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I really believe Simmons, given the chance, will perform much better as a Pro. The pressure will be of a different kind. She won't have to feel like winning or losing is all on her, knowing a lot of proven talent will be all around her.

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With a coach who can get into her head and have her playing in big games like she has done when the team is in no danger, she can make it as a Pro.

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in response to Theo:

I'm sure he would as would any other high school coach in the country. You surely can't think he would be a serious candidate.
I totally disagree about Holly being awarded for loyalty and longevity. Pat would not turn her program over to someone just for those reasons.

To compare Wes Moore to "any other high school coach" shows how little you know about Univ. of Tenn. at Chattanooga. Wes won the Southern Conf consistently. He can recruit. Just look at how his team at NC State improved this his first year on the job. He has long ago proved he has great coaching ability. Two things I don't understand; Why it took so long for a major school to grab him and how, with an ugly mug like his, he could marry the beautiful former Miss NC.

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There was a lot more going on than the ESPN tour for Moore, most of it having to do with her mother getting a place to stay near the school plus getting her mothers hand bag business set up at Conn. Geno, with the help of UConn's neighbor, ESPN, got things smoothed over with the NCAA. I think he got a minor reprimand. Geno can brag about wins in championship games vs UT. However, it is interesting (at least to me) that the last three times Conn has played Tenn, UT won all three--Two in Connecticut with the middle game in Knoxville.

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Most of the discipline issues I saw graduated. Simmons played her heart may times would her "quickness" filet the teams half-court?

Some of that relates to the "Player Coach" issue in having an extremely difficult decision of how to handle your most prolific scorer who could go rogue on you in a New York minute and not a word said, or yelled, to her even registered. When Simmons was on a tear, no one else was involved in the offense and they would just "let it play out". Hence the offense was spastic and turnovers just squirted out everywhere.

Lot of work to do and it starts with Holly believing her eyes.

Tend to agree. I believe Holly would have been a much better coach this year if she had come from another program and not been so involved with the players before this year. She was one they went to when Pat was so hard on them. Now that Simmons will be gone (and perhaps Ariel also) maybe she can get the correct attitude into the remaining players. If she can't, she will never win a championship. I think that Graves and Russell could be unanimous all-americans with the right coaching. Most of their problems keeping them from greatness is mental.

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This will be a big loss for UT women's basketball. Remember, she was able to get Kamiko Williams back on the court much quicker than anyone thought. Obviously she was instrumental in rehabbing Parker's bad shoulder and I'm sure she has done the same with Andraya Carter's shoulder as well. With the way Hart treated Coach Pat Summit, I'm not surprised that we are starting to see the exodus of some of the top staff for Women's basketball. I also thought it was a bad idea to combine the athletic departments. Why not just eliminate some sports that lose money??

While I think one should be paid well for doing a great job, I also believe their contribution to generation of income plus good will for UT must be considered. I don't know how much that would be but surely not anywhere near as much as mens football. Unfortunate for women? Yes, but they shouldn't complain too much about the good pay they receive. I do think regardless of pay, Pat being forced to resign (I know she ended up saying it was her decision) was handled is a very poor manner.

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South Carolina looks to have the best chance. There are a lot of very optimistic Vol fans and I have to admit I don't think it is out of the question for a Vol win, just fairly unlikely.

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A good game to start the season with. The Vols should look a lot different than in the first game last year. I will be very interested in this one.

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1) Win
2) No charge for students
3) Seating etc.that promotes a feeling
they are part of the school

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Knoxville, Storrs... who cares where she said it ... it was RIGHT!! Pat NEVER beat Geno in a National Title Game!!

Regardless, I still think it's funny that Pat beat Geno all three of the last three times they played against each other. She became determined and he couldn't beat her even with his underhanded recruiting. ***Two of those games were played in Connecticut with only one in Knoxville.

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......Baylor opted not to continue its series with UT. There have been a few ugly comments about Griner and the Baylor coach. One thing we might agree on-- Neither of the two is much of a nice person. They can be downright rude and will hurt you if you so much as look at them for more than a few seconds. Don't dare cross them!
As for Jasmine Phillips, I began to think early on that she should move for her own benefit. It was obvious she needed more improvement time than the team could afford to give.

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It is called can't handle the pressure. When going get tuff the tuff gets going applies to her. She just can't handle it.

Simmons was a Junior this year. I agree with you about her not able to cope with the pressure. I would hope the coaches will find someone in Sports Psychology to help. She could be the POY next year if she could play as well in the higher pressure games as in others.

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As Jack Buck once said, I can't believe what I just saw". No, I'm not talking about the Baylor loss. I'm talking about the officiating.

