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Written on Pig Howard takes stab at figuring out who will start at receiver for UT:

Past Vols teams that have had stellar Olines like we have this year put up awesome numbers. Would like to see a back average 7-8 yds a carry, and it's not unheard of.

I think it was a Nebraska team back in their glory years that had 3 backs that averaged better than 6 yds/carry.

I realize we will not gain those numbers against this year's schedule--brutal as it is. We can, however, rely on our running game to pick up a third and three. The past few years, 3rd and 3 was a passing down.

This year I predict we are gonna have options on 3rd and 3. Might face less nickel back defenses this year. go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: This time, it's not Year Zero at Tennessee:

We are well above a "zero" year, but it's too bad the schedule is so brutal. We'll make a bowl; time will tell which one.

Look forward to watching this team grow. With such a great O line and solid D line (not to mention AJ the Beast!)we are gonna make some opposing teams sweat.

Need our WRs and the freshman CB to grow up quickly! Wonder if there is a steroid shot (a legal one) that can accelerate their growth? You got one cupcake to grow up on, boys. If W KY beats KY Wildcats their first game, which is possible, our tough schedule will start 7 September. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee's 'mock game' Friday will cover several scenarios :

As for who will red shirt, Dobbs has the tougher Academic schedule. Dobbs is smart and he could probably manage. Not sure if touch academics has made a difference in his progress.

A week ago, it looked as if Ferguson would have a shot at starting, and he might still before the year is out.

Since CBJ made the QBs live, Peterman has stepped it up. He likes to use his feet-- which is a good option, considering our inexperience at WR. Actually, I'd like to see an option or two next Saturday. Been a while since we have had a good running QB.

Bottom line, though, I think Whorley Bird gets the nod on Sat. Think at least two other QBs will play.

Could learn more about CBJ's red shirt intentions if we are up 6 TDs in the 3rd quarter--meaning, whether he plays the 4th QB or not. Go Vols!

Written on Even if they're freshmen, UT receivers coach Zach Azzanni 'comfortable giving the best players playing time':

Good article, Evan. It seems Coach ZA is taking a whole different approach to testing out freshmen, compared to say? Coach Strip.

although Strip has three talented freshmen, he is stacked with upper class men along the DL. Still expect to see a freshman break into the starting lineup along the DL, but it will probably be later than sooner.

Hope ZA don't pull his hair out trying to bring along this bunch of young receivers! Coach ZA seems attentive to media questions. Very engaging guy,with coaching skills to match I hope. Go Vols!

Written on 5 Big Things as Vols start camp:

Mike, I think your last line is the strongest: "A D-lineman or two could also get in the rotation." Our greatest need is a pass rush. It's gotta happen; and it will happen.

I think out of this class, the freshman that rises to a starting position first will be on the defensive line. I am excited about the incoming three defensive ends, and thinking like cream in fresh milk, one will rise to the top.

My left-handed prediction: Either Vereen, Carr, or Miller will start by the Fla game. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee's defensive players eased by the familiarity the coaching staff has with one another:

in response to OrangePsyched:

Defense will be much improved. I'm not saying that it will be great or very good but it will be much improved. I just want to see some guys fly to the ball rather than be tentative as they seemed last year.

With AJ in the middle, I'm all about our defense. What's got my eye, though, is the pass rush from our DEs. Vereen showed a burst of speed at the corner that we haven't seen since L. Little.

If possible, I am in more anticipation about the other two incoming DEs, who combined for over 50 sacks last year. Carr and Jaylen Miller are gonna be hosses. If these two work out, Vereen may end up upright, with his speed.

All three of these freshmen are gonna push for playing time early, and one will start by the Fla game. The exciting part is, at this point there's no telling which one it will be. Go Vols!

Written on After grueling summer, UT D-line coach Steve Stripling looking for progress from spring:

What a difference a year makes. Last year, the only positive that the "other coach" could muster about big McCullers was that he could maybe clog up the middle and make running the ball difficult. This year, Big Dan is a possible standout. Our D will be better all around.

