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I hope we fill some of those Open dates with meaningful opponents. We've got to play-em if we want to become noticed Nationally and remember in 14 the playoff's begin it's important and ESPN SEC channel starts in earnest.

Uhhhh, you're joking, right?

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Hmmmm! If I lost a deal to an inferior competitor in the opening round of RFP negotiations, I'm thinking my company would not reward my efforts with a raise. Oh well...congrats Coach Martin.

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The human experience is about nothing if not redemption and second chances. As such, I don't begrudge her being given the opportunity to lead, assuming, of course, that she has learned from the mistakes of her youth. Having said that, there are a handful of schools that because of their history should not have even granted her an interview: Texas Tech, Indiana, and at the very tip top of that list...RUTGERS. "Dumb and Dumber" for sure.

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I like it. Tremendous upside if he stays healthy.

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No surprise here. Two teams: one excited to be playing, the other anxious for the season to end. The outcome reflected those respective attitudes.

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One of the great Vol wins. I was in class with Ron Widby and got the chance to witness firsthand the Vols put a whippin' on Louie Dampier, Dan Issel, and Pat Riley at the old Stokely Athletic Center. At the time it was probably the biggest upset in the history of Tennessee basketball and it was a thrilling sight to behold. We're getting to that stage now where I don't think anyone can stop us. And Skylar probably can't punt like Ron, but he's got the same smooth baseline jumper! Our bigs are the best in the conference & Trae deserves All-American consideration. But we have one player who cannot be guarded one on one; Jordan McCrae can create his shot. That makes him invaluable & first team SEC along with the strongest big in the conference if not in the country, Mr. Yarnell Stokes. Also hats off to Kenny & Yemi; we are deep inside the paint. And you've got to give it up for Coach Cuonzo!!! I knew when we signed him we were getting someone special! Vols are about to build a basketball dynasty. It's a GREAT time to be a Tennessee Vol! And for the record I'm 110% behind Coach Butch Jones & the continuity he's keeping with his coaching staff, and the world class expertise of Coach Dave Serrano, and the classiest of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball second only to the Best Coach in Basketball History,Coach Holly. Many seem to have forgotten what a remarkable player & team leader Holly Warlick proved to be. Holly rocks! And we've got the BEST assistant coaches in the Nation! I wouldn't trade Coach Kyra & the rest for the entire bench on Gino "the cheater & womanizer" of Connecticut's staff.

In two years time I would not be surprised if the Vols were back on top in Basketball, Football, Lady Vol Hoops, and it goes without saying our Lady Vol Softball team will soon be National Champions ...hopefully this year while we still have Raven, Lauren, Madison, Ivy, and Ellen together. It absolutely ROCKS to be a Tennessee Vol!

Love the post. Don't know that I completely agree on every point, but that doesn't matter. It's great to hear the perspective of some long time and long-suffering vol fans who are able, through age and experience, to lend anecdotal evidence to some of these younger generations of Chicken Little Vol fans that the sky, is NOT actually falling down in K-town. Great post.

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Jones and staff salvaged a respectable class. Here's the challenge. If you look at some of the recruiting classes ahead of us you'll find: Florida - of 26 commits, 15 were in-state. LSU - of 28 commits, 12 were in-state. TX A&M - of 32 commits, 22 in-state. UCLA - of 24 commits , 15 in-state. Georgia 32 commits, 18 in-state. Then there's Tennessee - of 21 commits, only 6 in-state. That's a significant handicap going into every recruiting class. That's not an excuse, just a reality. The only way to overcome that it is to have stability, consistency, string together a couple of winning seasons, and improve our brand nationally, but more importantly, improve it regionally. We have done it before. No reason it can't be done again.

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Just realistic about what it would take to win a championship. Auburn with their new head coach has done well. Why the difference?

WOW, did I miss a season or something? Last I checked, Tennessee's new coach has an identical W/L record at his new school as Auburn's coach has at his and a much more successful history. Somebody must of poured a 55 gallon drum of stupid all over you this morning.

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Yes. It's another year, zero.

Ha! Well played. Although something tells me it likely went right over his head.

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With about 12 minutes left in the game, I ordered "Open Range" on on-demand.

Awful basketball!

Great Movie!

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This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.

Who at rocky flop DOES know how to win? Just sayin, 28 wins last 5 yrs......

