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One important saying I have heard in regards to achieving high quality sports performance is to "Let the game come to you."
I commend you on your dedication but will venture to state that the inspirational words you have written on your shoes could actually be a distraction. "Letting it flow" is a state of mind achieved by eliminating any and all distractions. Reading the words on your shoes make take a milisecond but it goes deeper than that. Trust yourself and you will be able to "Let it flow" and automatically be into "The next play". Trust yourself as well as your teammates. Good things will come.
Go LADY VOLS and VOLS!!!!!

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I haven't had access to the internet for a couple of months so I am playing catch-up on UT news (no jail time, just moved too far out in the money). Anyway, I would like to say that I still think good things about Dooley. Did you all see the final BCS standings? 5 of UT's 7 losses came by way of teams ranked in the top 10. If we had an experienced defense, Dooley would still be coach.
Basically, what I am trying to say is this: The cupboard at UT has a lot more groceries in it now than when Derrick Dooley arrived. I would also like to say "Thank you" Coach Dooley for helping to bring UT up from the ashes that you inherited. May good fortune follow you where ever you go.
Any new coach is going to walk into a much more improved organization than we had 3 years ago. Surely, that will help attract an excellent hire.
Get the right guy, Mr. Hart, get the right guy.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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I normally don't try to criticize but the headline to this story is tasteless. Dan, think about it. Do you know what "having a senior moment" means? Dementia?

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I was at the game today and the jumbotron flashed up an alarming stat they made me wonder. This team scored the third most total points in Tennessee Football history. How much different would the season have been had Wilcox stayed and if we would have had just a mediocre defense? I can't wait for next season to start. Go Vols!!!

I totally agree.
As Doris Day would sing, "Kay sera, sera,"...
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Athletic department lost almost $4 million in 2011-12 :

I think that last year only 12 Div. I athletic programs made a profit and UT was in that group. Not bad considering the world was on the brink of another Great Depression a few short years ago. I believe Hart has us going in the right direction.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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VFL started as a football program. It might expand to other sports. Andre Lott's a super guy, but Dooley had a job description for VFL Andre didn't fulfill. Everyone knows when Dooley got here the program was in a shambles. He had 2 weeks to research candidates and hire almost a complete staff. Then expected the new staff, which isn't familiar with the program to locate, evaluate, and sign all their new recruits. The AD can't reasonably expect that staff and team to be in the top of their respective national, much less regional rankings the first year. Dooley got to evaluate the performance of the new staff, and they get to see his management style, and we saw some asked to find other opportunities, others seek out those opportunities on their own, and some just fired. And now the assistant coaching staff will be a better fit. Actually, I expect to see a couple of assistants replaced this year, unless by some fortunate turn of serendipity, everyone is the correct fit for the program. Individual offensive, defensive, kicking rushing, special teams, etc. performance will improve, recruit quality will go up, but wins won't yet be what's needed to acheive top ranking on regional or national scales. Repeat the cycle for another year or two and Dooley will have stability with the right assistant coaches, who want to be here, player size, strength, and skill sets, team depth, and tradition of winning to compete with any top 5 school in the nation on the field and in recruiting. Cut the legs out from under the rebuilding program Coach Dooley has so embarked on by letting him go, and we won't go back to where we were when he arrived, it will be worse. Potential high quality coaches and recruits will give UT a wide birth. What coach looks for a truckload of BS dumped in their driveway for a loss. Recruits will wonder when those crazy fans will be running off new coaches and the team will have to start learning new offensive and defensive schemes all over again. Running off head coaches every three years if they're not achieving top 10 performance is a recipe for not ever being in the top 25! Let Dooley do it his way, until the AD and trustees decide there is no longer a verifiable reason to keep a coach on a rebuilding program. Such reasons (not excuses-go fly a kite) are many, not the least of which is the lack of the VFL program director getting it across to all the atheletes that making dumb decisions affects them and their teammates for life, apart from simply losing games and reflecting badly on the coaches and school. Go Dooley, Go Vols, Smokey Rules!

