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This Butch Jones worship stuff is truly comical.

Just look at this Butch Jones song idiot

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I have always found it amazing how you people bash Cal, who has never been suspected, accused, or convicted of breaking a single rule. Yet you can't wait to have an admitted, convicted, and sentenced cheater and liar back as a coach. Priceless

There is absolutely no comparison between a liar cheat like Pearl and Calipari. Rose and Camby acted on their own and took money and cheated without Calipari's involvement.

Pearl directly and purposefully lied to the NCAA about the BBQ buisiness and was a rat fink to the NCAA about when he turned in Illinois

The truth of the matter is UT Fan could care less about it, they want to win at all cost.

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What is the point of all this nonsense. Not nobody would pay to have anyone on UT's team sign an autograph

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Another hand picked non-Conference chump schedule.

Nothing like a couple of buy wins to pad the stats and hopefully get into the El-Cheapo Bowl.

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I have no idea who Jones will select but I do know one thing.

Coach sure has "Slim-Pickins"

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Hopefully this dump of a basketball program will make the NIT

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Hey Seven Teeth,

You are a Tennessee fan, did you just call yourself and idiot?

I just unlocked it.

Mongo have more than 7 teeth

Idiot UT Fan called for Fulmer's head not 7 Teeth

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I couldn't agree more that Fulmer deserved to be fired. He had too many ties to Tennessee, won but one pathetic national championship and turned in a miserable 11-6 record against my Dawgs. The UT administration did exactly the right thing in unceremoniously dumping that loser in order to unite the Vol fanbase and to insure your place at the top of the SEC. The GoVols faithful were spot on to demand that Phat Phil get the axe and your embracing of our Athens icon and namesake, Dooley, is living proof that you rank right up there with the Dawgs as one of the most knowledgeable fanbases in the nation . It's was, as a Dawg, sad to see how a bunch of trolls and Fulmerites were allowed to run Coach Dooley off.

Tennessee Fan is almost as ignorant is the idiots in UGa land that call for Mark Richt's head after each season.

This program has been set back 10-15 years.

Lock That Up

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Legitimate question ... what record would Butch have to obtain this year for you to think he is doing a good job?

minimum 3-5 in SEC games and showing a team that has heart and doesn't quit in the rest of the SEC games.

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Hehehe. You're funny seven teeth. It's so easy to draw you out. must be a professional internet blogger, you really got me this time!!

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So, all Butch needs to do is pack on 100 more pounds??

You know I think Fulmer's weight had a lot to do with his energy level, stamina and overall health. It probably did slow him down a lot. The pressure at Tennessee is a big as any team in the SEC and Fulmer probably ate too much as a stress reliever.

But no Butch needs to have as good of a winning percentage, Bowl appearances and success recruiting as Fulmer to satisfy me.

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Ok seven teeth, what is the level of success Coach Butch must achieve in order for you to become a full fleged Vol fan?

Equal to Fulmer

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Seven teeth, you suffer from a double does of Unwarranted Self-Importance. Do you actually think we care about your views of Vol fans? Really? I love Tennessee football and I thoroughly enjoy being around Vol fans. Perhaps you should hang out with gator fans instead. Yeah, that's what you should do, go to Gainesville. P.S. I'm doing my best to get you removed.

By your own standards you actually think you speak on behalf of Vol Fans.....Take a close look at your own post where you say "we care about your views" There is no "we" it is only you deluding yourself into thinking you speak on behalf of others.

Just Saying

Written on Phillip Fulmer says administrative leadership at root of Tennessee's football fall:

Fulmer tells it like it is, but I question why he would state the obvious in public forums unless the press pushed him to say something negative about the school he loves.

Even the worst sort of Fulmer haters can not deny the fact that from the moment he was fired the UT program has sunk to the bottom of the SEC.

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Agreed..UT can't possibly be as bad as they played on defense last year (talent or not). Sumlin came in and took marginal talent down to Bama and beat Saban. True his QB won a Heisman because of it, but coaching was a vital part. If Mike Sherman were coaching Johnny Football they get dusted by Bama last season.

