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Written on [Updated] Cuonzo Martin leaving UT for California; search for his replacement begins:

Get out the check book and go after
Rick Pitino. I know it will cost a lot but he is a proven winner.

Written on John Adams: Quarterback attrition to UT's advantage:

I just hope Tennessee's hopes are not on any of the QB'S mentioned in this article. I don't think any of them can lead Tennessee to a winning season. The only one who has not played in a game yet is Riley Ferguson. I don't know what he can do but the others are not college caliber QB'S. Better hope we recruit another Peyton or Heath. So goes the QB so goes the offense.

Written on Oklahoma beats Alabama 45-31 in Sugar Bowl:

This game and the BCS champion game proves what I have said many times. It does not make any difference if you are a Freshman or not. Florida St freshman QB just won the Heisman and so did a Freshman last year. I am just wondering who Tennessee's starting freshman QB will be. Enough of the statement: But He is only a Freshman. You either have the talent or you don't, and it does not take very long to tell either. The QB's we have now will not get Tennessee to a 8 or 10 win season. That is why I said who will be our new freshman QB.maybe a red shirt.

Written on Paul Harris, Tino Thomas, Tom Smith depart Vols' football team:

He is making room for HIS recruits. All 34 of them, and that is ok with me it is his team win or lose. If I was the head coach I would also keep the players that I want on the future teams at Tennessee.

Written on A.J. Johnson returning would provide needed leadership on defense next season :

AJ should stay, just look what happened to Bray who left early,was not drafted by any team. One more year could mean a whole lot to AJ's future in the NFL. We are going to need someone to anchor the middle of a all new defense. Spring training should be something to watch and see who will be the starters on a new offensive and defensive line. Lots of work ahead, time for the coaches to step up and do their jobs.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols tackle top high school talent before it leaves state:

Of the 33 recruits we are going to sign ,how many are going to be starters and of the starters how many will be all SEC or all American? My point is if we get only three or four really good to great player. Then we have 29 that were just so so players and we sure can take a chance on four to six scholarships to Tennessee football players. I know coaches recruit players by the type offense they want to run and they say he just did not fit in our offense or defense. I would bet if you look at the roster of most teams, that roster would have a large number of players from that state.

Written on Butch Jones' first season with UT was always about rebuilding:

Coach Jones had better hope he has a winner in a QB. Of the ones that has played this year will not get the job done. No Peyton, no Health, or no Tee Martin no winner and no winning team. Also we need a great middle linebacker to anchor the defense.

Written on John Adams: This could be the 'splash class' for UT football:

If we get 3 or 4 great player out of the 33 we will have had a great recruiting season.

Written on Tennessee-Kentucky: Report Card:

As far as recruiting goes we can recruit 25 players and if only two or three are outstanding player we had a good recruiting class. All 25 will not be starters or even get to play at all.The one thing if I was the QB coach I would be trying to figure out how to keep Joshua Dobbs feet on the ground when he throws, especially when he tries to throw on the run, he does not throw off of his back foot. He is losing a lot of power and that effects his accuracy.

Written on Inside the matchups: Can Tennessee muster any sort of air attack? :

Put Peterman in and see what he can do against a lesser defense instead of Florida. Dobbs to run the ball and Peterman to throw. Seriously I would play Peterman instead of
Dobbs the first half and evaluate at half time.

Written on David Climer: Butch Jones, Tennessee Vols need time to rebuild:

Like I have said before, CBJ is going to find out what kind of coaching staff he has. They will be coaching (teaching) Freshmen and Redshirt Freshmen. The coaching staff will have the opportunity to show their coaching skills. The number 1 project will be to coach and produce a starting QB, so goes the QB so goes the team as far as offense is concerned. The key to Defense is the Defensive Line, stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB on pass plays. The best pass defense is QB on his back. As we have seen on our team. Now it comes back to coaching and the coaches doing the job they will be paid to do. Especially the 2.5 million the Head Coach will be paid. I am sure we all have seen teams with losing records get a new coach and have a winning season. Getting the right people in the right position makes a big difference to a lot of sports teams, Baseball,Basketball and Football. Same players different positions.