Nice post. Let us add a little more perspective to it. It seems that some of these posters are of the "win at all costs" attitude. See Penn State. Yes, I would love it if UT won all their games but that is not reality.
There is and always will be issues that are much more important than winning games. Watch the video "Hoops for Hope", totally inspiring.
Back to Dooley. With everything he walked into at UT, I figured 7 to 8 wins in year 3 would be quite acceptable. Also, it is not out of the realm of possibility to go to the SEC championship game this year. Year 4 should be our measuring stick but not yet.
Once again, I am pleased with the progress CDD has made so far.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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He's just a big Teddy Bear...with a 27 acre body.
I am sooooo looking forward to the start of this season. I reserve the right to remain "cautiously optimistic".
Go VOLS!!!!!

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I definitely don't know all about the X's and O's of football but I do know this: I have noticed that, on 99% of successful offensive teams, the wide receivers know how to block for the run game. Think about it.
It is one aspect of football that does not get enough attention. On any given run play, the success is dictated by how well the whole offense blocks, not just the linemen. When all are on the same page, success follows.
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Good "Post it on the bulletin board." material. Perhaps, this will help light a bigger fire under the VOLS behinds.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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I just watched an interview with Tyler Bray and came away impressed. New haircut looked good as well as his wardrobe. When asked about CDD being on the hot seat he said, "This whole team is on the hot seat." He pretty much said the losses were caused by not executing the game plan. No excuses, they just didn't do what the coaches needed them to do to win. The talk of a young man who has matured and became a leader on this team. I sense this team coming together and feel they will be in the hunt during the 4th quarters when they play the hunted.
Keep in mind, the blood line of the greatest athlete of all time, Jim Thorpe, is in Tyler's blood. Kemosabe say good sign.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Having a deeper bench will allow CCM's rotation on the defensive side of the game to be even better than last year, when we were picked to finish last in the SEC. I believe his defensive strategy had everything to do with last year's success (note I didn't say last year's failure).
Just as in football, I think the basketVOLS will be a team that others may not want to play. Please prove me right.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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I like you attitude luvtomatosoup!

Attention all Volunteers! luvtomatosoup is giving out positive vibes for those who need it!

*This has been a public comment board announcement from the VFL-TP*

Need to get pumped up for this season?
This video is for you!

We are the Tennessee volunteers

Thank you so much for the link. I do believe I'm going to have to learn to play this song on my guitar. Excellent song and video.
Thanks again.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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You can't get any better than 100%. Don't think I remember any talk of this in the past several weeks.
Help me out here if I'm wrong but didn't 80% of her victories come against ranked teams? Another great accomplishment and it makes me wonder how the best men's coaches stack up.
Go Lady VOLS and VOLS!!!!!

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What is truly sad is not just her resigning as HC. It is sad that so little attention and money is paid to Alzheimers. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on cancer and aids, yet, only $350 million is spent on Alzhemers' research.
One thing I know from experience (caregiver for my recently deceased 94 year old Mother who had dementia)that being a caregiver is a loving but extremely demanding responsibilty. Alzheimers may not be curable but there is one main thing that each community can do to help. They can get their churches and service organizations to compile a list of shut-ins and their caregivers. They can then seek out these caregivers and volunteer to "baby sit" their loved one thereby giving the caregiver a much needed day off. It is extremely stressful to caregivers, so much so that their personal health starts to suffer. Just one day off does wonders for the caregiver. Thus, by helping the caregiver you have also helped the patient. When I could catch a break and get some physical as well as mental rest, I could recharge my batteries and be a much better and happier caregiver. Believe me, it is rewarding for all people involved.
My thoughts and prayers will be with Coach Summit and her family and caregivers.
Go VOLS and Lady VOLS!!!!!

Written on What is your favorite memory from Pat Summitt's career?:

My comment is not about memory but accomplishments.
1. 100% gradutation rate.
2. Over 80% of her wins were against ranked teams.
We know she owns overall wins outright. My question is: How do other ranked coaches (total wins) compare to these 2 stats.

