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Written on Liberty Bowl makes deal with SEC to double payout, be in same pool as Outback:

Wow, such venom towards the LBC. It's amazing how the opinions of fan bases from Western division teams differ from the Vols'. Even the folks that I talked to from South Carolina couldn't say enough about their experience. The most common quote that I could remember was "I didn't know that Memphis was such a fun place".

I'm not a member of the convention and visitor's bureau, but for all who've not been to the city lately, a few highlights to the fairgrounds are as follows:
All of the old/worn buildings have been torn down.
The entire fairgrounds complex has been renovated to reflect a football utopia on game-days.
The newly renovated "Tiger Lane" tailgating section rivals any tailgate spot in the country.
Massive upgrades to the LB itself. The new Jumbo-tron is among the 5 largest in the country. It feels like being at the drive-in.
Last, but not least, Beale Street. The game/atmosphere are second to none, but most visiting fans are always eager to get to Beale. It's kinda like the 5th quarter.

Just to summarize, to those who haven't been over lately, the city has really done the LB/fairgrounds up big. If you love college football, it's now a really cool place to be.

Written on John Adams: Reserved optimism for Tennessee to break bowl streak :

I don't care what league you're in. If you can't win at least half of your games, you don't belong in postseason. First of all, at the very least, 3 of your non-conf games are outright GIMMES. So now you're looking for 3 out of 9 versus similar(league) competition. And if you feel that your conference peers are too tough, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG CONFERENCE. Sorry people, don't hate the game, hate the players!!

Written on Wall Street Journal: Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson had cocaine in car:

Of course he had coke in the car. Would we expect anything less? On a reated note, the sun came up this morning. Some things you just kind of expect.

Written on Kentucky F Kyle Wiltjer says he is transferring:

Stevie Wonder saw this one coming!

Written on Titans agree to terms with WR Justin Hunter:

Spend it wisely young man!

Written on Exclusive: UT, Memphis to renew basketball rivalry; football still in talks:

The word here in Memphis is it's either both basketball and football, or nothing. At that point Memphis will work with another SEC program, or two, to fill the void. Ole Miss is already inked into future Tiger schedules for both sports. And it's common knowledge in Memphis that the school wants to have at least two SEC teams on the football schedule every year.

It's my guess that, if the U of M can't reach an agreement with UT, they'll rotate among Ole Miss, Miss. St. Arkansas, Vandy and/or 'Bama to fill the yearly void. All of these schools are much closer to the city, and already recruit Memphis HEAVILY. Check the rosters......

Written on SEC's Mike Slive says new name for football playoff was built on simplicity:

in response to rbwtn:

The SEC should add a 9th game. The season is to short. Since Strength of Schedule is important again, and it should be we have got to begin playing other teams that are good, looking at our "Hamilton" schedule TN has stuck it's tail tween it legs and ran from playing anyone outside the SEC. Fulmer never did that. Change it NOW. Get back our Pride and stop thinking we will loose. WHAT IF WE WON? Along with a new coach we need a New attitude and don't be afraid to play anyone including Kiffin.

I disagree that the SEC should add a 9th game, but I do beieve that EVERY league team should schedule a Top 25ish non-conference opponent every year. This should be a league MANDATE!! If the SEC is as mighty as we all think, there's no reason why all members shouldn't TEST themselves prior to the conference schedule, home and/or away. That way, come play-off time, fans of other leagues can either gloat that the SEC got crushed in the non-conference, or readily admit that the SEC ran roughshod over the rest of the country back in Sept.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Does UT control its NCAA destiny?:

Is the title a rhetorical question? Yes, win the SEC tourney and you're in! By definition, that would be controlling your own destiny.

Written on David Climer: Alabama's recruiting math doesn't add up:

This practice has resulted in 2 straight NC's, and 3 out of 4. My take?, here's your blueprint, VOLS get to work!!

Written on John Adams: Vols should be California dreaming in football:

On a related note, we see the staffs of 'BAMA, ARK., MISS ST. & OLE MISS in MEMPHIS all of the time! Heck, we even joke that Saban must have a second(or third) home in Memphis, because we see him here all of the time. Yet, the UT staff is encouraged to recruit Cali. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Again, to summarize; Nick Saban practically lives in Memphis, TENNESSEE, but the HOME-STATE VOLS are advised to recruit 2K+ miles away. Yes, this makes perfect sense!!!

Written on Memphis gives Butch Jones a standing ovation:

The key to the Vols returning to the top of the SEC?, it's spelled M_E_M_P_H_I_S!! The greatest athletes in the state reside in Memphis, both in quality and quantity. Lately both 'Bama and Ole Miss have dominated recruiting in this TENNESSEE city. Butch Jones, target Atlanta over Memphis at your own demise!!