Written on Mike Strange: Butch Jones outlines aggressive plan to stop the bleeding:

I can not blame the AD for our problems except for the hiring of Dooley, it just took him to long to admit to his self he made a mistake and fix the problem. The problem lies with the past coaches and the people who recruited the player who are now playing. Now in a couple of years we will be playing with coach Jones recruits. We are playing with Kiffin's and Dooley's players. I will say that CBJ will find out next year just what kind of coaching staff he has. Rebuilding the offensive line, replacing part of the defensive line. I will give this staff a pass this year but next year is a different story.

Written on Was Butch Jones' first season at Tennessee a failure?:

Yes: because the team did not improve from game to game. I am not talking a over night miracle,just more yards on the ground and through the air. less yards by the opponent When we can say we was in the game till the last snap I thought the offensive play calling could improve ( example 3rd and 2 in the fourth qtr and the play was change on a audible we lost yards and the game) It seems all year the opposition ran up the middle ( GUT) at will. If these had improved thru the year then I would say we did OK. Going to a bowl would be nice but it was not the goal for me it was IMPROVEING.

Written on Vanderbilt stuns Tennessee on late touchdown, 14-10:

Let me throw a possible scheme at you. CBJ wanted to red shirt Dobbs and Ferguson. When Worley got hurt he had no choice but to play one of the two. Being the season is almost over he choose the lesser of the two. Now comes 2014 he has the QB he wanted to be his QB for 2014 with a years experience learning the plays and coaching time. Plus he has 4 year of playing time left. He knows Worley will not be the QB and he know Dobbs can not play QB, but he did not want to lose the extra year of playing time for Riley Ferguson. 2014 will be a rebuilding year especially the offensive line. What do you THINK?

Written on Tennessee-Vanderbilt: Report Card:

One thing this game showed me is how much confidence the offensive coordinator has in the QB to restrict his throwing. They did not utilize his best abilities which is running the ball. Dropped passes did not help either, when you get to this level you are expected to catch the ball not a lot of excuses. As far as the QB goes being a freshman or not you either have talent or you don't, in Josh's case he does not have the talent to read a defense and is not accurate in throwing the ball, throws into double coverage to much. Just look a Florida States QB a freshman and there is more out there it has nothing to do with being a freshman it has everything to do with talent.

Written on David Climer: Vols keep finding new ways to lose:

Exactly. They keep finding away to lose. Enough said.

Written on Poll: Do you want the "Smokey" uniforms to be part of the Vols' rotation?:

in response to ColPhorbin:

Yeah, I'm well aware that our colors are Orange & White Summerfield, but apparantly times are changin, bruh... get with it or left behind

The color of your jersey does not make you a winner or loser. What will be next? Purple helmets with a big Red T? No I am just a realist and our colors are still Orange and White. That is why we are called the Big Orange.

Written on Poll: Do you want the "Smokey" uniforms to be part of the Vols' rotation?:

Our colors are still ORANGE and WHITE Period.

Written on Butch Jones focused on development and recruiting, calls speed issue 'glaring' :

A good example of team speed is the 2009 Sugar Bowl with Alabama vs Utah. Utah ate Alabama up with team speed. Alabama was bigger but a whole lot slower. This late in the season I think I would at least play the fastest DE'S I had to keep runningbacks from turning the corner,I would also have my fastest linebacks at outside linebacker position. We need to turn the wide plays inside where the help is. The priority is to plug the middle. We can not keep giving a team 2nd and 5 or less, we are digging a whole we can't get out of. If we can keep it 3rd and 6 or more we are pretty much sure it will be a passing play instead of not knowing with 3rd and 2. They could run or pass. We are going to have to control the line of scrimmage. The team that controls the line of scrimmage wins the game.

Written on John Adams: UT defense dips below Sunseri line:

UT'S biggest problem is lack of talent.The defense is slow and does not react very well to the play that is run at them.Defense is mostly a reaction to what is happening in front of you, plus you can not play pass defense with your back to the ball if you can't see it you can't catch it or defend it. The 1st thing to stop is the run between tackles. Note the word TACKLE. Which we are doing very badly ( again talent). The coaches are not running the ball, blocking, or receiving the ball.Neither are they throwing or tackling. I will agree they call the plays but that is where it ends. The players are responsible for their area and making the plays in their area.

