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I remember a guy we had that injured both knees and turned out to be a pretty decent pro. Jamal Lewis.

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Ah, yeah, the Devoe years...akin to firing Fulmer, another huge dumb-a## move.

"Retiring" Devoe and, oh, did exactly what until Bruce? Not a damn thing. We've done what since Bruce? Not a damn thing.

We've done what since Phil?? Suck. Badly.

Firing successful coaches with no real plan to advance is just plain and simple STUPID.

Repeating the process is the definition of insanity.

Amen brother. GBO!!!

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no way to tell how good these young men are, if they will stay out of trouble and on the team or how they will pan out as college athletes, but all I can say is that on paper according to people who make a living making these lists, not too much to get excited about & once again we are in a wait and see mode... cant help but wonder if we would have had an Ole Miss kind of class if we had landed Coach Gruden

Landed Gruden? Can't land something that was never there. Just hoping we have a coach that can improve the fundamentals of some young men and win some games that we aren't supposed to win. That's coaching. Time will tell but I feel that we may have found the man. Just support your team and cheer them on. Being negative helps nothing. Winning equals recruiting success and we ain't there yet. GBO!!!

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Its a minor violation. I think UGA had 50 of those last year. They do nothing.

PAINT THE ROCK FOR VON BELL!!!!! We need to show this kid some love!

I agree with that. Check this out:

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Good to have an experienced offensive line though. GBO!!!!

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Since when is a huge defensive lineman not a good fit for the 4-3??? A year in the weight room will be good for McCullers. GBO!!!

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Give the man a chance. This is the new coach. GBO!!!!

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Got to watch, but man this has been a tough year.

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That is definitely a factual post. It used to upset me and one of my son in laws that Fulmer didn't use him enough. He could have set all kinds of records at UT giving the chance. He is definitely one of the greatest to ever play at UT.

He would have been used more if he had stayed for his Senior year at UT.

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Agree with this article. I have most of the games from the 80's on VHS. From time to time, I'll plug them (yes, I still have a VCR hooked up in the den). Galbreath was an animal. He also had a fullback on that team who can pancake as good as any of them, but I can't recall his name.

John Rollins played fullback around that time, but I think he was after Galbreath. GBO!!!

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Does anybody care about the NIT?

Here's a hint. Fans like to watch their team play. Tennessee is still playing. Need more? GBO

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Time to move on and start getting ready for next year. I love my vols but this has been a painful year to watch. Time to hit the weights and get a year older. Here's to 2012. GBO!!!

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Yeah, that's what we need another coaching change. Have some patience. When we get some more depth and recent recruiting starts kicking in then you can start evaluating the coaching. Until that happens just sit back and root for our team or find one that suits you.

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And we have a winner.

Who the f cares about the redshirt? get this kid in and put simms where he deservedly belongs: the bench.


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New stars and playmakers will emerge. We won't win the Championship this year. If you are "done with the Vols" this year (like some of the prior posts I've seen) then become a LSU or OK fan and good riddance. The rest of us wil support the Vols and hope we can play spoilers for a few teams. Time for Worley to show off some skills.

We are due to surprise someone and have the luck go our way for a change. True fans take the good with the bad. GBO!!!

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Win or lose I'll watch every game I can get. That's what fans do. GBO!!!

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I paid for this site back in the day, and now you want money for me to read about potential recruits that may or may not sign with UT. Ain't going to happen.

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YES!!! I have always loved hitters on defense.

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Don't know who really won on that hit but Tebow knew where EB was after that

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If we can get some contribution from the D line our linebackers will be fine. Works the same way on offense. GBO!!!

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This is just an embarrassing situation. Ready to move forward. Hopefully the NCAA will be lenient. GBO!!!

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Got chill bumps watching this. Good memories. GBO

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Sadly he is often remembered for his costly fumbles, but people forget that he had some monster games rushing for us as well. Keep it going Arian. GBO!!!

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Amen, well said. GBO!!!

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People up here will be very excited about this possibility. Good luck coach hope you get it. And btw you guys would be suprised by some of the talent up here.

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I don't care who you are that there was funny.

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Tyler might be a suprise he's got some bball genes. When I left UT Martin in 1985 his mama was still the school's all-time career scoring leader for both men and women. GBO!!!

