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BUTch really knows how to create excitement. I believe it will translate into vastly improved play. Prediction: One of the top defenses in the conference. 9-3

I hope you are right, but I do not understand how we can replace the 80% of our offense from last year. I am hoping for a 500 season and retention of most of the commitments thus far for 2014.

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Go Tori! You make us proud.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

Looks like those handcuffs could hamper the gator chomps.

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He could kick it out of the stadium!

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Keep everything rah-rah and don’t point out challenges, problems, or failures. Narrow the view, and keep it all positive. Ignore all other teams in the SEC. Don’t dredge up any history unless it is favorable to UT. Don’t bother with emerging trends in college football unless it potentially favors UT. Don't entertain hypotheticals. Don’t invoke wit, humor, or tongue in cheek…too easily interpreted. Don’t be critical of the program because 450 ball (fb) is just fine.

But seriously…when there is recruiting news please identify the sport in the headline, and as has been mentioned, don’t hype the headlines. Also include pictures of all athletes who merit an article about them.

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James "Little Man" Stewart was a very tall and very successful UT and NFL running back as well.

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60K plus in the stands...right on Vol fans!

I like the buff all orange uniforms...reminds me of the Reggie White days.

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Am I wrong in recalling that Dallas Thomas came to UT at about 260 pounds? Kinda calls out those who grade O-lineman based only on their weight. I might be wrong on that of luck to the hard working four year Vol, Mr. Thomas.

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Good Luck Coach Dooley. Thank you for doing your best at UT playing with the hand you were dealt, and I hope you experience a lot better luck with the Cowboys than you did with the Vols.


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OK, it all has to do with professionalism. It would be one thing for him to make the comments sitting around the local pub with some friends, but when you are doing a national television broadcast there are certain limits.

I work for a small newspaper and I have to be careful not to make reference to the "attractive coed" or the "cute blonde point guard."

Would Musberger made a similar comment if he had been doing the women's basketball championship game and one of the star players was dating a body builder that was the reigning Mr. Arizona? And would those of you defending Musberger think he was right to say that Mr. Arizona was hot?

Musberger over stepped the line of professionalism and he at least should make a public apology for those that he might have offended. ABC/ESPN should then put him out to pasture.

It is a given that Mr. Arizona is hotter than Mr. Montana, or Mr. Minnesota for that matter. Especially in January.

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Congrats John. Keep writing to encourage thought instead of mere agreement.

Agreed, I never quite understood critism of JA when pointing out shortfalls when the Vols are playing 600 ball...or worse.

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Most Vol fans I know think highly of Coach Dooley and sincerely wish him success in the future, unless he is lined up against the Vols.

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Preempting the JA hatethon... If nobody knew who wrote this, 90% of the board would agree with content. Factual and insightful.

Ditto, I read Adams first. Usually insightful and at times witty.

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Would this choice represent a model where you have budget room for top notch coordinators and recruiters? As opposed to the superstar coach? If so, which is the way to go? Just a novice askin.

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Top 20? Top 10. Most beautiful stadium in the country. Brand new facilities. Devoted fan base. It's in the best conference in college football but not in the DEEP SOUTH - as in Darwin's waiting room. 6 National Championships. Alma mater of the NFL's top quarterback and running back. Devoted fans. It's a great job. Don't undersell KNS.

Good point! I spent last summer in Oklahoma City/Norman. Knoxville is like nirvana in comparison.

I have pondered what a Dan Mullin or Mullin clone could do with UT resources.

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We have a Houston Nutt kind of budget.

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I, for one, am grateful for the time and effort coach Dooley has put in, and I wish him well. He has always been a class act.

Let's hire a great coach and bring our program back to where it needs to be. The cupboard is not bare, thanks to the recruiting of coach Dooley and Jay Graham. A great coach, a big name coach, can do wonders here.

Go Vols!

Well said Dragon Slayer. Dooley found himself in a very tough situation and he improved it. Thanks to coach Dooley for his efforts and I wish him all the best with his still young career.

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On the bright side, the world is scheduled to end in December...

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I appreciate your effort Tyler. Keep on, keepin on.

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According to recent popular opinion, it takes more than four years to clean up a mess, so re-elect Dooley.

Written on Curt Maggitt out for rest of season with torn ACL:

Get well soon big fella.

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I enjoyed the article but I must point out that Petrino's success came before his transgressions. It would be tough to discipline players with that baggage following you around.

I would be ecstatic with Gruden however.