What I'm most excited about is three incoming freshmen that could raise the bar at defensive end to a new level. Corey Vereen proved himself in the spring. The player that I'm most excited to see is Jaylen Miller out of Carolina. Right there with him is the highly coveted Jason Carr out of Memphis. Both Miller and Carr had over 25 sacks each last year.

All three will get PT early this year and, on a long shot, I'd say one will start by the 3rd or 4th game. The exciting part is, it could be any of the three that works their way into a starting position.

Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee Tech, not Tennessee, the 'best fit' for Charlie High :

Good luck, Charlie. Any mobile QB that completes over 70% passing is gonna score some points.

Would have been fun watching you as a Vol, but you will do well at Tech. Your future is bright; go get it.

Written on Butch Jones clean sweeps 'car wash':

In the past, when anyone worked 80-90 hours a week at something, there was usually a marked improvement...eventually. I know hard work does not equal success, but effort goes a long way toward being where we want to be...national champions! Go Vols!

Written on Antonio Barton says he will graduate Aug. 11, report to UT :

I am excited to see this seasoned veteran step into Knoxville. AB adds strength to an already strong lineup, giving the Vols the senior leadership needed to win early. By mid-Jan, though, AB is gonna have to scrap for minutes. He's got a freshman that will be pushing for PT. Go Vols!

Written on For Josh Richardson, relief found at every corner:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor agree with rclarkvols. Witch Doctor say hes become one of Witch Doctors favorite players...loves the college experience, leaves it all on the court and takes this opportunity to serve. Witch Doctor say Martin struck gold with JR.
Bones never lie.

W-D, one of my favorite players as well. JR has heart, and a nice pull-up jump shot.

Written on Changes don't change course for UT men's basketball:

Shot blocking ability is important, but doesn't seem a priority in TN recruiting. Taking a charge is a turn over. Also important.

Yemi blocked shots, several of them. He also was close to leading the team in charges taken vs minutes played. I liked Yemi's play and thought he made good progress in 1 year; sad he is gone.

I like Armani Moore. He's our best leaper and probably best shot blocker--at 6'5". The guy is very athletic, passes well, drives well, and "does something" with the basketball--besides stand there and dribble at half court. Should Moore start? Time will tell, but he will contend...somewhere.

We have some good talent this year, some of the best in years. I'm looking for which basketball player will blossom this year, kinda like D. Sapp did at LB in spring football. Let the cream rise to the top. Go Vols!

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

in response to mocsandvolsfan:

P.S. UTC could use a big guy...and a coach and an AD.

If UTC gets Yemi, I'll buy season tickets to the Mocs! If they had a coach...and an AD.

Written on Orange and White Game offers road map for summer improvement:

in response to leedsvol2007:

I started following Tennessee football watching highlight films the night before our Saturday high school football games as a high school player in Northern NJ.

Later I enrolled as a student in 1969 and had the good fortune to see many great teams during my four years in school and have thrilled with our highs and suffered with our lows since.

I went to the spring game yesterday and came away convinced that we as alumni and fans need to be realistic about where we are and where we need to go to contend for and hopefully win an SEC/National Championship.

First it looks like we have the coach and the staff to do it. They are enthusiastic, have a plan, and understand they have to energize the fan base, recruit better talent, and get our current players to play with enthusiasm, poise and correct technique.

If we want to get Tennessee back to the level of Neyland, Dickey, Majors, & Fulmer in their best years we have to understand it is unless we are very lucky it is going to be about a five year process.

That process is going to be get this group of players playing at a high level and winning all the games we against the teams that we are competitive with.

Then we have to have several back to back great recruiting classes and we have to get some difference makers in those classes.

Finally we as fans and alumni need to be satisfied with progress and not want to get new coaches each time we lose a game over the next couple of years.

Hopefully this team can be like Doug Dickey's first team. They finished at a 500 winning percentage, tied a great Alabama team and played their butts off. Dickey has said that team set the table for his later higher level of success.

From what I saw yesterday these kids look like they have the guts and character to do it.

If so it is going to be a good first step.


I'm with you. Yesterday looked as if we are a step away from greatness. I saw promise, but only a seed of success. I think 3-4 freshmen will make an immediate impact.