It comes down to talent or in Tennessee's case lack of talent


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Hey chickenpoop, according to your own words you used to be a Vol fan, provided you were telling the truth <ahem>. So here's my question: If Coach Butch is successful this football season, are you gonna climb back on the Vol train?

Yes I am still sore about the Fulmer situation

Yes if Coach Jones can get it done I will be on board.

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in response to Kay_Pasa:

To claiborneh, please do some research on Athletic Training before speaking. It takes far more education and clinical experience than you know. Yes there are thousands of Certified Athletic Trainers - some better than others. To answer the debate over whether Moshak is/was the She was an excellent clinician but many of us are. Could any other Athletic Trainer do her job? Absolutely. We do it everyday. You just wouldnt know it because we're behind the scenes where we should be. Most of us don't have the orange spotlight (Pat) shining on us. The joy of our profession comes from mending injury and returning athletes to the sport they love - not from basking in the limelight. So on behalf of Athletic Trainers, please don't disrespect a profession that you: 1) know absolutely nothing about, and 2) couldn't do.

Perhaps that may be true but athletic trainers are a dime a dozen. One can purchase the services of an athletic trainer for under $20 per hour and they can put on bandages and icy hot just as efficiently as this overpaid UT Athletic bureaucrat who was nothing but a troublemaker to boot

Just Saying

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I guess that explains why your Wildcats basketball team sucked so much last year. No leaders. Too many tattoos.

You may be right

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KNS: This is Knoxville, home of Tennessee Volunteers and rival to Alabama. Know your audience. Don't EVER send me a app/text alert with "Roll Tide, Alabama's #1" EVER AGAIN!!!
And NEVER post an article in GoVolsXtra with Roll Tide as the headline.
Alabama's ranking is not worthy of a text alert for Knoxville. Stick to traffic, weather, crime, i.e the important stuff when sending me an alert.

The Vol-Fan's neurotic obsession with Alabama Football is alive and well.

Written on Butch Jones says Riley Ferguson has 'stepped up,' although he hasn't named a starting QB:

Team leaders do not adorn themselves with vile tattoos.

Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

in response to Giverny:

This will give her more time to spend with the husband and kids...

No, she is leaving to "pursue other opportunities"

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

This below average Tennessee program looks nothing like it did under Hall of Fame Coach Fulmer.

So you may as well completely change the uniforms to match

Written on No Vols-Kentucky game in Knoxville for first time since 1952 season:

This is Tennessee's Final Four game, Tennessee fan is obsessed with Kentucky. Kentucky fan could care less about Tennessee it is just another victory.

Written on Vols land four-star juco DL Lambert :

A JUCO? What a desperate move for UT

Written on Johnny Majors donates memorabilia to state library:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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in response to 865fan:

Had the 5000 showed up at the jail to support the four charged players, I would get your disgust. Or if Franklin had stood by the players and then the 5000 showed up to support him and his program, I could get your disgust.
BUT...that's not what happened! Not sure what you know about Vandy to label the whole program a "corrupt program".
Fans turned out to support the players, and coaches who did nothing illegal. Did you stop supporting UT when Ontario Smith beat up his girlfriend and was sent packing? Could I name a dozen more situations? YES! We have had our rotten apples and thrown them out. Did you blame those bad apple's actions on our coach and stop being a fan? Obviously not. a last thought, I bet this young woman will actually cheer for the Vandy football team. Why? Because they represent her school and none of her attackers are on the team.

You certainly are an open minded liberal to come up with that ridiculous slop.

Why don't you just say the girl was at a party with the football team and she was having a good time.

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To Bad Tennessee won't be invited to any of these Bowl Games

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Please do not feed the slimeball trolls. My feelings are fragile and I get so angry when anyone says anything about my Vols.

Tennessee is going to sweep the SEC this year and be in the BCS Championship game. Write it down.

I have my orange pom-poms ready to go and I am going to sing Rocky Top all night long.

Remember friends do not feed the trolls, they just want attention


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This Bush league Coach Jones ain't fooling anyone, he is over his head just like Dooley was over his head


Written on Chiefs envision Eric Berry as pass rushing and defending threat:

I am surprised Berry hasn't been cut

Written on ESPN: NCAA investigating Manziel over autographs:

in response to 6972:

I'm no geologist, but I was told at an early age, that the only purpose Ala and Miss served, was to keep Tn from sliding into the Gulf of Mexico. I have not been able to confirm that.

