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Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

John Adams bringing the truth to you SHEEP for years!!

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

The Big Gipper thinks Geno would come if the price is right. The Big Gipper also believes that is the Mercedes doesn't drive well, then we could be in for a coaching change.

The Big Gipper hopes Holly can start to prepare Her teams better and not lose to little sister Chattanooga.

The Big Gipper thinks the last couple of SEC wins were decent, but judgement day is at the end of the month when the powder blue plays the fighting Irish. And one thing I can assure you is they will be tougher than that slop Bama played last night.

The Big Gipper has been right about a lot of things and loves the truth.

Written on Cody Clay chooses Division II school over Tennessee:

Sounds like he met a woman or a guy on his recruiting visit to the school of his choice. That is the only thing that would make a guy make an irrational decision.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

Ill let you guys continue to insult me because of my unbiased opinions, and I will continue to discuss the sport in which our interest lies. I have no idea who you are talking about regarding being kicked off. I decided to open this account after reading some insane comments in some other articles regarding "female" basketball.

At one point in time I believed there would be no way Geno could land the Tennessee job until Tennessee hired an Athletic Director with a backbone. Dave Hart will either hire or make an attempt to hire Geno, or he will understand that the women's program will never make money and shop at the Dollar General for coaches to save money.

If Tennessee Powder Blue fans were serious about winning, they would put aside their differences for the best of the program. If we are going to continue to lose money to satisfy a few special interest groups in subsidizing a basketball program, we need to be the best. And the only way to be the best is to hire Geno if Russell is a bust.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to VolFanInTheBoro:

this describes the little dipper to a tee

Nice copy/paste skills. I talk reality you get offended. Ill continue to discuss the program, its players and coaches with truth while your head is in the sand.

No logical person with objectivity can convince any reasonable Person that HW is in the same atmosphere as Geno. I was even willing to give her a clean slate since she has always been under CPS shadow, but the loss to a rec league team in UTC changed the way I view her ability to prepare a team. HW has a couple of decent wins in the conference, but she will not be catching ND, Baylor, Texas, or UConn anytime soon. That is reality.

The powder blue have put themselves in a position to compete nationally when Russell arrives on campus next year. One player can make that difference. But if she is a bust, it is really time to consider looking at throwing some serious money at Geno. I mean what other way can we guarantee titles without CPS?

Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

Its not always about x's and o's, its about Jimmies and Joes.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to golfman1975:

Now you have made me mad! I am no liberal!

I have given you MULTIPLE examples of why Geno is not the greatest coach ever. The latest is the ND are just on the river called denial. If he was that great he would be coaching men instead of women. PS was asked to coach mens teams so that shows the respect she has in basketball circles.

Well...90% of the posters here call you a troll. If you post like a troll, sound like a troll, and type while hiding under a are a troll.

Realist do not say things that are so divisive...You are just proving everytime you are a troll.

Geno, being a great coach, should not have lost 5 of the last 6 against ND...that is real. Saying it is not his fault or ND is just a great team, I thought UConn and Geno were the great ones.

He yells at his players but he is the one making the offensive and defensive calls. If he is doing a bad job he may be mad at himself and just takes it out on the players.

You are still a sexest the way you talk about women in sports...

If you say you're not a liberal, I'll take your word for it regardless of how you sound..

Tell me you don't really believe that CPS was offered the Men's job. I mean could you imagine how Men coaches would have destroyed her in recruiting? It may not have been fair, but it would have occurred.

I have not said anything divisive, I am just trying to bring the truth to what I see as a biased group, and that's ok.

Yeah, Geno is in a bit of a slump with ND, it is close to being ownership. Now when ND beats UConn I'm NC title games multiple times like Geno did CPS, then your argument that he is not the top coach may have some validity. Until then, he is easily considered the top coach in women's basketball.

I guess if sexist is calling an ace an ace and a spade a spade is sexist, then put me in that category. If you guys worshipped your communities as much as the lady vols, this world would be a better place.....

