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I have never believed in a great amount of luck on the field, because almost all good things occurring on the field are due to great preparation by good players and coaches, but with that being said, for the Vols to make-up for the failures (both by coaches and players) of the past 5 years the Powerball odds seem good.

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Did anybody actually think that all of these guys making commitments 6 to 12 months early are really going to stand by the commitment, especially when they make them on campus with all the hoopla attached to recruiting trips and camps? They often get caught up in the moment and feel pressured into making a statement and then something stupid comes out and we have a commitment. The only ones that count are those made on signing day and sometimes not then. If Jones has the right players in February then things will get better if not then more losing and different coaches, everyone should have this figured out after the past 6 or 7 years.

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“There wouldn’t be no use for (Tennessee recruiters) to come back to Dillon,’’ Hayes said.
What's wrong with this statement? This could be one of the reasons the guy had trouble passing the entrance requirements.

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You'd think this was April 1 instead of April 16. I sure hope Martin knows what he is doing.

I would think CM's high level of coaching and recruiting skills would be apparent to everyone, since the product has been brilliantly displayed for all who cared to watch at the two most recent end of year tournament appearances.

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I can tell by the number of comments the story and the game are not exactly on everybody's mind, but a nice day and a chance for the Vols to be competitive may fill a few more seats, but a record, no way. The excitement level will be more than Dooley (I hope) but less than LK, such is life on a merry-go-round.

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Does anyone really think this team will be much improved over last years team? Sure, they got rid of some poor coaches, but I see very little if any catching up they have achieved with recruits. The defense had very little to begin with so what loses they sustained are minimal, but in addition to poor coaching the past 3 years the recruiting results were even below that and very few freshmen make positive impacts in the SEC. Offensively the Vols will have an untried QB and few tested receivers, the return of a running game that was marginal at best and the schedule, well I want even go into that, it's to depressing. Both offense and defense have an enormous lack of talent when compared to the competition and what playmaking talent the Vols did have will be in the NFL next year.

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Hope you are right. I just keep thinking about the nightmare of a schedule he has. 5 of the top 10 teams preseason....good grief, a man wouldn't wish that agony on his mother-in-law.

Oh yes I would.

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Who cares? The real and only team in any sport at UT is still playing so lets wait till they complete the season and we can then pick. Men no longer play athletics at UT. Go LV and bring home the championship and carry this so called athletic program to glory again.

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Well the Vols basketball team does'nt look so bad after all, Wichita State, whom we beat is in the Final Four, Florida is stil in it, so good work VOLS! So if we can keep Mcrae, Stokes and company, in comes Hubbs and the other recruits, get a big seven footer, we'll be looking good! GO VOLS!

I am not sure how siting at home watching other teams play for the prize and after being knockout of a second rate tournament in the first round can translate into not looking so bad after all. I can only guess, you and many other Vol fans have the bar set much lower than previously.

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I don't think there is a whole lot in Randy Sanders' resume to inspire you. Then add in Sal Sunseri's resume and working with a defensive coordinator who has never been a DC in college, Jay what were you thinking? You took a chance joining Dooley's staff and now you join up with Jimbo Fisher and this staff. Best of luck, I have a feeling you're going to need it.

What he is probably thinking is he has an opportunity to coach at a school with good recruiting in a state that has more great high school football players than any other state in the country except for maybe Texas and leaving Tennessee which may have the fewest. He is joining a staff at a school picked no lower than 2nd in the ACC and leaving a staff at a school picked to finish much lower in the SEC, and leaving a staff faced with replacing the QB, and top three receivers and improving a nonexistent defensive backfield the likely hood of improving on last years finish is very doubtful, and he gets out the mess at UT with little or no pay cut. We will probably not know what all went on in the decision to leave UT, but it seems like a no brainer to me, but you know, I guess it could have been he just didn't believe he was on the best coaching staff in America and took his expertise's else where. Good luck Jay, and by the way check out the beaches near by with great fishing.

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If Holly can somehow have her girls win the last game they play this year she will win a lot more than a rookie coach award, then we are talking about National Coach of the Year.

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I could care less if Jones wins the “battle of the speaking coaches”. When we can beat Saban's team on the football field... then I'll be impressed.

Exactly, the Vol program has sunk to the bottom of the ladder and some fans can only find asinine arguments to stew over. Let's get even by winning games and not worry about who is saying what at where. Champions are always in demand especially in our state where winning has been replaced by losing. I have never heard Saban speak other than sound clips, but let's face it the man is well qualified to speak anytime and anyplace when it pertains to college football and winning championships and apparently at least 1000 people are willing to pay to listen.