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Patterson is freaky good. The year has been a little disappointing but the team is very entertaining to watch

Fight on Vols!

Written on Lattimore dislocated knee and has ligament damage:

Terrible looking injury. I hope Lattimore recovers and gets a big NFL contract. The concern shown by the Vols players was class.

Written on John Chavis urges Tennessee's fans' support through rough patch :

Luv ya Chief! Thanks for the good times.

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Just my own personal thoughts on this team.
They have 3 losses against teams ranked in the top 12. Yeah, each could have been a win if either this happened or that happened, but it is what it is. Sometimes things don't go your way. This team has improved over last year's team. The O-Line as discussed in the story above is the biggest example of that. Defense has a LONG ways to go to get close to our Offense as a whole.
CP is awesome. Too bad he will go Pro after this season. Bray showed his toughness has improved Saturday night when he got his knee rolled and got up and carried on and right after a comment on the air about how when he gets his Uni dirty he folds. Justin Hunter is already in the NFL. Last 2 previous seasons he wouldn't have thought twice about getting hit and maybe getting hurt. Saturday night he showed that he wasn't going to take anymore chances for this team. He should be benched now. Palardy has, hopefully, finally figured out what has been his issue and will begin to show why he was the #1 kicker when he was recruited. I am afraid that with people leaving early for the draft that next year's team may struggle more than this year's team is doing. I hope Bray stays another year. He could use the polishing and he will still have some really good rec'rs coming back. Pig Howard will be as good or better than JH when he learns the system and feels more comfortable in the team setting. Z Rogers is another good target for Bray. O-Line will lose only one Senior. This team's Offense can be better next season than this one. Defense can only improve next season and maybe it will take a year or possibly two to get the players to understand the 3-4.
Dooley will NOT be fired after this season, unless he just lays down and quits and I don't see that happening. I think he will give Sal at least one more season to get the Defense in shape to compete and win some of the games we shouldn't have lost this year. My own opinion is that if the Defense was playing 1/3 as good as our Offense is playing, we have no more than 1 loss right now. People can blame Dooley all they want, but Dooley doesn't wave at the ball as it passes by, like JH did. Dooley doesn't play 15 yards off a rec'r in the Secondary. If Dooley gets fired, then we go backwards, not forwards. And UT can't afford to pay a 3rd coach NOT to coach. Everyone has their opinions and this is mine. Support this team the rest of the year. We're still young and undermanned in a lot of positions. No, we're not Vanderbilt, but we aren't Bama this season either.


Excellant post...voice of reason. No verdict is due till after year four. I am sure if we had the cash for a super star coach it would have come out three years ago. The team keeps fighting. Results will follow.

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Maybe we need to improve our roid program. Does anybody find it curious as to how David Pollack goes from an all SEC bull rushing defensive end at UGA to the smallest guy on the ESPN set that includes two former QBs and an announcer?

Just kidding folks. Maybe he just decided to get into triathlon after leaving football.

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I would be in Knoxville this weekend if not for a work project to finish up. I'm stuck in Jacksonville, FL. I'll have to tune in via ESPN.

Y'all have fun up there!

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"Fla is horrible and Brantley is mediocre at best."

If I am not mistaken Brantley was 0-0-0 for a total of zero yards passing and running today.

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That might make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

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Don't jump off the coffee table just yet. I doubt the total package was revealed today. We'll find out next Saturday though.

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If NC State still wears the red helmets like they finished out the year in last year it will look like the old UT versus Bama games back in the late 60s. Cool for us old timers.

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I do not like the idea of Hunter returning punts...too long of a target for that situation.

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As long as he is back by Monday we should be ok.

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Terry McDaniel is on my all-time favorite vols list. I like him even more knowing what he has been up to after hanging up the cleats.

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It is a bummer that Danielson and Vern won't be calling that game (FL) in Knoxville this year. Vern misses a few things here and there but I like him and Danielson is the most interesting analyst in the game in my opinion.

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I can only remember 10 or them.

1. Snake Stablers 5th down pass to lose to UT.
2. Joe Namath kicked off team.
3. Fans throw rock through Bill Curry's office.
4. Antonio Langham with a pocket full of $20's.
5. Joey Kent with 10 UAT Jersey behind him in 95.
6. Al Means with a Pocket full of $100(inflation)
7. Casey Clausen 4th down comletion, 5 Bama DB's
8. Dude putting poison on poor old Aubies Tree.
9. Trent Richardson in one of his 100 free suits.
10. Punt Bama Punt ( had to give Aubie one ).