Talk about a "winner" alabubba fan who spends much of his existence trolling an opposing team's fan site. Just sayin...

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Goeas was not a player that fit our system. I am tired of getting players that will never see the field that transfer or sit around like dead weight. Koehler has no relationship with this staff and if we go to a zone blocking scheme then he will not be really effective. Losing guys like this happens all the time when their is a coaching change. Thats the problem with changing coaches every few years. I also like that Jones encouraged (pull schoolys) recruits to look elsewhere that did not fit what he wants to do. Its what needed to be done. he did everyone of those guys a favor.

As for getting a super class immediately, with 80% of the top players already committed, I am not sure why you think Jones is going to walk in to a stud recruits house say hello and convince a guy who he has known for all of an hour to say I am coming to UT when other coaches have invested years to build the trust. Your expectations for this class are idiotic.

As for Clay he was added depth for the short term. I personally like what Jones has done so far. I would be happy if we only sign 22 players if it allowed us to really have a big class next year. Dooley left this team in the crapper just like Kiffin did and just like Fulmer.

Lets see what Jones can do. Their is hope that Dooley was such a bad coach that talent on campus is a lot better then what it showed on the field last year.

Very well stated.

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Why all the negativity? The kid was obviously torn between playing for a traditional SEC power versus following his heart and playing for a Christian college. It's not a snub to Tennessee that, in the end, he followed his religious roots and chose the latter. There is no story here.

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Butch who??? The runaway coach???? Good luck with this guy Vols. Sucks for the Nati that 2 yrs running their coach ran off before the bowl game. Says more for the players than it does the coach. Keep rockin Bearcats!!!

"Butch Who?"

I'm guessing it's the same "Butch" that's so under your skin right now that you felt compelled to sign up for a GVX account on New Years Day so you could respond to an article on an opposing fan's website. Don't blame you for being chapped though. Heck, Cincy is one the few teams we could beat last year and to make matters worse, we poached your coach this year. Ouch. Happy New Year Bearcat!

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Strange might as well call Jones a full blown liar. Crappy article. Jones had a great press conference and is obvious embracing the Vol nation. Get on board.

Not surprising that Strange would write an article like this given the tone of his question in the press conference. Apparently, in the absence of anything relevant, constructive, informative, or enlightening to write, Mike is engaging in the same sort of cynical, borderline, shock journalism that unfortunately has become the hallmark of bottom tier journalists in today's sports media.

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"Weak retort. Surely you can do better. Try again"

...keep up. Did you see what I did there?

Oh my. Bless your heart. My sister is reading this over my shoulder. She's a Georgia Grad / Emory Grad and season ticket holder. Even she is embarassed by you. She just made a legit observation (legit for a Georgia grad...had to add that just because she's being nosey). She said, "I'm sure a Georgia grad isn't trolling a Tennessee fan site. A Georgia redneck maybe, but not a Georgia grad."

...Man I'm not saying I agree. That's just what she said.

I'm just sayin' : )

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If you think the current "administration" is the reason ticket sales are down, you're just as ignorant as TraderJoe.

Your ilk likes to b1tch and moan about blaming things on others, but if you think attendance is down for any reason other than the poor product on the field, you're more deluded than I thought. Blame the administration in Knoxville if you want, but leave the one in Washington out of this.

In a recession, there are still certain areas of the market that still do quite well; liquor sales, pizza places, and entertainment. (For the past few years in Knoxville, I'm sure the liquor stores have fared better than season ticket sales.)

Right On! Win games - stadium is full. A decade long dumpster fire and it isn't. It's not rocket science. We made a good hire today. It will still be a long road back, but if his resume is any indication, CBJ has the markings of a man that should be able to come in and turn things around.

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This is football commentary from a rep of a 1-7 SEC team? Back to back! Really? I am so taken aback? You are going to school me..... Nevermind. I really don't take you serious until you are in that arena. Been awhile?

Weak retort. Surely you can do better. Try again.

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Butch does not seem to be quite the sharpest pencil in the box. He has had a couple glaring clock management issues this year. I personally am happy with Arky, TN, & UK hires. None pose a threat to outcoaching UGA. My jury is still out on Malzahn. Not surprised the orange crowd who knows FB is not happy w/ the Cincy cast-off

WHAAAAAAAAT????? You're a Dawg fan and you're actually bringing up clock management, after your team just blew it's first shot at a National Championship since 1980 because of POOR CLOCK MANAGEMENT. LMAO! Talk about a TROLL gaffe for the ages. Friend, you win the prize. That's priceless.

