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It's a moot point now. He's gone and we need a PG.

Also, Landry was not going to cut it here anyway.


With the meager numbers Landry had, it is hard to believe he would have been effective at PG in the SEC.

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Good luck to all of these Vols. I am sure it is the chance of a lifetime. Hope they can all reach their dreams. While UT didn't post good won-loss numbers, there were some outstanding individual performances by each of these young men. Best of luck. Go Vols!!

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The key for UT next year will be to have Maymon return without any of the current underclassment opting to try their skills in the NBA. If we lose Stokes, you can forget about the Big Dance next year. If all of the players return, they cannot have nearly as many early season losses. All of the power teams that we played close for the last 2 years must result in wins. We then must continue with the wins throughout the SEC season without any bad losses (losing twice to Georgia was probably the death penalty for us with the NCAA this year). Let's have everybody back, then win early, late, and often. GBO!!!

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Best of luck to you, Kenny. It has been great to see your development through the years. You still have great opportunities in front of you in both basketball and life. Bring us a championship! Go Vols!!

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I hope he has a great game today. We'll miss you Skylar.

Totally agree. It would be great if Skylar could go out with the type of game the person he is most compared to, Pete Maravich, had in his hayday. The oft-announced "McBee for Three" will be one of those phrases long remembered by UT basketball fans. Let's hope he has 6 or 7 more games this year where Bob and Bert can make that announcement. Thanks, Skylar. GBO!!!

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Great win!! Have to admit the Vols have finally gotten a couple of good breaks with Noel of Ky getting hurt and then the kid from Gatorville getting the concussion and missing the game. These were both dangerous squads even missing their players. Great job of stepping up and taking advantage. This UT squad really does play well together as a team. Thanks, guys. Now let's win the next 3 and take the tournament. A letdown against Georgia will lessen this victory. Have to keep sharp. GBO!!

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This team has the capabiiity to win against the Gators. We need to play like we did against KY and in the 4th OT against A&M--fully focused as a team. GBO!

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Coach Graham, thanks for the assistance while you were here. Good luck in your new job. Sorry it didn't work out for your at your alma mater.

Coach Jones, this is a good opportunity to bring in some one that fits your system and will be totally loyal to you and the university. Good luck on the next hire. It will be great to see a staff that truly gets along and can bring this program back to an elite status. GBO!!

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It would be nice to see the hot streak continue through the rest of the season. Way to go Vols. Keep doing what you're doing. GBO!!

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This team has to come back and win the next couple of games to show that this was not just a fluke with UT playing way over their heads and KY not showing up. The winning needs to continue. What a great effort by the entire team for the win over the Cats. As a long time UT fan, this was phenomenal. Now let's keep the momentum. GBO!!

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Two good articles on UT and then JA goes back to the bashing. I guess he just had a mental lapse to actually have produced the positive articles.

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I hope he does well at the camp and in the combine. Thanks for being a Vol.

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Probably only hear that the perp's were seeking a medical redshirt.....

That is truly LOL funny!! Thanks for the post. If they screwed up, they would be glad it was Al Wilson and not Jack (Hacksaw) Reynolds. That would have been some serious damage.

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This is a good start for the road back. Hope CBJ and the rest of the staff can bring in an even better group next year. If we can pull the turnaround in 2013 like Ole Miss did (it seems so ironic to put Ole Miss in the elite group), we will be in great shape for the future. Recruits, thanks for trusting your future to UT. You will be glad you did.


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Sure hope some of these top recruits want to bring the Big Orange back to national prominence. Go get 'em, Coach Jones. VFL!!

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One of the finest articles I have seen from Mr. Adams in years. Thanks.

Like some of the other posters, I am really interested to see what we can do on defense as well. Not sure if the deer-in-the-headlights defense we ran in 2012 was due to the scheme or the talent on board. I hope CBJ and his staff can instill the pride we once had in our defenses. I long for the days of Jack Reynolds, Nick Schowalter, and Reggie White. Let's hope we can get the players and the schemes to make us better.

JA, thanks again for the informative article. Go Vols!!

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Three teams won with dual threat quarterbacks. If Les Miles had taken lessons in clock management, LSU would have won that game. Look at how many other teams lost when they tried that concept because their primary play maker got injured during the season.

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I see no problem with SEC domination. I am a UT graduate and fan but will pull big time tonight for another SEC victory. I would love to see UT in this position in a couple of years. Go Vols!! Roll Tide!!! S-E-C !!!

