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It's a fresh start for Coach Jones. No more Tyler Bray. 6-6 with a bowl game will be a good year. We'll lose a ton of OL talent to the NFL after this season, and I would expect next season not to be much better. However, that recruiting class coming in will be huge. It'll take 2 or 3 years, but we have the right man, in my opinion.

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Everyone is wrong. Everyone is at fault. Now, let's forget about it and move on. We should be happy that we fell into hiring Butch Jones. He should've been first on our list, but ended up as 3rd or 4th choice. That hiring was almost fouled up.

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I was thoroughly behind Coach Jones until he decided to "junk" the Orange and White Tennessee tradition for "Smokey Gray" uniforms (not our hound dog either). He totally lost my support and belief in him as a person...all "slick tongued" words out of both sides of his mouth.

This post says a lot about you. You're the guy at the games sitting on your hands and you get mad when other fans stand up and cheer and raise hell.

Change has finally made it's way to UT. The kind of change it takes to make winners. The kind of change it takes to get top notch recruits. And for someone to NOT support a coach because of a one-time uniform change is indicative of below average IQ. If you can't see what this man is doing to take us to the top, you're blind.

So, now that you don't support Jones, don't support him when we're winning SEC championships again. And definitely don't support him when we win NC's in the future. Old fart!

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This is old news already. This website is so behind. If you're not on Twitter, you should be. This was news yesterday.

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Both of my two young sons will be enrolled in punting school right away.

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If all QB's are equal, why not start a Freshman? Got a feeling Worley will start, but Dobbs or Ferguson will end up with the reigns.

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I don't think many fans expect a great season. However, I think 6-6 is more realistic than 4-8. We should win 3 of 4 non conference games (Oregon will shellack us). I think we can get 3 from Kentucky, Auburn, Mizzou, and Vandy.

I think the coaching change alone is good for 6 wins. We got the right staff.

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I think we're going to upset some big time teams. Or, I could be just really, really drunk on orange koolaid.

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I think of the 5 listed, Palardy is the key. When you have a weak offense (as far as we know), the kicking/special teams game becomes crucial. Pinning teams against their own goal line, shortening the field for your questionable offense, and nailing field goals will be the difference in winning or losing. Here is where the breaks are made. #GeneralNeylandMaxims

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The guy is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Everyone knows this. While it is not good, it comes as no surprise that he was arrested for DUI. He has a young family and is a proud dad. I believe he will learn from this mistake and luckily no one got hurt.

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I follow Wharton on twitter and he is a master recruiter. Recruits love him. I hope he peforms as well on the field.

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While I'm not really a Miami Heat fan, I think it would be cool if Coach Spoelsta could come to Knoxville the week we play Alabama and pump up our guys. It does raise the question that once Coach Jones is done with coaching college football, will he coach in the NBA? Using plain logic, I would say no BUT....why in the world would he be doing more and more stuff with the NBA. Also makes you wonder if he might call a few plays this evening too with all the pressure of a game 7. If I were coach in a game 7, I'd appreciate a buddy of mine calling a play or two! Anyway....go VOLS and let's hope we can keep Coach Jones around for a few years before leaving for basketball!!!

Blank stare

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Hope he wears Tennessee orange and ABC shows him in the crowd. Everyone will be watching....everyone, including all those recruits.

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Anybody know what's up with Lee decommitting?

I believe he decommitted because we got a verbal from Brandon Powell, a very similar type athlete that will likely play WR. Apparently, Lee is afraid of competition. However, this was info through Twitter, so who knows if it's true.

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There will always be an excuse.
Inexperienced QB this year.
New offensive line next year.
Kicking game,
Maybe they will pin the blame on Fulmer still.

You can thank Mike Hamilton. First, for firing Fulmer. Second, for hiring Kiffin. Third, for hiring Derek Dudley Dooright Doofus. Luckily for us all, we now have Butch Jones.

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Obviously, Saban is the man. Much respect. Unlike the typical Alabama fan, who feels the need to post on our websites, he's also pretty classy in showing respect for UT. Let them talk all they want. It won't be long until Butch has UT at the top again. #butchplease

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Just like everything else in the world, it's George W. Bush's fault. Maybe we should start spying on our players to see if they're "really" studying.

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This doesn't sound all. I don't expect much from him next year. Hopefully Hubbs and company can step it up.

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She reminds me of a disciplinary catholic school warden. She also makes me think of the witch in Wizard of Oz. She may release the flying monkeys anytime now.

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If he's able to come in and comptete at a high level and is equal to Worley and Peterman, I think we should start him. Why not get him the experience? But, don't forget a guy named Riley Ferguson will be competing also. Could be a very interesting summer.

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Could this all be some kind of lesbian love circle gone bad?? Just askin...

Written on Joan Cronan voices support for Julie Hermann:

So, she's calling the volleyballers liars?? She should've kept out of it. Maybe she knows more. Maybe she has a secret to hide as well. Wasn't she the women's AD at the time?

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I honestly can't believe that anyone...ANYONE...can be as incompetent and unqualified as Derek Dooley. Period.

Jones, in my opinion, will get it done the right way.