Written on Evan Woodbery's chat recap:

No UT football class should ever consist of less than 5 players from Memphis. Both of the Greatest and Most athletes in the state of TENNESSEE reside in the Bluff City. It is a complete travesty that Jones has only committed 1 kid from Memphis.

To see what the BETTER programs think of Memphis talent, check the rosters of 'Bama, LSU, Ark., Miss.St., and now Ole Miss. WOW!

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee, Georgia battling for wins and men's basketball recruits :

So, if I read this article correctly, UT is advised to ignore Memphis altogether in favor of Atlanta? Well, my friends, every year the cities of Memphis and Atlanta stage a challenge series akin to the SEC vs Big East, and every year the top Teams/kids out of Memphis, TN DESTROY their counterparts from Atlanta.

Before someone reminds me, yes, I know, Memphis will almost always get the top guys from the city. But, there are so MANY great players in Memphis that UT should sign a couple every year just because. I'm sure that Martin and staff are well aware of this. The same applies to football also. Attention Coach Jones, the state's greatest athletes, both in quality and quantity reside in Memphis. Log on to Google Maps and get your butts over here!!

Written on John Adams: Bowl will gauge UT's improvement :

in response to gnm53108:

That's a fact Jack!

No, we're not gay. But, we're willing to learn. Would they send us someplace special?

Written on Poll: Music City or Liberty: In which bowl would you like to see Tennessee play?:

There are infinitely more upper tier recruits in the Memphis metro area. This would be the perfect opportunity for Dooley and staff to make their pitch to the players and high school coaches in Memphis. College sports is all about recruiting.

Written on Tennessee-Oregon preview capsule:

in response to 757vol_fanatic:

Good morning Vol Nation. I don't typically post a lot but read daily. Figured if every Tom, Dick, and Harry from Oregon, Florida, Bama, and even Vandy can make predictions so can I. I will however give my reason to my prediction...

UT-32 Ducks-26

1. You are coming into Neyland. I know you've heard it a million times by now, but it's something you can't pretend isn't gonna affect the game. Autzen is loud, now double the people and yes we are rednecks, so we like to scream for no reason.

2. You are traveling 2500 miles and across 3 time zones, history doesn't bode well for teams that travel that far. Look within your own conference and see USC vs Hawaii this year.

3. Your team is faster, i will give you that everyday and twice on saturday, but you're smaller at nearly every postion. you can't run between the tackles and you won't be able to bounce outside after the D adjusts. your quarterback is making his first road start and is unproven, 13 of 24 passing when your qb tends to sail balls isn't good when i would say our secondary is our strong point on d. their ball hawking skills are amazing, count on 2 pics atleast. We have Justin Wilcox!

4. Our QB is untested as well but with your undersized DB's and our tall WR's we can play jump ball and statistics say we will win the majority of the time.

5. This is the first meeting of the 2 teams, you have experience against our D-coord, he has experiance against your whole staff.

6. The Vols are EXPECTED to be below average this year, even some of our fans are talking about being happy with a 6-6 season. So we have nothing to lose, we are underdogs in our own house, every expert in the land has picked you to win and doesn't think tennesee can even keep it close. What better motivation to go out and make something special happen?

Sorry for the long post but i don't post often so i'm entitled to one every now and then. after all is said and done Good Luck to the Ducks, i have a feeling it's going to be a long day and flight back for yall though. GO BIG ORANGE! PLAY LIGHTS OUT!

Reason #2 was actually debunked just last season. Remember UCLA? Like all Vol fans, I hope to see a Tenn. victory on Saturday. But I'm also a realist. Right now, but not under normal circumstances, Oregon is just plain BETTER than Tennessee. My only real expectation is that the Vols will play hard, with heart for 60 minutes. If we do that, let the chips fall where they may.

Written on Hamilton nixes idea of synthetic turf at Neyland Stadium:

All the way from Memphis, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
The U of M installed fieldturf a few years ago, and the Tigers have been blowing out knees by the boatload ever since. Really, no school in the South should be playing on that stuff. Our weather dictates natural grass.

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by media:

YIKES!!! Fifth, ahead of only Vandy?!?! So this is what the SEC cellar looks like. If Dooley can somehow squeeze a 6-6 season out of this group, a statue should be erected outside Neyland in his honor. It's gonna be a long, slow crawl back to the top.

Written on Majors' respect for Dooley:

I'm always shocked when Majors takes a break from the bar to lend his two cents. If he's always thought so much of UT, where was he during Fulmer's tenure? Go back to happy hour Johnnie!!