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to golfman1975:

You are a troll....Geno is the best coach (I have given many examples of why he isn't). You are demeaning to women in sports. Women's basketball is a joke, not a real sport. You talk about baby blues. You spell Coach Warlick in a demeaning way. If you were a Vol fan you would not say those things.

Of course, Geno is an angel, great recruiter, loved by all, wins all his big games. Yells great in team huddles. What a great guy. You might just be Geno himself!

Troll? I checked the definition and I dont fit it. I do fit the description of a realist.

You have not given me any examples as to why you believe Geno is not the best coach, outside of your own blind opinion that doesn't include facts.

I have always called the LV's the baby or powder blue because that is the way I identify with them. I still don't understand why they want to be separate but equal, but oh well. The blue is cute on the girls and all....

Geno is far from perfect, but he is by far the best coach in the land. Yes, Geno does yell in the huddle, which is just the nature of sports. I know most Liberals do not care for yelling and hurting anyone's feelings, but sometimes its the best method.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to orangecountyvols:

NavalOranges and fellow Vols fans,

N/O.......your very good at identifying who the trolls are ( former names ) when one such as the 'Big Dripper' just joined on Jan 5th.

Who is this troll? Next name will be "powder blue, baby blue, etc". His obsession you know. Rallying cry at the next troll pep rally..........."win one for the dripper".

OK, so because I am not in lockstep with everything the LV program feeds me, that makes me a troll. Gotcha.

I want Tennessee to do well but I also face reality. Until HW can prove she can go a full season and not lose to a middle school team like Chattanooga then she will have my support. Until then, I think it is a little premature to try and put Her in the same category as Geno and the other great coaches in "Womens" basketball.

With the consolidation of the two Athletic Departments, the LV program should try and reach out to more fans outside of the same type crowd that attend most games. It would surely help mend the gap with how much money the program loses year after year. Just an economic recommendation...

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to maxvolfan#217855:

What's with the baby blue. Your as bad as Mike_in_connecticut. At least he just bragged about his team , you are all about being negative to other teams. You mention Russell but failed to mention how Uconn hailed Breanna Stewert to be the one. It's not just Russell Vols fans are excited about , its the team that she's going to be apart of which is going to be great by the time she gets her along with her freshmen teammates. We will win the SEC regular and tourney championships for the next 5,years and NC too. I still think Uconn is on a downward spiral in recruiting. It's not just TN and Uconn anymore. It's Duke, ND, UNC, UT , with Stanford and Baylor . Can you tell me who will Uconn play once ND leaves and Louisville ? Recruits look at this and they will begin to think Uconn has lost its luster. Add the Geno sexual harassment claim and moms start to rethink where their daughter should attend school. Like I said Uconn has 2 more years to get pass UT before the lady Vols starts hanging banners again so be ready.

Sexual harrasment charge?? How many of those are actually valid anymore? Anyone can make that claim until it actually goes to court.

Its sad that as LV fans you have to resort to a baseless claim to have any hope of taking back over Womens basketball. LOL...

I was wrong, you are not putting all of your eggs in the Mercedes Russell basket. It looks like you are putting half in Russell's basket, and half in the Geno sexual harassment charge absket. LOL....

UConn can be on a downward spiral in recruiting, but as long as Geno is roaming the sidelines, they will always have the top program now that CPS is retired. A much as I dont like the Guy, he is by far the best coach in the game.

I dont think Geno will have a problem with Parents that want to be part of a good program. He can always use his ace in the hole...>>>>

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

The Big Gipper thinks the Big Baby Blue are in trouble come tourney time. They seem to be improved, but are still missing the swagger that the Lay Vols once had. I think Geno and UConn are responsible for stealing that swagger after spanking the LV's in Title games.

The Big Gipper thinks it is sad the Lady Vol faithful are putting all of their eggs in the Mercedes Russell basket. And to listen you folks compare Her to Candace Parker is comical. Parker was 10 times the prospect as Russell.