Apparently you don't know much about geography either because this article is about Texas A & M in TEXAS not Ala or Miss.

Let me guess you are a product of the public school system in Tennessee?

Written on RB Brandon Powell rescinds commitment to Vols:

Can't really blame him for choosing the U!!

He got a much better offer.

Written on New UT tight end Woody Quinn ready to transition from volleyball:

Desperate for a tight end.....pick up the volleyball player. That sure sounds like a winning plan!!

Written on Illinois point guard Larry Austin commits to Vols for 2014:

This raises eyebrows......I wonder if a bag full of money appeared on the doorstep

Plus isn't Martin texting this kid every day an NCAA recruiting violation?

Written on John Adams: Reasons why you might be more optimistic about UT football:

Everyone is optimistic about UT Football.

After all UT is everyone's cupcake game.

Just Saying

Written on UT players say they embrace Butch Jones' process-driven approach:

When a Coach uses a term like "process" what he is saying is the roster is terrible and fans should not expect to win many games until we get more talent on the team.


Written on John Adams: Tennessee's quarterback competition no big deal if winner isn't big-time player:

UT has the worst QB situation in the SEC. I am predicting another 4-8 season.

Just Saying

Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

Tennessee chews another recruit and spits him out like a cheap piece of meat.

Where is the NCAA in all this?

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

Nobody that is 16-18 years old gives a rat poop about "Tennessee Tradition"!!! These young head bangers want the recruiters to show them the Love and Show me the Money!!

Phillip Fulmer understood this which is why he got into his car with bags of $$$ in his trunk and pulled in the best darn lineman out of Memphis money could buy.

Not that Complicated

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in response to Lizardgrad89:

Personally, I'm tired of teams like Louisville being called a national title contender on the basis of them not playing a single team in the preseason top 25. Time to step up and split off from the have-nots and hangers-on.

However, a 5 conference setup won't work. 4 conferences works much better.

With 4 conferences, you get 16 teams per conference, or 8 divisions of 8 teams each. You play a 9 game conference schedule, the 7 from your division and 2 rotating from the other division. Then, the playoffs are the four conferences playing a conference championship game the first week, then the 4 conference champions playing the second week, and the title game the next week. Simple. No more polls. Win your division, go to the playoffs. Schedule any OOC game you want, it doesn't matter.

(Frankly, I'd rather have 40 teams. Then you have four conferences of 10 teams each, and can play a 9 game conference schedule and play everyone every year.)

In fairness to Louisville. They are moving from the Big East to the ACC next year. Louisville has no control over the Big East falling apart.

Kind of an ignorant comment Lizard

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This is why the "college" football player should be a paid professional football hit man. Does anyone believe this showoff belongs in a college classroom?

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Uhhh, General Neyland had what 5 teams voted #1 and at least one AP champion team. I noticed you selected the words statistically the highest % doesn't mean he was the greatest coach at UT. That honor will always go to General Neyland, sorry..

Blah Blah Blah.....General Neyland....Blah Blah Blah.

I am not sure if they used the forward pass during Neyland's time.

Could you follow up with some stories about Pop Warner and Knute Rockne while you are at it?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my hunch is that UT's 2013 schedule was probably pretty well set long before CBJ was hired... like set in stone! So the notion that CBJ dictated this schedule so that he could obtain a bonus for winning 6 games (IF, indeed, such a bonus exists) is clearly nonsensical.

You're soooooo sure that CBJ is a terrible coach, even though he's not even coached one game at UT yet. His track record is pretty good, and you cannot possibly trash his recruiting, since UT is currently #1 in the country. So, basically, you're playing a hunch, and you prove over and over again that your knowledge and instincts about college football are minimal.

You whine about UT playing only one good team outside the SEC? Look at the other SEC teams' schedules. Three teams play two quality outside-the-SEC teams, and everybody else doesn't play more than one. Take a look at the schedules for Missouri, Texas A&M, and Vandy; they don't even have one quality non-SEC opponent.

