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Man, what a talent this guy is. There are not often big time game changers in the secondary,folks like Ronnie Lott, Rod Woodson, Polamalu, Atwater, Dale Carter, Ed Reed, and Jack Tatum. Berry will be one for a long time yet, and will end up being mentioned in the same breath as these outstanding players.

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This just in:
"Saban said. 'I was disappointed because when guys work for you, you have feelings for them.'"
Really Nick? Sounds like you're getting a little soft there my friend...

The "feeling" he is mentioning is probably the tingling in his foot after firmly planting it in the former employee's posterior. No Saban fan, but the little guy is intense.

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I think the jabs only make it more fun when the games are played..However, we're living in a hypersensitive society now days..Too bad.

I absolutely agree. It only made you want to see Spurrier throw his visor in disgust even more. I think it only serves to add intensity and flavor to an rivalries that are already heated, as well as creating new rivalries.

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If Hamilton's job was to ruin the UT Athletic Department he did a masterful job. He inherited Rod Delmonico who was not only the most successful coach in school history but the 4th winningest in SEC history. He inherited a Hall of Fame football coach that was the most successful in school history. He inherited from Ernie Grunfeld and Haslem the most successful basketball coach in school history. He also had one of the best track coaches. When he left they where all gone replaced by amateurs. He did a great job. Hope all of you are enjoying the change.

He inherited a Hall of Fame football coach that was the most successful in school history

Neyland worked for Hamilton?
I think you mean 2nd most successful, which is a true statement of Fulmer. No shame in being 2nd to the man the stadium is named for.

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90 - 89 sounds like a real game score from last season. Hope we get the D mean and motivated this year.

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Excellent! Keep picking up the legacies. Bates and the Berry's will make excellent additions!

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With all due respect, Arian Foster is from New Mexico..

Born in NM. Lived and played ball in San Diego from 2002 until he was recruited to Tennessee.

Just an FYI.

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The computer also said the QB's mom is hotter than his girlfriend.

Clearly, the computer has an appreciation for life experience...... ;)

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So these guys are gone. No surprise with Bray, Hunter and Patterson. Sentimore, needed another year but he is not reading this site. The poster who said just give Patterson the ball and get out of the way, have you watched the NFL at all? Patterson is a phenomenal college football player but the NFL is another animal. He may become a quick returner but has a long way to go as a quality NFL receiver. Bray will have to get on the right team and be teachable, keep his attitude in check, learn and grow or yeah his career will never get off the ground. Hunter has work to do also. Sentimore, I find it hard to see his being drafted but some team will likely give him a shot. Best to them all. We'd love to have them back if they would sell out to the new system. But they chose othewise and so adios!

Agree. I see CP as a Devin Hester type returner right off the bat, with a much larger upside than Hester at the receiver position. All the tools are there.

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I have come to the conclusion that this team is not good.

I would say that is an accurate conclusion.....

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Sal was to Dooley what D. Clawson was to Fulmer. If Dooley had the Chief as his DC, we'd be watching UT play in a bowl game right now.

As much as I liked Chief, ask LSU about the Mustang package used yesterday....

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I've followed the Big Orange since a Freshman in 1964. I have never seen the Vols in this bad of shape, across all sports. I am optimistic about Coach Jones and Coach Martin; time will tell. Just don't understand how we got ambushed in all areas, including baseball. GBO

4 Words: Jimmy Cheek / Mike Hamilton

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With the 64th pick of the 2011 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select.......Randall Cobb, wide receiver, University of Kentucky

Are you really making that comparison? Randall Cobb < Peyton Manning. If you think otherwise, you, sir, are delusional and should be institutionalized at the earliest possible moment.

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Great thing about dual threat QB's? They never get injured.

I know, right? I mean, look at Micheal Vick.

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Either way, good luck to you Tyler.

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To coach WRs?

Well, our receivers do need to play more physical.... ;)

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Blame John all you like, but the press feeds off the fan base more than the other way around. I can't count how many times I've heard, "We deserve better than this." Really? Why?

Do other fans of other programs not donate money for their seats? Do they not spend outrageous prices for bottled water just like we do?

Not every team can win. Every game has one winner and one loser. For 17 years, Fulmer won 75 percent of the time, and other than a magical run when that percentage was 90, most UT fans were not satisfied. They said, "We deserve better."