I hate to admit, but I feel like its going to be Baylor and Uconn or ND in the title game. Tennessee is at least 3 to 5 years away from getting back to that elite level that CPS once had it.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to sameolvolalum:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A sex change? Wow. Coming from a Lady Vols fan??

I am not a Geno fan, I just like to look at things objectively. I know that is odd for a lot of fans. Nothing is wrong with the truth, it will set you free!

I give CPS props for building a sport and all, but Geno owns her in NC games. 4-0! I guess that is why the hate for Geno. To be honest, I cant stand the Guy, but he knows how to coach.

I just think the majority of LV fans should take off their orange tinted glasses and look at reality.

I somewhat enjoy watching the LV's. The game is pure and played below the rim. I mean its cute and all the way the program is ran like regular Mens basketball. Title 9 really took things to another level.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to golfman1975:

I think I struck a nerve...hard to admit when you wrong. Even the UConn people said the same thing I just posted. Did you Geno has never won a NC when he wasn't favored to win? HW has been on the staff for over 30 you HONESTLY believe she never learned anything from CPS? Geno will not be coaching that much longer...has a law suit against him from the Olympics last year. Of course no one knows if he will win or lose so I am not going there.

As far as your issues with the female persuasion, you may need some help with it before it gets much worse.

Please give us a list of your REAL SPORTS...that should be interesting. Maybe full contact bowling?

Bowling is way too difficult for me, I prefer checkers. I tried the horseshoe thing as well, but not a lot of success there.

I'll admit Geno didn't coach as well down the stretch like He normally does, I was just baffled by the comments of Holly would have made those type of she did against Chattanooga. To mention Warlick and Geno in the same breath should be a crime.

What does it matter if you have ever win a title when you were not favored? Isn't recruiting good players part if the job? Really reaching to try and find an upper hand for the Powder Blue....

Don't worry, Geno will be coaching for as long as he wants. He would have to kill somebody for UConn to fire him. Wishful thinking on your part. I guess that is the only chance of him not passing The powder blue for titles.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to golfman1975:

Geno chocked yesterday against ND. No adjustments during the game...moving to a zone would have given them several more possessions. If they had driven the ball to the basket at the end of the game they would have won. He has the best players so there is no excuse for them losing. ANY good coach including HW would have made those adjustments and won that game. Geno should have at least 10 NC's. He took an undefeated UConn team to the final four and lost to a 10 loss Lady Vol team...and they went on to win it all. HW was on the staff then and she is going to take her 30+ years with PS and run with it.

by the your REAL SPORTS include horseshoes? It is probably too complicated for you...all that strategy and stuff. Please keep posting. You are fun to rip up.

You are joking right? Geno lost to a great team in ND, not a Chattanooga. You seriously don't believe that War-Lick is in the same hemisphere with Geno do you? I'll give you a chance to take that back. LOL.

Recruiting talent is part of the job, that obviously the Lady Vols haven't done that well since Parker left. Geno will lose some games from time to time, but I can promise you he will have more titles than Tennessee in a few years since PHS has stepped down.

To win in the tourney, you need good guard play in which the powder blue Vols do not have. Maybe in about 3 years when they land a proven coach like a Nicki Caldwell the program will get back to national relevance. At least I hope.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to SoddyVol:

Vols lost to a very good Mid-Major Chattanooga in this season’s first game. The Vols young players like J.Jones(FR), Graves(FR), Carter(FR)(before injury), Burdick(SO)(before injury), Harrison(SO), Massengale(SO) all showed great improvement since that first game this year. Three of them were starters against Ga and a forth played 23 minutes. More than that, the older players are starting to contribute much better than they did last year so maybe I can feel good about them for first time in 3 years. Folks, I believe enough games have been played this year to confidently say they have the right Coach replacing Pat. I ask the Vols to please make my statement continue to prove true! Lets see just how far you can go!

Yeah, the same Chattanooga that lost to St. Marys and Auburn. If you will just admit that there is no excuse for losing that game, ill move on.