Written on CAK's Charlie High bulking up for QB transition to Tennessee:

We have the great "crop" of 5 QBs at UT. I think Charlie could start in most SEC programs, maybe all of them. (Probably Miss St would have been a good fit?)

Glad you stayed home in Knoxville, Charlie, and hope you get your shot. I think you are a winner and will succeed at UT. Your day will come. Go Vols!

Written on Rawane Ndiaye signs with Tennessee:

It appears to me that Martin is sayin' something like, "The tail don't wag the dog." If two players declare, the last minute I might add, that they are getting an NBA eval, then Martin signs two more players. Makes sense to me.

These guys are young men and making career decisions for their life. Martin, on the other hand, is being paid to be the UT college coach. He has to be prepared for the situation that both of these guys can still declare for the draft and go pro--even McRae--until the 28th.

Take care of the Vols, CCM, and let these "young adults" do what they must. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee leaves door open for Marlin Lane's possible return:

in response to antonio14313:

"Jones was asked who had impressed him this spring. Here's his list: RBs Alden Hill and Rajion Neal; LB Dontavis Sapp; DB Justin Coleman; OLs James Stone, Zach Fulton and Ja'Wuan James; and QBs Justin Worley and Nathan Peterman."

QBs justin worley AND QBs nathan peterman BOTH impresses coach jones. I LIKE! go vols!


I LIKE! is right!

From my viewpoint, we have 5 very good QBs. The Knoxville walk-on may get reps (72% completion rate) before it's over.

At QB, O-line, and safety we have serious talent! Go Vols!

Written on Rawane Ndiaye commits to Tennessee basketball; Vols now two scholarships over limit:

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Exactly, Groovy. Martin was a winning coach last year with 80% of scoring declaring for NBA. Harris thought he made the right choice; Scotty...probably not, but in his defense, his senior year would have been with a new coach. The point is, Martin took basically 4 freshmen and had a winning team by the end of the year.

This past year was a disappointment in so many ways. My fav two players are Richardson and Moore--both are back, and one or both could start next year, but where?

My thinking is, after Stokes, McRae, and JM, the other two positions are open. Hubbs will likely take a starting wing position; the other is a battle for point guard, of which we have 4-5 to choose from. My guess is Darius Thompson wins the PG spot.

That leaves Golden, Richardson, and Moore--all former starters--coming off the bench. YM rotates inside, along with Moore. That's a 9-man rotation, about all CCM likes to handle. Future is bright and I like our chances next year.

That leaves the question, why did Martin take the big guy? I think it was for Stokes' development. He signed a 5-star player with unlimited potential, whose only fault is playing below the rim. Last year, the shot blockers absolutely ate Stokes' lunch and he disappeared amongst the trees, so to speak. Bringing on the new shot blocker toughens Stokes up in practice; he gets better next year; develops a jump shot; learns to shoot free throws; all is well. Go Vols!

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

Thanks, McRae. You just filled TBA next year. If I wasn't 5 hours from Knoxville, I would own season tickets next year.

If Stokes goes pro, we are still a pre-season top-20 team. If he comes back, we are top 10 and picked either first or second in SEC--which will go from a down year to one of the strongest leagues next year.

This will be a very strong team, and maybe first final four. Go Vols!

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

in response to eb502us#225637:

The whole McRae to the NBA talk is a big joke. His skills in no way shape or form translate to the NBA.

He will still play after college, but it will be in front of an audience whose first language is something other than English.

I spent 7 years in Europe with the Army and loved every minute of living abroad. I know you are poking fun at McRae's basketball skills, but I think he can play anywhere he wants. The NBA carries prestige of being the best competition, but life is more than that.

If I had the choice of NBA or playing overseas, I would pick abroad. It's one thing to visit, quite another to live in another country. I say, get off the couch; go somewhere; do something!