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Just comes down to Brains or lack thereof. If your a UT athlete and in a bar on the strip people know who you are. Alcohol and testerone don't mix well. No win situation. Got to move on but dang why did it have to be DTs involved? GBO!!!

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If he hadn't spent those years in the world football league or whatever it was called I think he might have put up some better nfl numbers but he is still the best college back Ive ever seen. With his size and speed he was a freak of nature. GBO

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I'm sick and tired of these wanna be Vol fans bashing people who have or do play for our team. I might get kicked for this, but guess what, it's worth it! All you fake fans, get a dang life and get the "f" off our boards!



Well said. GBO!!!

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I'm a Carter High alum living here in South Dakota. Thanks to ESPN gameplan and the extended sports package I rarely miss a game. GBO!!

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I hope bama plays that way in the NC game. How can you not pull for the SEC against another conference foe? Not pulling for your conference is like hoping one of your brothers gets beat up by a kid from another neighborhood. GBO!!!

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Just want to see us consistently hit a shot from 4 to 6 feet. Shooting the 3 is great but we easily win if we can finish the close range shots. GBO!!!

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No worries here. Can't wait to see Bryce after winter workouts with an extra 15Lbs of mass and a step quicker and some bigger OL in front of him. Can't wait for 09/18/10. GBO!!!!

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Seriously DC, do you really think LK is that excited over a 7-5 or 6-6 season? Looks like a good opportunity for some positive recruiting hype to me. We can do it with this personnel just imagine what we will do with you Mr. 5 star-recruit in the game. He knows what he's doing. GBO!!!!

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Reminded me of the way McFadden had his way with us a few years ago, pretty sure Houston Nutt remembers that one too. This was just ugly, kept waiting for EB to put a big hit on him but it just never happened. GBO!!!

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Noticed the other Reveiz kid out there making some plays, must be in the blood. GBO!!!

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bama looks to me like they look every other year. big and physical, with a running game. that's the way i've seen them every year for the last 40+ years. some years we won, some years they won. i say let's line it up saturday and play.


Well said. GBO

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C.r.a.p...I still can't get over the FL-Ark. game yesterday. The refs really helped them... Sorry about the non-subject matter. Back to Bama, I think we can beat them, but I'm not sure we will. It depends on which QB, O-line, receivers, and defense shows up.

also, can you believe i had to spell c.r.a.p like that? It was gonna change it to phooey!

Yeah, the pass interference was questionable but the personal foul was a joke. GBO!!!

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I'll watch the SEC CG with full attention not really caring who wins, can't stand Saban or Meyer, but I really don't want to watch them vs each other again for the NC. I want to be able to root for the SEC to smack around a pretender from some other conference and show the nation once again why the best football is in the SEC. GBO!!!

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Thats actually kinda funny for a troll good luck to your gators. GBO!!!

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I've been behind Kiffin for staying with JC but after this game I must say it is time for a change. Just gotta give Nick a chance now what could we possibly lose??? GBO!!!

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Wonder how long it would take to get Gerald Williams up to speed at MLB? Like his size for stuffing the run. GBO

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Heck I didn't realize he had a "passing arm". LOL GBO

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If Tennessee loses by 30, I can accept it; as long as they don't quit. I saw that happen in Neyland two years ago. Be confident and do your best!
A Florida Vol.

Agree totally, just play hard and don't give the gators easy scores. Expect to see some big hits from our defense. GOVOLS

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Just want to see us play the gators without giving them freebies. I've been a fan for over 30 years and I aint about to start bashing the young men out there wearing orange. Is JC the best QB we've had? Of course not but he's ours. Lets just hope he has a few Andy Kelly or Daryl Dickey moments in him. We aint supposed to have a chance Saturday and I can remember few other times we've proved the doubters wrong. GOBIGORANGE!!!

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I imagine this kid will become a true force on our defensive line in the next few years. His desire to prove his skeptics wrong mixed with the adversity he has already faced in his young life, self-induced or otherwise, should provide for some intense motivation. To fail after all this seems unlikely though possible. Best of luck Mr. Hood your play on the field will determine the legacy you leave behind and will more than likely sway those fans straddling the fence to one side or the other.