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-The SEC is NOT very good this year.
-The LV's ARE over-achieving.

I watched the first half (replay should be on; it was not Arky's D, it was UT over-passing.

Folks, it's a long, long season. The LV's know 'hell week' is coming up for them. They looked a little lethargic, like school/basketball/winter/traveling was all a big drag.

Not a great game, but earning the win was big. This was a day they could have folded up and gone home.

If you're honest, you have to give credit to this team for sticking together.

Know what it reminds me of?? Pat's early-career teams, those that didn't have tons of talent. There is more heart than talent for this bunch; therefore, to me, a lot of fun.

STUPID! Overachieving? More heart than talent?

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Unfortunately for Tyler, he had to play for a coach with a polar opposite personality and who tried to crush his. Had he played for a Pete Carroll type coach, he would have been one of the best we've ever seen. I think back to his touchdown celebration where they spun their fingers around their head and how Dooley trashed them during a press conference and put them down and said every play they make makes him want to do the crazy sign. I also hated what he did to Bray during the Vandy game. Dooley said after the Bama game that Bray would be benched if he threw more interceptions. How did Bray respond? 1302 yds and 13 TDs over the next 3 games. Then he throws a tipped pass INT and Dooley goes and punks him. SMH. Ya'll can slam him for pouting after that, but I can't think of many college QBs ever who wouldn't have done the same. Best of luck Tyler.

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Is it common for a new coach to announce a junior is leaving before the player himself does so?

Lyle handled this poorly. Players need to be able to trust that private conversations with their coach will remain private.

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I can't wait to see what the trolls have in store for this thread.

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No way Peyton would co-exist with a undisciplined athlete like CP..PM has completely revamped Denver's offense and the WR's not on page don't get passes thrown their way..I see Patterson as a Jevan Hester type athlete that probably never puts in the time to develop his skills/technique..JAT.

Jevan Hester? STUPID!

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You are still living in the past. Wisconsin had a great passing game last year with Russell Wilson, currently starring as a rookie QB with Seattle. Good as Wilson was, they probably wouldn't have done as well if the receivers weren't at least competent. I can't speak for Azzanni's performance at Florida. There is a lot more that goes into a successful passing game than just how talented or disciplined your receivers are. Besides, you should know by now that not all 5-star HS recruits turn into stars at the next level. Just because a guy got by on his physical gifts in HS doesn't mean he has the great work ethic necessary to keep getting better.

STUPID! Azzanni was coaching at Western Kentucky in 2011.

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I hate to break it to ya but usc and their receivers did squat.They were loaded with 5 star talent with the favorite for the Heisman at quarterback and looked awful.Wisconsin with 2 and 3 star players ran good routes and had good technique and were dependable when called upon even though it is a run first offence.Wisconsin is playing in the Rosebowl with those noname players and usc with those stud 5 stars aren't.Even the commentators made comments. about usc getting outcoached.Point being Assanni. gets more out of those nonames as you. call them than Tee can with the studs. That my friend is coaching.And one more point,that terrible offence at you called it was due to a quarterback that was terrible.The recivers did their job if the ball got to them.

STUPID!!! Google Marqise Lee.

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KNS must be strugging for information to write about. Who cares about coaches that left? I would be interested in how recruiting is going. Vonn Bell, the 5 star recruit from North Ga. that grew up loving the Vols has narrowed it down to Bama, Buckeyes and the Vols. Why do we not hear anything about Jones recruitig this kid? Maybe there are restrictions right now concerning contacting potential recruits?
I read that Urban Meyer was at the Ga. Championship game just to let Vonn know he was there. Hopefully Jones is on his trail, for this kid is smart, fast and strong. It would be his first 5 star recruit. Anyone have any info?

If Bama is in his final three, then he never truly loved the Vols. Maybe he watched a couple of their games on ESPN and maybe he had a UT hat, but nobody who loves the Vols would put Alabama in their final 3 no matter how great they are.

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And those dividends will be taxed at 39.4%

Signed, Barry O.

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Can anyone name a great/good NFL player that has come out of UT since Fulmer was fired? Arian Foster doesn't count because obviously he wasn't used properly. Think about that one.

Bryce Brown*, Malik Jackson, Eric Berry, Denarius Moore, Luke Stocker, Morgan Cox, Montario Hardesty and Dan Williams

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I hope the rah rah crowd isn't going to let Hart off the hook just because they are excited bout Butch. Hart should've known what we did in year one of Dooley...that he was not ready to coach in the SEC...or maybe anywhere. Not only did Hart wait until year 3 but he was ill prepared to go after a top coach. And signing Butch for $18 mill...desperation breeds bad decisions. Let's bring in a TN man.

