Written on Rachel Miller named director of operations for UT baseball:

Valid point.

But unless CDS turns it around this year and at least earns a trip to Hoover it matters not who's got what title...things will change again.

Written on Aric Thomas to add 'different flavor' to UT baseball:

Any help is welcome help...46-61!

I hope Coach Thomas can help get it going right away, because there are no more excuses for CDS.

People will say it's only year three and he inherited a mess from Raleigh. True & true. But I don't think we're asking him to win SEC, the SEC East or even get in the CWS...but a third year at the helm and no trip to Hoover would be unacceptable.

Let's get it done next year!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Nick Senzel decommits from Georgia, to join Farragut contingent at Tennessee:

in response to Chappy:

Somebody help me here...are baseball scholarships full scholarships. Seems like I once heard they are only 1/2 or partial scholarhsips.

It's my understanding that each D1 school has 11.7 scholarships to divide up to 30 ways. Full rides are very rare.

Written on Nick Senzel decommits from Georgia, to join Farragut contingent at Tennessee:

Must be slow on the football tab such that the NegaVols jump over here...

It was a rough, rough year for the BaseVOLS & next year is going to be crucial for CDS...every little bit helps.

Go BaseVOLS!
Hoover 2014!

Written on Three former Tennessee pitchers drafted:

Very fair question on what CDS has been doing when it's come to recruiting. I was thinking the same thing when I saw only two of our signees were drafted (and it was clear his son was going to come to UT so really, just one).

Normally as a fan you'd be happy that there's no MLB teams taking your influx of talent...but after missing out on Hoover two more years under CDS you almost want to feel good about the recruits and if the MLB scouts aren't showing any interest...???

And you mentioned Toles. Still never got the whole story on him but last week the Midwest League All Star teams were announced and Toles is a starter for Tampa's A-ball team in Bowling Green. Toles is batting .321, 36 SBs, 14 2B, 9 3B and 34 RBI. You're telling me we couldn't have used him the last two years?

And I was also puzzled why you let a upper classman like Chris Fritts go as well? Maybe some leadership would've helped us not miss Hoover...again.

2014 is a huge year for more excuses.

Written on Chicago Cubs draft Tennessee pitcher Zack Godley in 10th round:

Congrats to Zack! Record didn't show it but what an effort he put forth each start this past season. Little help and a lot on his shoulders.

Will look forward to watching him progress through the Cubs minor league system.

Written on Vols add four junior college baseball players to signing class:

Sure hope these additions can come in and pitch right away...because this is a make or break year in my opinion for CDS.

Can't play the young & inexperienced card any longer. Hoover is an absolute must in 2014.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on UT preferred walk-on kicker Andrew Gantz going to Cincinnati in same capacity:

I don't care who's kicking the ball or how many stars he has...just put the freak'n ball through the uprights!

How many high schools are there in this country? Thousands & thousands and for way too many seasons we hold our breaths for something as simple as a PAT!

Written on Tennessee outfielder Vincent Jackson named to SEC All-Freshman Team:

Congrats to the young man. One of the very few bright spots in but yet another disappointing season of Tennessee Baseball.

I see he's playing in the Northwoods League for the St Cloud (MN) franchise. He's in the other division from my Madison Mallards so it'll be a road trip to see him play live but hoping to do so this summer.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on A ray of sunshine in Vols dreary baseball season, 7-5:

What can you say but it was an incredibly disappointing year.

CDS's track record out west is clear...but with zero improvement from last season he's put himself in the cross hairs for next season. There are simply no more excuses in year three.

When I say that I'm not looking for an SEC title or a trip to Omaha. But there's got to be more improved & simply smarter baseball on the field.

Let's Go BaseVOLS! Hoover 2014!

Written on Another 'back breaker' seals fate for Vols, 8-4:

Well said Banner.

Godley is gone & some of the pitching we need will surely go high enough in the June draft to bypass college...

Like you said, there just doesn't seem to be any fire at all and it starts at the top.

You'd liked to have seen at least SOME improvement so the pressure isn't so great going into year three...but there just wasn't any & I hate to draw comparisons, but year three under CDS is going to be just like year three under or we're starting over again...with another program.

And yes, feel very bad for the kids. So disappointing.