Now that is what I call a post!

Was the Stabler game the one that UT won in Knoxville? I remember one the covers of SI in the 60's; it was a shot of UT player and UA player in end zone...UT won. Also thought there was one with Richmond Flowers against UA...?

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The field at SHHS is situated in a low area between two banks. I would imagine it will be hard to keep the practice completely private. Good chance for the locals to get a peak at the 2012 Vols!... albeit perhaps from afar. GBO!

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he is spot on on one thing, this year will go along way in determining how long it will take to rebuild the program .if they have a decent year ,at least 8 wins then recruiting will be better(and Dooley has done fairly well while not doing much on the field) but if they have a disappointing year then rebuilding will drag on a little longer . most people expect to win at least 8 games this year , probably most of you expect more , Dooley wins 8 games this year and in my mind that is monumental !

I agree with you laracoon. I have not expected much the last two years, but this year I really like the chances of 8 wins, a big name upset, and a NY Day bowl.

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Worthwhile poll or not, it was all worth it me to enjoy the post. Some creative talent on the board.

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I'll never forget the 1971 TN win over PS. PS had Lydell Mitchell and Franco Harris in the backfield and Hufnagel at QB. The week before the game, the PS newspapers were saying that they had hoped TN would have had a better record that year so that when PS beat them, it would look better for PS. Saying that people were pumped up for that game is an understatement. It looked a little grim initially, until Conrad Graham picked off a pitch out and ran it back for a touchdown. And the romp was on. Toilet paper rolls were streaming off the upper decks, and people were hugging strangers.

If I am not mistaken I believe that Condredge and company put a betting on Joe Pa the following year too, under the lights.

Good times.

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I think you would be short changing your own school if you didn't, unless of course you were not running a clean program yourself.

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Running game???
I'm looking for 5 wide, zero backs!

Like Yazoo said....
NC STATE.....think Cincy.

VOLS hang 100 in their first 2 games. Start 4-0.

I like your game plan mdvol. This team reminds me of those Gator teams in the middle '90s when they could spread out four future NFL receivers. A lot of teams have 2-3 cover corners but it is hard to go 3-4 deep.

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If I was in charge of UT uniforms, I would:

1. Narrow the helmet stripe the way it was before Johnny Majors widened it. The wide version looks clumsy, unrefined, not sharp. Majors also widened the T. But it looks better wide.

2. Black shoes and white socks. No exceptions.

3. Get rid of the day-glow, florescent quality of the orange. It has a reflective quality about it with certain light angles. It looks washed-out, gaudy and cheap. Instead, use a flat orange that looks the same in any light. And, frankly, the shade of orange could be darkened just a fraction of a millimeter.

For the one game flair version, I would like to see them use a checkerboard for the helmet stripe and perhaps also down the pants leg.

My take on the new orange jerseys and orange pants, when used, were that they were a flat finish instead of a gloss and were much, much improved. They reminded me of the old Reggie White days. I would never mess with the PMS color of UT orange, truly a shade of distinction.

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Tennessee's uniforms are just fine, thank you! Why do some people always want to mess with tradition? We are Orange & White. Period!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life - Orange & White Forever!

I prefer tradition as well and it seems like most football powers also tend to (AL, USC, OSU, OU, Texas, etc.), but I think one creme puff game a year it would be fun to experiment with creativity. I like the way orange pops off of flat gray and think that could be an interesting start. But if they do anything like UGa did last year in their opener, I will disown them.

Sadly, it may be time for Penn State to think about new unis.

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And to think, most people remember Leaverton for his 18 yard punts when he first came to K Town. I'm glad this story was posted about David even tho I don't remember the tackle. Too many Bud Lites that nite I guess. But do remember setting in the recliner at the end of the game with tears down my cheek telling my wife,"I didn't think I'd ever see a NC!"

I remember that tackle like it was yesterday. I was in row 16 out in the desert. All my Vol friends were disgusted with the play, but I was cheering. Nine times out of ten the shape of that play would have the All American Warrick streaking to the end zone, but Leaverton — with no help in an open field — didn't just trip him up from an angle, he aggressively jacked him up like an NFL safety. He prevented the touchdown in a most unlikely outcome, and was one of several critical plays (Price, T, Goodrich, Bryson, Wilson in that national championship game.

Leaverton also drew an important roughing the kicker penalty earlier in the game.

Written on Dave Parrington a man now with a country :

If you are coming to America, Tennessee is one of the best places to be. Congrats coach.