The most ridiculous and Bad call the whole game was the double technical called with about 6:05 left. The ball was thrown in and was already down the court when, with Schimmel starting to follow down court and just inside the end line, Sims got in her face and stayed there impeding her progress instead of retreating to where the play was.
On the charge against Baylor at the 16.7 mark, the replay seemed to verify they got the call right that time. Overall I felt the refs favored Baylor but maybe its because I was pulling for Dayton.

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Glad to see dc82 being a lil compassionate. The story was telling how the season has gone for OUR next OPPONENT. So it was relevant to hear and read about their strengths and their weaknesses. Shows their toughness and tenacity to have played through their injuries as OUR Lady Vols have done as well. We knew ewe would get it "SOONER" or later.....

Yes, they had their problems. However, I would argue nowhere near the problems The Vols have had. Why?---because look at all the players with at least some experience they had ready for a chance to play, whereas Tenn was left with a very short bench. So many freshmen in key rolls.

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The Vols need for Harrison in this game will be greater than prior games. Oklahoma has a 6'3 and 6'6 player as well as the hot shooting guard. They also have a home crowd as it is only 25 minutes (or if heavy traffic 35)from their home court to Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. Their 6'6 player is slim but Vols players are not that heavy either.

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Wow! All I can say is 'thank you KW.'
Where have you been for the last 4 years? Never mind, I know. You save your best for last. Really last.
46% FG 60% 3PT good enough to win most games.

So far this year, anytime KW has been on the floor, she has shown very good basketball skill. I've enjoyed her play all year.

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Harrison didn't play against Mizzou on the road. After the easy win in Knoxville, Tenn would have struggled some anyway but most likely would have won with her playing. Against Creighton I don't see Tenn having as much of a problem with or without Harrison, although The Lady Vols don't have as many players with near as much experience.

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I hate to say this.....
ORU is getting jobbed by the refs in this game.

I don't like to see that kind of cr@p no matter who is playing.

Early in the game, twice straight I saw a Vol get slapped on the wrists causing the ball to go out of bounds & ruled ORU's ball. I think it was just very poor officiating in this game or maybe the fouls against ORU were just make up calls by a ref other than Jules Gallien.

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Is she afraid of UCONN too?

If (important) Izzy can get completely healthy, I would be overjoyed to see The Vols play Uconn. Why should any Tenn player be afraid of UConn especially since Tenn Lady Vols BEAT UConn the last Three times they played? Two of those games were in Connecticut and middle one in Tennessee, all since 2005, NOT last century.

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I'm surprised we got a two but that's what a hard schedule does for you. Kinda bittersweet for me. I would have preferred a #3 seed in the same bracket as ND and Duke. I think it would be a tough task but both teams I think we could beat. Beating Baylor will be a miracle.

The first problem is to win 3 games to get to Baylor. If the top seeds win after the 1st two games, then I agree Tenn might have a better chance getting to the final 4 as a 3 seed. However, as it is, they may now be more likely to make it as far as the elite 8 than if they had to go through Duke.

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I just bought that book today so I would have it to read while watching the NCAA tourneys. Holly is right where she was destined to be, doing the thing she can't live without. The next great era of Lady Vol basketball is just around the corner! Still a lot to look forward to THIS season as well! GO LVs!!! GO HOLLY!!!

One thing about being as old as I am, I got to enjoy Pat's entire career as Head Coach plus at least the beginning of this next great era of Lady Vol basketball. I've also sure enjoyed my 2nd favorite team -- Tenn-Chattanooga this year. I worked with Coach Moore's beauty queen wife for a while. Great people!

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Instead of Spani getting a lot of credit for a Vol win, Simmons, great at times, couldn't hit and at least twice had the ball flicked away and stolen during a drive towards the basket. Ariel having the ball taken away by a single defender in open court hurt. This team is just not mature and tough nor do they have enough killer instinct to win like they should.

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Hope the Lady Vols don't look past their Saturday game against most likely either SC or A&M. Ky may have a tough game Sat. also.

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Know what is a bit ironic??

the LV's COULD end up playing UConn. Know who we could really use in such a game??
One....Faith Dupre. Another player I wish we'd kept was Lauren Avant. I think both would have thrived with Holly.

Interesting how things turn out.

Faith Dupree started out ok at Chattanooga but Ashlen Dewart got lots of minutes. I think Dupree was hurt in the 3rd game. I don't think she played again until about the 15th game of the season. I could be wrong about that but in the last thirteen games she has played from a low of 4 min to a high of 14 minutes in any game. Chattanooga won the Southern Conf and Dewart was Player-of-the Week.