Written on Vols lose 5-1 to Texas A&M for must-win situation:

It's technically not over I'll shelve my harsh words (for the staff, not the kids) for now.

With regards to us not having any patiences...I don't think in year two, a year where the SEC is not what it normally is, it's too much to ask to be one of 12 teams that make it to Hoover.

Way, way too many mental errors to consider this season to have been coaches well regardless of the youth on this team. It's just so disappointing...

Regardless, two games left...

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Vols handle Morehead State, but Dave Serrano unimpressed with effort as big SEC series looms:

Yes, enough with the uniforms. They can be wearing lime green & mustard yellow and unless Godley is pitching it doesn't seem to matter...

Such high hopes for this year...

And I do think CDS can turn it around, but isn't it a little late in the season to pull out the "tough talk" card now?

Texas A&M is nearly as bad a we are...c'mom Vols! Show some life and at least go down fighting!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Vols can't touch Hogs, lose 11-1:

in response to spencer1989#206886:

Patience folks....It seems everyone seems to want overnight and instant success. It take time....And this is his only second year. Just like the replacement building for the World Trade Centers....It is not being built overnight.

Agreed but here's the thing...we're at the end of year two for CDS and record-wise we're no better.

People will then point to the youth/new players. But we're nearly done with the schedule and still the same silly mistakes are being made on the field.

I was very excited for this season. And I don't think myself or anybody else was expecting a division win...but I don't think we should be clawing to just make it to Hoover.

Whatever happens the rest of this season (and there's still a little time) next year the seat will be red hot for CDS and there's just got to be some tangible improvement.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Vols can't touch Hogs, lose 11-1:

The way our season has gone a beating was bound to happen one of these games...

That being said we've got another one today that we need to get!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Zack Godley, Vols whip up on Arkansas, 8-3:

Once again Godley is the man. Wow.

Great win! There's still some time left for Hoover! Got to keep it going tonight!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Vols feast on Arkansas State, 12-3:

Nice midweek win...but they simply have to carry this into the weekend vs Arkansas. Crunch time now if we hope to sniff Hoover.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

We should be used to this (not the bad news) by now. New coaching staff (what, is this our 7th in the last 5 years?...) and they want different types of players to fit different types of schemes. It is what it is.

Written on Vols rally in ninth but fall to Georgia 8-7:

I'm sorry...but you just can't do that with the record we have with two outs in the ninth with the bases loaded. You just can't.

We can expect a poor play(s), a one run loss & a heartbreaking loss in every series we play it least all three are out of the way already.

C'mon guys!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on UT's Maddox, Georgia's Powell are hits at third base :

Agreed...but "darn it" time is running out.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

Echoing what's been, what was brutal was the way Bray wasted has natural talents at UT and didn't become the QB everybody thought he could

Not wishing him luck...not wishing him ill...he made a poor decision to leave UT early and move must UT & it's fan base

Written on Farragut's Jordan Cooper earns save as Middle Tennessee tops Vols, 7-6:!

CDS is a proven winner...albeit out west. That being said, I'd agree he's got next year yet. But then the pressure is on. Raleigh had three years and showed nothing. CDS is half way there. Still support him, but show me some improvement the rest of this season and then Hoover is an absolute must next season, no questions.

Go BaseVOLS!

PS - I dig the black just looks better and if you look good, you feel good & if you feel good you play theory LOL

Written on Sunday penance for Tennessee pitcher Zack Godley in win over Florida:

Where would this team be without Godley? What a solid season this kid is having.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on After draft, some former Vols know their destination, others still searching for homes:

Bray was recruited by Kiffin & mentored by it any wonder he was ill-prepared?

Just an incredible waste of physical talent. Have to have the mental side as well...especially to make it at the next level. And he clearly didn't throughout the interview process.

Then you have Zach Rogers. Doesn't have the physical tools but is prepared & works hard. That kid will make it as a 4/5 slot WR & special teamer.

Written on MTSU fired up against Vols, 11-5:

This team is as puzzling as it is frustrating.

And can we really be talking about youth half way through an SEC season?

Has he basically thrown in the towel on this season playing so many freshmen hoping they'll be ready next year? Hard to figure any more...

Was so excited for this season after he took over the dumpster fire last year.

It's not over yet...but at 5-13 they're starting to run out of games already.