Written on Tennessee-Auburn: Report Card:

Defense what Defense. Someone's head should be on the chopping block for this terrible Defensive effort. This offense can not make 1 yard in 2 tries for a first down, 1 YARD. 23 points by the offense is a good effort but 55 point given up by the Defense is unexceptionable. It is getting to be a habit.

Written on No grades for UT Vols' offensive line after two poor performances:

This offensive line just plane ol SUCKS. Has never played up to expectations. Especially on run blocking.

Written on Butch Jones plans to ramp up team's toughness after showing at Missouri:

I think this offensive line and defensive line has a big case of want to's. Want to hustle the entire game , want to put out 100%, I think they are thinking about tomorrow and the NFL. Yes if we can run it makes it a whole lot easier to throw. It is time for this team to live up to it's hype. I am speaking of the line of scrimmage. Who controls the line of scrimmage controls the ball game.

Written on Vols get low marks in Missouri game report card:

Nonproductive is the word that comes to my mind at this moment for the Offensive and Defensive line play plus the Defensive secondary. I have been waiting two years for the offensive line to show up and play up to their billing.( suppose to be the strong suit of the offensive) As far as the QB goes I think he did a good job with the amount of snaps he has taken. My biggest grip would be to speed up his receiver selection. When he looks down field and sees double coverage on a receiver he should know and find the open receiver,don't throw into double coverage.

Written on Justin Worley's thumb, Josh Dobbs' performance create QB questions for Vols:

I would say that Justin will have to earn the #1 position back. I think he is done for the season he showed that by throwing a bunch of wounded duck up for grabs, plus Josh just looked better at QB than Justin did. He seems to know when to run and get positive yards instead of taking a sack. All good to great QB'S have a built in clock in their head as to the time to throw or run. If you watch Peyton on a pass play the ball is gone in 2-3 seconds.

Written on John Jancek says Daniel McCullers came up big, aggressive :

Just glad to see Big Dan play the way I hoped he would and could play. He has the ability, just needs more junk yard dog in him.Got to get mean against Alabama.

Written on Poll: Should Tennessee wear its gray jerseys against South Carolina?:

NO! Tennessee's colors are Orange and WHITE not Orange and Gray. The colors do not make a player play better. No,No,No.

Written on Report card: Playing clean football gave the Vols a chance to win in fourth quarter:

We had a lot of IF'S. If we had managed the clock better, if we had stopped the 57 yard run and the 28 yard run on Georgia's last possession,if we did not give them a new set of down at our goal line that lead to a tie game,but the biggie was if Pig had took better care of the ball, I know he was trying to make a great play which he did but he for got to take care of the ball. Both hands on the ball. It is a learning thing we take something from every game and hope we don't do it again. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes have to be eliminated.

Written on Matchups: Do the Vols have the offensive firepower to match Georgia?:

As I have said before the offensive line has been a big disappointment for two years now. So goes the QB so goes the offense. We have a C grade QB at best.Very erratic with his throws, throws behind the receivers a lot and into double coverage, this is not good.

Written on GVX Audio: CBS analyst Gary Danielson talks about the Vols:

We just don't have the talent to stay or play against Georgia.

Written on Vols finding success in 3-3-5 look on defense :

The best pass defense is the QB on his back, I have not seen that this year so far. When teams have all day to throw that means we are not getting a very good defensive line push are rush. Again the best is QB on his back.

Written on Poll: What will Tennessee's record in October be? :

We just don't have the talent to compete in the SEC as of now. Hope things will get better next year.

Written on John Adams: Vols avoid epic upset but raise more doubts:

In a little of Worley's defense it is hard to complete a pass when the defense is in the backfield before the receivers can run their routes. Terrible OF line play, Worley also has a hard time completing a pass when he is rolling out,when he sets his feet he does ok not good just ok. He plays like a 16 or 17 year old teen thinking they can throw the ball and complete any pass they throw. It does not matter the receiver is double or triple covered he has his mind already made up to who he is going to throw to, never looks the defensive back off one on one he has a good to better chance of completing a pass. He needs a lot of help in how to read a defense,how to find the open man. The ideal is to throw to the open man. The problem with the interceptions if you review them is not finding the open man. If a receiver is doubled or very closely covered you have to know someone is open. You either have the talent or ability to preform or you don't. It is hard to impossible to teach talent or speed. Yes the Dawgs will eat his lunch. Good to great teams will show you your weakness just like Oregon and Florida did.