I'm proud to be from West Tennessee and, like a host of others, have the utmost respect and admiration of all her accomplishments at UT and the sport of basketball. Win with class and lose with dignity...priceless.

Go VOLS and Lady VOLS!!!!!

Written on John Adams: New UT defense is food for thought :

Strange story. If Adams does not tell us of Marlon eating his way to 300#'s, we, as well as the children he is so worried about, wouln't have a clue that this overeating was happening. Maybe he should write an article criticizing his journalistic efforts.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Wow! Many of you are missing a major point. The receivers are buying into BLOCKING for the run game. I have noticed through the years how successful teams had receivers that were great blockers in their offensive scheme. I would get upset watching UT's offense whereas there was very little effective blocking by our receivers. It's about time they are being pressed to learn the blocking schemes. Championships are not won solely by relying on a passing game. Once again, I am thrilled to read that our receivers are learning to block. The run game will reap many benefits from this.
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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


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Witch Doctor just try to remember how dumb Witch Doctor was at that age...(pretty dumb...My favorite saying "I cant tell you how to do it..but I can sure tell you how NOT to do it! lol) Witch Doctor say maybe Dooley is doing more than expected to get YOUNG man thru these years.. Witch Doctor say wonder how mnay these people hating like this will be in church tomorrow? lol.
Good stuff 10seVol85!
Bones never lie.

Witch Doctor,
It's been many moons since I posted here. I believe this is the best post I have ever read.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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Love the positive attitude. There are 2 different attitudes you can adhere to as it regards marriage or being on a team: selfish or selfless. Being selfless means conquering your own problems (selfish) and thereby becoming a much better human being. There is totally too much selfishness in todays' society and it is killing our country, marriages, teams, personal life and so on.
There is no I in team but you still have to watch out for the ones that believe there is and M and an E, as in ME.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Hard to believe we are even having this discussion.

I hear ya! Coach Zo has done a tremendous job.


Written on ESPN's Joe Lunardi on UT in NCAA tournament: I really like their chances:

I want to believe, I want to believe, please, make me a believer. The last few years have been hard on all of us VOL fans. I admit I got my hopes up with Kiffin, disgruntled about the baseball team, worried about Coach Pat, but am still feeling good about Coach Dooley.
I surely hope that the basketVols, as well as the Lady Vols, continue to renew my faith in the VolNation and lets all March into the Madness together.

Go VOLS and LADY VOLS!!!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes saw something better than 11th place :

I read a lot of comments yesterday and very little was said about Skylar. Many people did not think he should be out on the floor. He put on a defensive clinic about how to contain the SEC's leading scorer. He was in Jennings grill all game long. I loved the comment from one of the announcers where he said Jennings had two people in his jersey. Funny but true. Also, another walk-on who exceeds expectations. Skylar gets my vote for "Mr. Hustle" award.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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If we were honest who in their wildest imagination could have figured we would be in this position at this point in the season.....may go down in flames but absolutely incredible job by CCM and team...

To be honest with you, I didn't figure we would be in this position but I did feel very good about the hiring of Counzo Martin. Call it a "feeling" if you want to. I wanted to beliieve he would seamlessly transition from yesterday to toady's team without too much difficulty. Coach Martin has done more with this team in one year (less than one year on the job) than I could have hoped for.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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I can see the "IT" factor in his eyes. I see a lot of maturity there. I like the fact he does not like to lose, nobody does, but he takes responsibility for his shortcomings and works hard to eliminate his weaknesses. Jarnell is going to turn into a beast right before our very eyes. Kind of like Lon Chaney and his wolfman. You know, full moon (game day) turns a mild mannered man into a ravenous man-eating beast. Beware!!!!!
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Always a good way to increase your draft stock for 2013 NFL Draft. Character is a big part of the evaluation process, not just whether you can play on Sunday. Teams don't take chances on players anymore. This could cost him a lot of money but he has another year to get his act together and still make a good impression. Let's hope this is not the norm for him.