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Spani calls this "the most competitive and most preserving" team..... I bet the AP Sports Writer, Steve Megargee, Misquoted her. She probably told him "persevering". A little difference there.

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Holly, being a Harley rider, is not a "Mulkey" type nor is she a reserved motherly type. As long as the Vols keep wining, I'll support her coaching style.

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Does a tiebreaker for regular season champion exist? If so and all the 13-2 teams win out, then The Vols would have to win at least one of their last two games to Guarantee the Championship. There are circumstances where Ga could still win it since they beat Ky.

Meant 11-2 teams (If they win out they would be 13-2)

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

Does a tiebreaker for regular season champion exist? If so and all the 13-2 teams win out, then The Vols would have to win at least one of their last two games to Guarantee the Championship. There are circumstances where Ga could still win it since they beat Ky.

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Maybe Simmons didn't overlook Ark but the team as a whole no doubt had A&M and Ky on their minds before their terrible first half. Graves ended up with 11 points and 9 rebounds but I really expected a little more than 4 points from the floor. Now, beat A&M to be SEC champs or if Vandy can beat A&M, they could win one of the last two and be Champs.

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Ark lost big to Ga. at Ga. I'm sure playing at home they will have much more "want to win" against The Vols. A healthy Harrison would make things much easier for the Vols but as long as they continue to play defense like the last game, they will do fine. I expect Graves to have a much better game Sunday. She and Burdick should produce some good points inside.

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Glad to see Ariel have a great game. 10 AST with just 2 TOs. JJ getting hit in the face kept her minutes down. I was expecting her to get a lot more needed experience.

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I seriously doubt she will be back this year. Her absence magnifies the defensive problems we have seen for some time now. I'm not sure UT was a Final Four team even with her, but I give them no chance to make it now. That's OK; they have had a good season and gotten good experience for ladies who will be stars for years to come, especially Bashaara and JJ.

I agree a final 4 is doubtful. With a good seed, they could make the Elite 8.

The next two weeks are going to be very interesting. I expect the Vols to take care of Auburn in Knoxville but am a little concerned about the trip to Ark. They should be able to handle A&M in Knoxville as long as they play smart, alert defense and use their heads when passing the ball. They have the talent as long as no more injuries happen. I doubt they will have any trouble looking ahead to Ky. Win the games up to March 3 and the game in Lexington, with a sold out crowd, should have a lot of emotion. Win out and a 2 seed in the tourney is very possible. If the unthinkable were to happen and they lose to Ark plus another game or two and who knows where they might end up. I know they have the talent to win the SEC if they keep the right mental attitude.

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What are you talking about? I just watched
the game on ESPN. Chattanooga area, cable.

They carried terpettes vs. cavalierettes up until tip off of Vols game then switched to Vols game.

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Before I get hammered. I do know how to spell "steal". That is just one of many mistakes I'm capable of making.

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The first half I thought they had decided to not wait until after this game to take a needed break from competition. Fortunately Simmons, Graves, & Williams play for the Vols. Most all Vols shot the ball well when not letting Ole Miss get the 13 steels.

As expected, the bench got more greatly needed playing time. The play of Jones and Moore both looks promising. You could see the improvement in Moore as the game progressed. After the break, the schedule is very tough so Ladies, get a little rest and be ready for Vandy next week.

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Someone that knows more than I do correct me. I can take it. I believe that there is a team of commentators that are sort of resident in locations that hire out to smaller broadcasters such as CSS or ESPN3. Go to Georgia and watch/listen to a ESPN3 broadcast of a game done in Knoxville. It'll sound a lot like a home court advantage. You'll see the same with CSS broadcasts. Shoot the TV people were not nearly as one sided as Mickey Dearstone is. But yea, I suspect they were based in LA.

Mickey Dearstone broadcasts FOR the Lady Vols. One would expected him to be for the Vols. The CSS or ESPN people should make an effort to be as neutral as they can be.

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Great that they won but I have to gripe some because it was maddening. They get a few points ahead and throw the ball away or have other sloppy turnovers. Ariel had 5 TOs. Then they miss too many free throws.

Now, I must also say I appreciate the effort by all the players. Graves had to work inside against players 3 or so inches taller and somehow got the last shot up between two of them and made it.

As far as coaching goes, Caldwell trying to run out the clock with fouls (If that was what she was doing) backfired on LSU. The clock just didn’t run fast enough for her. .. Anyway I had a hard time enjoying the game because of getting upset with so many stupid turnovers by the Vols.. . I was hoping for a game with enough lead to get Phillips and Moore in for some experience. Maybe next game.