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I have a hard time with why a coach is paid a $25,000 bonus for getting into the NIT. That should be a requirement for staying on the job, and as for extensions and raises that is normally done to prevent others from enticing him away and that does not seem to be the problem, the problem is lack of wins. UT should keep their hands in their pockets and not touch any contracts.

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The reality is this is a bubble team playing in a bubble conference and if the Vols manage to do any less than make a final four appearance in the NIT then they will prove the NCAA selection committee right. Just as last years team over achieved this team underachieved. Granted, the team had a significant injury but good teams overcome these setbacks and take the game to next level and this team was not able to do so. Quit whining and win more games and this will not be an issue. Face the fact if you are on the bubble for 65th you are not going to win the tournament anyway. You need better players coach, so get your butt in gear and go recruit, that's what you were hired to do in the first place, and by the way good players don't need to be coached up as much so your coaching ability will not be called into question as often by my fellow readers.

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Seems talking about what if's may be contagious both FB and BB, teams that perform badly either stay home or find themselves in meaningless tournaments and/or bowl games. This losing sucks but like the team fans are learning to live with it, but wait till next year, but wait that's what we have been doing for several years.

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If the Vols want to dance they need to win out. Anything short of a tournament win will leave them hoping for NIT, or next year.

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Coaching running backs is not rocket science, if you recruit the top players and so far I see very little indication anyone on the Vol staff can recruit top SEC caliber players. I may be wrong but unfortunately only another 2-3 years of wait and see will determine where the program stands and this could mean a decade of ineptness. The constant turmoil is really unsettling and hard to believe enough quality players with options from quality programs will except the Vol offer.

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This think just gets worst by the day, when will it end?

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KNS staff, if ya'll would police this site and forbid comments like this on a Tennessee site, it would be much better and your readership would definately go up.Real fans don't come here much because of phooey like this posted at an alarming rate, true fans just stay away from such foolishness. One would think this would have already been figured out!

I guess since you have decided to read and comment on this site identifies you as not a real UT fan.

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I hope Jones knows what he is talking about and does well, but I seem to remember a guy named Dooley who recruited character, laying a foundation for the future and didn't pay attention to the star rating systems and we know where that led us. Does it not seem ironic that coaches who end up with a team of few stars don't believe in stars?

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For all those who think Adams is completely anti-Vol, back up...take a deep breath...and say you're sorry. I agree...Holly Warlick is the SEC Coach of the Year.

Well done, John.

I think most of the criticism about JA being anti-Vol comes from his coverage of the men's BB and FB and frankly from what's been going on in that program (an example of everything not to do in running an athletic department) would be hard for anyone not wearing orange colored glasses to not be sometimes negative. Many of the darts tossed at JA are unwarranted.

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Go to this dude's account and check out his posts. All negative, not a single positive or supportive statement about UT. He hates on the basketball team, too. All his rederick is the same. He even hates on Fulmer. He hates this team so much but yet he says he bought tickets to 5 games! Check it out, let's get this bozo out of here!

notfunanymore writes: 2/11

No jokes or laughs? No talks of vacations? Maybe he finally realizes that 11 teams in the SEC recruited better than UT. Maybe this will be another "year zero"?

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Once again, UT more/less finished last in recruiting in the SEC, and these clowns are finding a joke in everything. All is well and good with the football program, so keep laughing it up coaches. We will see how comical another 5-7 (more like 4-8) season is. 95% of UT fans are delusional.

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

After all their jokes/laughs and vacations are over, maybe these clowns will realize just how important recruiting is. It already seems as if everything is a joke to these coaches....not a good sign at all!

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Keep on believing all is okay and things will get better with the football program. Maybe one day, you and the rest of the 95% delusional Vol fans will get a clue.

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Jay Graham was not concerned about recruiting/signing a top notch running back, he was to worried about his podium performance in Nashville and Disney World vacation. Just another bunch of clown assistants. Get used to 4-8 and 5-7 seasons.

notfunanymore writes: 2/8

Let's see....UT more/less finished last in recruiting in the SEC. The football program is practically gone, BUT these clowns are worried/joking about their performance at the podium. Guarantee you Saban/staff were not worried about their podium performance, I bet they were already discussing future recruits. Bullsh%* like this is why UT is the laughing stock in college football. Do you remember all of Dooley's stupid quips and attempts to be comical? How funny is he now?

notfunanymore writes: 2/7

Blah..blah..blah. The football program is gone. Prepare yourself for 4-8, 5-7, and 6-6 seasons for years to come.

notfunanymore writes: 2/4

"Will be in the future"?? They are already pathetic. Wait three more years, and the women's b-ball team will be right there with the rest of them

notfunanymore writes: 2/2

After another 4-8 or 5-7 season, let's see what people are saying. 95% of UT fans are delusional.

