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Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

Coach Fulmer did us proud. It was sad to see his teams flounder the last three years. If he could have got a great offensive coordinator we would not have gotten to the point we did. I know he is bitter. Most of us would be. He loved UT and still does. He was not a great coach but he won with talent but at least he could get the talent. The fact that no one ever seriously looked at him as a head coach anywhere speaks volumes about how far he fell in the eyes of the coaching world. I hope that he is enjoying life and I hope that one day the animosity aimed towards him for his last three years will eventually go away. Many of us remember the great years he had. I loved him and Coach Majors but Coach Majors would have a ten win season followed by a 6-5 season. There was never any consistency. Fulmer gave us great teams year after year until the end. Could he have turned it around? Yes if he could have hired a great Offensive co. and had he got the fire back in him but we will never know for sure. Adams wrote the truth and Coach Fulmer should conduct himself with dignity and not bring up stuff like he did in an interview.

Written on Quarterbacks center of attention for UT coaches in scrimmage:

I also am from Pulaski and Giles county. I am a Civil War buff and I apologize for the drunk that is ranting stuff that makes no sense. I guess he is a bandwagon bama fan. He tries to say that bama did not get overrun during the war and that is true. Neither side felt bama was worth invading or fighting for.His rants are silly and in no way representative of the people of Giles county. He is proof that anyone with a computer can speak ignorance

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in response to tovolny:

Class is for people like Bobby Bowden. This guy, knowing he lost, was gracious enough to come to Knoxville to help celebrate the 98 NC. He knew by his attendance a lot of money could be directed to St. Judes. Fulmer showed a lot of class also by being there.

And to the guy on the previous post dissing Coach Summitt...don't let me catch you in the Wal-Mart parking lot....I know who you are...and there will be a battle right there on the pavement. In Tennessee, you don't just knock Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, James K. Polk, Davy Crockett, Alvin York, Dolly Parton, Minnie Pearl, Elvis Presley, Peyton Manning, AND Pat Summitt without receiving some feedback and retaliation. So to you I say: quit sucking those big sour pickles from up north.

you left out John Ward. No one ever is allowed to dis John Ward

Written on Jacob Carter asked to lead group of receivers he's behind in Tennessee's depth chart:

love our coaches so far, just wished they were not michigan men hope they learn to speak properly and learn southern manners

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

this is going to be a close game wku has some major talent and major coaching. UT should not overlook this team at all. I am a UT fan and have been for 50 years but I live in Bowling Green and teach at WKU and follow them as my second team. If they have a qb this will be a lot closer game than what I want. Go Vols

Written on Tennessee Tech, not Tennessee, the 'best fit' for Charlie High :

anyone not wishing this young man the best really should keep their posts to themselves. Hey kid, do great and get a great education.

Written on At 'Meet Your Seats' event, UT tries to woo fans back to Neyland:

Lower the prices. It is a full day of travel for me to go to a game and then you have a fee that prohibits many fans. I realize that that it costs a lot of money to run a program but people in the seats for a lower price makes a lot more sense than high priced tickets and empty seats. I pull for the Vols win or lose. I try to see a game each year in the major sports but not everyone can afford them.

Written on What is the best way to increase student attendance at home UT football games?:

win games do not play thug music like some suggested and do not sell beer there are more than enough loud obnoxious drunks at the game as it is. students, like fans want a team they can be proud of and we havent had that in a over half a decade. Give the tickets to the students and lower the price for the fans. they have outpriced the product and the event since everything is on tv except the pitiful out of conference games which no one really wants to watch

Written on Mike Strange: Twelve guys who would like to spoil Tennessee's day in football next season:

had to be the worst coached defensive team ever put on the field for UT last year. we will not beat the big boys this year but we can probably slow them down more than last year even if we let cheerleaders play

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

folks I have little to say on this. Vandy has some of the dumbest people I have ever met so no we do not want to be the vandy of east tennessee. UT will fix the problem. The turmoil of the last five years has brought about a lot of bad stuff and it can be fixed. We have a problem. It will be fixed within a year. Adams is not the problem. He writes to provoke and in this he is effective. He, I am sure, would rather write negative stuff in prosperous times than in bad times such as we have had. UT will be fixed but Adams will not.