Written on Tennessee secondary still primary request:

in response to tovolny:

Byron Moore never understood his position last year. He seemed to line up at the wrong place and then do the wrong thing on almost every play last year. Now, he appears to actually know how to make tackles and what to do when defending the red zone. This tells me he may be getting coached better. Daniel Hood looks to be playing defense as opposed to taking up space. I wish these guys well as I understand they are fine and fun individuals. We are short now on running backs. But, you know, Channing Fugate used to have running skills in high school. Maybe we should think about moving him back on the other side of the line and see what he can do as an occasional runner from the fullback spot. Fugate has been under-used, in my opinion. He is not a play maker type, but he can play. We have every body type possible, I say find a couple that looks like, Jim Brown, Herschel Walker, or Eddy George and coach them up...if only it could be that easy. I'll back off now and turn the team back over to Butch Jones.

Channing Fugate at running back would be music to my ears. The boy was a hoss in high school. Not sure about his LB skills, but he had good vision and kept hold of the ball.

The former head guy (can hardly say Dooley and coach in the same sentence) never believed in Fugate; guess he was looking for a different body type or something?

Jabo Lee may be the knight in armor come the summer. He ran well out of NC and could challenge for the starting roll, if he qualifies academically.

Written on Vols' QB battle likely to continue into summer:

in response to nocleats:

This battle will go back and forth all season in my opinion.. I hope the fans will remember that it will take more than a season to install this new offense and many times the offenses failure wont be the QBs fault at all.. WR running or reading wrong route, RB missing a pick up block or going to the wrong hole on a read, or OLine calling the wrong blocking assignment, all very real probabilities for a totally new offensive system.

I expect this offense to be a bit more mobile than last year, with the QB moving around more in the pocket, and rolling out. This O line will be up for whatever task/play CB calls--the "big uglies" are slimming down and already got major skills.

We have four good QBs on scholarship and even a walk-on that could start for many D-1 schools--his senior year, he completed over 72% of his passes. This is gonna be a great QB race this summer. Can't wait to see the "cream" rise to the top! Go Vols!

Written on Coaches offer no timetable on return of Marlin Lane:

After Saturday's scrimmage and listening to the whole Stripling interview last night, I am optimistic our defensive line will be a strong point this year. If these guys we have now can get past our very stacked O-line, they are pretty good. Think both lines are challenging each other.

What's even more exciting for me are these two stud defensive ends coming in this summer. If coach Stripling can bring them along--talk about pass rushers! One had like 27 sacks last year; the other had 29!

My left-handed comment: I bet Murray and McCarron won't complete as many passes while running for their lives or laying on their backs. Go Vols!

Written on John Adams: UT quarterback race might not end in September:

in response to Rumblefish:

John Adams,
Where in this article are you telling even the most "casual" of Tennessee football followers something they didn't already know???

Come on man. You acutally get paid for this??? Stick to womens basketball please. You see how many comments your articles on the lady vols generate, right?--hardly any.

QB question with Simms and/or Bray starting. Simms had trouble and was replaced.--Breaking news there!

Tennessee currently has QB issues and one might be replaced if he doesn't perform.---Shocking insight! That doesn't happen at any other major college program anywhere!!--hahahahahaha

Seriously man??? How about some actual "reporting", instead of re-hashing something that every college/university goes through.

What is your point in this?--That if a QB does bad that he will be replaced by his competition?--Just brilliant! (insert sarcasm)

I found an intelligent, insightful part to a JA article--its comments. I've traveled to 40 countries and have found their local reporters writing in English, their second language, produce more thought-inspired writing than our own foreigner, JA.

Written on The addition of Darius Thompson means someone is going or someone isn't coming on Vols' roster:

Good article, BfQ, and interesting to see how CCM plays this out. We haven't had a true point guard at UT in ages, by "true" meaning a player that is less of a threat to score. If Landry is that fast to where he can push the ball up the court at lightning speed, then it would be as much an asset as liability.

If Thompson is all that and a bag of chips, then he takes up reserve PG time next year and Landry would choose greener pastures (and more PT) elsewhere. Hope Landry stays though, just to see what the Vols look like with a true PG on the floor.

Right now, I'm watching Stokes and McRae with "worms on the tip of my tongue"--bated breath. Go Vols!

Written on Vols believe they can have elite offensive line:

in response to gillblog:

As I've said before, I don't know how this coaching staff will turn out in the end but at the very least they generate a feeling there are football people in control.

right. instead of lawyers. Go Vols!