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Bama does not have a single coach with ties to the program. Has no bearing, you can either coach and develop players or you cannot. Roll Tide

Granted Alabama is on quite a roll, but it does help having old players as coaches that can relate the university experience. Go Vols! Pulling for the Tide tonight!

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When your spouse is for the other team, this makes this a double tough loss. Like one of the other posters said, I have been to a coupld of Memphis games this year, and they were no where near the juggernaut that came into TBA. Look for Memphis to make the NIT again this year.

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Tyler, thanks for making it an exciting 3 years. Wish we could have won more games, but that's the hand we got dealt. Best of luck to you on the next level with your career. Hope it works out well for your. Go Vols!!

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As a fan I would love to see this series continue. Memphis can't recruit all of the stars in Memphis. Hope that Jarnell and the rest of the Vols step up. Memphis definitely likes to play uptempo. Living in the Memphis area, I would love for UT to shut them down!! GBO!! Play smart and win.

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Sorry for the mis-spelling of McCullers. Go Vols.

Written on Daniel McCullers returning for senior season with Vols:

Thank you for coming back, Mr. McCullars. It has been a true pleasure seeing your improvement this past year. Looking forward to seeing you continue as a true Vol. Be the beast you can be on a new Vol defense that will begin to stop people. GBO!!

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Why do these contracts not include performance clauses? Is the only way to reduce a coach's salary to fire them--and then you still have to pay? This doesn't make good sense in real world economics. We have bonus clauses, how about clauses where the contracts are reduced for non-performance?

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Understand that Hunter is gone, but would love to see what Bray and Patterson can do with better running backs and a senior offensive line. If they come back and Coach Jones gets a half decent defense, we could do some good stuff in 2013. Go Vols!!

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Unfortunately, 2013 is shaping up to be another 2011. Hope CBJ can get buy-in early and we can be ready for the season better than we were in 2011. It is still a long way back to the top.

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I guess John Adams slept through the mid 1990s. If you don't have the years with Peyton, Coach Cutcliffe, and Coach Chavis, you don't have the framework for the NC in 1998. Receivers and other players were coming to UT because they saw something special in what Peyton was achieving.

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Would love to see Dale Jones come back to be part of the Vol Nation defensive staff. He certainly knows what it takes to play defense in the SEC.

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We need to move on from Cutcliffe, the Chief, and anyone else involved with Fulmer. New blood will serve us well, a new AD would't hurt either.

The philosophy of going back to an old reliable has worked before. K State tried a retread with Bill Snyder. Seems to me they are doing fairly well with a second term.

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I agree with your comment if it is directed at the defensive side of the ball. There HAS been significant improvement on the offensive side this year and, to a lesser extent, each year of Dooley's tenure. The biggest improvement being the OL and the RB's; Pittman and Graham have been great hires. I truly believe that the offensive staff should be kept intact no matter what; however, Dooley MUST admit that the experiment on the defensive side has been an abject failure! No coach (not a single one) on that side should be safe... time to part ways. Abandon the 3-4? Maybe not, but find a DC and staff that can teach it and get the kids to buy into it! Dooley - eat some crow, show some balls and drop Sal NOW; show the fan base that you are serious about fixing the program. It's the only way to save your job. Everyone and his/her cousin knows that the problem is the defense.

Good post. Special teams is also better this year with the exception of the missed extra points. I remember how last year every punt to UT was a source of concern because we couldn't find anyone that could catch and hold onto the football. Adjustments do need to be made on the defensive side of the ball. We are nine games into the season!! We should begin seeing improvement on defense. This game looked like we had taken a bunch of offensive players, put them on defense and this was their first game.

I sure hope we get a good portion of it ironed out this week or we will look like MS State did against A&M. GBO!!!

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There is no way I will pull against this group of Volunteer players!! After all of the turmoil they have had to endure, they deserve the full support of every true UT fan. Let the cards fall as they may at the end of the season, but I hope this group of young men win every game they have left this season.

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The kicking game has definitely improved. Palardy averaged over 48 yds per punt..and hit his field goals and extra point. You can laugh, but that's a big deal for a struggling team.

Agreed. You pointed out one of the bright spots for this game. Not sure we can be close with SoCar. They got their lunch eaten by Florida. I would certainly like to win the last four of the season and a bowl game, though. We still need to pull for this team and what happens at the end of the season happens.