Well, regardless of what you deserve, this is what you got. Whether you hired the wrong coaches or the wrong people to hire the coaches is up for debate. But I've listened to and watched UT games for 45 years and I've seen good times and bad. At no time did I think I was so special that "I deserved better." I pull for the players in orange no matter what. Because they are the ones who bleed, sweat and put their bodies (and lives really) at risk each time they take the field. They deserve better than the sorry fan base that feels a sense of entitlement for turning on the damn TV.

There are times when I absolutely do not agree with your posts. Not this time. You are spot on. I can't believe the attitude of a lot of folks on here. This is not the majority of UT fans, at least not any that I have known in my 37 years. I have never seen a group of people that say "I deserve better" and "We got what we deserved" more than the group on here.
I wonder if the majority realize how childish they look?

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Only hold-overs should be Pitmann and Graham. Period. And to the people that keep mentioning Trooper Taylor: WTF is wrong with you people?? You never read?

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Tennessee's new football coach was "half bear, the other half cat" before he accepted the job. Hopefully, that's a good thing.

That's awesome. Good job!

Welcome CBJ! Vol Nation, regardless of a few, support you and want you to bring back our winning tradition! Good Luck!

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Fulmer and ......Summitt?

Johnny Majors won a NC at Pitt in '76. He was fired in 1992.

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He's a little busy, dummy.

Short, to the point, and effective.

Well said.....

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It is interesting that Dan Mullen's name has never really come up as a serious consideration......

That's because he seriously should not be considered.

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

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This is easy. I think I should be the next coach here at UT. I have no coaching experience, but will take the position for $100,000 + bonuses based on team performance. Think of the savings that the athletic department will accrue. With my paltry salary, we would be back in the black after only a couple of seasons. All these buyouts will be taken care of in much quicker fashion. I would require a raise every year of $10,000 no matter what the record may be. After my being on board for three years, if the team is not doing well, the school will be in amazing shape financially to find my replacement. But who knows, I could turn out to be a great long term hire!

I like it..... You, sir, are hired. Please see Dave Hart in the morning for T shirts and orientation.

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Well, the plot thickens.....i guess. Have no problem with Strong as a coach, but some of his previous comments. We shall see.

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Well, Arkansas went big. Never liked him after his Berry bashing after we beat them in the Outback bowl after the '07 season. Hard to dispute 3 straight Rose Bowls, though (even though OSU is ineligible).

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Lot of emotion tied to the way Fulmer left, and people are going to be upset with this or that, but the fact is that he is gone, and left behind some wonderful memories along with the bad. C'est La Vie, such is life. Ups and downs. There are no denying the man's accomplishments, and the fact that we have a crystal trophy, the very first BCS trophy no less, with him as the head man.

Thanks Coach, it is recognition well deserved.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

Just don't hire Charlie Strong. Race card playing jacka-ss when he felt slighted.

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What an insightful article; who would have thought of that?

In other news: Food is essential to preventing starvation.... ;)

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"wish list"....uhhh, the time for "wishing" is over my friend. it's time (and has been for quite a while) to get someone in here that can do some good and produce results. Why in the hell would you want Gruden????---for all his head coaching experience at the college level?-(none) for his recruiting experience?-(none) for his mediocre NFL resume?

The only reason folks on here want him to come is from the little tidbits they see of him on ESPN berating a college QB and for his pseudo-animosity on monday night football. People with any ounce of football knowledge know he isn't right for college (here or anywhere).

Put my $0.02 in? No problem. Chip Kelly (challenge him to win in the best NCAA conf) or Mike Gundy (ability to keep Bray, Hunter, and CP with his offense).

So, since Peyton Manning has openly lobbied for Gruden to Tennessee, I guess he has no football sense?

Manning > Rumblefish

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Wow! Didn't see that coming! (/off sarcasm)

Written on Tennessee beats Kentucky 37-17 :

And so it ends; not with a bang, but a whimper. Glad this season is over.... Let the coaching search heat up quickly!

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Two horribly coached teams playing for last place. Why didn't Hart fire Sunseri while he was at it?

Give it about 3 hours. Sunseri the Terrible is out the door.

Written on Tennessee interim coach Jim Chaney says he'll learn on the job this week :

Learning on the job this week? Hell, Dooley did that for three years (minus one game...)

Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley inherited a 'short stick' and did little with it :

Here's to hoping Dooley takes not only Sunseri with him to the cheese line, but also Bob Kesling and John Adams.

Go Big Orange!