Written on UT running backs coach Robert Gillespie to be paid $300,000:

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. We "almost" got one of four good running backs in 2013, but each one went a different way. The need was there; early playing time was available; we got a pretty good back, but not highly recruited--so, the jury is still out.

Now we have two running backs verbally committed for 2014, one of which is a 5-star back and maybe the top player available in our state. Yes, it's a verbal commitment, but that's the best back we have had committed in three years.

I actually thing Coach Graham could have sealed the Hurd commitment eventually, but it didn't happen before he left. CRG gets the credit for the verbal from Jalen Hurd, which pads his coaching resume' and brings mega-talent to Knoxville.

If Hurd is all that, and I think he will be another great back from a long line of great backs at Tennessee, then CRG is worth every dime the school pays him. In fact, instead of a bowl bonus, perhaps there ought to be a 5-star signing bonus for recruiters. Then the bowl appearances will surely follow. Go Vols!

Written on Focus for Tennessee quarterbacks is leadership, avoiding interceptions:

What is hauntingly absent are comments on our defensive line. With coaches being silent suggests two things: our very talented OL is smoking those guys; and two, incoming freshmen are going to get a long, long look.

Appears we have two stud defensive ends coming in. If either of these DEs can get past Tiny this fall in practice, that's almost good enough for SEC all-freshmen status before the season starts. Go Vols!

Written on Forbes: Tennessee has 14th most valuable men's basketball program:

I believe that $6.4 million only came "through" the academics department; they got it from the football program, like every year, but this year gave it back to the sports dept because of low sells to Neyland Stadium.

Written on Mike Strange: Competition every rep is Butch Jones' message to Vols:

Quit giving Mike the big head; he already knows he's the best writer in Knoxville. Back on topic...

Moore is right in that no one wants to be embarrassed. Better to find a weakness in March, than be exposed in September.

Of the three phases of coaching: recruiting, coaching and motivating in practice, and game-time coaching, these guys are proven recruiters. Reeling in two pass-rushing DEs--one of which they took from Alabama--and two stud QBs was proof enough for me that these guys can recruit. Singularly, we did not lock in the stud RB we needed in 2013...CJG is gone. Now we have CRG and two RB verbals for 2014, one a 5-star RB.

Second, motivation seems high in practice. Glad he took those green jerseys off. With five stud QBs, these guys need the chance to prove themselves in a live situation. Third, my bet goes down that CBJ can also coach at game-time. Go Vols!

Written on Riyahd Jones' long journey to SEC has unlikely ending at Tennessee:

Really like where our defense is going. We needed a pass-rushing DE with a quick first step--we now have two freshmen coming in. We needed a third linebacker--Brewer moved to LB last week, plus JR-M. We needed a lock-down corner--hoping R Jones can fit the bill; if so, our defense is looking good. Go Vols!

Written on First Vols' situational football scrimmage has some real drama at the end:

Notwithstanding the northern accent, I am so glad CBJ don't sound like a lawyer when he talks. The last three years of the former dude's "talking down to people" lawyer-speak got a little old.

CBJ gets it. From communication with the media, welcoming former players, addressing key contributors, and chatting with fans: seems like this entire coaching staff gets it. Looking for wins 'cause I'd like to see these guys hang around Knoxville a while. Go Vols!

Written on PG Darius Thompson likes Cuonzo Martin, UT program:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say if you only knew how to troll you would be more effective...looks needy.
Bones never lie.

In boxing they might say, "And Witchy nails the dope (err, I mean bobe) with a right cross that leaves him laying on the canvas!) Go Vols!

Written on UT signee Robert Hubbs says Vols will 'do some damage' in NCAA tournament:

in response to VolGrad:

If Stokes remains, and he should, Hubbs coming in could be a boost to our recruiting as well. Winning more games would also help. Maymon, Stokes, Hubbs and if McRae stays....

Just saying....

That just sounds too good; I must've missed something somewhere. That can't be right.

How many juniors that will return has been on my mind since McRae poured in 35 and Stokes started AVERAGING a double-double in SEC play. Both have made such tremendous strides and are playing at such a high level, but I still feel in my heart that both can learn something valuable by playing another year under CCM.

