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Gray is not an exciting color. It is drab. It is melancholy. I don't understand how this color fires any one up.

If it works...who cares! GBO...or...GBG!!

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An early indicator in my opinion is how well this defense plays against Oregon and Florida. I don't expect to win either game to be honest, but it will be interesting to see if that defense will play a tough game for 60 minutes of football. If they can show a lot of pride and play hard, keep the score reasonably close...then that will speak volumes in my opinion!

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As everyone likes to say these days "it is what it is". The solution is to go out on the field, give 100% for Tennessee and play your heart out! Win or 60 minutes of football. No matter what happens, come back the next game and play hard again. It is a tough schedule, and it will be a challenging year! I still say we can win six, get to bowl, and most of all stay focused on the recruiting class!

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I think we should worry about the 2013 schedule first! We will have our hands full just trying to get through it, and make it to a Bowl game.

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I just hope and pray the Staff isn't thinking about using a two quarterback system for this offense! Rotating QB's like that just never seems to work. Pick one and let's go!!

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Lane needs rest?? Really? Something just doesn't make sense...I have to believe there is more to that story than we are being told.

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I don't know. I'm hoping for at least six but we will see. I would love to see the VOLS get a major upset this year. Win a game that we are not supposed too.

Short of a miracle, I don't think it will be Alabama, Oregon, or Florida. However I do believe we have a shot at picking off either Georgia or South Carolina! We have both of them in Knoxville.

Georgia has a great offense, but their defense won't be that good. South Carolina has a very good defense,...but their offense isn't very good. Both are susectable to an upset IF we can catch a few breaks.

I'm just ready for this thing to get going! GBO!!!

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Find the playmakes quick Coach, starting hopefully with the QB. The time is NOW, the season is here. Good luck!

Your right! The time for evaluation is just about gone. Pick the horses you are going to run with, and let's go!!

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Peterman may be Vols' best quarterback for now:

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If Worley's arm was above average and his intelligence and leadership qualities were that great, we wouldn't be having this discussion

I agree but there is more involved here than just arm strength. The QB needs a quick read, and a quick release! The SEC is a speed game, make a fast read on the defense, and get rid of that ball. I think it is the QB that has the best mental game, is the one we need to go with. Regardless of what happens, I'm ready!! It is football time in Tennessee!! GBO!!

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Let's see...we play Numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10. We have to play 5 of the Top ten ranked teams in the Nation! Good grief, is it possible to have a more difficult schedule!!

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Make no mistake, this is going to be a struggle this year. Wins will be precious and I'm not making any predictions. Got burned in 2005 doing that. How many teams can say they are playing 5 of the top 10? But no matter what the record, I fully believe this team will be more competitive and won't fall apart in the second half as we did so many times last year. I am concerned about all these injuries as depth is still a major issue. We get many more hurt and it's going to be even tougher.

I agree...great post! I'm trying hard to keep realistic expectations. This schedule is just brutal. I would love to get a big upset, that would help our program a lot. But we play in the most difficult conference in the nation, and then someone had the bright idea to play Oregon..geez, give me a break. I would take 6 wins and and bowl victory for CBJ first year and be pretty content. Anything greater than 6 is great!

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You failed to mention that Georgia lost almost everyone from their starting defense of last year! Also...I'm not convinced that the Gators are going to be all that good, sooner or later that streak has to end! But I'm really concerned about all the injuries our team is having to deal with. Why are we so banged up already?

Written on Rajion Neal confident passing game will open up defenses:

I hope Rajion is right! Because if he isn' will be a long season! I know our OL is good, and the RB's will do a decent job. It's the QB's and WR's that concern me. Let's hope everyone stays healthy and they learn fast, and it all comes together.

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You have to give him some credit, at least he gave it a shot. Most kids wouldn't even try. Good luck young man!

Written on Defensive end Jacques Smith fractures thumb, out 4-6 weeks:

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Dang!! I hope he's back before the Oregon game??

LOL!!! too! It will be interesting to see how the team responds to a very tough road game. It will be a good learning experience for them one way or the other. Wouldn't it be great to see them play hard, and keep this game close!

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Coach Jones doesn't select his QB based on the shake 'em up factor. He makes QB decisions on which player behind the center gives his team the best chance of winning. Leadership, effectiveness and protecting the possession. Not "let's see what happens with this un!"

Spot on! Good post!

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Wonder what is the deal with Croom? He looks the part and the writers usually mention some good catches in practices, but I don't get the feeling the coaches seem to be real high on him recently.

I was wondering about Croom also. I thought that he and North would be the starters. It is critical that these WR's get their act together and quickly. We have to have a decent passing attack in the SEC. Can't be one dimenional in this conference!