Written on Poll: Which first-year SEC football coach will win the most games next season?:

6 wins will be good a good season Mizzou will beat us since it is at Mizzou. They (Mizzou) are a good addition to the sec, not so much in football but in several other sports. Glad they are with us. Seven wins would be great and looking for great things the next few years after that. I am afraid of WKU this year. I am looking for great things year after next and for a few years to come. Oh how great it will be to have a good program again. Been way to long

Written on Vanderbilt routs ETSU 9-1:

good season etsu wished you could have beat the commodores

Written on Bill Battle knows how much UT-Alabama rivalry matters:

Bill Battle did not do a great job coaching for UT. He got the job while he was to young. The man is an example though of how to bounce back after a huge disappointment. He was fired and treated poorly by UT fans and yet he established a company that made him millions of dollars. All the while he never expressed bitterness and always conducted himself as a fine southern gentleman. I hate that he is connected with bama again but I am sure it is a job that makes him proud. I wish him continued success except against UT.

Written on John Adams: Gap widening between SEC and everybody else:

If the beat writers knew what was goin on in the south back in the day Notre dumb would never have won a national championship they played no one and the writers knew about no one other than the big 10 and ND.

Written on Mike Strange: Brandon Fickey did it for 'Knoxville, team and Tennessee':

surely the phrase Tennessee Tough will make it on tshirts and bumper stickers somehow I love the phrase

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

hope the kids learns some humility from this but he doesnt seem to be able to learn things very well. I hope he makes a roster and ends up having a good career. He told his closest friends when he came on campus that he would be leaving after his junior season. He stuck with his plan even though he had not developed as a qb or a person. He should have reevaluated but at the same time look what kind of teams he had to play on and the turmoil in coaching. I would say that playing at UT (something most of us would think would be the pinnacle) was not much fun at all.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

lets hope for the most important thing, that these two young men get their head on straight and do good. Sorry to see this happen no one should be suprised

Written on Lady Vols win SEC, but Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison injured:

great accomplishment yet there are about six teams that UT just can not compete with on the national level. An elite eight would be another major accomplishment for this team. Maybe that will get some big time recruits headed back to Knoxville. We need a superstar big player.

Written on Source: Graham was offered $40,000 raise to $300,000:

Jay Graham is obviously looking to enhance his climb up the coaching ladder. FSU is primed to be a top five team. He gets more responsibility there and most likely has far better running backs to work with. Jones didnt mess up except he probaly should have addressed the pay scale a lot earlier but doubt he feels he has much wiggle room to be spending more money since UT owes everyone in coaching severance pay

Written on Tennessee's Class of 2012 has dwindled, but those remaining could still have role to play :

with this years schedule we will win only 6 games and that will not be easy but hopefully we can start climbing out of this pit we are in

Written on Peyton Manning joins six ex-Vols for Pro Bowl:

I miss coach Fulmer. He lost his fire and he made a terrible hire for his offensive coordinator and it killed his chance to bring things back to where he had it. He must be making some good money and enjoying his life now because even if he is not a hot canidate for a coach one would have to think he has been looked at as an AD at some colleges.

Written on Decision for UT, Jeronne Maymon looming:

I hope his knee gets better period. I wished he was back now. This team is one ugly tea. If they can just barely beat the pitiful little teams they have been playing it is going to be ugly in the SEC even with the SEC down in talent. Hoping they can find some offense. Hoping for the best

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

first: UT fans (many of them) have shown themselves to be idiots for four years now talking about Gruden. 2nd. Kiffin is a liar whose lies are catching up to him and he and his mouth made UT look bad in the eyes of everyone except for the worst of fans and players. 3rd. Dooley was in over his head. He should stick with being a lawyer although I cant see him being a good one. 4th I dont like hiring a Michigan man. If he is great he will return to the barren wasteland called the big 10. 5th. I am behind him 100% and hope he is a great coach. We will be 6-6 next year regardless of who is coaching but the second year we will see what we have in a coach. Hoping for the best. Being down for six years has really taken the joy out of the fall for me

Written on Butch Jones promises 'best staff in the country' :

do you folks not read. Trooper is one of the reasons Auburn is going to get busted. We do not need him. Chavis will not come back unless Fulmer is the head coach. Really do you not read or listen to news. Why keep bringing up stuff that has alread been settled. I want to love this guy but a Michigan man via Cinncinatti who brings a bama guy with him as recruiting co-ordinator is not the kind of thing I would have hoped for but he may be and I hope he is a great hire but we have to be patient we will be 6-6 next year and then from that we can see what we have as a coach

Written on Online reaction swift to Butch Jones' hire:

people that keep pointing out he has recruited very few three and four star players would you please stop it. Do you think you could talk a super star into going to Cinncinnati to play football?? Of course not. He will get big time players at UT after he turns the program back to a winner the stars will come. If he is a mediocre coach he will do better than what we have endured the past four years. The tough thing is he has a murderous schedule next year.