Amen. I don't understand these people who think you have to blindly support every decision and hire to be a "true" fan. That kind of go with the flow, happy days and lollipops attitude is the difference between being the Chicago Cubs and being the New York Yankees.

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One paragraph? That's all we get? KNS, how about writing a full article related to the premise.

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Hey stupid, that's true if you at least $1 million, if not you can feed off the unions and JB like 60% do. I don't think Tee makes a million, but Could be wrong.

Not true. It applies to all those making 250K+ and reports are that Tee makes around 400K at SC.

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Can't understand how money would have been an issue if Tennessee came anywhere close to what he makes at SC. Without a major deal on the fiscal cliff, California's top earners are projected to pay a marginal tax rate of 52%.

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Jimmy Cheek, you are under arrest for picking and eating.

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Renaldo had ZERO eligibility to play at UT. He graduated from UT, but had 1 year of eligibility at another school. It's some weird loophole of a rule. It's the same way John Fields played here on year even though he had exhausted his eligibility at his former school (UNC-Wilmington?).

STUPID! He took a medical redshirt during his junior season at UT. He could have played another season at UT. He was able to transfer and play immediately, because he had graduated at UT and was going to be involved in a graduate program at USC that UT does not provide.

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Cautiously optimitic at this point in time. He talks a good game, but seems a little implausible with some of his sentiments. Not sure it is a good thing to stand in front of a group of guys who beat you and talk about leaving a championship team. Also, if you weren't interested in leavng Cincinnati for any othr job except Tennessee, then why go interview?

Don't get me wrng. I like the hire and think that he should have been closer to the top than #3...or lower. Just mark your comments and be ready to deliver. You have entered into a whole new level of compeiton in the SEC and you aren't inheriting a great sitation.

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Butch needs to start recruiting that kid in the Cam Newton Play 60 commercial.

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I really like butch jones I hope this works. Tuberville wanted this job.Jimmy Hyams said on the radio on fri in birmingham AL jox radio. said that Tubbervile told Tennessee "I have a winning record against nick saban and I can beat him again" here is the link.
Tommy tubbs stats
Undefeated season, won the sec west 5 out of the ten years he coached. I do not believe there is no big bama hart conspiracy but he has sec experience and he wanted the job. I hope there was a good reason he did not get offered the job.

According to Hyams, Bielema let UT know he was interested and Hart decided he didn't have enough ties to the South. Jones and Hart must have had one helluva good conversation during their late night interview session at the Lexington Waffle House. SMH

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I understand Tee Martin is a former Vol and probably feels a lot of loyalty toward the program, but I don't see why he'd leave LA coaching Marquis Lee to come to a staff he has no familiarity with to coach Pig Howard. If Jones can make that sale, I'll be extremely impressed and optimistic.

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I'd like to thank the man who scheduled two FCS schools, SMU and the worst defense in CFB, Louisiana Tech. I also want to thank everyone who didn't watch the Florida and LSU games. - Johnny Football

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You are an idiot. If I race Jeff Gordon and I'm driving a ferrari and he's driving a corolla; I will win. Does that mean I'm a better race car driver than Jeff Gordon? Tennessee should always beat Cincinnati, regardless of who's coaching. Cinci and Louisville are in the same conference, that's a better indicator as far as head to head coaching.

UT was only a 3 point favorite. So yeah, the fact that he got flat out worked by the worst coach and the worst team in UT history when he was only a 3 point underdog is quite disturbing.

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I am Grateful...I am grateful for Butch Jones because he WANTS to be here. I believe it was destiny that Gundy and Strong turned the job down....I believe it was destiny that kept Butch Jones from accepting the Colorado job after all they offered him...I am grateful that Butch Jones has the kind of background that this program needs and that background will make him successful in the SEC.I truly feel that we have finally found the road to recovery....its been a miserable 5 years. I intend to send C.Strong a Christmas card and truly thank him for being afraid of being a head coach in the would have been a terrible blow and hire for Tennessee if he would have been hired. He is where he needs to be and Butch Jones is where he needs to be. I believe Butch Jones will finish with a much better recruiting class in February than we would have had without him. I believe that the recruiting class will be the first evidence of the good things Tennessee will have instore with Butch Jones as coach. I am thankful that he has a young family so that he can become fully involved with Knoxville and community. Yes, I am grateful that things are looking much better and once again we have real hope with a eye towards the future and REAL Tennessee football. Merry Christmas brothers of the Orange.

Regards, Mike

Do you believe Obama will give in and cut government spending and work toward big time entitlement reform?

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LOL I did NOT type "phooey." Well played KNS.

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You bought that dream job phooey? Sure he wants to be here. The Big East is completely falling apart with realignment and his old university will be the ones left without a dance partner. He was on the verge of going to the biggest mess in all of CFB in Colorado and telling them that they were his dream job.