If all players return and remain healthy, we beat most teams by 30 points and walk away with SEC crown in 2014. May break final four for the first time. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Bubble watch shines spotlight on Vols, SEC tournament:

in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

That's exactly what I was thinking. The only sure way for the Vols to go dancing is to win the SEC tournament. Martin should have these guys pushing all the way to the finish, not throwing up their hands and hoping for a lucky break.

I have to admit...coming from Martin...that's a pretty strange thing to say and a pretty non-Martin-ish sentiment to possess.

If UT wants to get into the NCAA on the bubble, a win over Bama would go a long way to securing that berth.

Seems logical and I'm with your thinking the Alabama win is the clincher. In a head-to-head, Alabama looks pretty good against the Vols. They beat us by 3 points, albeit on their home court, and are seeded higher in the SEC tourney than we are. We have a better strength of schedule, but I couldn't give our Vols the nod over Ala today. We gotta beat the Tide to make things right. That's right after we thrash SC again. Go Vols!

Written on Vols staying fresh in order to avoid saving legs in SEC tournament :

in response to GreeneVol:

No wonder McRae can't gain any weight!

Was really impressed with Cheivous' play Saturday against his pop's alma mater...hoping Edwards can rise to the occassion.

Thought "Q" has a spurt that really kept the Vols in the game; that was just before McRae kicked it into gear. With 7 points and 5 rebounds, Q had half of a double-double. So what would that be, a single-single? half-half? Like Q's hustle, though.

Asking Edwards, a guy who has not contributed all year, to suddenly step up and be a threat is a little iffy. I like Edwards' play and hope he steps up. Not sure if that might be a diversion of some type for the other team's scout team to wonder about. I hope Edwards can have a "see the light" moment and magically start producing. Hope does spring eternal. Go Vols!

Written on Cuonzo Martin says Missouri win is biggest so far at UT:

in response to VolGrad:

I understand how the victory over Missouri is the biggest thus far for this team and this coach. It is the timing; it is about what is at stake. It is also true that Missouri was probably a more "complete" team than either Florida or Kentucky at the time we played those guys. But historically, how many will remember this win over the stomping of Kentucky or even the streak against Florida?

Yet for this year, at this moment, and in regard to what is at stake right now..., I suppose Missouri is the biggest win. Nonetheless, this victory would simply have been merely too little, too late without the ones before it.

As far as that goes, if we don't win one or two in the SEC Tourney... it may still all be "too little, too late."

But this group has taken me from the depths of despair just 10 or 11 games ago, to believing again. I like their chances now more than I ever have. Between the 4 OT victory on the road at A&M and this comeback against Missouri, these guys have so much more composure in pressure situations, more maturity overall. That should bode well going into this weekend.

Go Vols! Keep Winning!!!

Knowing I could only attend two games at the beginning of the season due to time restraints and distance, I picked Xavier and Missouri. Missouri was my first pick, partly because they are new to the SEC and I haven't seen them live; but also because of their history on the court.

The two new SEC members have give some major excitement in their first encounters with the Vols: An overtime loss to Missouri in football (attended); a four overtime win at TX A&M; and our win over Missouri, quickly labeled as our best win of the season.

I am glad we beat KY and FLA, which are rivals of old. It did my heart good to see the big blue wollering in the mud. This Missouri win, considering their rich basketball history, to me was sweeter still. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Win over Missouri brings Vols all the way back:

Best game I've seen the Vols play, against a very talented team. It was the first Vols game my granddaughter has attended. Some good memories. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Justin Worley hopes to capitalize on head start:

Having watched game film from all five QBs, I would take all five. We are blessed at QB and our cup runs over. Unfortunately, one will start, two will have hope, and one or two will leave. But still guys...five QBs! When has the Vols ever been so lucky.

One might consider a walk-on to have the least likely chance of starting, but I am not in that crowd. Charlie High is an impressive young QB by any standard. He has a quick, accurate release, plus reads into the second and third receiver; the numbers don't lie--a career with over 10,000 yds passing and a 72% completion rate.

