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Written on Alabama fan freed in Auburn tree poisoning case:

Set this great American free!

Written on Even in dismal season, Vols ace Zach Godley has remained in command:

Thank you Zack Godley could have been much uglier without you.

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Sometimes good things do happen to good people. Congrats to Coach Dooley.

Do you know anything about Derek Dooley?

Written on Online reaction swift to Butch Jones' hire:

Fire Dave Hart!

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

Love Cuonzo but looked like a Dooley coached team. Unwatchable. Can't shoot from the field or free throws. Pathetic play. Passing turnovers looked so bush league.

Written on Farragut's Kyle Serrano, Cameron Strickland sign with Vols' baseball:

Keep in mind Raleigh ran the program into the ground. It's going to take a while to recover.

Written on Sal Sunseri fine with Derek Dooley being more active with defense:

Nothing bothers you when you have a $1.8 million buyout for failing

Written on UT's 'embarrassing' defense goes from bad to record worst :

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Isn't any way we become bowl eligible if the defense keeps playing this way. WORST DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY!!! All of the coaching staff should be ashamed. There absolutely no excuse for this. Sunseri's defense = Clawson's offense, both are gonna cost a head coach his job.

You have watched this slop of a team all year and your thinking bowl game! The head coach hired this guy.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' Tiny Richardson regrets the one that got away :

Wish we had a whole team of Tinys

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley says there is hope for 'second season' :

Wow! Your gone, stop trying to spin it.

Written on Steve Spurrier says response to Marcus Lattimore injury shows respect from teammates, opponents :

You don't want to see those kind of injuries ever. Hope it does not affect his long-term quality of life.

Written on John Adams: Not enough resilience to mask the mistakes :

The defense gave up 38 points and over 400 yards in offense and some of you are saying we have improved. It's like beaten wife syndrome when the police are taking away her boyfriend and she saya "I still love him". You sheep are pathetic.

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

0fer Oct. three years running

Written on Jim Chaney: Vols' success depends on controlling line:

Chaney seems to be in a good mood. Why not?

Written on Justin Hunter says no hard feelings following Derek Dooley's criticism :

The in-depth, hard hitting coverage continues.

Written on John Adams: Too late to get tough with Tyler Bray :

Spot on Adams! Bray apologists give us your delusions.

Written on Dooley: Tyler Bray will be benched if he throws more interceptions:

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Both of you need to find other interests. Someting you know a little about.

Written on Derek Dooley: 'We got whipped by a great football team' :

Dooley loves Alabama and his buddy Nick. He is in awe of them. Said he had a hard time remembering he was coaching during the game he was enjoying watching Alabama so much.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols, Tide have a tendency to streak :

Dooley has a great streak going against ranked teams and the rest of the SEC

Written on Ron Higgins: Skills alone won't make Vols' Tyler Bray a leader:

He makes poor decisions every week that stem from not being a student of the game. He is an embarrassment to the program on and off the feild.

Written on Tennessee football fans paint positive message:

Can she coach defense?

Written on Mike Strange: Vinnie Sunseri vs. Sal Sunseri will be tough night for everyone :

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I hope Sal enjoys his year at UT.

It will be tough watching his garbage defense. Does anyone care about the father/son angle? I mean this guy is putting the final nail in our program.

Written on Jim Chaney: Fumbles are Vols' biggest worry against Alabama:

Yet another comprehensive paragraph, er article

Written on John Adams: Offensive line best example of UT's improvement :

Dooley, "we never lost confidence in what the future held", in reference to he and his wife's comfort with a large contractual buyout.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols anxious to take a crack at the 'standard of college football' :

Dooley loves Alabama said everything but roll tide.

Written on John Adams: Offensive line best example of UT's improvement :

They could only improve after the last two years

Written on Tyler Bray says 'bandwagon' comment was response to hateful tweets:

Hateful tweets from the people whos cars he vandalized with beer bottles and golf balls.

Written on Vols Rajion Neal doubtful for Alabama game:

Dooley is setting the expectations. When we lose it's because Alabama beats everybody and we shouldn't be the exception. It's not his fault they are so good. We are just Tennessee.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' defense didn't get gashed, but it still 'bled to death' :

Real fans aka Dooley fans, tell us how great your man is.

Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

Who was the better quarterback? Dooley let him get by with putting nothing into but his talent and rightfully it will get him fired.

Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

He should have been fired after Ky last year but so many of you "real fans" said we non fans were crazy. Baaaa, baaaa.

Written on John Adams: Forget cowbells; it all sounds familiar for Vols :

You said Dooley was the right guy after KY last year. You said Dooley didn't say, "loosing to Ky isn't the end of the world" and that was before the game. Please tell us your thoughts on Dooley now. You are so credible.