Written on Vols' report card finds positives despite narrow win:

I am still waiting on the offensive line to live up to it's billing. As the strong part of the offense, I would think with the best offense line in the SEC we should be getting 4 to 5 yard a pop,but we are lucky to be getting 2 to 3 yards. When are these guys going to live up to there potential? As far as the defense goes a team such as Tennessee that gives up 24 point to a team like South Alabama needs a lot of help on the defensive line. I have been waiting on big Dan Mc to sack a few QB'S and just plain ol plug the middle, but that has not happened yet, but I am still waiting.

Written on Poll: Which position on Tennessee's offense are you most concerned about next season?:

One thing is for sure the leader of the team will be the quarterback. How his game goes so goes the Vols. This will surely test the QB coach. How fast he can teach the QB to read defenses. Just wish we could get another freshman with the talent of Peyton, then our problem would be solved.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

in response to budd#207344:

Your stupidity is so glaring that it blinds me. This game was lost by the players not playing defense. They can play shutdown d because they have done it. They just got intimidated by UL and stopped doing what they were coached to do. Warlick is not the issue and you are stupid to think so

When a player or players are not playing good D, who has the ability to change the situation? The Head Coach. We win or lose by the decisions we make.You make good decisions you win, you make bad decisions you lose. Now who made the decisions for the Lady Vols?

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First of all you learn something from ever game,maybe not earth shakeing but something. What did the coaches and players from Freshman to Juniors take from this game? Now they can apply it next year. I for one hope it is how to handle defensive full court pressure. You don't dribble the ball up you pass the ball up and break the pressure Louisville was put on the ball,especially when they double team the ball handler. The key is for the ball handler to recognize the double team coming and pass the ball. There is more but you can get the ideal.

Written on John Adams: Louisville taught UT a big-game lesson :

This team did not handle the pressure of getting to the final four well at all. They were not prepared very well,how to handle the double team pressure, The coaches had to see that in the Baylor game. How to get the ball inside and shot the ball in the paint.This a coaching fault. The coaches are responsible for everything the player does except shooting accuracy,they can control that in a small way by not playing a player who is not following the game plan. The one thing a coach can not do is shoot for a player,other than that they are in complete charge.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols ran out of comebacks:

Folks we can all dance around the reason we lost. We got out coached pure and simple. What ever the reason, players took to many 3 pointers, didn't follow game plan,couldn't get the ball up court. This is the coaches fault. She is the boss,she can play who ever she want call what ever play she wants and if a player does not run the schemes or plays she calls she can take that player out. She is in control or at least suppose to be in charge. She has no excuse.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

WE lost because we did not take advantage of our height advantage inside,wanted to shoot from the perimeter, not a high percentage shoot. Again did not take advantage of our advantage.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

in response to oldbasshead:

Why does Simmons play her worse in big games. In other the bigger the game the worse she plays.

It is called can't handle the pressure. When going get tuff the tuff gets going applies to her. She just can't handle it.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

in response to bUTch_please:

The '98 team played its guts out. Wilson provided the leadership and Tee left it all on the field.
From a missed 36 yarder by FL, to a ball left on the ground by ARK to meeting FL St without their #1 QB it all fell into place. Coach Fulmer was a part of that magic.

But Fulmer didn't take it as an opportunity to continue to grow his craft as a coach, he took it as a coronation. If he had seen what had happened with Tee as our QB we would have been the first to dominate with a mobile QB in a spread offense, not Meyer. But no, we played with slow, dropback QB's unable to change the game. Simply unable to evolve his ability to coach he continued to apply an unchanged formula to a rapidly changing game while the rest of the SEC caught up in recruiting. OP sees that trait as being aloof and not tuned into his craft. I have to agree.

Coach Fulmer was on the cutting edge of recruiting dominance and a beneficiary of 2 outstanding coordinators. But a tactician? No. Multiple National Championships? No. A saint? No. A martyr? No. He had a run that could have been epic, but a run nonetheless.