Just look at "Pac-Man" Jones.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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She probably cramped because she did not get her body hydrated well in advance of the game.

Tired of hearing how it is sad to see Pat allowing her staff to take the huddles. That's Pat's call. She made that call just as she makes most calls pertaining to the Lady Vols. Pat is a teacher. She is teaching for her life, for her health and for the well-being of her team and staff right now. She's brilliant, even now.


Written on Yemi Makanjuola making the grade at UT:

The thing that sticks out to me is his comment about playing basketball everyday and still being able to go to classes. Talk about a student/athlete.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The two non-calls on PI were bad enough. The two PI's against Vereen were very "ticky-tack". I'm not making excuses, just looking at the facts. This has to be one of the worst cases of bad officiating I have ever seen.
It's hard enough to beat a mediocre team and the refs, let alone a team as talented as Georgia.
Hurry up and get well Tyler, we need you.
Also, I'm glad Simms decided to stay at UT.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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I love it. "I try to spread the touchdowns around." Noticed that last year when 5 different receivers had TD's (in 1 game).
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Vols 'not as good' without Dallas Thomas :

It sure is a good feeling being excited about UT football again.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Tennessee's running game stumbles early:

Montana's defense needs to be mentioned. They played their hind ends off. A veteran team that was set up to stop the run. They did a good job.
I don't know anything about Cincy's defense, but I believe UT will do much better in the run game.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Vols OK with feeding Hunter, no matter the coverage:

While I'm at it, I might as well tell ya'll about my experience at Neyland last Saturday.
We got to the stadium and couldn't get in because of the lightning/thunderstorm, got wet (heckuva wet t-shirt contest), met some good people and finally got to our seats.
I had on an American flag t-shirt and, as we approached our seats, a young fella sitting 3 rows back looks at me and says, "God bless America!". To which I said, "And then some!".
Before I go any further, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Knoxville.
Anyway, midway through the 1st quarter, this dude starts making loud comments to his buddies and can't help but use the f-word. Needless to say, he was pretty tore up.
I look around and I see older people and children, as well as a few people wondering what to do.
So, I turned around (nobody for 2 rows between us) and politely asked him to please watch his words as there were children and old folks around. He looked at me, apologized, and we did a fist bump and everything was good.

Always kill them with kindness before you baffle them with your b@llsh@t.

Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Vols OK with feeding Hunter, no matter the coverage:

One point is missing in this story, as well as the comments. It takes a QB to deliver the ball.

We've got a QB that can put it on the money more often than not.
Talk used to be about UT's lack of 20+ yard pass plays. How many plays has Tyler had that went for more than 40, 50, 60, 70, and, as of the last game, 80 in 6 and 1/2 games.
Answer: Plenty.

On the other hand, it takes special players to do what Justin and Da'Rick do.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Vols OK with feeding Hunter, no matter the coverage:

I'm as excited as Coach Bagget.

Written on Marlin Lane not pretty, just successful running the ball :

Montana's D line was all seniors. Plus, they crowded the "box" with 7 to 8 players on virtually every play. They dared us to beat them with the passing game.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Support for Pat Summitt continues:

I don't know how much the average cost is when putting a loved one in a nursing home but I know it would be a lot less cost on Medicare/Medicaid to allow an immediated member of the family to be the caregiver.
It cost's anywhere around $23.00 to $32.00 an hour to have home health care. Nursery homes/retirement homes probably go around, at least, $5,000 a month. A $1500.00 to $2,000.00 would be a cost saver for Medicare/Medicaid.

Written on Support for Pat Summitt continues:

I'm so sorry for her diagnosis. The disease has picked a formidable opponent.
As regard to dealing with the disease, I don't think there is much to be done. Diet would probably be the most important. It may be incurable but mush can be done. Coach, attention needs to be brought to bear on caregivers for their task is an unenviable one.