I am starting to wonder how much Pat is helping with game planning and so forth. Or is it all HW.

What is troll?

Written on UT men's basketball player Jeronne Maymon to redshirt :

Too bad. Oh well, an average Mens team is always better to watch than the powder blue.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to kazoo:

"Under this staff"? This staff is probably better than PS and her staff over the last decade. PS is a legend, but she lost it at least 10 years ago: Spotty recruiting, mediocre coaching. PS could not teach her teams to pass the ball well, which is why the half-court offense often so ugly despite having a ton of talent on the floor. This is still an issue with the Vols, but this team has the potential to be quite good.

So you believe this staff is as good as some of Pats staff the last 10 years? Did the previous staff lose to Chattanooga? Did the previous staff get blown out by Baylor?

I just think you Guys are getting a bit giddy over a decent win. When this staff starts knocking off some of the better programs and not just washed up SEC programs, then ill give them credit. Until then, they are average.

I root for the Vols, I mean Lady Vols and I think the uniforms with the blue are cute and all, but they have to make some philosophical changes in the program if they plan to prosper. The previous coach could hold her own, but Holly is not anywhere in the same universe as Geno and the other top tier coaches.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to CCLC:

The Lady Vols have been a perennial power. But let's not take too much away from the Lady Bulldogs.
"Coach Andy Landers, a pioneer in the sport, has coached the Lady Bulldogs since 1979, leading them to seven regular-season SEC titles, four SEC tournament championships, twenty 21-win seasons (an average of 24.4 wins per season), 23 NCAA tournaments, and five Final Fours. Landers currently stands as the winningest women's college basketball coach not to have won the national championship. The Lady Dogs' all-time AP ranking stands at 4th as of 2005.

The Lady Dogs have also produced two U.S. Olympians who have combined to earn six Gold Medals (Teresa Edwards and Katrina McClain Johnson), 16 former players who have continued to the WNBA (second-most nationally), and six WNBA first-round draft picks in the past five years (second-most nationally). There were eight Lady Bulldogs on WNBA rosters in 2006: Kara Braxton, Detroit Shock; Kedra Holland-Corn, Detroit Shock; Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock; Kelly Miller, Phoenix Mercury; Coco Miller, Washington Mystics; Christi Thomas, Los Angeles Sparks; Sherill Baker, New York Liberty; and Kiesha Brown, New York Liberty.[9]"

Nice copy/paste. Zero NC's in a sport without a ton of competition, speaks for itself.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to south_alabama_vol:

Lady Vols are the only SEC team with a winning record against the Lady Dawgs, who were ranked #10, and you say the Lady Dawgs have no tradition?

Yes. The Lady Dawgs have had decent teams from year to year, but lack real tradition. How many National titles do they own? How many final 4s?

Tennessee's chances of being the top program in womens basketball year after year is pretty slim under this staff. Simmons could prove me wrong, but I am just not sold yet. I guess the previous coach spoiled it for me.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

in response to orange_glory:

holly is getting it done. maybe pat knew what she was doing in giving props to her

Lets not go too far. It was a nice win, but this team if far from competing with ND, Standord, Baylor, and UConn. Beating a middle of the road SEC opponent with no tradition is not a reason to think this team has arrived.

Still not sold on Holly and her ability to get a team ready to play on the road. See Baylor and Chattanooga.

Written on Switch to zone in second half key for Lady Vols, 73-53 :

in response to SoddyVol:

All that talent and playing at home! Could it be Geno was out coached again? Give Holly just two more talented players like her current top 3 and they can't be beat.

Geno is by far the best coach in womens basketball. Our previous Coach lost with the Meeks in 99 when they were by far the best team. Geno will win the title this year, you can bet on it!

Written on Switch to zone in second half key for Lady Vols, 73-53 :

Tennessee program has some serious work to do if they plan on catching Baylor, ND, and UCONN. I just dont know if Holly can get it done. Is there any reason Dave Hart didnt do a national search to find our next coach after replacing PHS???

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