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Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

The more I learn about CBJ and his past coaching jobs it's hard to not be impressed. Just watched the video made upon his arrival and it's not very hard to get fired up. This guy is a winner.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

in response to Nighthawk:

Gundy lost Saturday because his defense couldn't stop a very good, but not great offense. Sound familiar?

Do you think Gundy or anyone else would lose 4 or 5 games a year like that?? I doubt it....

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

Anyone in the country would be an upgrade over what we endured the last three years.

Written on Mike Strange: UT coach Derek Dooley was thinking long term with defensive change :

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Uhhh, it's 3 & 5.

I don't think BIVOLAR was referring to the overall team record with that statement.... :)

Written on Derek Dooley: Season opener on Friday likely a 'one-time deal' :

I think we will unleash an offense that hasn't been seen around here in awhile. They are going to be fun to watch!!!

Written on Candace Parker gets naked for ESPN:

Check out the video monitor behind Candace during the interview at about the 12-13 second frame. Is she topless? It sure appears like it to me.

Written on UT to spend a week of training camp at Milligan College :

Why Milligan??? They don't even have a football facility there that I know of.

Written on John Adams: Bobby Petrino proves 'coaching genius' is oxymoron :

in response to TheStupidPolice:

Sir, let the professionals handle this. We're already investigating TritanVol and Razor784's stupidity.

So that makes me "stupid" because I state my opinion that it's in poor taste to mention his daughters at the end of a very good article? Just my opinion and I'm entitled to it, as you are to make your asinine comment about people that don't like it being an "idiot".

Written on John Adams: Bobby Petrino proves 'coaching genius' is oxymoron :

Pretty low class to make mention of his daughters at the end of the article. I forgot who was writing the story.....

Written on Sources: Da'Rick Rogers received two-week ban in offseason:

I need to watch some Youtube clips of the 90's teams to get this negative vibe out of me. We are cursed, I'm sure of it now. Nothing seems to be going right for our football program anymore, very dis-heartening.

Written on Wes Washpun granted release:

Good luck to him....

Written on Peter Sirmon teaches linebackers through cross-training:

in response to voloffaith:

Yea I'm happy 4u!! My question for every "FIRST" poster is when does the euphoria wear off? Is it your next post? Is it immediate? Or does that seem to go on 4ever?

I remember getting to be line leader back in 2nd or 3rd grade as I often relate being "FIRST" to that same situation. My elementary high was ok 4
then,but this "FIRST" thing just doesn't do anything 4me. So let me be the"FIRST" to congratulate ewe on this monumental moment and I tell you to savor it for all it brings.......

On topic, sounds like a good philosophy for lb's.

You need to chill out. This is not serious. I'm sorry it took you until the 2nd grade to be line leader, must have never really gotten over getting passed over in the "first" grade huh?

Written on Peter Sirmon teaches linebackers through cross-training:

I'm really pumped about our football team this year, we will surprise a few people around the country.

Written on Tennessee hires Cuonzo Martin to replace Bruce Pearl as men's basketball coach:

How many Gonzo comments are we going to have suffer through now from the rest of the SEC.

Written on Mississippi State gets its first win in Thompson-Boling since '99:

Hit a few free throws here and there and the no-call walk might not have mattered.

Written on Big Orange Caravan Winter Tour in Dandridge, Kingsport:

Johnny's Pizza in Kingsport???????? Are you kidding me? Is that the best place they could find? Geez

Written on Worley eager to get career with Tennessee started :

Can't wait to see what you can do at Tennessee! Hope you have a successful career!

Written on Charlotte pulls upset of Vols, 49-48:

I definitely thought it was a bad omen that CBS College Sports replayed the LSU debacle before our basketball game tonight. Thanks CBS!!!

Written on Charlotte pulls upset of Vols, 49-48:

Our guys are really struggling all of a sudden. Very sloppy ball handling and poor shot selection. The last inbounds play was horrible.

Written on It's official: Vols to play North Carolina in Music City Bowl:

How can Mike Hamilton tweet and say he is excited about the matchup when he just cancelled the 2011 game?

Written on Tyler Bray 'made game easy' for wide receivers :

Only need 6 wins, only 1 win of the six can come vs. FCS school.

Written on Fulmer says Minnesota 'has great potential':

I am going to be very honest here, it would be tough to see Phil coaching for another team. To me, he meant winning and UT football being relevant for better part of 17 years. I could never pull against him. Good Luck Coach!

Written on C.J. Watson linked to Mayweather case :

I wouldn't think C.J. wants any part of a pissed off Floyd Mayweather.

Written on Reality reigns: Oregon scores 45 consecutive points:

I can't remember the last time we had a back that was cat-quick like Burner and James. I know we have always had power runners and thats ok with me but it would be nice to see some ankle breakers on the field for the Big Orange one day. Hold your heads up guys, you can beat Florida. You are definitely better than the final score showed. Go Vols!

Written on Stocker man of many roles for UT :

The catch he made against bama at the end was spectacular last year. What a clutch catch!

Written on Stocker man of many roles for UT :

Stocker has the potential, depending upon Simms performance,to have a spectacular season. Can't wait! Less than 2 weeks away! Go Vols!

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