Written on Adams: Vols must run gauntlet to complete 8-4 season :

7-5, the Vols beat SC, Mem, Vandy, UK and loose at Miss. Go ahead Rebels, enjoy the RARE victory over UT.

Written on Henry arrested again:

Yikes!! What a shock, "Cheese" is locked up for delinquent child support. Hey KNS, save this headline, I predict that you'll use it a few more times in the future.

Written on Report: Carroll says Orgeron 'not involved' in process of coordinator hunt:

GO Coach O Go!! I know your preference is to be a D-Coordinator as opposed to only a D-line coach. And my preference is for the Vols to land top notch talent without landing on NCAA probation after you're gone. So again.... Go Coach O Go!!

Written on Linebacker Askew picks Vols:

Great job coaches!! Please continue to ignore the negativeness that's being directed at your program, and continue to recruit good football players. To all you Fulmer hating, arm-chair coaches, he will continue to work as hard as he always has. The guy has not forgotten how to coach. Consider this view from Memphis, the SEC is simply much better and deeper than the 10yrs ago that most of you consistantly refer to. Stop looking behind, look ahead!!!! Go Vols!!!

Written on Fulmer busy Monday promoting Vols at ESPN:

Congrats Coach Fulmer:
Yes, the naysayers on this site hate hearing of you making national appearances, but that's their problem. Long time Vols fans, such as myself, know the difference that you've made in this program and have never lost faith in your abilities. Good luck on the up-coming season, and continue to prove 'em wrong!! GO VOLS!!!

Written on None:

Sorry Mallett, coach Fulmer wouldn't/shouldn't hire staff based soley on a prospective recruit's familiarity with them. That's just not good business. If the UT program is not sound enough on it's own merits, then this is not a situation that Fulmer needs to look at. Yes, Mallett may come with prototypical height, weight, arm, etc., but he also comes with a disclaimer. Thanks, but no thanks.

Written on Vols' pipeline to South Florida dried up:

Thank you VolnDothan, of course you always hate to loose a recruiter like Taylor, BUT, just a reminder to all interested: UT WAS A GREAT COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAM LONG BEFORE TAYLOR ARRIVED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE LONG AFTER HIS DEPARTURE!!!
Here's a quick quiz; Did Trooper Taylor recruit any of the following? A)R. White, B)R. Gault, C)H. Shuler, D)P. Manning, E)A. Wilson, F)L. Little, G)T. Martin, H)None of the above.
For those who chose H, you pass. You are true Vols fans and know the history of the program.
For those who chose anything other than H. You need to study more.....CLASS DISMISSED!!

Written on Report card: Tennessee vs Wisconsin:

I thought that the coaching, based solely on the bone-headed gimmicks attempted, should have graded somewhere around C- or D+. I'm not one of those fans expecting the Vols to win every game by 50. I just wish for them to be as efficient as possible. And due solely to horrendous offensive play-calling, the team was not allowed to be.

Attn: Fulmer, BE YOURSELF!!!! You are not Spurrier, Rodriquez, etc. Do what you do, not what your critics want you to do. You did not win a NC with trickery, gimmicks or deception. You won because you coach good, sound, power football. I feel like the Vols left at least 21pts out there somewhere on the field in Tampa. Carroll does not teach gimmmicks at USC, Tressel doesn't do it at Ohio St., ditto Richt at Ga. Leave the spread option/zone read to the pretenders. The real contenders in college football don't need it.

Written on Six Vols ineligible for Outback:

Enough already you negative BAFOONS!! It is the students responsibility to go to class and make the grades. And if they see that they need help, it also is the students job to seek out all of the assistance that the university has provided. Yes, the coaching staff can/should provide motivation, but in the end it's all up to the athlete. Hopefully, the kids who are benefitting from this, playing time wise, will take this opportunity and run with it. UT 32 - Wisc. 24. GO VOLS!!!!

