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Written on Meyer was a part of SEC's title run, now wants to end it:

THis will be a big test for him. How will he do without the nation's best short-yardage running back (Tebow) on the field.

Written on John Adams: Schools should be waiting in line to hire Bruce Pearl:

Martin's last year to make something big happen. If he doesnt get it done this year, Pearl is back next year.

Written on Mike Strange: As Tide rolls on, has Nick Saban surpassed Bear Bryant?:

Saban may not be the better man, but he is accomplishing more, so far, under more difficult circumstances (more limitations and competition) than Bryant faced.

Written on UPDATED: Cuonzo Martin to receive $50,000 raise:

A modest reward for a modest performance so far.

Written on Poll: What is the best way to increase student attendance at home football games?:

My daughter will be a sophomore this year. She went to one home game, but isn't interested in going again. Her complaint: too many obnoxious drunks. My personal complaint is that its just too crowded in the stadium. The seats are spaced for 10-year old kids apparently.

Written on Like Bruce Pearl, most coaches survive NCAA show-cause orders :

Pearl will be next TN coach

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

NIT is where TN can be competitive right now....what good does a 1st round beat down in the NCAA tourney do?

Written on Tennessee left in the hands of the committee, but Cuonzo Martin thinks his team deserves to be in:

TN deserves to be in? I dont think so. they'll receive a first round beat down if they go. Save the travel dollars.

Written on ETSU covets Phillip Fulmer :

Probably a good fit. Fulmer should be able to compete at the ETSU level.

Written on Neyland Stadium's time at the top of SEC over? Reports say Texas A&M's stadium will be bigger:

Hope the aggies stadium construction is better managed than their last bonfire.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

He might make more $ at Florida State, but he was paid more than enough by TN to be a football running backs coach. These salaries for coaches and assistants are ridiculous.

Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

Saban starts at Alabama in 2007. We fire Fulmer in 2008. What if we'd fired Fulmer a year sooner? Would Saban have been coaching at TN for the past 5 years?

Written on John Adams: The right quarterback could speed up UT turnaround :

An athlete at quarterback would be a definite plus.

Written on John Adams: Martin homecoming will have to wait :

Well, looks like Tee has learned one valuable coaching skill: How to extort a raise out of one's current employer by talking to another team about a job one has no intention of taking.

Written on Tennessee cornerbacks coach Derrick Ansley facing alma mater Troy on Saturday :

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Was told last night at the UK basketball game the Coach Fulmer said if they want him as Head Coach he would be there. As a life long Vol fan I do not know how to take that.CPF is so ingrained in Tennessee Football I really dont know what to think.

CPF would be happy with any coaching offer. TN paid him millions for a job another man making hundreds-of-thousands could have done. I suggest he find a high school to coach to fill his need. No Div 1 University wants him.

Written on Do you approve of the job Derek Dooley is doing as coach of Tennessee?:

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They did not quit. I think one more year to get the defense in shape. Who would replace him? Nobody worth paying the buy-outs for. Another wasted few years rebuilding and the recruits would be lost. I personally am sick of the coaching merry-go-round. I am probably the only one.

One more year....its only fair to give him 4 years considering the mess he inherited.

Written on Geoff Calkins: Tennessee remains leagues behind Alabama :

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i want coach fulmer back

All SEC teams would love to see Fulmer back at TN. FL fans used to be Fulmer's biggest supporters. Spurrier loved the guy.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Is Tennessee’s fan base unrealistic about Vols?:

Given the situation Dooley inherited, he deserves one more year. If after 4 years a coach cant turn a team around then either the coach doesnt have it or the university doesnt have it - either way a change after 4 years is warranted. By the way, when it comes to negotiating future contracts; get someone with balls for the university side.

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

It amazes me that someone at TN feels they have to offer such contracts. Most of us knew that there was no danger of any other university trying to hire Fulmer (this fact is now known by everyone), yet he had a $6 million cushion. Now, the same goes for Dooley. Why does he have a $5 million cushion? Who would want to hire a coach away that, when it comes to games that matter, loses more than he wins? If Dooley turns the program around then sweeten the pot. Lets see some results before we guarantee these guys such huge salaries for multiple years. Sunseri was a linebacker coach at AL. He might be a great defensive coordinator. If that turns out to be the case then pay him like a great defensive coordinator. Up 'til now though he has only delivered a defense that's essentially last in Div 1. I suggest we give Dooley and staff one more year to right the ship. If they cant do it then fire them along with who ever negotiated contracts for UT.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols got 'affected' on their last trip to Georgia :

Dawgs are better on paper, but the better paper team doesn't always win. Dooley is no Saban, but he is probably as good or better than Richt.