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In 6 years as a head coach he won the MAC title twice, the Big East twice, and is the reigning 2 time Big East Coach of the year. Forget the silly pipe dreams. Of candidates who might actually have been interested in coming to UTK, name ONE with a better resume than CBJ. His resume is better than Saban's resume when Saban went to Michigan State. It's better than Meyer's resume when Meyer went to Florida. It's better than Les Miles resume when Les went to LSU. Some of you are just willfully ignorant or perpetually miserable or both. This isn't a bad hire at all and could prove to be a great hire. Only time will tell.

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As an Alum, I supported TN Football when they made decision to fire Fulmer only to hire Kiffin and then Dooley. I thought the moves were wrong but bought into the idea that as fans we needed to "give them a chance". I bought the shirts, hats, tickets and PPV. They rewarded my loyalty with losing football games and becoming the joke of the SEC...not to mention college football. With this hire, I am done with supporting UT Football until they get things fixed and they can start with firing Dave Hart!

So you're bragging about being loyal in a post that, at its core, is announcing your intent to be disloyal. Alrighty then!

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I donate over 100,000 dollars a year. That ends today. Tennessee is not the Tn I graduated from in 82.

To quote Curly Bill in Tombstone: "Well...Bye!"

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hey - I remember Butch Jones - he was Cooter on the old Dukes of Hazzard show....right?

That was Ben Jones

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One other thing. Hart has done very little to impress me since he's been at UT; however, I'm re-thinking my opinion of him after hearing the comments by both the Louisville AD and the Cincy AD. Seems that Hart handled the search with class and was the only AD out of at least 5 schools that courted Jones who actually followed proper protocol before speeking directly to the coach. There's something to be said for doing things the right way.

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There are no sure things in life or in sports. That said, in 6 years as a head coach, he has 2 MAC Titles and 2 Big East Titles. In addition, he's the first coach we have hired since Johnny Majors that came in with a winning record as a Head Coach. Given the coaches that were available that we might have been able to lure to Knoxville, I think Coach Jones might very well have been the best hire we could have made. Go CBJ and Go Vols!

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I am always astounded with UT Fan. You people truly do live in a cave/bubble. What in the world makes you believe you can play SEC championship football with that roster?

As horrendous as Kentucky has been in football for the majority of its history, I can understand how you might have been under the impression that you guys have been playing with the same roster for the last 3 or 4 decades. Not so. Are you ready for this? College football rosters actually experience 100% turnover every 4 to 5 year cycle. Crazy stuff, huh?

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Im not saying HART is great by no means but if he fails with this hire hes out the door to.
HART threw money at GUNDY he said NO
He threw money at STRONG he said NO, Personally these guys in the end were afraid to FAIL knowing that if they didn't win here they would be back being cordinators again.
I fell for the GRUDEN hype at first but then realized he was never interested in coaching here to begin with he just let everything blow out of proportion so some NFL teams would coming calling for him so screw Jon Gruden if he had any respect for UT he should have put a end to that rumor right away. Realistically why would a Superbowl winning coach revert back to college ball with a possibility of failing at this level would create a very long road back to any kind of elite status he might hold in the NFL. What NFL superbowl winning coach has EVER come back to coach college, I can't think of even 1. Gruden is not the type that is going to babysit 18-22 yr young men.

Time to give this Butch Jones a Tennessee welcoming and make him feel at home, the coaching fraternity in college is pretty tight and if we show negativity because Lord knows I've done it myself then what coach with a name is going to want to come here.

Anyways I support Jones if he comes , because he come from a good pedigree of Cincy coaches.

It's nice having a coach that is driven to make a name for himself with enthusiasm this guy is going bring, then our last mistake of hiring a guy with NO winning track record as a head coach at ALL and was hired on the DOOLEY name ONLY!

Yes Dooley beat Jones last year , but who went to a bowl game and who didn't.
Tennessee should be able to beat Cincy with talent alone with a coach like Dooley, Cincy has nowhere near the talent Tennessee has. Jones knows how to coach , Dooley didn't.

Correct! And who did Jones beat in said bowl game? Definitely worse options out there than Jones.