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The exit poll or keephim poll will really count at midnight Nov. 25th after THIS KY game. If all but the Ala. and S.Carol. games of ones remaining are wins, it is likely keep. Alabama and S.Carol. are suppose to beat the Vols handily. Only the most optimistic of us really hoped we could beat FL, who is pretty good and GA who was good util they played the Gamecocks. So they need to win November and move on. Next year is yet to be determined. NO ONE is satisfied with how this year has played out. But anyone with any observational skill at all can see there have been some improvements.
Marnel1958, what are you running for? We assume you approve your own message. If not...well, I won't go there. GO VOLS, Show us something we haven't seen in years!

Agree with your comments. The decision on Coach Dooley should come at the end of November. We should win every game in November. A loss to Vandy or KY would mean the end of his tenure at UT. Regardless of how all of this plays out, I am pulling for the Vols to upset Alabama and/or SoCar and then win November. This is a talented team with opportunities. Go Vols!!

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Dooley will be the coach next year. There was absolutely NOTHING in this article that indicated otherwise. Hart was mainly talking about the facilities and what we as fans perceive to be real and what IS real....grow up trolls!!

Look, I'm no happier about the situation than the next guy. BUT, losing 40 scholarship players in his first year as coach set him back at least 2 years. Then he turns over his entire defensive staff. That's another set back. It's STABILITY that we need. Not "coach shopping" because a few fans are distraught with the program and won't be able to get out of bed all season because we can't win. There are more important things in life than football, and I think most VFLers realize that.
There has been significant improvement on the offensive side of the ball, especially the running game and NO ONE can argue that. Do I think Dooley can get us back to "The glory days"?? Probably not. But what he can do, and has done, is build a solid foundation with some good depth, decent talent and bring some stability to the program.

Thank you for the words of reason. If you look at the way this evolved, CDD has really only had 2 years. When you inherit a program 2 weeks before signing day from one of the slimiest coaches in the business, it's not a real surprise that we have struggled these last few years.

Football is heading in the right direction with Coach Dooley. We certainly aren't seeing the assault and battery charges against players we have in the past. This team and Coach Dooley deserve at least 1 more year before an evaluation is even close to complete.


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Let me promise you, Austin will be making the decision. I'm a Knoxville transplant from Memphis and was best friends, having grown up only 2 doors down from his Dad Mark. The Nichols family are a wonderfully close knit group...They'll all have input and observations to offer Austin, but they love and respect him enough to respect his opinion no matter where he decides to go. I'm a "sold out" Tennessee fan and would love to see him come here to play...but Austins happiness and development, both as a player and as a wonderfully humble young man, is most important to me personally; although I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that CCM would be a great teacher and mentor for him. So lets all keep our fingers crossed for his future as a Vol, but don't forget that he's a young man that's worked very hard to be in the position to choose his own destiny...and regardless of his choice of schools, he's a wonderfully kind and thoughtful young man who will be a great asset to any community and University he may choose.

Thanks for the info. As a long time UT fan living in the Memphis area, it would be fantastic to have CCM reach into Memphis again to get another quality person and athlete. Hope he chooses the Vols. With the other recruits Coach Martin has coming in, Austin would fit right in to put UT in the class with KY.

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Lot of UT fans and posters should have been in that meeting...Be with us, support us, or get you another team to degrade..

Totally agree. Thanks for the post.

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I have seen all of the previous posts, and I know this is not popular, but we have seen progress this year over last year. Last year we were totally frustrated by halftime. This time it doesn't happen until the 4th Quarter. I think CDD should be allowed one more year. Everyone should remember that this is really only the 2nd full year of Dooley recruits. coming in with 2 weeks before signing day (unless you are Southern Cal or Notre Dame) doesn't provide much opportunity for success.

I stand by this team. Everyone that thought we could go 9-2 with a totally new staff had to have been on something. With relatives that graduated from Ms State, this game was as tough to take as any loss this season.

This is still our team. We need to stand behind this team the rest of the season. Last time I checked, it was the only varsity football team representative for UT in the SEC. I hope we can win them all. GBO!!!

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Well said. And a good enough group of players to beat Florida State, just not UT. I am not happy with where our program is any more than the rest of the Vol faithful, but it is a lot closer to being back than the trolls are willing to admit.

Well said. Thanks. GBO!!

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I'm just glad i'm not a ut fan. How miserable that must be.


