great story....!

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Satan got the horns sounds about right....!

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Yet you continue to hire a Alabama guy EVERY chance possible. Tryin to catch up with the CT, but to no avail. Copy the Saban model... how is that working out lol??????? 6 in a row and counting. Roll Tide

Blow tide BLOW...! PUNK !!!

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DaveanaTurD....! You don't have a clue what this means....! By The Way REAL UT Fans.....Another billboard is up right now I75 before xt81 for Lenior City.....If you don't know where this's the last exit before getting on I40 to go to or come from Knoxville...! Coming south from Knoxville it's facing you from the north bound side and I think it's sitting at a angle where it can be seen from both sides.....Hey Turd recruiting is the life line of a college football program and were in a critical point in UT sports program as A College....! Period...! I will say this again people if you think that a poster or billboard of our Coach or UT sports would ever be seen in the state of Alaloooooserville....Wrong....! Will NEVER happen wake up people....I will Never Ever buy anything to do with Mayfield ice cream or go in or to Athens,TN....Matter of fact I was seriously thinking over the winter in checking out the tour to the Mayfield plant.....Guess what??? Wont happen NOW....! Get real people Why do you think that you want see our billboard in that state or coach holding the championship trophy....??? Get Real !!!

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I'm not sure anyone mentioned I stated earlier in a post about the billboards....! I just came down i75 last night and guess what I saw facing me on the north bound side N O W....! Just before xt81 for Lenior City.....The exit before I40 to go or come from Knoxville!!! That's right another Exact sign of Satan....Like the ones down near Athens....!!! No Butch Jones signs or U T signs.....People if this doesnt piss you off then......You know nothing about football and recruiting....It's time to stop being so dam nice and polite....!!! These posters or billboards would NEVER....!!! Be up in Alalooooooserville......Boycott Mayfield milk and Athens,TN. And let them know it....! Are we Strong and are we ONE......!!! Do we allow this in our own back yard??? BS...! To these people posting its not that big of a deal Plzzzzzz....You don't a clue do you???.

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I thought it was Brent Brewer that moved to lb.?

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Why shouldn't Nick Saban speak in Athens? He owns Tennessee anyway.

When we catch up to Satan as we did with Spurrier at Florida...He will leave just like Spurrier did....!

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I assume saban wont be talking about his great team,etc, but rather other topics.
If so, what's the beef.
Also, having Coach Jones speak nearby is fine too, part of me thinks it is good natured competition, nothing wrong with it, Im sure the coaches and schools keep it all in perspective, no need for folks to get crazy,

Then you don't know anything about recruiting....sorry but true....This is the SEC....This is Bama....This wouldn't be allowed in loooooserville....!!! We have got to stop being soooo dam polite and nice....! Bottom line this would NEVER happen on there soil....!

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Refering to Coach as "Satan" shows your true colors skippy. I guess you have no idea who Satan truly is. Coach Saban could go anywhere in the US and draw this type of crowd because his message of success applies to all walks of life. Only Vol fans see this a some type of recruiting coup and off field competition. UT is nothing more than a gnat on the butt of an
elephant to Alabama/CNS. You boys will do ANYTHING to talk about how good you will be but the numbres do not lie.... 28 wins last 5 yrs, Bama 61 wins last 5 yrs, 6 in a row by an average of 24 pts and Oct 23 will be no different. Roll Tide Knox County and the Bama Nation everywhere, Happy Easter.

You're an usual when it comes from Alaloooosers fans.....! I tell you what the next time we win the national title....Let's see a billboard go up on I20/59 in TuscaloooooserVille.....! In the springtime during crucial visits to get them interested in what you're trying to accomplish.....! Get real D.A.....

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I'm going to disagree with you on this one. I drove to Chattanooga on business Monday and saw the Billboard in question. It is really in your face Alabama and the speaking event gets lost in the giant picture of Saban and the giant Alabama logo. Keep in mind that ANY RECRUIT driving from Knoxville to Georgia, or to Florida or to Alabama must pass this billboard. It's a pretty snarky thing to do. If the Athens Chamber authorized that billboard it should have been clear to them as it was to me that the layout was not about the speaking engagement but more about Alabama and Nick Saban. I'm just sayin'...

You are dead on it....! This is what I stated earlier....Recruiting from the South comes straight up I75.....!!! Get Real People This DOES MATTER....!!!

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I don't live near or have seen the billboard, but I hope they take it down before somebody does something stupid to it and things get really ugly. It's justifiable to feel angry about this event, but CBJ is rising above it. We should, too. Stay classy Vol fans.

The problem is that the billboard has been up for awhile now....I wonder how long it stays up afterwards...??? Im gonna say it stays up guys think this is fine then go try sticking one up in alaloooosers state...There is nothing classy about recruiting in this conference....! Staying classy in this conference.....gets you drilled....! You lose....VFL GBO

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Athens Tennessee does NOT ROCK if you're a Tennessee Vol!