Glad for the good memories, hate some was left on the table and eager to move on. Go #117.

I concur. What bothered me about Fulmer was he attitude towards the offense. Get a 7 to 10 point lead and sit on it , then the ole offensive lineman came out in him and in his words lets pound the rock. Instead of trying to increase the points and giving the second and third string some game time let run and run out the clock. You are right the OC and DC made Tennessee. Just look what happened to Tenn when Cutcliffe left and went to Mississippi, but we had the same head coach.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

We just got out hustled. They wanted the win more than our girls did. Like someone said before had more heart.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

You can tell that he is in great demand. Just keeps turning down the offers. Had offers from let see, no not from ark,not from lets see there is so many can't remember all of them. All you Fulmer lovers know all of the offers he has had,becuse he is in such a great demand. Just to many to remember all of them.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

I would be willing to bet he would not take the job because if he did he would lose financially. I would say there is a clause in his buyout about if he get another coaching job,he would loose so much or a certain percentage of his buyout money.

Written on Lady Vols adjust their NCAA focus to Louisville:

in response to ljlongtimevolfan:

The biggest obstacle between the Lady Vols and the Final Four was removed when Louisville pulled the biggest upset in Women’s basketball history by defeating Baylor. With a bench full of High School All Americans the Lady Vols should defeat Louisville and Cal to reach the Championship game against either Norte Dame or UConn if we play team ball. Our challenge now is for the coaches and players to control Simmons’s play. If she comes out hogging the ball and shooting each touch they should bench her or the players should stop giving her the ball before she destroys the continuity of our other players. She has never stepped up in a big game or against a player of equal skills. Go to the Lady Vols site on and look at the statistics for the season and individual box scores of the games which will show these facts. Hope we play as a team tonight as this is the most important game in CHW career as head coach in getting to a Final Four.
The Lady Vols can reach the mountain top again with a TEAM effort.

I agree with your post.When Meighan starts to under stand she s not the team she will learn how to be a team player. She needs to learn to control her emotions and learn how to help the other 4 players win the ball game, That is the objective to win the game,not be the highest score or be the outstanding player. If she controls herself and takes good open shots she will be a great asset to the team,but if she want to be the gunner she will hurt the team effort to win the game.

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

in response to RLL59:

Not sure how many noticed, but Bashaara only played 18 minutes in the game??

Also, I hope I'm wrong, but sometimes when shooters are as far off as Meighan was last night , it has something to do with how she relates to the background. That won't change for the next game.

I think they said Louisville averages 5 made 3's per game. That's not excessive, so I doubt the lady Vols will play them any differently than they played Oklahoma.

Hopefully, we'll see the Lady Vols in the Final Four.

I will agree with you on shooters are sometimes off.That happens from game to game. Some nights you can't miss,then you have a night the lid is on the basket, no matter what you do you can't buyone. A team player will then become a assist master,feeding the ball to the open player,I have never seen Simmons do that, she is what was called a gunner when I played. No matter what the game plan is they are going to shoot if they have the ball. That is why they are called a gunner just keeps pulling the trigger. She can focus on playing better D,focus on not turn the ball over. There is a lot of things she can do to help the team besides shooting. She needs to watch a clip of Pistol Pete the best shooter to walk on the floor.How he handled the ball.

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

If Tennessee comes out and plays a very good half court game and limit the turn overs to 10 or less. Take care of the ball and good shot selection. I hate to say it keep the ball out of Simmons hands. She shot 1 for 15 from the floor and the shot selections was terrible, we will have a very good chance to beat Louisville. Louisville should be on a low coming down from such a high playing against Baylor, we Tennessee should take advantage of this. It would be a feather in Holly's cap to make the final four.

Written on Vols emphasis still to be basics:

It is like I have said before,it all starts with the basics blocking and tackling, If you can't do the basics right you are in big trouble. The coaches are putting a emphasis on basics.

Written on With spring break looming, UT coaches say much work still to be done:

The team that blocks and tackles the best usually wins the ball game. These are the two fundamentals that have to be done well to win. You don't have the fastest team on the field but your team does not miss a tackle or miss a block you will be in the ballgame or most likely win the game.