Written on Renfree waiting on Vols:

Fulmer and staff, please pay very close attention: NO MORE WEST COAST QB's!!!
I'm not questioning either this kid's abilities, or any of the WC guys(the Clausens & Ainge)who the Vols have had. It has been proven(time and again) that QB's from the far west just don't get SEC football. They don't understand the passion and intensity that comes with Southern football. Kids who are born and bred in the region get IT, and IT can't be taught(see E. Ainge). I especially focused on the sentence where Renfree states "It kind of shocked me how big football is over there". Fulmer, we've been down this road three times before. Again, both Clausens and Ainge were and have been very good college QB's. But, when it gets down to crunch time, you've got to have that IT factor to do whatever is necessary to get a win. We(Vols fans) haven't seen that since Tee left Knoxville. Again, no more mere "game managers", demand that your QB's be playmakers also. Fulmer's first 3 were, his last 3 weren't. LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Ainge not worried that his statistics have dipped a bit :

Go Erik!! Please prove my theory that QBs from the west coast lack the intensity, passion & dynamics necessary to win SEC championships wrong. Please prove me wrong that guys from the far west can do more than just merely 'manage the game'. All of the more negative posters on this site whine routinely that "since '98......(fill in the blanks)". Well almost no one has noted that also "since 98" UT has gone to the western QBs, and the results thus far haven't been great. Again, what do I know? Go Erik, prove me wrong. Go Vols!!!!!

Written on Cutcliffe likes winning, not fancy numbers :

Only 3(hopefully 4) more games and the Eric Ainge era is finally over!! Note to Coach Cut and entire staff: Please don't recruit any more west coast QB's. Why(?) do you ask, consider these thoughts:
1) While Ainge and both Clausens(Casey & Rick) have all been good college QB's, they simply could not rise above the level of mere "game managers".
2) The "Golden Era" of Fulmers tenure was marked by dynamic playmakers at the QB position(see Shuler, Manning, Martin). I invite any true Vols fan to dispute the fact that after Tee's departure, the QB positions has been average to below average at best.
3) West coast QB's lack the intensity and passion necessary to excel in the SEC because they're not from the region. They don't get it.
4) I've heard Ainge on numerous occasions admit that he doesn't really tie in to the Vols' many rivalry games because....he's from Oregon, no translation.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Ainge. And I think that the indifference that he routinely displays will actually better serve him in the NFL than it does the SEC. But, Fulmer and staff, please no more QB's west of Texas or north of Kentucky. I truly believe that the only difference between Fulmer's teams in the 90s and the 2000s lies behind center. Go ahead and look it up. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Written on Can Vols handle role of favorite? :

Please, no more references to Atlanta until UT actually clinches a berth. And to date, they have not. Every team/season is different, and this team's major characteristic is that of one who performs well at home, and horrible on the road. Last time I checked, the Vols have both 1 home and road game remaining. Also, even in years where they have nothing to play for, both Vandy and UK save their best efforts for the Vols. Well this year they both have a ton to play for. So again, everyone please calm down and allow the season to play out. It's a lot more enjoyable that way. Go Vols!!!

Written on Strange: Vols don't need to see how good Vandy's defense is :

Vandy has already beaten SC at SC, and Kentucky gave LSU the only blemish on their record. Vols fans this shouldn't surprise you, but theses aren't your granddaddy's(or even daddy's)'Dores and 'Cats. Vandy and Kent. are both GOOD!! Stop all of this talk about Atlanta. There are two games remaining against two opponents who would rather beat UT than spend the holidays in Shreveport and/or Memphis. It aint over!!!!

Written on Ad by former players support Fulmer:

Here's a take from the left side of the state for all of you Fulmer haters out there. Be patient, he will win big again(very soon). The biggest differences that I see between the mid-to-late 90s(the glory years to you all) and the 2000s(the down years) are three fold, listen up:
1) Fulmer's quarterbacks in the 90s were DYNAMIC PLAYMAKERS(Shuler, Manning & Martin). His quarterbacks in the 2000s have been un-dynamic game managers. I like Ainge, and he is a good college quarterback, BUT, he lacks the ability to turn something out of nothing. In fact, all three of the West coast imports have had this same trait. Good for the Pac-10, but bad for the SEC. In limited action last season, I saw the passion and intensity in Crompton necessary to win championships. I can't wait 'til next year! Ironically, the indifference that Ainge displays on a weekly basis will serve him better in the NFL than the SEC. Memo to Fulmer and staff: No more west coast QBs. Don't recruit west of Texas or north of Kentucky.
2) THE SEC IS SIMPLY MUCH BETTER NOW!!!! In the 90s, UT basically only had to worry about Fla. and 'Bama. In the 2000s Auburn, LSU & Ga. all significantly improved. They all recruit now like UT, and this was not always the case. Check your facts before posting critisms!!
3) NO MORE WEST COAST QBs!!!! Again, kids from the west coast simply do not understand the passion and intensity necessary for success in the SEC. Kids from the southeast region have these characteristics ingrained in them.
There you have it, take it from a Vols fan from the west side. I get to see the U of M Tigers on a regular basis, and trust me, it's not nearly as bad in Knoxville as you guys think. Go Vols!!!

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