Vols don't need that kind of "loyalty"...what a bunch of ill-conceived ideas from the Athens Chamber. They really should explain & apologize to Coach Butch Jones & his staff for inviting Saban to recruit. Pitiful!

I think they already have...That's why CBJ is speaking before Satan...! But it's to late and they need to pay...! Inviting him is one thing....the billboards of SATAN and him holding the crystall ball out on the interstate that the recruits coming up here during spring practice and trying to get recruits is BS.....!!! Wake up people this is very big...!!!

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Pretty classless move by the Athens Chamber. I know Jones will handle this with class; timing is terrible.

I agree and you are correct...The timing is bad...BUT the billboard is something they should be ashamed of....! I don't care how many fans they have in the area...This is Tennessee not Alabama....Do you think that they would ever allow a UT Coach and the crystall ball on a billboard in there Lousy state??? NEVER

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Athens is home of Mayfield milk....Hit the town and area where it hurts...!!! Boycott Mayfield.....! The stuffs over priced and never understood why people couldn't live without it...?!!! Bluebell Ice cream is better in my opinion...And trust me when I say this because I'm a truck driver and go all over...Milk companies all over the states have just as good or in most cases better with cheaper prices....!!! Mayfield doesn't try to compete or lower prices they just expect consumers to continue to pay outrageous prices....Everytime I look and checkout there prices I just shake my head and can't believe what people continue to take off of them....!...before I catch slack about this....NO I'm not frugal....! I eat out every day on the road....NOW.....!!! Here is what really pisses me OFF....! They have put up a billboard on the interstate with a pic of SATAN and him holding the crystal ball....!!! Do you think in the state of AlaLooooooSerS.....!!! Would they or anyone in that state be willing to put up a billboard of our coach holding the crystall ball...??? EVER...?!!! NO...WAY...! Get real people this isn't something to take lightly....Why do you think that CBJ is NOW gonna speak before SATAN...!....IF you want them and the rest off the state to wake up....Then you show them as fans...! Fans don't have to be diplomatic and polite...!!! That's the difference right now in our program and with our counterparts...We have got to stop being so polite and nice....We have the best fans out there but sometimes you got to say enough is enough....!!! Spread the word and get it out there and put the hurt on them...This will STOP!!! VFL GBO

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I have a scrap book that was handed down to me as a boy by my dad....which covers all of the sec teams into one...the clippings of great players and teams are unbelievable....! This is a wonderful story that takes me back to when I could share these memories with my dad...My dad hasn't seen the scrap book in a very long time....I think it's time to pull it out and head to the mountain sooon.....and have some great memories relived.....What do you guys think? I would like to tell everyone I wouldn't be a UT fan if it wasn't for my going on my 41st year....let's just say I remember Bobby Scott,Condrege Holloway,Larry Seivers and Johnny comes marching home Majors....! GBO....VFL...!!!

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J stands for jack and the A stands for arse....what do you got....? John Adams

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Unfortunately, my first post on this sight will be a response to your stupid comment. With that said, what exactly was the outcome for the last TWO meetings between Auburn and Tennessee? I seem to remember Tennessee coming into Jordan Hare and only scoring 7 points against a team that would finish 5-7 and fire its coach in 2008. I also remember Gene Chizik...yes, Gene Chizik...bringing a mediocre Auburn team into Neyland Stadium in 2009 that proceeded to systematically kick Tennessee up and down the field for the majority of a game that was so boring that my wife and I decided to go into another room and conceive our almost-three-year-old-son. Tennessee and Auburn are going through coaching transitions, but there is SO much more talent at Auburn than UT, talent coached by someone with a 2 year old national championship ring on his hand. The point is, while Auburn is indeed not back at the top of the mountaintop yet, don't try to ever compare Auburn with Vanderbilt and UK while trying to count your "sure wins". If Auburn doesn't walk out of a 3/4 empty Neyland Stadium and win by 3 TD's, I'll actually be surprised. The losing at Auburn lasted for one season and was corrected. Losing has become "business as usual" for Tennessee over the past 6 years. Looking down your noses at Auburn won't change that...

No wonder your precious little trees have been poisoned....! The BS flying from your mouth only deserves the shiart that only true Alabammers conceive....! Sooooo with that said the whole state of AlaLosserS deserve one another...! When the NCAA comes to your door...Look our way because we will be smiling at your BS....! :-)

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Cleaning house for spring or for the NCAA...???

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HOW....!!! Can they feel good about beating a team at HOME.....That lost to Vandy by....41 and Mizzou by 42...PLZZZZ....The PUPS only scored 31 and 36 points in those losses...!!! The Kittens gave up 55 points at HOME to these PUPS....Quote....dominated outmanned bulldogs...!!! BUT gave up 55 points...!!!