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Maybe Butch decided he wasn't a fit for the team or the scheme. Maybe he hadn't bought into what Jones is doing. I think it's a good sign that the weak links are being weeded out. Jones >>> Dooley. #ButchPlease

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In more disturbing news, a guy named Dooley is running our compliance department.

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We should be able to get a good PG by selling them on an immediate starting job with an awesome front court. Come on Cuonzo, make it happen. We'll find out just how good a recruiter Mr. Martin is. It shouldn't be too hard.

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We are third due to numbers, but based on *star quality we are probably 15-20th. Still very encouraged by the work and possibilities of more quality additions that will actually sign papers with VOLS next February.

I don't think Eric Fisher, the recent #1 NFL draft pick had very high star ratings, if any at all. I do believe Coach Jones recruited him and signed him at Central Michigan. So, star ratings don't mean much. It's evaluating the potential that matters and getting the guys he wants. Think about all the high star guys and where they are now...many of them are so caught up in their stars that they turn into trouble.

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If anyone thinks the 11 (or however many) quarterbacks taken in the draft are better pro prospects than Bray, please tell me why. Bray played against the best college teams and if his team had a coach and a defense he would have won many more of those games. He may not be football-smart like Manning or Brady but it blows my mind that no team thought he was worth a late round pick. From what I have read I think Dooley is the culprit, blaming all his shortcomings on Bray. If true, Dooley is not just a horrible coach but a horrible person. Another sad day for UT football.

And to all you fans who raked Bray over the coals for not being good enough to carry his worthless head coach and defensive coordinator, welcome to some really boring offensive football in 2013. At least with Bray, Patterson and Hunter there was entertainment and excitement when the Vols had the ball. Who do you think is going to lead this offense now?

It is time to prove the so-called experts wrong and I hope Tyler can do just that.

I believe it all had to do with what's between the ears. He interviewed with several teams and it obviously didn't go well. Dooley didn't help, but Tyler didn't put in the study time and pretty much winged it all the time.

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Bottom line: He should've stayed another year and improved his mental capacity. He is just way, way too immature for the NFL. One GM stated his whiteboard interview was the worst he'd ever seen. In other words, he doesn't have enough knowledge of the game and the schemes. One more year, he might've got his degree, which might prove to be way more valuable in the long run.

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NO problem for the Crimson Tide...but then again who is wearing the puke orange? You have Alabama defense, SEC defense and then UT "ole" D.

Puke orange is better than menstrual red. Flow Tide!

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I watched Gruden's QB camp with him. I didn't realize just how much he lacks between the ears until I saw this. Just looking in his eyes, you can see it. Kind of empty. The smart thing to do was to stay in school and go for a degree. But, that would require being smart.

Like Gruden pointed out though...helluva arm, so someone will take the chance. I'm curious what his wonderlic score was.

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I think we should seriously look at bringing in JUCO RB Michael Dyer. You all remember him. RB at Auburn when they won the NC. I heard he is making excellent grades in the JUCO and his attitude has changed. Might be worth a shot, cause he's a helluva RB and we need depth.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

Looking forward to seeing him on Gruden's QB camp this Friday. I believe it airs at 4:30 on ESPN.

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Jones is making Dooley look like a middle school assistant coach. It all feels good; let's see if it translates to victories.

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I think this kid could have a great NFL career if he is serious about growing up.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

Hell yes!!! We made the NIT!! Let's win this thing.

-Things you never hear anyone say

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To all you that thought the world was ending when JAY GRAHAM tucked his tail and left town, and blamed BUTCH JONES for losing him and cried because you thought JALEN HURD was going with him....STICK IT IN YOUR EAR!

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

BOOOOOOOOOOM! Shout out to the Butch Jones doubters. A new era has begun!!

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It would be one helluva get for ETSU, but I doubt it will happen. I hope it does though. Would be a great start to the new program.

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We got the right man.

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

You are all attitude and ignorance. Why would anyone want to exchange information with you?

You do not know anything or anyone in theknow, just that simple. So you walk around like some bantam capon.

Here's the answer to your question: I refuse to tell youspecifics, except to mention one about which you will argue.

And there were three respected, non-tainted ones that wanted to the job---and several who were so sleazy that even Hart would not have them---but the top three all refused to work for Hart---including Gruden.

Hart is a nasty litte man who gets agreement on one point and then suddenly asks for more---so that top people will not work for him.

Only creeps and cretins will take his abuse---or people who are so vested in the Tennessee retirement system that they cannot afford to eave.

Just that simple.

Hart has been trying to stop a couple of folks from sharing information, but thus far has been unsuccessful.

Why don't you stop being an internet cowboy...and make some friends in the right places.

Or is it that they do not want to deal with your kind?

Just asking...

By the that you, Hart?

That sure is a long, long answer. You could've just said, "I don't know". Could've saved a good 2 or 3 hours of your sorry life so you could rub more elbows with the people "in the know".

So you decide to attack me because I simply asked a legitimate question that you can't answer, which is why I asked. Point proven...even though you try to mask it with "I refuse to tell you specifics", like you're someone who actually matters. don't.