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Don't forget Bill Battle.

Robinson and Barnhill

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Larry Coker.

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I am going to post this everywhere in support of our new coach. If you look at the 2 biggest names in SEC coaching, it is Saban and Miles.

Nick Saban: Came to SEC to LSU from a mediocre Mich. St. Where he was 6-5-1, 6-6, 7-5, 6-6, 9-2. Hired to LSU and went 8-4, 10-3, 8-5, 13-1, 9-3.

Les Miles: Came to SEC from a very mediocre Ok St. His record there? 4-7, 8-5, 9-4, 7-5.

I am going on the record to say that Butch Jones entering the SEC has every bit as good a background or even better as either of Saban or Miles when they entered this conference.
I think people get caught up in the moment and don't really look at the real stats. Let's see what he can do.

Saban's record at Michigan State is deceiving because they were under NCAA sanctions. Oh, and the program hadn't been to a bowl in 5 years before he got there. He took a team that was a loser and had scholarship reductions and built them into a winner in a premier conference.

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"His roots are not in big time Southern football, but they are deep in the tradition of Ferris State in Michigan, and those are excellent roots."

gerwmor, you are under arrest for posting the most ridiculous sentence to ever be posted on one of these ridiculous boards. You have the right to remain silent...

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Enough with this BS that he's a good fit because he wanted to be here. Of course he wanted to be here. The Big East is falling apart and Cincinnati is staring a return to Conference USA square in the face. LOL He was on the verge of going to the biggest mess in all of college football in Colorado. His options were pretty limited.

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i think Hart backed into a good hire , this dude unlike Dooley turned down several good jobs because he wanted this one not to mention he has won alot more than he's lost . To criticise him before he has even been named the coach or held one practice shows ignorance , but i guess im not surprised .

You are under arrest for believing that Colorado and Purdue are good jobs. You have the right to remain silent...

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I hope he can use the resources Hart has given him to go out and put together the best staff. It's going to be a hard sale. And he is going to have to go out and sale himself to coaches because he sure as hell wasn't planning on putting together the best at Colorado or Purdue.

I'm real worried. This wasn't the unifying, exciting hire we wanted. And we need. The brand is dying. You wear the power T outside SEC country and people think you're a Texas fan. They don't recognize it. ESPN is going to have all-access specials of the spring practices at Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and probably now Arkansas. ESPN will have more commercials with Saban, Miles, Richt and Revelie. Tennessee can't even get a simple score shown on Gameday Final. We want Herbstreit and Blackledge in town, but we're stuck with Ed Cunningham. The brand is fading away while all our biggest rivals are marketing bonanzas.

I'll support Butch Jones. I'll wear my orange everywhere I go and put my blowup Smokey in the yard on Gameday, but let's be real. We're on the verge of a second recession. Considering who our first two opponents are next season, we'll be lucky to have 75K in Neyland for those games. Then we face the worst scheduling nightmare in football history. We have back to back road games at Oregon and at Florida. The Titans wouldn't ask for that. Both those games, with what could be a very depleted roster, have the potential to be absolute disasters. If that does happen, the South Alabama game draws less than 60K. Then comes Georgia, SC and Alabama. Poor ol' Butch Jones might be toast before he even has a chance to get started. The fan base will be HOT!

I think the vast majority of fans were hoping for a coach that was a known commodity. A guy we knew could coach at the highest level, handle the pressure, win big games, recruit, win championships, unify the fan base and grow the brand. Butch Jones isn't that. He's a hope. I don't care what any of you say, you don't know if this guy can do it. You're just hoping. Hell, I'm hoping. But I wanted someone I didn't have to give a chance to. I wanted a guy that I knew would give Tennessee a chance.

I hate to be all doom and gloom. I hope Jones is the next General Neyland. But at this point, this has all the makings of an epic, epic fail.

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You guys who keep asking for Jon Gruden are kind of like the creepy guy who keeps asking the hot cheerleader to the school prom every day, even after she turns him down day after day and finally has to call the police to get a restraining order against the creep.

Jon Gruden doesn't want this job.

He has all the Range Rovers and Hummers he can drive.

Jon Gruden doesn't want this job.

He has made over 20 million as a head coach in the NFL alone. He isn't struggling to buy the baby some Infamil.

Jon Gruden doesn't want this job.

He's an NFL coach and he'll probably be named coach of the Eagles, his dream job since he spent 7 years as an assistant there, within 30 days.

Jon Gruden doesn't want the Tennessee job. He isn't coming to Knoxville. His wife and kids don't want to live in Knoxville.

Jon Gruden doesn't want this job.

Remember when Urkel finally landed Laura?