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Omg....I am blown away by this! You have Bo Pelini who supposedly called D Hart.....You have Butch Davis wanting to get back in the collegiate game, found no evidence of wrong have Greg Roman wanting to get back to collegiate level. All winners, good recruiters, pro ties and Hart is looking at Jones? OMG if this happens, I'm sorry I will never watch another UT game. Unbelievable.

I wouldn't have a problem with any of the 3 names you mentioned, especially Greg Roman. That said, let me play devil's advocate for a second and suggest two things.

1) How do you know Hart isn't talking to the names above?

2) Even the names you mentioned aren't slam dunks and aren't without risk.

Roman - Has never been a HC and no Southern recruiting ties

Pelini - His team just surrendered a 70 spot in its most recent outing. Wasn't defense our biggest deficiency this year?

Davis - Maybe he truly is clean as a whistle, but he still carries a enough of a stigma that no other program has given him a shot and given that we just got 2 more years of NCAA probation, I'm not sure we can afford that kind of additional NCAA scrutiny.

Bottom line is there are no slam dunks. There are no short cuts. Whomever the hire is, it's going to be a long road back...but I believe we will get there.

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Dave Hart has made a complete mess of this search. Is it just me or is looking for just anyone who has won a game or two no matter where. He is offering spread coaches, pro style coaches, what next a wing tee, or wishbone coach? It seems he doesn't know what he is looking for rather than just someone who will accept the job.

All of these rejections reflect poorly on the program. Why can he not make these offers discreetly? Can he not tell he is being played? Who didn't know that Gundy wouldn't leave OK State, I sure did. It was rediculous to even mention his name. He is an average coach anyway, same with Strong. He has proven nothing, except that if you recruit the state of FL you can win in the BIG EAST. He certainly is not worth the 3.6 mil UT offered. It seems now he is looking at this Butch Jones dude. He got waxed by a Dooley coached team, I think that says enough about him.

The answer is simple. Get Butch Davis. He can recruit Fla. Our players line up with his style of coaching, and I believe he WANTS the job, and will finish his career here. Hire him before someone else does. End of story.

All of what rejections? Just because a coach gets out ahead of rumors and says he isn't a candidate doesn't constitute a rejection. You actually have to be offered the job to reject the job. This isn't difficult to understand. The notion that Gruden had an offer is rumor. The notion that Gundy had an offer is rumor. In fact, Gundy just said that conversations never got as far with any team as what had been reported. Truth is that to date, the only "rejection" was from Charlie Strong.

I don't know if David Hart knows what he's doing or not. What I do know is that not every tweet, rumor, post, or story is true. Why don't we just take a deep breath and as a collective fan base - CHILL !

Everything will work out in the end and if it doesn''s not the end. Go Vols!

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Greg Roman is the man..

I think so

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Probably old news, but this is my first time on GVX today. Anyway, Google Greg Roman and this is what pops up on the right.

"Greg Roman is currently interviewing for the University of Tennessee Head Coaching position. He is now the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. He was hired by the 49ers on January 15, 2011. WikipediaEducation: John Carroll University"

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LOL stop drinking. Kelly never offered are you insane?

Stoops never offered, again are you sure your not insane?

LOL Jeff Fisher? you are insane!

Since you asked, TROLL!!!

I believe he was referencing Jimbo not Jeff. Nonetheless your larger point is valid, apart from Gundy and Strong, no one else on that list was offered and only two on that list can even be confirmed as having had preliminary conversations.

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Why Tennessee? Big time coaches have Big Time egos and want to prove their skills on the biggest stage. There is no bigger stage in college football than the SEC. Within the SEC, there is no school besides Alabama with a greater tradition than Tennessee. #9 in all-time wins. #3 in all-time bowl appearances. #6 in all-time bowl wins. Add to the mix the fact that we have Top 10 facilities and we just freed up $18 Million in cash for coaches salaries, and it's not too difficult to make the case that this is still a top 15 if not a top 10 destination job, our recent travails notwithstanding.

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Hart is doing his job. He has his list of qualified candidates and he's doing his due diligence.

So what is a "qualified" candidate? Reading between the lines based on the few comments that Hart has made, I believe we can make some reasonable assumptions.

1) It won't be Petrino or Butch Davis. Given our recent history, I see NO scenario where any coach with any kind of highly publicized scandal, whether justified or not, even gets an interview.