Maybe this dude is like many of us who have trouble finding anything about the FB program and now the BB program to be supportive and positive about, but just more vocal with his criticism. I also don't remember reading any criteria regarding someone must be positive and supportive to post on this site, or have you taken over complete responsibility for policing the site?

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Butch had best turn Memphis and a bunch of other place around because if the recruiting rankings are right the Vols just got another year behind nine other conference schools who were already better. While I do realize the coaches got a late start on recruiting, I was expecting somewhat better results from the best coaching staff in the country, but at least a few 4 stars can be found on the list, no way to win in SEC without those guys, maybe next year, but that does sound a little familiar

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Great Signing Class.....I'd rather have these kids that WANT to play for UT, then kids that just want to play somewhere. Great job CBJ! GBO! #VFL

Are you sure they want to play at UT or is this the only option? Not just saying just asking?

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At the end of this season I hope to see all these board warrior experts and their 5* or go home predication's come back and tell me how many of your 5* flunk out of school, leave, quit, get kicked off teams. Then go down the rosters of all DIV 1 schools, look at all the 3* stars that stay, make good grades and actually make a start for their team.

This 5* stuff is so silly and ignorant, yep, ignorant. Your asking some desk jockey to grade a 17 year old kid and then you think that's a magic potion to some kind of success, yep, ignorant.

You are absolutely right this 5 star phooey is the most ridiculous thing in college football and the reason Bama is not competitive. No 5 stars on Nick's team, no sir, and that is the reason everyone will pony up to the bar and kiss your butt when you are proven right.

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Let me respond, please, to you rpoll with this/these Question(s):

If you were a 5-star player, almost certain to be drafted into the Million### in the NFL,

with the right college coaching---

would you come to a place with this kind of turmoil---

where the best that the Administration can do is hire the coach from Cincinnati, whose teams were creamed by the coach UT fired?

Would you look at the resumes of the coaches in this group, if you were the parent of a 5-star, or even a 4-star,

and you know your son---if he stays healthy---and IF he gets the right coaching---will be set for life through Pro Ball---would YOU allow your son to sign a UT grant in aid with this group of coaches?

If your kid was a 6-9" 25 points-per-game basketball player...who has double doubles for the last three years in High School---and is a 5-star, or even 4-star, coming out of High School---would you allow that kid to sign with Martin of UT, after looking at what goes on on the floor, the bench and realizing that the guy in the dayglow blue suit and dreadlocks is going to be responsible for your son's conditioning---which is supposed to keep him healthy and perform at his peak---so he can be set for life, if he gets good coaching...because the NBA will draft him???

Well...would you??? How about you??

Thanks, Hart.
Thanks, Hamilton.
Thanks, Cheek.
Thanks President(s)-of-the-Week.

Unfortunately, this is the situation and is not destined to improve in the near future, disgusting facts but facts never the less, not a good time to be a Vol fan or a Vol, which I think is what you have done a good job stating. Not many 5 stars will likely be calling Knoxville home in the near future.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

Does anyone really care? One bad team somehow beats another bad team. C'mom folks this is a win but this team is not getting any better.

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The LV have been demoted to the lower half of the top ten programs, primarily because of being out recruited by teams such as Stanford, Baylor, UConn, and ND. LV players while good overall have not consistently had a go to player for past 3-4 years, I am in hope this will change with next years class and with a couple of the younger players on this team. Recruiting again is the heart and soul of college athletics and while the LV have drop the ball recently they have not deteriorated to the point of the men's programs both FB and BB. The LV program over the years have been built on rebounding and defense, but it sure would be nice to see some more quickness to defend against being beat with back door plays so often, uncontested layups are hard to overcome.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The girls are the only game in town and will be for several more years if not indefinitely. Lady Vols have been the only consistent winner year after year and with the way some of the younger girls are playing and with next years class this should continue. When you are being beaten by Vandy in football and O'Miss in basketball, it may be time to disband the men's programs and join an all girls league. I was pleasantly surprised by the men's BB team last year after the previous year of turmoil and stated this many times, but also stated the jury was still out on the future of men's BB, but now it looks as if the judge is about to announce the verdict and he is not smiling.

Written on Tennessee walk-ons Derrick Brodus, Tyler Drummer, Dylan West receive scholarships :

in response to beartn#223846:

Good for these young men, but does this mean we don't expect 25 in our signing class? It could also mean some other players are leaving.

