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gonna be a rough coaching term. You don't spend the money, this is what happens. The real problem was Hart did not want to pay a bball coach more than B. Jones. However, after Jones turns in a 4 win season this year everyone will again know the error the UT athletic departments ways.

Maybe the dumbest post in a long line of dumb posts. We should have paid CCM $3mil per year. That would have insured wins, huh? Tyndall hasn't coached a game and already the regular cast of mopes are busting his chops. Tyndall will have a rough first year. But guess what, CCM would have had a rougher 4th year.

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Give the guy a chance. Goodgawdamighty.

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Can we please call him Don? He isn't 7 years old, he isn't an Osmond, and he isn't a made mafia wise guy, or let's hope he isn't.

Ever pathetic, Belle.

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I like Peyton, but I wish he hadn't gone there.

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Dave Serrano. The right man for the job.

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I need to read nothing about the F-baum.

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No, Climer. The real clown was DOOLS.

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Would be shocked if he came back.

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Roundball refs are all for shiznit.

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My 2 cents worth. let's leave the coaching comments alone and just really savor what has just happened and what could happen this weekend. Living in the middle of Big 12 ChickenHawk land, I am having the best time in a long time listening to the local KC media eating crow on Conference comparisons. Let's smell the roses for now and we can complain later. The players deserve it. They are phenomanal kids that are turning into men at the right time.

Far too rational for this crowd.

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I had CCM's back all along. 😛

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Post Game Comments:

1. JS: Thank God for the opportunity, etc.
2. JR: (Paraphrased) We played for Coach Martin; Some coaches have nothing to do with you when you are not playing basketball, etc.
3. Coach Martin: So emotional to comment more than a few words.

Bottom Line: The Knoxville News NEEDS to publish all of the names that were signed by selfish, ignorant, and classless fans who signed any petition against Martin in favor of Pearl. Anything less is a travesty of justice, a personal slap to God's face, and an insult to the one and only man who never turned his back against God and has taught these young men more about the value of life in their short lives than the rest of us could ever begin to imagine. We do not deserve Coach Martin as a representative of UT. If he stays, that will be HIS GIFT to UT.

So Goob, why do we not deserve?

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I liked Bruce, certainly didn't think he should be allowed back coaching at the college level and am glad UT did not want him. All of the press about his hiring really stinks for the Vols. CCM and the kids are having to answer questions about BP. I know BP loves it - he is like T. Roosevelt wants to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.

^^^ Rubbish

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Never understood the stiffy many have for S. Pearl. Seems to me to be a potential excellent coach. Why the angst?

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I guess Forbes and Shay are still trying to wash off the stink and want no part of the circus barker.
Love he acknowledged junior squirrel had no business playing in the SEC. I loved watching the fans in my section screaming "No!" when the joke came in the game in critical situations while Maymon sat on the bench.
Pearl is a scammer that will use desperate Auburn until he can con another group of lemmings to believe in him.
Ironically, maybe he and kiffboy can do lunch over drinks comparing UA and AU coeds.

^^^^ needsalife

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auburn will be on probation within three years.

don't be an idjit

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Then your communication should be well lubricated. :) I've seen enough of your comments to know you don't hold back so let us know how you feel about our BasketVols.

murrayvol: always the voice of reason.

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Maybe Buzz ought to study for his RE License.

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You guys really seem to be locked in. I know you guys don't read these boards but just in case someone who knows you happens to read this, I hope the tell you to enjoy the moment and play hard for your teammates first, coach second, and family and friends next along with the university you represent. As for fans, don't worry about us, we can be fickle at times. You know what you have to do just go out there and do it. Put it on the line and make history.

I'm betting they read everything available.

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Nothing this team does should come as a surprise.

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Let's be fair..ok..when other coaches who have done far worse had nothing done to them..does it not appear someone was out to get Pearl for something they couldn't get him for earlier at another that fair..I am not a fan of bringing Pearl back but I dread the thought of him going to bama or auburn ..if that would be hard for UT to compete with them..Pearl is going to be offered several good jobs..I hope he goes somewhere out West or away from the SEC...

Here's the thing. Pearl made a mistake. But if you grade it on the curve, with respect to other punishments doled out by the CORRUPT ncaa (and the satanic Mike Slive), he was way over-penalized. I doubt the feckless Jimmy Cheek will bring him back. But he should.

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As they shouldn't!

you suggest 2 to 10?

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I agree to have even a shot at the NCAA they MUST sin out and win one in the SEC tourney. I hope Martin is telling them that. He better make them understand what has to be done. He won't talk about it in the media because he know his job may be on the line. IF he is not telling his team they need to win out to get in, then he don;t care about his career,

Thanks so much, Capt. Obvious.

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Might be yewgly.

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Butch ain't Dools. He will do the right thing.

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No rape, no blow, no guns, no murder. Let Butch work it out.

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Seven scholarship players. Seven.

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Major props to Butch. His success highlights the ineptness, if not pure laziness, of the previous regime.

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Good work. Now if we could just get rid of the stinkin gray unis.

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Dave Hart! Seriously...

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I wish there were more Lane Kiffins.

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Memo to Hart: Lose the clairol.

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Cut it anyway you like. But this team, as prepared, is not ready to play big-boy basketball.

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Of course he has out coached and outplayed UT 2 years in a row with Vanderbush talent.

Of course your post has nothing to do with the issue.

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He won't survive at PS on Vanderbush talent.

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I have no problem with the Adams piece.

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Not having a workable offense tends to doom vols.

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Have really tried to support CCM. Just don't see any improvement. I'm sure the players want to win, but their focus seems to wax and wane.