My left-handed comment: we have five legit QB candidates and what is building up as one of the best QB battles I've seen or heard of in my 50+ years. Let the "cream" rise to the top. Go Vols!

Written on Jarnell Stokes burns midnight oil to shoot straight at free-throw line :

He's too stiff on the foul line, like he just had a heavy lift day--which reduces feeling in the hands from the grip and heavy bar. Gotta lift, just not on game day. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee's best players played when they had to:

Very well said; this article hits the crux of the next three games--show up and do your job. We can't afford for our "big three" to take a day off or show up with a headache. The team needs to take care of their bodies and minds, come prepared to play and give what it takes.

On a personal note, this will be my granddaughter's first UT game--a packed TBA and the post-tournament on the line. It's so worth the three hour drive for her to see this. I'm a little excited to, well I will be after we take care of business. Go Vols!

Written on For Vols, Auburn game one of two 'we've got to win':

It's gut-check time. Vols got a mission and the team to do it, question is, will they. Media are trying to distract McRae about whether he goes pro, and to think--the young man came off the bench at the first of the season.

McRae played summer-league ball and averaged about 25 points a game. CCM has made Jordan a better defensive player, but that wasn't done on the bench. We could have used his point production against Georgetown and Virginia, then we would not be talking bubble, but what seed the Vols would be in. And Jordan would be in the national player of the year conversation.

Hope CCM doesn't sit our 5-star SG on the bench next year to teach him defensive lessons. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Vols claim the biggest prize left — Florida:

This team showed heart, and surprisingly Florida did not. Can't get over how they laid down and wet on themselves like a whipped puppy. Maybe it was Stokes putting that #20 size shoe up their A@@ that silenced the Gators; or maybe McRae hanging 27 on them; or stifling defense; or superb bench play; or heads-up coaching? Whatever it is causing these guys to give that extra little bit, I like it.

Everybody enjoys winning; every team wants to win. Difference is, this team believes they can win. If we win out, then win the SEC tourney (next 6 games) we are in the NCAA tourney at like a 6th seed. Go Vols!

Written on Vols get chance to back motto and 'Make a Statement' against Florida :

another good article, looking inside the team, explaining why this or that is happening. We fans see the game, but we don't see the practices; we don't see the locker room. While wins and losses measure the success of a team, what happens behind the scenes defines the reason for success or failure. Team is looking good from my viewpoint. I, for one, appreciate in-depth reporting. Go Vols!

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

in response to formerflgranny:

Poor Adams, He would make a much better funeral home director than he is as a writer.

Now that's funny right there!

The comments are usually better than an Adams article.

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Great article. As I read it, I remembered each of those moments, but not until after I read this. There was just too many things to try to remember. I'm going to listen to the last few minutes & the OT's on just to relive it all. I set the DVR, but of course I didn't allow enough time.

For anyone who gets WVLT2, try to catch a replay of The Locker Room. I think it's on tomorrow night. Coach Tony Jones set it straight on Skylar's defense for those who aren't believers. Ryan Childress also did. And Cuonzo did on the post-game show when he said he put Skylar on Turner because his defense was better than Josh's at the time. I think that allowed a fresher Richardson to be all over Turner when he took over later in the game.

correct, if you missed the game or want to watch it again, you can watch the game here:

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Mine being the first comment shows this article is an "under the radar" piece. Anyway, seeing the total picture helps reality be what it is...

I would call the piece a "second phase analysis" article and think it's well done. I have been an information analyst for the past 30 years, and there are facts that come out after a few hours of crunching the data that can't be derived in a few minutes.

This article brings out some insight on what CCM was thinking as he battled Tx A&M's coach during the overtimes. The players execute, true, but strategy won this game--strategy and gutsy play. Both the players and Coach Martin shined. Go Vols!

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Dang it!! Didn't have my DVR setup to record long enough. Missed the last 1:30 mins of the last overtime.

Oh well. GO VOLS!!!

I was listening to the game on the long drive to a gig last night. Kept calling my wife to extend the recording. Finally watched the game last night/this morning about 1AM. We still won! Go Vols!

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I like where we are; I like what we're doing; and I like our chances on Saturday. Go Vols!