Wow. You must be a masochist and have a really sorry life to continue coming back to this site just to make your inane comments. Get a life!! Starting tracking Florida and Alabama since you obviously hate UT.

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As good as Oregon has been, it's still really hard to take a team seriously when their uniforms look like they lost a war with a highlighter pen.

Although Oregon is a very formidable opponent, your post was laugh out loud funny. Thanks for adding the humor.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If we can score and keep the other team from scoring, I don't care if we use the whole shot clock. It's all about the W's. GBO!!

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With respect to my good friend and fellow Vol "Summitts Court", it's obvious you just don't understand the life cycle of college football. Program building is all about momentum... either perceived or real. Whether it's perceived or real does not matter, as for 99% of people in this world, people's perception is people's reality.

And the absolute reality is this: winning begets winning, and losing begets losing.

Let me dumb this down for you.

Saban wins multiple championships. He puts many players in the first couple of draft rounds in the NFL. High school kids notice. Most coveted recruits sign with 'Bama. Because 'Bama signs top recruits, they continue to have the best players and teams, and continue to win National Championships. Hence they get the best recruits the next year... AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES...

Now for the flip side of the coin... Dooley can't provide compelling reason for 5 star kids to sign with Tennessee, so he has to settle for 2 stars from Johnson City. Tennessee doesn't win games, hence he continues to not have a compelling reason to recruit the following season... he offers no hope. (What message was spoken to all the recruits on the sideline of the Florida game?)... All those kids witnessed was mediocrity. And the cycle of mediocrity will continue until a coach is engaged who can break it. Gruden is that coach.

If your hypotheses were correct, Phil Fulmer would still be the Head Coach at UT and Bobby Bowden would have been fired after 3 years at Florida State. We need to support this team and this coaching staff. They are our team. They are Vols. They will come back.

If you fire this staff at the end of the year, we will look like Ole Miss and Arkansas. I'm not ready to do that again.

Go team. Coaches take them to the next level. The true fans will be there. GBO!!

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This team needs to move on to Akron. Look at the game film, note the problems that need to be fixed, develop the plan for improvement and figure out how to beat Akron. If we fail to do that, the KY loss to WKy will be inconsequential to what the sportswriters will say about UT. Life's tough. you have to move on. GBO!!!

Written on Starting free safety Brian Randolph says he'll be back "next year" after knee injury :

Brian, hoping you have a full recovery. We'll be glad to have you back next year. You gave a great effort. GBO!!

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Negative Note: Offense gave up mid third quarter. Bray's eyes and the fear on his face told that story.
Positive Note: We will learn from this mistake. A great game to know what holes are present. Florida and their all pro(5*) team versus Tennessee and their recovering (3* and some 4's) went toe to toe for nearly three quarters. You cannot rest the game on the shoulders of your defense. Sustaining just one or two drives late whould have made that a game. Learn that, and Tennessee will get over that loser hump. Go Vols!!

Thanks for this post. We can't do anything about this loss, but we can use it to learn from the mistakes and fix it. I hated losing to Tim Tebow but we need this team to step up the way Florida did after losing to Ole Miss. We can salvage this season. We need the players, the coaches and the fans to ensure we work as hard as possible to make this a successful year. GBO!!

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Great comments from Coach Fulmer. I would love to see the day that Coach Majors and Coach Fulmer can reconcile so that we could have both of them together supporting the storied UT program.

Go Vols!!! Beat Florida!!

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Hopefully the trend of empty seats will cost the AD office and they will get rid of Dooley for not selling tickets.

Maybe Tennessee will win 9-10 games and you can crawl back in your hole.

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Great weekend for all of the SEC. Thanks to the Bama posters on this site for their kind comments. Bama sure looked like the number one team.

As for the Vols, great start to the season. The defense needs to get closer to some of the other team's receivers. We got lucky with NC State having several dropped balls to wide open receivers. We can pull that off with non-conference teams. It will be totally different inside the SEC schedule.

Loved seeing the defense pressure the quarterback. The Vols need to come out and take care of business against Georgia St. We need to use this as a warmup for the Gators, especially the attack with the running game.
Key for this week is to get the win, give some of the younger players some playing time and not get anyone hurt. We need to be at full strength to start the conference schedule.


Written on Lenoir City man dies after fall from upper level of Ga. Dome:

Prayers to the family and friends of the individual who fell and the other fan that was injured. Too bad.