It could also mean these three guys are better than any recruits who are willing to sign. Only time will tell.

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in response to tnoutlaw2001#228008:


Name a upset?, has he beaten a ranked opponent? has he really done anything to prove he is quote,

"shown he is one of the best coaches in coaching"

1 winning season, 1 bowl win, and he avoided playing Alabama, Miss. State, LSU, and Texas AM.


The bowl win was not as it seems 5 turnover by NC state and they still were outplayed in every phase.
3rd down eff. 13-19 3-14

4th down eff. 0-1 3-4

Total Yards 424 225

Time will tell, but right now I see a bunch of smoke, not much else, maybe some pure luck from the schedule too.

I actually thought you were describing the Vols until you threw in that bowl win, then I knew you must be describing some other team. We who live in glass houses should not be casting any stones. I never thought I would be saying this, but Vandy has lately kicked the Vols butt everywhere including on the field.

Written on SECond to none, with no end in sight:

With the so called playoff coming in 2014, I believe this will benefit the SEC, because to a certain extend the games will actually be played instead of predetermined by polls allowing SEC to possibly have two to three teams in playoff.

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in response to mocsandvolsfan:

We're still ahead of this time last year.

And that will get you into which tournament? Forget it, these guys will continue to stink.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

No coverage on TV in my area, and fortunately I was denied seeing the apparent embarrassing display of poor basketball skills this team seems to be developing game after game. Very little talent on the team and not much on the bench. This team will go nowhere with little or no hope for the future. Does this have a recurring theme? I feel as though I have witnessed this nightmare before, I am beginning to find nothing about UT athletics exciting anymore.

Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

Since when is losing a 3 star Juco player the end of the world?

Written on UT men's basketball player Jeronne Maymon to redshirt :

in response to FanNotSheep:

Maymon can't come back for the dance if he redshirts. But the Vols are capable of getting into the NCAA without him if someone can become a consistent outside scorer. Golden has to play smart and get to the line more often -- and set up the other perimeter guys, who must make enough shots to keep defenses from collapsing on Stokes. I've given up on Hall ever doing anything more than wasting his potential.

The SEC looks weak so 12 or 14 league wins are possible. And you'd think the guys are capable of winning a couple of SEC Tourney games, so the NCAA tournament isn't that long a shot. But unless they make tremendous strides by March the Vols won't make any noise if they do get in the dance .

The Vols have played a weak schedule and lost any power rating games so far. If the SEC is weak as you suggest then very few SEC teams will make the dance. Vols only make dance by winning the tournament and with a very average group of players this is not likely. As far as Stokes and the NBA next year, he will need to show more than he has so far.

Written on Vols can't overcome deficit against Memphis, 85-80 :

I would love to see BP return as coach and frankly was disgusted when he was fired, but with that being said I would be shocked if BP was rehired, if for no other reason it would be an admission of failure on the university's part and that want happen. But the path of the BB program is beginning to look like the FB program, a run away train headed downhill. How do you end up with a group of basketball players who can't shoot and score?

Written on Friday's Memphis-Tennessee game could be the last for a long time:

If the teams are good they can meet at the dance. If they don't make the dance then why would anyone care about two mediocre teams scrabbling over recruiting turf? This type of whining is bush league get a life guys.

Written on Vols' Jones 'comfortable' for recruits:

I am not by any means sold on CJ being the Vol salvation, but I do believe it is unrealistic to expect him to blow into town and recruit enough top level players to rank the class among the best in the country, those caliber players no longer have the Vols on their short list and have not for sometime. CJ talks a good game and many of his supporters refer to his success at Central Michigan and Cincy when praising his record, but I am concerned about his previous success being achieved with players recruited primarily by another head coach. If you conclude a coach needs three years to achieve success or failure then the jury is still out on Cincy, but during the three years following his Cent Michigan tenure you would have to be very disappointed. I do support CJ and wish him success, but with reservations that don't allow me to jump on the bandwagon with the great enthusiasm of some. I guess the skepticism comes with the great difficulty of finding a coach the previous 4-5 years and having to except the fact UT is no longer relevant when it comes to Championships. Only time will tell.

Written on After two straight losses, Lady Vols' momentum flying south :

in response to BuckshotMcGee:

We lost to two much better teams. No need to panic.

But if these much better teams are the teams you must beat to accomplish the goal of NC, when to you panic?