Written on Mike Strange: Virginia, Georgetown, it's one long struggle for Vols :

sad pathetic display of basketball either someone fires up this offense or the basketball season is going to look like the football season. where is mayman?

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

once again people have jumped the gun. I am at least hoping that UT fans will never bring Gruden up again. It just plain makes the total fan base look clueless. I am not high on Strong, I am hoping we are not foolish enough to even consider Petrino, and no one but Clay Travis and the three hundred vandy fans like Franklin. I know Gundy is not even considering leaving his school. He is playing us for a raise. Now having said all of that I do not have a clue who we are going to get, Strong seems to be the best of what we are hearing but I do not think he is coming. He will own the ACC

Written on Five Vols named AP All-SEC :

man the bama and ga people are going to go crazy over this not enough from either team on this list to suit them. On Petrino, please do not tell me anyone seriously wants this guy with all of his baggage and his lack of loyalty to his wife or his family or any team he has coached for

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

it is a sad time to know that UT has been groveling to get a coach now for five years. Two times we have reached down to the bottom of the barrel to get what was left, we got a liar and a jerk, and a guy that cant coach. Do we really have to go through this again. We have looked foolish now for five years with the Gruden talk and I hope never ever to hear UT fans be stupid about him again. Now we are trying to hire a guy who is doing nothing but looking for a big raise. Gundy is not leaving OK state. If he did why would we want him? He would not stay if he did come. We need long term stability.

Written on What is your reaction to Jon Gruden not being UT's next football coach?:

I honestly should not be suprised that after embarrassing ourselves for five years talking up Gruden that we now have fans that have stooped to wanting to hire Petrino. I am amazed at how low UT fans will go

Written on Sporting News: Duke, North Carolina to SEC a real possibility:

the sec wants Va Tech and one of the North Carolina teams look for NC STate and neither of the ones mentioned in this article

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

Coach Fulmer will never coach at UT again and I dont blame him if he doesnt want to but some of these programs like UK would be fortunate to get him. I imagine he will end up at a mid major program if he coaches again

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' Tyler Bray isn't ready for NFL:

he is going into the draft. This was his plan from the moment he arrived here. He has been the lead clown in a circus of futility. He has the talent and if he can get a good coach and a better attitude he will be an NFL player, whether he is starter or not I dont know. My guess and of course that is all it is, he will be a starter in couple of years of learning and having to work. If he doesnt work hard then he will be cut after the first year

Written on An early look at candidates to replace Derek Dooley as Vols' coach:

some of yall just do not keep up with college football Tressel cant coach for a while. Gruden is not coming but if he did what kind of resume does he have. If you hire a coach from texas he will leave for another job back in texas. Meyers is in a big time job and would never coach at UT. Charlie Strong is making big money and gets to play the big east which is saying he wins nine games a year playing nobodies. So far yall have not named a single canidate that is a serious one. Petrino,..really... you have to be kidding on that one. We have had our sleeze for the century in Kiffin. No more of that nonsense. Now having said all of that.. I dont know who is out there and dont see anyone to be real excited about. I am hoping Hart works quick before what few good ones our there are snapped up

Written on Mizzery in OT: Another failure in SEC for Vols, 51-48 :

this team can not beat vandy. I hate saying that, man do I hate saying that. I am old timey Vol and remember that you are supposed to hate two things in life, bama and vandy. Florida joined the list to make it three. The jerk at vandy will outcoach dooley in every way possible. I dont see how we can lose to UK but that was the same last year so who knows. I expect and hope to hear that Coach Dooley is fired no later than Monday morning. I hope the DC is fired before this night is over

Written on Lady Vols off to a humbling start :

sad but this is not going to end pretty hope they did not give Holly a long term contract. A good assistant does not mean a good head coach. UT players should have won this without any coaching at all