Written on 'Old man' football? Missouri decides defensive tackle has said enough about Georgia, SEC :

in response to CCLC:

I am happy that CMR is at Georgia as well. An experienced coach, he had two NC rings on his hand when he came to Georgia. That and the fact that he does not grow bamboo makes me feel confident.

I think Richt is a decent coach. As a Vol fan I'm just happy that he is not of Saban's or Spurrier's caliber. He is more of a Fulmer quality coach and that's why I am happy he is at UGA.

Written on 'Old man' football? Missouri decides defensive tackle has said enough about Georgia, SEC :

Some people get mouthy when they are nervous or scared. He is just scared. Missouri is probably not ready for SEC football, but the only way to get ready is to jump in with both feet. Look how long it took for South Carolina to become competitive in the SEC. As for the Dawgs, I'm just thankful that they are still holding to Richt.

Written on Some Florida coaches earning more after 7-6 season:

The longer flarduh keeps its current coaching staff the better for the rest of the SEC.

Written on Mike Strange: Bruce Pearl's crew landed on their feet :

Well, I hope Martin does well, but i suspect Pearl and company will step right back into where they left off once the show cause date passes for Pearl. Martin, good luck and you have two seasons to prove yourself. Looks like you are off to good start.

Written on UGA tailback Crowell dismissed following arrest:

in response to nocleats:

But he said he was sorry! I dont understand. If you say your sorry, all is forgiven isnt it?

"Sorry" only works if you are wall street banker and you gamble away billions of other people's money - it doesnt work for petty crime :)

Written on Vonn Bell includes Tennessee in final seven :

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"Tennessee makes Vonn Bells final seven??"
That used to be a its news??

The program went way down before Dooley arrived. Dont underestimate the long term effect Dooley is having by cleaning up the program. A lot of parents are gonna look around the SEC and notice that the thiefs and druggies are absent from UT and, therefore, they will encourage their sons to come to UT. It takes time to rebuild from scratch. Now that Florida has made a colossal hiring error with their coaches, TN will quickly close the gap.

Written on Phillip Fulmer denies contact from Arkansas :

in response to lafollette37766:

Stay put Phil. UT will be knocking on your door in 2013 begging you to come and fix the mess at Neyland.


Written on Bobby Petrino fired at Arkansas after 4 seasons:

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Phillip Fulmer to be the next coach at Arkansas?

Us Vols fans can only hope Arkansas would make such a mistake

Written on Justin Gatlin wins 100 at Madrid:

Justin, look up Lance Armstrong's former trainer. Evidently, the guy knows how to beat the doping tests. I feel for you because there is no way that the other sprinters at the top are not doping too. However, you'll probably be under more scrutiny than they will.

Written on Reserve WR Bryce Sherman says he’s off Gamecocks:

in response to Dugan1801:

Sure do not get why UT people attack UT alumni......You would think Saban would be slammed more that a former UT coach.

So far everyone respects Saban. Saban is perceived as a man that puts 110% in every day. He restored LSU. He restored Alabama. He does not take cheap shots at other coaches like Spurrier did. He is disciplined and motivated and driven. The only problem I had with Fulmer was that he was not disciplined, motivated, or driven - he was complacent for the last six years or so of his coaching tenure. This is my opinion, but it is also apparently the opinion of every major athletic program in the country judging from the screaming lack of job offers for CPF. Dooley has the potential to do at TN what Saban has done with LSU and Alabama. Let's give Dooley a chance. He is a solid guy. He has many of the same qualities that Saban has. To me, that's a good sign.

Written on Degree of scrutiny for Dave Serrano :

In Baseball circles most of the best players skip college and go straight to the majors. So, it may be difficult to find a top notch coach with academic credentials. Also, there is no reason at all to require a degree of someone if said degree is not necessary for the job in question. For example, do the grounds keepers at UT or UF or Oregon have degrees? Coaching baseball does not require a degree. Being a good example to young men does not require a degree. Encouraging young men to finish there own degrees does not require a degree. I say if this baseball coach is successful on the field, keeps his players out of trouble, and continues to have a high graduation rate, then he is the right guy for the job.

Written on Want to be UT AD? Experience counts :

in response to powert#205805:

It doesn't surprise me that a Bama fan wants UT to keep Dooley. You probably wish we had kept Bill Battle.

I believe Dooley is the right man for the coaching job now. As for which coach that other SEC team's wish would have kept - I believe that would be Fulmer.