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I guess that means he's proud of the school books being sold by the players...? LMAO

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What screen name did you go by before you adopted this one? All you do is get on here like a butt-hurt-little-kid and rant and whine about everything Vol. You're probably some dork that graduated number two in your class of two at East Fumbuck Hollar Middle School and you're all POed because UT won't let you set foot on campus unless you're wearing a janitor's uniform.

YOU are an embarrassment to MY University. Just ... be ... freakin' ... gone.

I'm sorry but besides how he worded it with it sounding in anger.....where is he wrong...? Pretty much straight on about what's being talked about....!

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First TEE....NOW JAY....! If we're gonna bring up the black thing then we need to bring up the northern thing....! No More....! This is the SEC it's in the south and we mainly recruit the southern states we've got to stay somewhat southern....!!! Just venting....this pisses me off....!!! God I miss Fulmer days.... Off.line coach to off. Coordinator and recruiting coordinator....! Then head man....! Offensive lineman and then RB.s those were standard...! I'm not blaming CBJ....! But something stinks and I'm tired of the bad publicity.... I honestly think UT needs to bring Fulmer in as the AD....! Just like Dickey did after leaving coaching and became Fulmers AD...! This TEE and JAY thing is really stinking things up....!!! This team is about Family and bleeding Orange...! I just don't see it right now.....and it's in the administration and not what CBJ is doing....! We need a Dickey in Fulmer to be to CBJ as Dickey was with Fulmer....!!!

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Peyton? The guy who could never beat the Gators? The same guy who choked again in the playoffs? THAT Peyton?

Peyton didn't choke in the playoffs....the defensive staff and the players who let that throw up and prayer pass did....! Peyton's been in the league since 98'..... Ring a bell Mr8...!!! Peyton's not young anymore and that game got very cold late and it should've never happened in the first place...! Peyton had them in position to win the game and the D gave it up...! That's like seeing a Florida team playing in the north that late and cold....Plzzzzzzz I lived in Florida and I know what the record for Florida teams playing in the north in the cold...!

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Am I wrong in recalling that Dallas Thomas came to UT at about 260 pounds? Kinda calls out those who grade O-lineman based only on their weight. I might be wrong on that of luck to the hard working four year Vol, Mr. Thomas.

You are correct....! Out Louisiana....and he was one of Fulmers last recruits

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Jerk.....and SAban....! Bama fans can support him all they want...because they don't care about morals that much...As long as they win they would kiss a rattle snake on the mouth...! I'm so glad Kiffin got gone and now we have a man who gets it in Tennessee...! J. A. Why don't you and Peston jump on the plan with the snake charmer and head back back to loserrrrville....!

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I'm calling it right now. Our 3 biggest recruits from this class will be Jabo Lee, Riyahd Jones and Joshua Dobbs.

M. North....Jabo Lee.....C. Vereen

Written on After #signingday: Evan Woodbery shadows Butch Jones :

Seeing you excited and happy at what your doing Butch really makes us fans....Happy for U....! Honestly I haven't felt this way since Fulmer left...!!! Bring back that honest and hard at work coaching back....!!! The Family atmosphere that once made ALL UT FANS PROUD...!!! Only Fulmer and Majors ever made me feel to be a UT FAN....In the same way that i see in you at presenting yourself and living your DREAM....!!!

Written on 'Persistence' flips Joshua Dobbs from Arizona State to Tennessee :

Just for the record for the fans out there....I was hoping I was wrong worrying about Bray. With what i seen in those pics of him in high school....!!! He was a fan of Peyton's and was hoping for the best...But to own any of Peyton's records in my opinion and the character that he carried doesn't bold well based on his ability to be the QB....Leader of the TEAM....! I'm sorry to feel this way but he ended up proving it and I didnt want to end up feeling like this about the guy...!!!

Written on 'Persistence' flips Joshua Dobbs from Arizona State to Tennessee :

Thanks Tyler ( don't throw the bottle ) Bray....!!! I wished you could've grown up and became a leader but you didn't....I seen in some of your pics that I came across while you were in high school.How you loved to party and the pics seem to show you sure were thinking about college weren't you...?!!! A passer you maybe but your leader skills doesn't cut it....Sooooooo thank you for leaving early...!!!....LOL...One we have a young man coming in that doesn't like to lose or quit in ferguson....Two we have another young and brilliant young man coming in that's more mature than you are now in your life...!!! Both of them are leaders and don't like to lose...competitors....Sooooooo Thank......U...!!!

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I'm thinking that you sound like a PUP ....jealous and dreaming that you weren't rooting for a second tier team... LOL....Vandy will always be second in the stae of TENNESSEE....!!! LOL

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Butch band this CLOWN....!

Written on Vonn Bell listens to parents and picks Ohio State (with video):

If your heart was Tennessee then at least why couldn't you make the phone call instead of your uncle on the day of...!!! Out of respect

Written on Vonn Bell listens to parents and picks Ohio State (with video):

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