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

A much better article to write would be a discussion about Alabama, Oregon, Florida and Georgia...and which one of those teams we are most likely to upset!

I pick Georgia...we have them in Knoxville, and they lost their entire defense to the NFL. GBO!!!!

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Might have too many receivers anyway. Hope this actually works in favor of the Vols by allowing more room for the needed big uglies.

I agree. So he changed his mind, so what! Makes room for someone who really wants to be here. Let's forget about it and move on.

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I think the management of his playing time by the coaching staff is critical. Last year he ran out of gas in the second half of games. The weight loss and better conditioning will help with that. He is definitely a critical piece of our defense! Stay healthy, and give it your best on every play. I can't wait for this season to start! GBO!!!

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I just want to see improvement. I was so frustrated last year hearing the defense state week after week after week that they were having communication issues. Bad coaching.

I agree 100%!! I realize that getting better may only mean six wins,...and a bowl bid, but so be it. Considering our schedule, I will take that. Should we get eight or nine wins, that' great; but I'm just trying to keep it real and have realistic expectations.

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Wish you and the entire team the very best for the upcoming season! It isn't going to be easy, the SEC is the best conference in the nation. The schedule you have to play is brutal. But work your way through it one game at a time, teach these players and coach them up the best you can!

I look forward to wathcing this program turn around. It won't happen over night, but keep these players focused and we will get there.

It is almost football time in Tennessee!! Let's go Big Orange!!

Written on Govols247: Four-star linebacker Kevin Mouhon's commitment makes six in a week for Tennessee:

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Would love to have the Berry twin but if they are still not committed at this point I say move on. OL/DL is our only priority from here on out. Malone and the Berry's have had every chance to be part of special and decided to wait. Sorry but your spots have been taken. GO BIG ORANGE!!!

I agree! Get on board, or get left behind. GBO!!!

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How many can we sign? I thought I remember the number 30...but I'm not entirely sure. This is a great effort by this new Staff so far!

Written on Govols247: Vols land Top247 safety McDowell :

Welcome to Tennessee young man! You will have a chance to be part of a historic turn around in this football program. Thanks for choosing the Orange and White.

Written on Govols247: Four-star juco WR Lauderdale coming to Tennessee:

Watch his videos,...he is awesome! Kind of reminds me of Patterson the way he moves and runs. This is a great pickup in my opinion!

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I'm not going to get my hopes up. Keep it real. We lost a ton of talent on offense to the NFL. Our QB's and WR's had better learn fast...and I mean real fast! We need to see major improvements on the defense, which was just terrible last year. CBJ has been pretty impressive so far. But games are won and lost on the field.

Mostly I just want to see a better football team! Not expecting miracles with the schedule we have, but 6 or 7 wins would be nice. One way or the other, I can't wait for it to get started. GBO!!!

Written on GoVols247: Legacy pick: Dillon Bates to play for Vols:

This is a great addition for CBJ and his staff! They have demostrated a great work ethic so far and everyone needs to recognize that. I think this kid has All SEC written all over him and maybe even All American. Welcome to Knoxville young man, you will look good in that orange and white uniform!

Written on Butch Jones says players being 'transformed' in summer conditioning:

in response to bUTch_please: bout McCullers dropping 30? If he's decided to maximize his Senior year this could get real interesting real quick. Not many answers for 350 lbs of bad attitude.

Go Team #117!

Last year he was too heavy, and in my opinion he tired out in the second half of games. The extra weight slowed him down, but with the weight loss hopefully he will be a little quicker with his feet. If he is coached correctly he has potential to be a real monster in the middle of that DL.

Written on GoVols247: Linebacker Bryant commits to Tennessee:

Now if we could just get Dillon Bates! Has anyone heard anything about him recently?

Written on Peyton Manning 'looking forward to supporting' Butch Jones:

When you lookup the word "Class"...they should have his picture next to it as the definition!

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Derek Dooley is a moron--He couldn't recruit his own momma to play for UT.

LOL!!! You are right is a wonder we ever got Patterson.

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It's going to be a long season! New staff, and young team. I just hope we can get six wins. But I think we will see the beginning of a major turn around for our program. These things don't happen over night, I just hope the fans have some patience.

Written on Titans agree to terms with WR Justin Hunter:

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Spend it wisely young man!

SAVE it wisely young man!

Written on Tennessee RB Marlin Lane back with team :

We need Lane back,...we are pretty thin at RB! I thought we had a shot at a four star JUCO back out of Georgia? Can't recall his name, but I hope that works out as well; these RB's take a beating in the SEC! We need all the help we can get, and don't forget about Alden Hill, he just might surprise us before the season is over. Go Big Orange.