Written on Auburn officials vow inquiry while questioning HBO report's validity:

Maybe it is time to do away with athletic scholarships. Heck, the term "athletic scholarship" doesnt even make sense. What is scholarly about playing sports?

Written on Tennessee releases Kevin Ware from Letter of Intent :

Good luck at Duke or UNC guys ...

Written on Gene Chizik: HBO report on Auburn 'pathetic' and 'pure garbage'; Network says Auburn refused chance to appear:

All that is wrong with sports comes down to the fans (including envelope-wielding boosters). We place too much importance on the outcome of games.

Written on Seven possible replacements for Bruce Pearl:

in response to bigdisbig:

No doubt Tennessee knew the NCAA was going to suspend Pearl and hit them with other sanctions. They took the easy way out. This will hurt long term though. Pearl, even with his violations, loved Tennessee, worked hard for Tennessee and would have been our coach for years to come.
Now, since the administration has no spine, the revolving door is getting ready to spin. We will lose our best players and recruits due to this dumb move. We will NOT get any quality recruits for years to come and we will NOT go to the big dance for several on it.

We still have not recovered from firing Fulmer and recovery will be even longer from the Perl firing. The rest of the SEC is shouting for joy no doubt. We have just become a bottom feeder in basketball.

I believe we still have not recovered from Fulmer; but I believe we kept him too long - that was our mistake.

As for Pearl, I think the program has no choice in this matter.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Maybe we could learn from Cam Newton:

Well guys, if there is a God, i am sure she couldn't care less about college football or sports or most anything else we humans do to entertain ourselves. Two things come to mind:

- It's more important to most Christians to appear religious than to be righteous; thus the crosses/prayers/etc in public.
- Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel; (I dont recall who said this first) notice how many people use religion and God for their own gain - politicians are the worst offenders followed by the clergy.

Written on LSU coach Les Miles meets with Michigan:

in response to nocleats:

Miles is shopping for a raise for his assistant coaches and himself at LSU

LOL - Miles probably is raise shopping, but I hope he is not too suprised or upset when he gets a big yawn and a so what from LSU.

Written on Les Miles expects to meet with Michigan:

in response to drone#208075:

Fulmer & Chief back together..........

I dont see Fulmer landing at a major program like LSU. I think LSU will do all they can to keep Chavis. Les Miles is so-so at best - glad to see him at Michigan. This means the big 10, or whatever they are caled now, will be weak for at least 5 more years. Maybe LSU brings Dinardo back - remember that catastrophe?

Written on Head official backs refs for Music City :

The officials got it right, per the rulebook. That's all we can ask of them. Remember, however, it would not have mattered had Lincoln made the extra point.

Written on Florida confirms hiring Charlie Weis, adds Dan Quinn :

Weis is a good man, I imagine. But, I believe he has the same problem as Fulmer; if a man is not motivated enough to manage his own weight, how can he motivate these young men.

Written on Pat Summitt frustrated with unmotivated Lady Vols :

Not cool for the coach to blame players publicly. Does not help with recruiting which is where Pat is getting beat out lately by three or four other teams. Pat Summit has done great things at TN, but, if one's only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail.

Written on NCAA recognizes ' that many people are outraged':

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Good One

Written on David Climer: Fire Fulmer was right move :

The mistake about firing Phil two years ago is that it didn't happen five years ago. 2004/2005 the wheels were coming off the program.

Written on Poole 'trying to do way too much' :

Tauren, just watch some of Hardesty's film from last year. There is no time for indecisiveness - no dancing please. Hardesty ran like a man and he punished people.

Written on Georgia assistant seems to give Gators choke sign:

What's the FLA kicker doing looking to the GA sideline anyway? I say good for the GA coach for being passionate and into the game. And to those of you that mentioned how petty and silly our media has become - I agree 100%.

Written on Jacques Smith apologizes to teammates; victim says 'I just want to move on from it':

Well guys, we don't know the facts....that will come out in court if it goes that far. I think Dooley has taken the right approach so far. Curfews...I have mixed emotions about them. Should freshmen have curfews (not just football players, but all freshmen)? As a freshmen I would not have liked it, but as a parent, I'm not so sure that a curfew isn't a good idea for freshmen.

Written on Fulmer says Minnesota 'has great potential':

Wasn't Minnesota the setting for the TV series "Coach"? That was a great show. My advice is just one person's opinion so take it for what it's worth: Assuming he still wants to coach, I think CPF has to take the offer if they make one to him. I don't see any other, or at least any better, offers coming. I know it must have hurt for no major programs to show interest during these past two years, but coaching at a place like Minnesota could be very satisfying and rewarding.