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

in response to CroKev:

Give me a break. To say Jones inherited the same talent as Dooley is a crock. Dooley inherited 60-something scholarship players and an offensive line with NO EXPERIENCE. His starting QB? Simms. Undersized walk-on Reveiz was the "Star" of the Defense. How soon we forget what Dooley hired and how he actually had a great recruiting effort landing Hunter, Rogers, et al. For a losing program, he actually did a pretty good job recruiting, landing between 10th & 15th pretty consistently. He also recruited the positions most needed for the program. Unfortunately, he inherited "head-case" Bryce Brown and had some LB prospects bail at the last moment.

As you'll recall, everybody was excited about the talent on the field for 2012. It was just like that the year before until we lost our best defensive player in Janzen Jackson and our offensive dynamite in Hunter & Bray due to injuries.

This year we lost Da'Rick at the beginning of the season and that was a killer. On a different note, probably the biggest recruiting let-downs over the last oouple of years had to be Darr & Palardy - how many games could they have changed for us?

Finally, with the exception of Bama, UT was right in it in the 4th quarter with several top 10 teams in 2012. If just half of them had gone UT's way, Dooley & staff would still be here.

It's a shame that most of these young men (half are teenagers) didn't step up at crucial times for their coaches and the Vol nation. Dooley has to accept the blame as well for the debacle in the 2nd half of the Mizzou game and whatever that was in Nashville against Vandy.

All that to say that the majority of you have really short memories. Everybody is ticked off with Dooley in the Chattanooga HS area because UT's staff wasn't camped out there. Legitimate beef. But UT has to recruit nationally and when you look at the top 150 Rivals recruits, UT was in the mix with a ton of them. I simply can't fault Dooley, et al. on that front.

Finally, I'm all in for Jones and his staff. He's inherited a darn good team, especially on the OL, the DL, LB's, and some decent RB's. They need help with ST's, DB's, and with breaking in a new QB - a far cry above what Dooley inherited. Dooley leaves his successor with a good squad and no NCAA problems, a much different situation than what he inherited.

Are you DD's mother or his agent?

Written on John Adams: Avoiding Oregon would be worse than losing to it:

in response to 10seVol85_Part_Deux:

I think it's only fair that somebody put those stats in some perspective.

Yes, Oregon scored a lot of points and put up a lot of offense, 4th in the country. However, if you look at their opponents, they didn't exactly face a lot of SEC quality defenses. In fact, they only played one team in the top 20 in total defense (Fresno State finished at #19). Seven of their opponents finished in the bottom 50 (53, 64, 83, 94, 121, 122 plus TN Tech's 466 yards allowed per game equals #108 if they were FBS -- of course, they would certainly have given up even more yards than that if they played an FBS schedule). Their other opponents ranked 21, 26, 30 and 32. Overall, not even counting Tn Tech, their average opponent finished ranked 60th.

Our offense faced #1, 5, 12, 17, 27, 59, 60, 61, 80, 96, 101, and our FCS opponent gave up almost exactly the same yards/game as theirs.

Sometimes stats can be misleading if not taken in context.

You are absolutely correct, stats taken out of context can and are misleading, but so may your citing of the defensive ranking of Vol opponents. Yes playing the #'s 1, 5, 12, 17, and 27th ranked teams looks good went listed, but one must also look at the points scored, time of possession and outcome of the game and in the end the final outcome of the game is the only thing that really matters. So before the Vols or us fans can pat themselves on the back, of those five games most if not all were losses and some were not even close. Again stats are misleading.

Written on Vols hold off Western Carolina, 66-52:

The BB team has become the alter ego of the football team all defense no offense as to just the opposite of FB all offense and no defense. Neither will work in the long run.

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

in response to mj2454#655272:

Maybe some Auburn coaches werent developing their talent, or maybe the AD was too impatient, firing a coach who had won a national title just two years earlier. Rivals had Auburn's recruiting classes ranked 7th and 10th nationally in 2011 and 2012, so their recruiting must have been pretty good, certainly better than ours was.As far as teir coaching abilities go, the past performances of their defenses leave some questions.

It does sound similar to a guy at Tennessee who had recently been in the SEC Championship Game and while not as high as the Auburn ranking in recruiting, still not bad, and the AD fired him.

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

My concern is, why does Auburn have a new head coach and staff if these guys are so great at recruiting? Last year the Vols may have been better than Auburn with better players. I am not trying to be the devil's advocate, but these two coaches along with the group from Cincy seemed to create many question marks.

Written on Former Vols defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri hired by Florida State, but will still draw check from UT :

The most telling statement in the news article is the $3 million used for assistant coaches. How will CJ be able to take the same amount used by DD, which was obviously not enough, and come up with the best staff in America or what ever the statement he made?