Come freak'in on now...GO BaseVOLS!

Written on Tennessee football's spring answers some questions for season, raises others:

It's all good! I'm just thankful Dooley is gone!

And you watch the post game presser and listen to what Jacques Smith said...and it's safe to say so are the kids.

Written on 'Cruel' ninth inning dooms Vols, 4-3:

I'm as frustrated as the other 14 BaseVOLS fans...but I can't get on Godley either.

Boneheaded play? Yes. But you have to wonder if all the pressure & innings that have been piled on him finally took its toll w/a mental lapse there?

Can we really continue to leave him out there 100+ pitches every start? He's a senior but still a young arm.

At this point in the season can we keep saying it's "youth?" Once again we've got to get it together...heading to Florida this weekend.

C'mon now! Let's GO BaseVOLS!

Written on Jeff Moberg, Vols drive message home, 5-4:

Nice little roll here after taking 2/3 from #13 UK over the weekend!

Let's keep it going against Ole Miss!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Vols hold off Kentucky, 10-9:

I've had faith in Coach Serrano for the long haul...but boy was it getting frustrating in the short term...NICE WIN!

Let's build on this!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Kentucky pounces late to overcome Vols:

I'm not going to crack on these kids or the coaches who are obviously giving it their all...but it's hard to stay positive at this point in the season...again.

(nonetheless) Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Tennessee baseball gets pounded again; Dave Serrano apologizes:

How sad is it when the only way to get "fans" to comment on the baseball team in such numbers is a losing streak & getting pounded by SC (insert head shake here)

Written on Tennessee baseball gets pounded again; Dave Serrano apologizes:

Yes, Hamilton ruined UT athletics but after years of bashing (which he did & does deserve) I just don't have the energy anymore.

The baseball team is similar to the rest of the programs...who was going to take the job? And while I see a saddening similarity between the football & baseball teams in year two record and progress-wise we need to remember this, Coach Serrano has a winning track record...Dooley had none.

So in year two after rolling over the "roster" left by Raleigh, this is w/o a doubt very ugly, but he's got to be given more time.

With that many new faces not to mention true freshman, I didn't expect to win every series...but they've got to at least start being competitive don't they?

And Coach Serrano, unlike Dooley, just doesn't throw his kids under the bus.

Gotta stick with them.

Go BaseVOLS.

Written on Lack of big plays leaves Tennessee baseball stranded against Longwood:

Really, really wanting & waiting for this team to turn the corner. The corner looks further away than it did just a week or two ago.

Yes, the season is still young as well as the team. But these weekday struggles with non-SEC teams is really troublesome.

Gotta get it going.


Written on Alabama hands Vols 12-1 loss in SEC opener:

Not gonna lie...this was disappointing. I really thought they had some momentum built up.

This team is young & by definition likely a little fragile. Gotta come back from a beat down like last night strong tonight.

They have the talent...just need to do it.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Will Maddox becoming a hit as Vols' baseball leader:

With all the faces that didn't come back from last years squad and how young this one is...leadership was definitely a concern.

Will Maddox has come up big early in all the phases: with his glove, with his bat & leadership as well.

Rough start, but really feel good about this group as we head into SEC play.

Hoover 2013!

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Parker Wormsley delivers for Vols, 4-0:

Let's not crack on Riley too is the KNS that will not assign a full time staff writer.

If not for Riley as a free lance contributor...i'm willing to bet KNS doesn't even report on the BaseVOLS.

This is on the KNS.

Written on Parker Wormsley delivers for Vols, 4-0:

After digging a hole starting out against UNLV, ASU & the tourney in NC, congrats to the team for getting above .500 (8-7)!

Bright future for this group.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on 'Breather' provides chance to ignite bats for Vols baseball, 16-0:

I think you're on the wrong page...shouldn't you be over on the football page complaining about Butch Jones?

Anyone who doesn't think beating down anybody is good after starting out in Vegas and hosting ASU hasn't been following this baseball team.

This young team just needs a spark to get them going after a difficult opening schedule. This series can be a launching pad for their confidence as we head into SEC play.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Tennessee opens spring football with rapid adjustment to Butch Jones' style:

This reads to be soooooooooo not Dooley it!


Written on UT baseball still trying to put pieces together :

Exactly. And it's not as if they've played a bunch of mediocre teams either.