2) It won't be an no Kirby.

3) It won't be a head coach from a mid-major unless we get lot's of rejections from the A-list.

So what does that leave us? He's interviewing from a pool of cabndidates based on the following criteria.

1) Head coaching experience
2) Recognizable name
3) BCS conference experience
4) Potential interest
5) Strong recruiting ties in SEC country

As such, Gundy obviously meets the criteria and warrants an interview at the very least. That said, I don't think there is any chance he leaves Oklahoma State, and at the end of the day, I don't even think we would make him an offer. Again, Hart is simply performing due diligence.

Top 4 targets, based on criteria (in no certain order):

1) Fisher
2) Strong
3) Briles
4) Patterson

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You KNOW that if we go ahead and hire PETRINO, we'll win the SEC East in three years, right?

Yeah, I know he grimey, but most NCAA coaches are carrying massive baggage. Petrino got CAUGHT...that's all. Plus, you can probably get him for cheap...just sign him to a iron clad morals clause, so if he even twitches funny, he's gone with no payout. So let's get ready to weather the media firestorm, bring the guy in to get started on the recruiting trail and watch the WINNING begin...

If, in your words, "most NCAA coaches are carrying massive baggage," then Petrino is carrying the entire Samsonite factory. No Thanks!

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I would never be surprised if Monte was arrested for beating his wife for having that twerp. Maybe he was adopted.

LMAO...on the way out the door, what do you want to bet Monte turned around and said to Lane, "boy when I get home, I'm gonna punch your Momma in the mounth, you moose twit...there's no way yous from my loins..."

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in response to Colliervol:

I always said I'd take a wait and see attitude on Gruden (as in I'd believe it when I saw it). One thing for sure. Somebody at Channel 3 Memphis and several other locations either made big errors in getting info or just jumped prematurely. Either way, it's sort of embarrassing for them.

As far as UT being permanently "irrelevant", I sincerely doubt it. How long was LSU irrelevant before Saban got there? How long did Florida languish till Spurrier arrived? How long was Bama in the dumper before Saban came (10 years)? How long was Notre Dame circling the toilet before Kelly (20 years)? UT has too much to offer and too much support for it to stay down forever. Just takes the right coach as shown by the examples above. Relax children. It will happen.

Good Post! Completely agree.

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Does anyone know if USC students are burning mattresses or rioting on campus?

Just Asking

Isn't that typically what's happening in L.A. regardless of current events?

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":


What is kharma ? (the letter "h" is no where near the letter "a" or "k" on a keyboard)

LMAO! And I'm guessing he still has no idea what you mean. There's an Alabama for you. Great post!

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in response to iowavol:

If you are truly from the class of 73 and still have a son you are trying to rear, either you are hanging on too long or you are my new hero. Either way, there's another way to look at your argument. After all, the last perfect person died on the cross - and some may even want to argue with perfect on that one.

But, imagine teaching your son about role models and learning how to accept the good in people while rejecting the bad. It's a good lesson at its core - being aware that no one is perfect while focusing on the positives and good in everyone. After all, isn't that a biblical lesson? So if you can accept the notion that you can teach positives while steering away from the negatives, than Petrino looks a viable role model that can actually help you in your rearing challenges.

On the other hand, I suspect you are really from the class of 73 and the reference you made to role model for your child was metaphorical. In this case, you probably have formed your opinion and don't really care about another one.

Nice try bud. First of all, where the heck did you get the notion that I was from the class of '73? You're way mixed up. I neither stated that nor did I even hint towards anything remotely close to that. Not that it matters, but I'm class of 91: a kid in college and two in high school. Secondly, the rest of your post was nearly as ridiculous as your first nonsensical sentence. Based on your whacky logic, I suppose we should all just appreciate the good in Charlie Manson, Adolf Hitler, James Earl Ray, and Jerry Sandusky because there surely had to be some good in all them...right? And by God, it's just the Christian thing to do. Give me a break. While I'm NOT suggesting that Petrino is down on their level, I would ask the obvious of you, where exactly would you draw the line? Clearly you draw it at wins/losses and character doesn't matter. That's fine, you're absolutely not alone and I don't judge you for it. But call it what is and don't try and take moral high ground where there is none to be found.

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"Who is Art Briles?": this is the problem with a pick like this. Kids don't know him. UT has to recruit nationally, so we need a coach with a big name who everyone already knows. Next please.