Written on John Adams: How the Vols could rise to top in SEC East:

I didn't realize Spurrier was that old. He really needs to retire! If Franklin continues to be successful, he won't be at Vandy much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if Bama gave Saban a blank check, and told him to just fill in the zeros, if he ever mentioned the word retirement. He could coach for another five years,...and I REALLY hope I'm wrong!

We need to just take care of our house, and our own program; can't control what these other guys do.

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I just hope Maggitt can stay healthy this year! He is really good, and a difference maker when he is healthy.

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I've got to wonder how the "other three" QBs feel about Butch Jones going all out to flip Dobbs when it looked like UT was pretty well set at QB. Surely, they have to be thinking that since Dobbs is the only purely Jones recruit, and seems to have the qualities Jones wants to run his offense, then Jones will naturally be predisposed to favor him.

Now, I'm sure no one will say this, but since Jones declared that neither Worley or Peterman emerged as the starter after spring, then I've got to believe that he said that to give himself the flexibility to seriously consider Dobbs and Ferguson. But, especially Dobbs. Worley seems to be an enigma. How can a guy so hyped, and a rising Junior with starting experience, not nail the job down?

I kinda feel for Worley and Peterson - even Ferguson, because their timing couldn't have been worse. For all to be Dooley recruits in a Jones world is not a desirable position in which to be. If both coaches ran a pro-style offense, then that would be different. But, they don't, and Jones has sent a clear message that his guy is Dobbs.

I look for turmoil and transfer at the QB position next season - maybe even the coming one.

IF Dobbs comes in here and lights it up, so to speak,...then I think we will see some of the QB's moving on to another opportunity. These days coaches don't have the luxury of waiting for a QB to learn on the job. Whoever can produce results will get the job, even if he is a freshman! Just ask Texas A&M about that!

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Western Ky and Petrino are a much bigger concern for me than Oregon..don't have to have the Oregon game..

Good point! Look...we are not going to beat Oregon unless they have six turnovers! We need those first two wins on the schedule. Regardless of his flaws, Petrino is a good coach!

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Anybody have an idea what a starting QB in the CFL would make? Probably still better than a "regular job" with a lot less total hours.

It's funny because I had the same thought. I have no idea what the salary might be, but I would guess low six figures. But who knows.

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We are going to need a good dose of the patience of Job, IMHO. Give this staff some time folks.

You are absolutely right! This will be a tough year, especially with the schedule we have. People really need to adjust their expectations, and be realistic. If we can win six...I would be content! It is going to take time, I just hope the fans are patient.

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

I have no idea why he left, and we may never know the reason. We don't have time to worry about it, get another player to fill the spot, (if they haven't already),...and let's move on! In 3 1/2 months it's football time in Tennessee! GBO!!!

Written on Poll: Which UT player drafted will make the most impact his rookie season?:

CP will have the best opportunities to have an impact. But he is going to learn that the players in the NFL tackle a lot better than they do at the college level! So...the yards won't be so easy to come by.

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Will you still like when he's 15-21 after his 3rd season? Y'all liked Kiffin and Dooley too, at first.

Your statement about Kiffin and Dooley is fair. I think people have a natural tendency and desire to see their Coach and Football team succeed! So...what is wrong with that?

The same will be true for Jones, just because Kiffin and Dooley make their mistakes doesn't mean that I am going to withdraw my support for the current Coaching staff. At some point fans have to keep the faith and hope and pray that this thing finally turns around for this football program!

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

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I really thought that Denver would take Bray in the 7th round. Sure would have liked to hear Peyton and John discuss that possibility.

Yeah...I was thinking about that possibility also. But there is no way Peyton was going to get involved with Bray. The work ethic related to film study, the play book, practice, etc., just isn't there. I would still like to see Bray be successful, but it is a long shot.

Written on Grilled by Jon Gruden, UT's Tyler Bray says he needs to improve preparation in NFL:

The best thing that could happen to him is to get drafted by Denver, so Bray could spend two or three years learning from The Master!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I hope you are wrong. But the fact remains, that the Team has to start the rebuilding process. Play hard, work even harder...listen to your coaches, and we will get this thing turned around! Go Big Orange!

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

He will be given a chance to prove himself. To be honest the NFL has very few elite QB's in my opinion: except for about six QB's, the rest are either too young yet to do a fair evaluation, or just average talent at best. Bray just might surprise some people.

Written on John Adams: UT quarterback race might not end in September:

It's going to be a long season, especially with that very tough schedule! But I will continue to support the team no matter what happens! I just hope they play hard and give 100% on every play. The QB's will not be the only ones having a difficult time this fall. We all are!!