So, don't take your hate out on me, angry little man. Butch Jones may not be the answer, but I'll give him a chance because he's who we got.

Your enemy,

Internet Cowboy

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in response to volt11:

exactly right

All you guys who want to criticize Jones and his staff before they've even played the first scrimmage need a reality check.

Since you're the experts, tell me, who should we have hired?? I just want someone to tell me.

I'm not saying Jones is the answer, only time will tell. I just want to know who these "experts" on here think we should've hired that we didn't try to.

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The real problem is not what it appears to be, in this continuing saga of incompetence personified.

Jones stinks. So do his staffmembers.

Graham said it best---blue-collar coaches.

No heavy hitters; no top drawer types. Just lunch bucket level coaches.

Another group of losers in orange. Just that simple.

president downward need to go...

So, genius. Who is the "big name" heavy hitter coach we should've hired? Huh?

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Tee Martin didn't come to UT because his wife told him he couldn't leave L.A. because of her acting career (or lack thereof). PLUS, USC gave him a big, fat raise to $500k. Money talks and if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Jay Graham didn't stay at Tennessee because Florida State offered him more money than Tennessee could match. It went something like this:

FSU: Hey Jay, we would love to have you at FSU and we're willing to pay you a whole lot more than you make now and give you a new title to go along with it. Your monthly income is going to skyrocket for doing the same thing you do now at UT.

JAY: Really, wow, let me call you back.

JAY: Hello, Butch? FSU has offered me a lot of money. Can you match it?

Butch: We'll give you $300,000 per year. Because of our budget problems and paying previous coaches, that's the max we can pay.

JAY: Ok, I'm going to FSU because my bank account is going to get a lot bigger and I have kids to send to college and my wife loves to spend money and when she's happy, I'm happy. See ya Butch.


Butch: Hello, Jay? Hello?

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Uh, Psssst....over here...psst...hey sheeple...

why would a LEGEND@UT, having come home,
who enjoyed tremendous success and himself
signed the best of the mediocre class
that Jones & the other coaches put
together... leave????????

Psssst.....uh, you hoooooo.....this just

legacy all-americans, who had the only
real success in a recruiting class...

do not leave their alma mater unless
something is seriously wrong at work,
such as:

a. Graham is legacy, best coach, and makes
$50-60,000 less than Jones' bubbahs
he brought from Cincinnati....who
were making about 70% what Graham
was making at UT, last year and got
tremendous raises...while Graham got
promises, a pittance and ignored.

b.These bozo coaches from Cincinnati,
who did NOT step up big in recruiting
this year, are not at Graham's level---
and they are white. Graham is black.
And, the ignorance Jones displayed in
paying his bubbas that way and stepping
over the guy whose "the RUN" against
Bama...a guy who out-recruited Jones's
entire group of amazing.

3. Graham was not even interviewed for
offensive coordinator...not even asked
if he woulde like to interview for it.
Instead, he got this junior-grade head
coach who sucked up to all the UT
lettermen and got them to say nice
things---and the coach jobbed Tee
Martin, because he did not meet the
offer at USC---instead, choosing to
give the money to his bubbas---and
now Jay Graham, Vol to the core, is
voting with his feet, too.

Jones and his bubbas are just more of the problem. They are proving it, weekly. And many of the naive twits on these internet sites---who are starved for a winner at UT---are so dumb that they annoint a mediocre head coach into the next General Neyland, before the guy's first Spring practice, not to mention his first game.

Listen...UT Football is in trouble. And the journalists nowadays suck up to get stories, rather than dig to get facts to report. The coaches that are good do not want to come here or stay here---as evidenced by the fact UT is paying 50% more than comparable experience gets elsewhere---and evidenced by the fact that people like Jay Graham, who knows these bozos, leave. Yes, some other would be coaches will step in, who wore orange, and want to pad their resumes---but these coaches are not SEC caiber. Just that simple. Jay Graham just told you so, if you did not hear Tee Martin.

proving it, weekly.


a, b, c....not a, b, 3.

You hooooooo!!!!

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You would've thought Graham was the head coach the way people are reacting. It was just a matter of time, just like it will be for any other successful assistant. Geez people, get a grip.

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in response to volfan2002:

I don't see this being money since the cost of living there is a lot higher than in Knoxville.

So Tallahasse, Florida has a much higher cost of living than Knoxville?? I'm not buying that...even if it is, it's only a small amount compared to what his raise probably was.

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in response to SummittsCourt:

Good, my only complaint is that he waited this long to leave. He wasn't all that as a recruiter anyway. Marcus Lattimore was going to SC no matter who the RB coach was.

UT's running backs showed no sign of improvement either.

It will be hard at this date to replace him, but I'm sure Coach Jones will find a qualified replacement.

The RB's actually improved from 2.8 yards per carry in 2011 to 4.7 YPC in 2012. So, they did actually improve by about 60%. Not too bad. So, your statement about not improving doesn't hold water.

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I say hire Trooper Taylor...take a chance. He can recruit like heck and he fires everyone up.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Hey, money talks, VFL walks Jack!

He obviously wasn't paid near enough if he means that much to us. Or, maybe he doesn't get along too well with the new staff.