Define "Big Name". And yes, Tennessee has historically had to recruit nationally out of necessity. However, having an instant pipeline into Texas would drastically alter the dynamic of how we would approach recruiting especially given the relevance the SEC now has in the state of Texas with the addition of A&M. Given the new landscape of the SEC and Briles connections within Texas, there are way way worse hires that we could make.

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in response to BigOrangeRock:

In the end it will be Fulmer. It is the only logical solution if a big name can not be found.

The rock has spoken.

"The rock has spoken?" Fraggle Rock perhaps...then again, even Gobo would likely offer better suggestions than that.

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in response to HopeisNotaCourseofAction:

Gruden appears to be one who really likes lots of attention, more so than the average run of the mill sports talking heads.

I'm betting the golden boy enjoys having his name kicked around by college and pro teams, since he does nothing to quell all the rumors. So last week it was Arky and UT, now it's Philly, next week SD Chargers, week later USC (ha ha), then Cleveland, and of course the DA owner of the Cowboys will have to finally realize this latest wonder boy he invested in has achieved his level of the Peter Principle and have to replace that wannabe.

And ole Jon will call the game tonight like nothing is going on with him in likely half a dozen medias around the US.

Come on Jon Boy, put it to rest and pinch it off, or as some might say, shite or get off the pot.

As a UT fan, I'd certainly like to see him, for better or worse, bring closure to the rumors. However, playing devil's advocate, it isn't necessarily in his best interests to do so. Branding is everything in sales. So when you are selling yourself, the more your name is mentioned in a positive light, especially in connection with high profile positions and when by all appearances you aren't the one driving the dialogue, it only serves to improve your brand, thus the dollars you can demand. As such, I wouldn't anticipate him going out of his way to quickly quell any rumors. I'm not suggesting that's either good or just is.

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in response to texasvolunteer1973:

Bobby Petrino should be the hire.

I respectfully disagree. I'm no prude and I want to win as much as anyone and I'll grant you that Petrino could probably make that happen as quickly as anyone - his track record proves it. His track record also proves him to be a quitter, a moral degenerate, and someone who would chase the next big offer held under his nose. Look, I realize we aren't hiring a Sunday School teacher, but rather a football coach. As such there are things that I might be willing to overlook. Petrino is a winner. Yes! However, everything else about the man is the antithesis of what I'd want my son to be. Furthermore, through the whole CFP firing, CLK hiring, CLK quitting, Pearl scandal, I had my fill of seeing the University I love making front page news for everything other than what took place on the field or on the court. Petrino would bring more of the same simply because Tennessee will have been "THE UNIVERSITY" who gave him his next big break less than one year after exiting disgracefully from his prior engagement, which by the way makes 3 straight gigs he has left high and dry under less than desirable circumstances. NO THANK YOU!

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in response to dcibrando:

guys... this is an old article posted Nov. 8th. this says nothing new and my guess is things have changes since then on several fronts

LMAO! Well played KNS. You guys can't even report a story about a story in a timely fashion.

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in response to NeylandWest:

Thanks Coach Sal! You took a risk and you tried. When other coaches (7) decided to bail on us after last season, things did not look good for Vol Nation.

I'll go back further. When Dooley was hired, zero big-named coaches were beating down our doors begging to coach here. It drives me crazy that people overlook that!

No, I'm not a "Dooley fan". I am a TN alum and a TN fan. I want what is right and just. I wish people would remember that Dooley didn't kill this program. It was poisoned years earlier. And Dooley just had the audacity to come in here and take a risk, try to fix it and do what no one else wanted to do at that time.

Coach Sal tried the same thing. I applaud them for their efforts and wish them the best. I'm sorry it didn't work out for them and for us.

Best of luck to this staff! Hope all of Vol Nation has a great Thanksgiving. Say a prayer for me and the boys over here in Asscrackistan. A special thanks to the USO and others that take care of us and make deployments easier, especially when they give us tv's to watch the games back home.

Y'all take care and Go Vols!

Great Post! I couldn't agree more...and not only will I be praying for you, I'll be joining you next year: My Reserve unit just got deployment orders. Stay safe brother. Go Vols!

Written on UT Athletics halts academic donations; money needed to fund coaching change :

in response to ambrown64:

First of all, you are an idiot. Here are 3 reasons that you are an idiot.