The place for activism is in aiding caregivers. I am 55 and spend my 24/7 taking care of my 94 year old mother. All things considered, dementia is her and my biggest obstacle. Dealing with it requires more patience than most people will ever know.

Networks need to be developed in communities, towns and cities (with an emphasis upon inter-faith alliance). This alliance should develop a list of local homes who are dealing with dementia/alzheimers and make this list available to local religious groups and other support groups.
Volunteers within this network can than get in touch with caregivers and offer to spend 8 hours of their time taking care of their loved one thereby giving the caregiver some much needed rest. More mental than physical. Speaking from experience, a little time away from caregiving responsbilities is dearly appreciated.

So, in closing, I hope that our beloved Coach Pat Summitt can bring some attention to this matter.

ps congress should be pressured to extend stipends to immediate family caregivers because they have to quit a job in order to take care of their loved one and still keep that loved one in their "comfort zone".

May God bless Pat Summit and her family.

Go LADY VOLS and VOLS!!!!!

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in response to BlueHound:

Pouring the foundation...not pretty, not glamorous, but necessary.

I stated last year that CDD was pouring a solid foundation for the football house. This year is framing up time and getting the house in the dry. Next year, it will be time to trim out, paint, carpet, tile, fixtures, know, pretty it up.
So far, I believe CDD's house is in good order.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Let's not forget that he is a bonafide Eagle Scout. That acheivement comes from being a well rounded indvidual with tons of dedication. Those traits will transfer to the football field rather nicely.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Johnson, Stricklen to World University Games :

No UConn players? I wonder why that is.
No matter. Kudos to Shekinna and Glory.

Written on Mike Strange: Tyler Bray hungry to improve:

Eat, pray, love.....UT football.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Not afraid to talk: Malik Jackson embraces leadership role:

I don't believe you can teach leadership. Nurture, maybe, but not teach. It is something you have or you don't.
It is also much easier to "lead by example" than by the words you use and how you use them.
True leadership comes out in battle and I fully expect Malik to be like Al Wilson when the time comes.
Go VOLS!!!!!

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Carl Perkins once told me that young bands get in the music business and think all is peaches and cream, when, in actuality, it was a cutthroat business.
He said he hired a lawyer to keep an eye on his other lawyer. The same with his accountant.]
I would venture to say that major college athletics are just as cutthroat, possible more so.
By the way, Don't step on my orange suede shoes!
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on SEC Media Days: Three questions will be storylines about UT:

Never underestimate a team that is young, talented (will be), hungry, outstanding work ethic, and of high moral quality. This makes for a really good TEAM.
I love everything I've read about the coaches, especially McKeefry. When a team bleeds together and when the time comes, they will have each other's back.
I was really impressed the most last year by the lack of finger pointing and blame gaming when times were bad. Thanks to Coach Dooley.
CD has a team with one year of his plan under it's belt, 1 more year of college practices, and a pretty good class coming in.

I can see this team surprising some successful but arrogant attitude teams this year. Like I said, it's best not to underestimate a team of this nature.

Go VOLS!!!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Very well put.

Written on Mike Strange: Just 51 days to kill until football :

The NCAA is trying to protect the integrity of the game.....too funny and too late.
Go VOLS!!!!!

Written on Cuonzo Martin rounds out staff with Marco Harris; longtime friend 'like a brother':

I believe each UT sport will have an added advantage when the All Sports Complex is completed. KNS, how about an update on it's completion date.

Go VOLS and LADY VOLS!!!!!

Written on Jessica Spigner leaves Lady Vols softball:

in response to PureOrange:

Attitudes matter. Bad ones cannot be tolerated.

Just like the old saying, "No I in TEAM!".

There was a wacky beer commercial a couple of years ago whereas the athlete says, "There may not be an I in team, but, there is an M and an E.

Go VOLS and LADY VOLS!!!!!

Written on Lady Vols 'had the talent' for title:

One senior and two juniors? I like what Kelly Greive said about the Lady Vols being unstoppable next year.

Go VOLS and LADY VOLS!!!!!