Written on Responsibility is growing for Lady Vols' Bashaara Graves :

Graves has the mental attitude that's needed but missing from too many basketball players. Along with having great BB aptitude, this makes her extremely valuable to the team.

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Watching this game, I continued to be glad they were playing Miss State. They really needed a game where they had a chance to see what they can do, and will have to do, in replacing Harrison.

My young granddaughter said "That number 4 is a cool player", whatever that means? I think Kamikos problems started right to begin with. She may have thought she knew better how to play than the coaches. (Maybe with some urging from her dad, or so it was reported at the time.

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Last year Baugh played hurt, now Harrison. Having Jones and soon Burdick back still gives some hope.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

They let Izzy leaving the game bother them too much. Izzy contributed while in the game but she was hurting. A healthy Izzy would have made a huge difference, but with her hurting they may have done better if she hadn't played this game at all.

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. .richvol writes: ...Geno or Muffet would have this team undefeated."

Nonsense! Those two have had many years to develop their teams. Geno went 12-15 his first year as Head Coach at UConn (losing record), then went 14-13 his second year. It took him his 6th (Sixth) year to get past the second round. That after he had worked as an assistant coach, the most prominent position being at Univ of Va.

I can see a lot of improvement in the way the team plays but once bad habits are formed, it’s difficult to overcome. The Vols have to play Ky in Lexington. I fully expect them to have more confidence in themselves than they had against ND. With Izzy hurt and Burdick still out or at least not playing for a while, the rest of the team better be on top of their game.

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Just like the Stanford game. Once the Lady Vols decided to play serious defense, Stanford had to fight for their lives to maintain their lead. ND had to do the same. Diggins had to rescue them, and yes she does get away with more use of her arms against her defender than most anyone.

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Love the team, and love the staff! A top SEC team that will within two years (maybe sooner) be in the Final Four. Coach has them playing more like the Head Coach is in her 2nd or 3rd year instead of just her first. Only a year since Vols went to the Elite 8 and they won’t go more than one year without going that far again. The sooner, the better. I expect either a regular season or a tournament championship in the SEC this year. I have confidence they can do it – just hope the players keep up theirs..

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Could a healthy Burdick have been the leader on the floor the team needs? Just a sophomore but I believe she might have made a difference in keeping up the Vols confidence during the game. Missed layups and some shots thrown might have been better shots with more confidence.

Some of the sour looks Izzy was giving in the prior couple of games must have been from knee pain. Izzy tried and they may have lost anyway but she wasn't healthy from the start. They are just missing too many of the better players.

Simmons and Spani should try to imagine strong opponents to be a weaker SEC team. Maybe then they could have a good game.

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A players reputation certainly does affect the way fouls are called.

98reax; You are correct that Diggins gets away with a lot of fouls that aren't called and questionable calls go her way. The Vols have a couple of players who could do a good job guarding her except for those facts. As for BG, she is not a sweet girl. She gets a lot of clean blocks but isn't all that innocent either.

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So, if we win out including ND do we get a One seed? Of course there's still the SEC tournament and it's gonna be a bugger boo with 14 teams.

Nothing is guaranteed and they would probably need help with a couple of teams losing again, like Duke & Cal, or Stanford. Most likely a 2 seed if they can beat A&M and Ky. plus do well in the SEC tourney.

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Holly-ball continues.

Did you notice how hard UT tried to work the ball in the posts??

That was a good win last night.

I did notice they got the ball inside but our posts were swarmed upon and had a hard time protecting the ball from all those arms. The one time I saw them pass the ball back outside, it resulted if Vols points. The blocks called with Izzy and Graves trying for a layup got a comment from Mickey about the blocks coming from behind. (Watching while listening to Mickey told what happened before seeing it on TV with all the delay)

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A lot of watercooler talk until Monday. Here's my take. This game against ND will be just another measuring stick on how well we can play come tourney time. I will be happy with a win , but I wouldn't be disappointed if we lose by 8 or less. That would prove we can compete. Not sure how we would stop Griner and co. One game at a time. Key games TXAM and UK . We win out even with a loss to ND I think we can squeeze a #2 seed .

I believe you are correct on all counts. If Vols beat all but ND, they should easily be a two seed. Win all the remaining reg season games including ND and who knows? At the very least they are no lower than a 3 seed in any case.

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I don't want to see elbows flying but sure wish Izzy would develop more of a "Glory J" attitude and play. Hope she toughens up and not let opponents get her down. I enjoy watching her play but she has much more potential. Maybe another pound or two would help.