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Go big or go home.... Unemployed Sean Payton could use 5 bills right now

You obviously don't realize that Sean Payton would have made $7.5 million this season and the Saints are working on a new deal worth even more. If you want a reasonable shot at Sean Payton, you'd probably have to offer him somewhere around $12 million. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

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Hart has done a real good job and you and the others guys need to read what they're saying.
He's gone after everybody that the people wanted and they don't want to come here. First it was Gruden and he turned us down then it was Fisher and some others. Everyone was wanting Strong and he didn't want to come. He didn't want to play in the SEC because he was afraid of not winning. Butch has wanted this job from day one and he almost beat Tenn. 2yrs ago with Wilcox defense. Hart has tried to please everyone and offered Strong 4 million and he turned it down. Let's get behind Hart and see what he does.I agree we all have an OPINION and this is mine. hang in ther redskin i'm a coltman and we do have the best two QB's in the PRO'S

You sit on a throne of lies!

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A joke? Do some research on the guy. He's a winner. Not saying he's a rock star. But he wins. UT had more talent than Cincinnati when we beat them. A lot more. By your logic, if Dooley was coaching Bama, and Saban was coaching Missouri, and Bama destroyed them, you would believe that Dooley was the better coach. Think it through.

You are under arrest for using a stupid analogy. You have the right to remain silent...

He got blasted by Dooley because he had less talent? That's probably true. But UT has far less talent than Oregon, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. The prospects don't look good.

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Cincy did beat Va Tech this year & Michigan State last year. Jones' record/experience is MUCH BETTER than Dooley's or Kiffin's. He WANTS the job & has turned down other offers b/c some (GoVols 247) have said for about 2 weeks that Jones feels like he is in the running to get the UT job. He is at Cincinnati for crying out loud, but he still seems to get his players to play hard & they WIN. Dooley was 4-8 the year before he came to Knoxville. Cincy just finished 9-3 & do have some quality wins.

Lets face it folks--our program right now is a mess, but if Jones can get us back to our winning ways, that is a start.


You want us to get excited about a coach who beat a 6-6 Virginia Tech team (worst record since '92) and a 6-7 Michigan State team? He did beat Austin Peay 72-10. That's something to get excited about.

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Uhhh, who knows who they have interviewed. I for one wanted Gruden or Roman, but, I like this hire if Jones is indeed offered. UCLA, Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky and Colorado have all been turned down by Jones. UT should consider themselves lucky he's still available..Hire the man.

Of all the asinine things you have posted, this tops the list. F'n A! Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky and Colorado? You want us to support a guy that is being courted by those programs? Is that the level we want UT to be?
I'm so mad at myself for not reading the username. Folks, whenever you see BIVOLAR_BEARE, just scroll down and read the next post. Save yourself from the complete stupidity that I just had to endure.

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If Hart panics and hires Butch Jones, I have two couches and a love seat that we can burn.

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I think we ought to go interim coach for as long as it takes to prove to the rest of the nation that we're actually serious about rebuilding this program. We fired two NC winning coaches in the past 20 years.

I can think of only one other program that fired a winning coach that had a NC in his pocket. That was Tubby Smith at UK. That's who we are people, the SEC football version of UK. Win championships or be fired. Who the heck would want to come here and be on the chopping block the moment they didn't compete for the SEC East crown or the SEC crown?

We're a bunch of spoiled brats who think we are entitled to 10 wins seasons every year. We deserve to reside in the cellar for a decade. Maybe after then when we finally get a decent up and coming coach, we might appreciate him.

You should think harder. First, Fulmer had two losing seasons at the end of his career with losses to Vandy and Wyoming so he wasn't exactly Charlie Sheen. Second, a number of coaches with championships in their pocket and track records of winning on par or better than the end of Fulmer's career have been fired or forced to resign for one reason or another. They include: Chizik*, Tressel, Coker, Bowden, Carr, Paterno, Holtz, James, Erikson, Switzer, Majors, Ford, Devine, Hayes, and Robinson.

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Looks like someone's got a man crush on the "Zooker"...ya keep bringin' him up...

You are under arrest for feeding the trolls. You have the right to remain silent...

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Gary Patterson will listen, should have been first stop

Listen to what? He reportedly just signed an extension and got pay raises for him and his staff. He's not the coach of the TCU of the 90s. He's the coach of a TCU team that is now in the Big 12, has made him one of the richest coaches in CFB and just poured $105 million into a stadium renovation.

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It is refreshing to see a coach be loyal to the school and players. BUT WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO TENNESSEE. Is this a compitant coaching search being done by the UT administration?

You are under arrest for not being COMPETENT. You have the right to remain silent...

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#TurnedDownTennessee is currently trending on Twitter.

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We did. He won. Forward!