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Either hire John Chavis or Peyton Manning as the head coach. Chavis would be the answer on defense. Manning does not have much time left in the NFL, has been a "coach" on the field for years, does not need the money and is loyal to UT and would like to see the Vols a factor on the football field again.

Are you kidding? If Manning keeps his current pace up, he will win a Fifth (5th) MVP award. 21td to 6int with over 2,700yds in 9 games. On top of that, Denver is 6-3, winning 4 in a row and really hitting their stride. 4-5 more years in the NFL, minimum.

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Or the Charlie Cheeseburger experiment at ND. 3 yrs...done.

Ty Willingham at Notre Dame AND Washington? Randy Shannon at Miami?

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We know this is fact, we have seen it with our own eyes. Sure, there was bad coaching, but it shouldn't be a huge issue in the firing of Dooley. I believe that Dooley's decisions came out of desperation, as he tried new angles and strategies in attempt to get a win for his boys and their fans.

Subtract the element of desperation and those intensely questionable coaching choices may have never happened.

Dooley has this UT team knocking on the door of SEC relavency. If a defense can be installed that will perform on even a mediocre level, we are capable of fielding a 9-10+ win season next year.

Most of these are things that we all know to be true. Regardless of the W/L records, we can see that Dooley has our Vols in position to be very successful next year.

He has gone through the recruits from coaches prior and, even though there were many telented players on the 'hang-over', he is in position to field a team made up of almost all his players. These players were recruited specifically for the style of Off/Def at TN. and that may be what we need to get over the hump.

Dooley has pushed through the mess he was hired into and now has a set-up exactly how he wants it.

We knew going in that it would take 3-4 years to remove ourselves from the horrible position we were in at the time. We knew that to be the case and, for the most part, we all accepted the fact that we would probably have to endure 3 or 4 years worth of sub-par UTK teams before Dooley had even returned the program to a level and stable status.

I desperately grasped at solutions to questions in theoretical physics pertaining to expanding vs. non-expanding universe. That's because I had absolutely no clue. I think it pretty much equates to Dooley's desperation calls.

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i hope all you dip sticks receive a pink slip next monday.

And if I didn't meet my metrics for 3 years, I would have received it many Mondays ago.

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Huh? Are you serious? Keeping this group of DA's sets us back 5 years every year they are here? Are you that f'n stoopid?

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Hart should be standing outside the locker room right now with Dooley's walking papers. If not, he should be gone. Also, when Dooley goes I hope he takes bob kessling with him. I was in the unfortunate position of having to listen to the game by radio today and it was all I could do to remain tuned in. The whole program needs an overhaul.

Agreed. Kessling sucks as bad as dooley

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Sure it doesn't go directly to Dave Hart. Heck, he's probably got to wear platform shoes just to see over his desk, but volume will get attention (particularly lack of in the stadium, but large quantities of e-mail doesn't hurt):

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Tough loss. But they played with heart. Things are looking up.

LOL. That's funny stuff. Time to take this lame horse out back and put a bullet in it.

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This is the worst loss of all.

By far. This is the worst offense we have faced all year, and the second worst we will face all year. Kentucky is a little worse, but not much.

Written on Vols tied with Missouri 28-28 heading to overtime :

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This team is not that bad...poor coaching

This team IS this bad because of coaching.

Written on Georgia career over for former No 1. Tennessee prospect Marlon Brown:

Tough break. Good luck to the young man. Hopefully he heals up well. If not, at least he earned a good education.

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coaches don't make tackles or cover the time you get to a major Div. I college you SHOULD have a good grasp on the concept of tackling....its not the coaching.

That's true, BUT, if you are coaching a squad that finished 28th overall in total defense last year, they tackled pretty well then, right?

The coaches have to reinforce fundamental tackling. You have 22 players in the 2 deep from 22 different HS programs. They have to be taught the same, correct, fundamentals. That, my friend, is coaching.

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Helluva job from Bray and the rest of the O. Gotta be a ton of pressure knowing you have to score nearly every time you have the ball.

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Do the 10,000s of fans that showed up at the game today count?

Once again, I am one of those. And I think Dooley has to go, as well as the group surrounding me that watched this horror show live and in person.


Written on John Adams: UT's defense a fireable offense :

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Yes it was. 84,189

I was there. That is stretching it by about 20K. More along the lines of 65,000

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Agree....except for Chaney. Gotta go with Dooley and the Alabama LB coach.