1. Any male in my demographic that can't hang with a "Stripes" reference is an idiot. Were you actually not a male in the early 80's? Next thing, you'll ask "who is this Flounder? Who is Judge Smails?" Let's make this deal: I won't call you Francis and don't you dare call me Francis. You must call me "Psycho." If you call me Francis, I...forget idiot.

2. The way football makes money for the University's academics is not by contributing a measly scholarship. It is by winning and having that Power T splashed all over the media, everywhere. When that happens, all the wallets open up - much more than the amount of that scholarship money.

3. For a guy with two degrees, you obviously didn't make any money, because you have that chip-on-the-shoulder hatred of guys that did.

Believe it or not, some people that have resources are actually good at what they do and good people. The Haslams are the greatest benefactors to the University, and to the entire area of East Tennessee. They give large sums to build schools, hospitals, business, towns, etc, but they also have the sophistication and restraint to resist calling every shot. Big Jim has been that sort of donor, and the boys have been as well.

When the Haslam family does put its hands on something, they generally take full responsibility for building ethics and excellence into it. And they work hard. They are not the type to chomp on their cigars and bully everyone with their money.

Why do guys like you have to hate on anyone that has done well? Especially people that spread that money around? I know the answer: because you are an idiot. And don't call me Francis. Its Psycho.

Well said!

Written on UT Athletics halts academic donations; money needed to fund coaching change :

in response to twicevolalum:

1) being on campus at the time doesn't give you credence, but if you believe that it should, I will say, I too, was on campus at the time. It was pretty appalling how people acted at that time. I still say we didn't see those problems on the field until Hamilton was A.D. and when I pointed that out to your fellow classmates I was told Hamilton was the best because he got us Bruce Pearl. Well I think time has proven Hamilton was definitely a problem at UT and Bruce Pearl was evidence of that problem. 2) If you think four years is a long time ago then talk to me when you get a little more life experience. If you have actually gotten 2 degrees from UT, you would know four years goes by quickly. In terms of life, four years is not really that long at all. 3) Stating that you're not trying to make yourself sound better than everyone else, is in fact, trying to make yourself sound better than everyone else. Sorry if my screen name offends you. I've just found it useful in differentiating myself from those who have never had any investment in the University other than to buy football tickets on the street, bring their alcohol on campus, and live their life by the scoreboard in Neyland Stadium.

With all due respect oh arrogant one, your screen name proves nothing, nor does it "differentiate" you from anyone else on this site who may or may not be presenting an accurate representation of who or what they truly are. I will grant you this: you are definitely the most condescending person on the site. Here's a suggestion, although I'm sure you're far too superior to heed it. Put those savy research skills, that you certainly acquired while earning those UT degrees, to good use and read up on Title IX. Most D-1 athletic departments ceased contributions to the academic side of the house between 1981 - 1999 as a result of court rulings related to Title IX. Not that I'm suggesting you should let the facts get in the way of your soapbox rant. I'm just saying...

Written on Jim Chaney takes over as interim coach, focused on Kentucky:

in response to pingkr62:

At least we don't have Derrick Dooley to kick around anymore.

Really? CPF and CLK are still getting kicked around on this site, so I'm guessing Dooley will be soundly booted for at least a decade.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Derek Dooley saga continues, though sequel not likely:

in response to silicon28:

The only problem with your thought: Who on earth would want to take over U.T. right now? Unless it's someone like Cutcliffe who will let his heartstrings pull him away from a great situation at Duke? There just aren't many "names" out there U.T. can actually have a chance of landing, without another back-breaking contract that the program sure can't afford. It's almost a no-win situation at the moment...

Completely disagree. In fact, I believe the case could be made that we are in a better position now to bring in a big name coach than we have seen since Fulmer was released of his duties.

1) Big names didn't want to follow Fulmer because of the way he was let go, especially given his body of work.

2) Big names didn't want to follow CLK because of the NCAA cloud over the program, not to mention the depth issues due to the lack of scholarship players.

3) We are near the limit now with Scholarship players and while we may lose a few due to a coaching change, the right hire will minimize the attrition. Add to that, the fact that the new coach doesn't exactly have big shoes to fill. Not to mention the new pratice facility, and some great skill players, and I think it adds up to a better scenario for a new coach than what has existed the last few years.