Alabama = Virginia Tech, Colorado St, Georgia St, Chattanooga
Arkansas = Louisiana-Lafayette, Samford, Southern Miss, Rutgers
Auburn = Washington St, Arkansas St, Western Carolina, Florida Atlantic
Florida = Toledo, Miami, Georgia Southern, Florida State
Georgia = Clemson, North Texas, Appy St, Georgia Tech
Kentucky = Western Kentucky, Miami(OH), Louisville, Alabama St
LSU = TCU, UAB, Kent St, Furman
Ole Miss = SE Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Troy
Mississippi State = Oklahoma St, Alcorn St, Troy, Bowling Green
Missouri = Murray St, Toledo, Indiana, Arkansas St
S. Carolina = N. Carolina, UCF, Coastal Carolina, Clemson
Texas A&M = Rice, Sam Houston St, SMU, UTEP
Vanderbilt = Austin Peay, UMass, UAB, Wake Forest

You're truly an idiot, no matter what your name du jour happens to be.

Looks like Georgia and South Carolina are the only two teams with impressive Non-Conference games.

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in response to JSmith525:

"Fulmer always scheduled GREAT non-conference games" Sure he did "Junior" NOT, he scheduled the cream puffs just like all other programs did. He had his 1 and sometimes 2 BIG games a year and the rest were cream puffs. Well except maybe Wyoming in 08 which he lost which led to his being removed. Just saying!

A little history for you since you like to spout off without really knowing the facts of which you spout off about.

1999-2000: Wyoming, Memphis & Notre Dame
2000-2001: Southern Miss, La. Monroe & Memphis
2001-2002: Syracuse, Notre Dame & Memphis
2002-2003: Wyoming, Middle Tennessee, Rutgers & Miami
2003-2004: Fresno State, Marshall, Duke & Miami
2004-2005: UNLV, La. Tech, Notre Dame
2005-2006: UAB, Notre Dame * Memphis
2006-2007: Cal, Air Force, Marshall & Memphis
2007-2008: Cal, Southern Miss, LA-Lafayette & Arkansas State
2008-2009: UCLA, UAB, Northern Illinois & Wyoming

It's not very hard to become educated on "FACTS" these days. Some should get that education before making themselves look ignorant of the "Facts" by posting common BS. Just Saying!

I believe every single one of those schools are FBS schools......Tennessee now schedules FCS teams regularly to get a bye win and hopefully be bowl eligible. Nice try

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For the life of me i can't understand the infatuation with a coach..Yes, he was great for a time, but Tuberville, Spurrier, Saban, Meyer, Miles and even Richt had figured his scheme out and were beating him on a regular basis. I was a huge supporter of Johnny Majors, but when he left i got over it..Why, because i'm a UT man first, always will be.

Look up the records junior, Fulmer always schedule great non-conference games, and he was a great recruiter and Coach. I am not surprised a bitter Johnny Majors fan would support firing Fulmer. Truth be told Fulmer was probably responsible for recruiting most of the players J-M had.

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy Austin Peay and South Alabama, you paid for it:

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The schedule is what it is..GBO!!

I remember a few seasons back chicken-yellow paid to get out of a game with North Carolina.

The reason given is "the game is too tough".

So they played mighty Buffalo

That is when I knew that Tennessee was a truly pathetic national embarrassment for the program

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< Mister Sensitive! Yep that's me. lol

You are on a roll today I see you also reported
"notfunanymore" because his comment is removed as well.

I don't get it, maybe it was something in your childhood?

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I didn't remove your comment. I didn't even suggest removal. You actually accomplished that feat all by yourself!

I have always been fascinated with the "Suggest Removal" process. On several occasions I have posted what I consider to be very bland comments and the powers remove them.

I can see that I struck a nerve with you and you are very sensitive.

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No dufus what he said was, and you can read it again if that helps, was that in the BCS era 5 SEC teams have won "BCS TITLES" and your comment was totally off base from that. He said nothing about BCS Games. I typed real slow so that you could understand! Just Saying!
I could care less about the Civil war! Before my time!

WOW thanks for the attention!! I take great pride in having someone of your stature remove my comment

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)