Written on Tennessee coach Derek Dooley stepping into bigger role in struggling defense :

the first thing he should have done is fired sal sometime Sunday and made a janitor his DC.. I believe you could let guys line up anyway they want on the field and could stop more big plays than they are now without a drop of coaching involved

Written on Kentucky fires football coach Joker Phillips:

Fulmer is not going to be hired by UK they will go with a younger guy. No one is going to hire Fulmer on the D1 level even tho he was a great coach. Why in the world hasnt Dooley made a statement by firing his defensive coach. It would not save his job but it would at least show he knows a problem when he sees one

Written on UT's 'embarrassing' defense goes from bad to record worst :

fire sunseri today that is all I have to say Worst coached defense ever at UT I want to find the people that critized the Chief and punch them in the mouth we had it so good

Written on Tennessee's 2013 football schedule released:

we had better hope WKU loses Taggert this year or they will beat us They are a very good team and will be even better next year It is going to be ugly no matter who is coach. Bray and all three receivers will be gone. I include Zach Rogers because he has been the second best receiver and the most dependable of the year Not at talented of course just has been doing a better job of catching the ball

Written on Vols hold players-only meeting, say 'things are going to change' :

The people that bring up Gruden's name have to be some of the most ill informed fans in the universe. The man is not interested. He would not work in college. What is it in Knoxville that causes people to continue to bring his name up. Please stop it. It has been going on for five-six years and it is one of the most foolish things that appear on this discussion board. Please please, for mercys sake dont keep bringing it up. Having said all of that, Dooley is gone and so is most of the offensive talent this year. We start all over again but I think things are in place for a quick turn around although we will be competing with several other good programs that will be willing to hire the best. I am hoping we will hire early and do a good job of it. I was hoping Dooley would make it but shoot it just is not going to happen.

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

well, hope we can find a coach that can turn things around quickly it has been far to long since we were a decent team that you could feel good about

Written on What's your feeling about the Vols after the Georgia game?:

I honestly dont know what to feel. I saw more heart, even tho there was no defense, in this game than any game since the LSU loss/win from two years ago. It was the one reason to me for optimism in that they did not quit which they clearly have done in past games when they fell behind. This time they stayed with it. I know the defense carried us for years of glory with a good offense but this year it is a pretty good offense trying to catch up to a defense that is non existent once you get past the first man, then there is no one after that to tackle anyone. Our recievers are also dropping easy passes except for Zach Rogers who is playing like a star compared to his first three years. I mean he is making some big catches and taking some licks and still holding on the ball. Hunter still does not have what he had last year.

Written on John Adams: Vols will keep it respectable between the hedges :

I love the Vols and will always be for them. Now for what I am afraid is reality. UG 41-UT 21

Written on Tennessee has chance to redeem Florida loss with game at No. 5 Georgia :

hard to see us winning any of the four and dont see us beating Missouri 6-6 at best New coaching search begins publicly in Nov. Sure was hoping Dooley would do a good job and he has at least got the talent level back up for which we can all be thankful. Just dont see the coaching that is needed. Maybe he will work wonders and win 2 out of the next 4 but just dont see it happening.

Written on John Adams: No need for an explanation; just check back after next 4 games :

6-6 will be a struggle for us I, like most fans, had super high hopes but reality has set in

Written on Derrick Brodus more concerned about scoring points than breaking barriers :

Please dont start the Gruden talk He is not going to come to UT

Written on Vols land No. 12 basketball prospect Hubbs over Duke, Kentucky, Vandy :

in response to EightLetters:

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Hilltoppers 32 ukittens 31 three touchdowns by a guy that ukittens didnt offer a scholarship

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come on folks we will lose four games in a row starting after Akron. I hope I am wrong. I hope I look like one of those bitter fans that eat their words. I thought we had reached a point where we were not great but competitve but last night showed we have a team that quits after the first half. We have a coaching staff that is not getting it done. It was a humiliating loss to a team that is only pretty good. The bama game and the Georgia game will be bad bad bad. Doubt very seriously we can hang with Missouri and Vandy as bad as they are will play the best game of the year against us. A coaching change is on the way. If the right man is hired we will win right away with the talent that Dooley brought in but could not coach up. As good as bray can be he is not a leader and surely we can find a running back. Bama has five of them. Maybe we can borrow one. Hunter is playing scared. How many passes did he drop that was in the numbers? Sorry trying to forget the bitterness that this game has brought me