I like Coach Serrano setting up this tough non-conference schedule to start the year. Good way to get this young team ready for SEC play.

Too much talent on this'll come.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to FanNotSheep:

OK, once more and slowly: I don't follow the coming and going of assistant coaches and the minutia of recruiting. So I was not aware that this guy is apparently the next Rodney Garner, but I don't understand why anyone thinks a former UF football player is bleeding Tennessee orange.

The SEC? Sure, and a good career move if Jones can coach. I am not grumbling, just not naive enough enough to think a Florida guy has loyalty to Rocky Top, any more than Jay Graham always dreamed of being a Seminole.

I'd love for you to call Jay Graham a coward to his face. I guarantee he would knock you all the way back up which ever Interstate brought you here.

You wanna be "that guy"...knock yourself out.

As for myself and many others...we're happy Dooley is gone someone's in there that at least initially gives the impression that he gives a rats arse about tradition & giving former players an open door (which Graham appears to have slammed back in his face).

We tried the former player thing with Chuck Smith, Tee & now Graham...not working out so great is it?

If it takes hiring a former Gator (via SC, OKST & WVU) to help get this team moving what?

Like I said...believe what you want. Until Graham comes out and explains bailing on UT a week before practice starts I'll believe he realized Coach Jones asks a bit more from his coaches than Dooley did.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to FanNotSheep:

I'd say there are 300,000 reasons he is here. UT tradition ain't one of them.

People who blame Graham for leaving are crazy. He was in a tough spot as the only guy on the staff who even knew how to pronounce Vol. Geez, can you imagine the idiots on the coaching staff from Michigan by way of Cincinnati apparently thought Tennessee's mascot was a small rodent that lives underground?

Listen...if you want to grumble about this you're going to be in the minority.

If there's more to it and Graham isn't a coward who didn't want to work as hard as the rest of the staff from THE NORTH (yep, we're everywhere...ohhhh) then Graham better come out and explain...

Until then (and really, even after then) I'm going to support the coaches that want to be at UT.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

LOL...didn't even take one whole minute.

I rest my case...SMH

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

All that the haters will notice is that he played RB at Florida...

But considering the pinch Graham put UT in with just over a week until the first practice...great hire. Impressive resume.

Oh, and most importantly...he wants to be here!


Written on Tennessee's offense stands out in 9-7 baseball victory :

Exactly...very good win to bring the spirit back after two tough series to open the year.

And really, with a team so young you're not going to mess up the weekend rotation for a mid week game so it shouldn't be a surprise so many pitchers got in yesterday.

This win is just what they need heading into the weekend tourney.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Can we please stop with the VFL stuff?

This is big business and loyalty goes as far as the pile of money you can throw at someone.

Plus the whole "VFL" thing was started by Dooley and that just adds a tinge of BS to it...

And really, for all the talk of how great a recruiter Graham was, two cycles at UT and he whiffed on every big time RB he want after right?

This team going into next year has bigger problems than losing was going to be a tough year regardless

Written on Allowing home runs catches up with Vols in loss to Arizona State, 5-1:

You absolutely have to take into account the youth across every aspect of this team...and while 2-5 is not a good feeling, it's hard to look back and expect much else when you factor in a road trip to Vegas & hosting perennial powerhouse ASU.

That being said...laying the wood to ETSU and grabbing two of three this weekend in the USA Baseball Tourney would set the tone heading into the final few weeks before SEC play begins. The talent is there.

Go BaseVOLS!

Written on From batboy to shortstop, A.J. Simcox has 'bled orange from the start':

Yes, great story. Very glad AJ decided to come to UT vs signing with the Rockies.

Tough series with ASU. Getting one with this young team would be great...getting 2 of 3 phenomenal. It's a long season.


Go BaseVOLS!

Written on Butch Jones gave raspy address to Big Orange TipOff Club:

Coach Jones is so anti-Dooley...LOVE IT!

Written on Extra-inning win for Vols' baseball not in the cards against UNLV :

Another tough one... But with something like 14 (or was it 17?, can't recall) first timers making appearances this weekend losing three 1 run games is understandable.

With all that in experience, 4 games on the road in Vegas and then a weekend with ASU will serve this young team well down the road.

Chins up young bloods!

Go BaseVOLS!