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Playing hard is one thing. But, saying you want someone to be dirty and hurt people is getting right back to the thug mentality that contributed to getting the program where it is today. It's like an Alfred McCullough mentality. He was a thug. You need to watch an attitude like yours. How would you like it if opposing teams purposely tried to hurt your players? There's a difference in hard play and dirty play, man.

Remember're dealing with ut fans here. Not the brightest bunch of football fans on the planet.

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Thanks again to Mike Hamilton for passing on Kevin Sumlin to hire Derek Doolander. Genius.

And they have the same number of SEC wins. You gotta love the way ut handles things. Absolutely hilarious. Weekly entertainment at it's finest.

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It's ridiculous that Cheek wants to keep Dooley another year. I think he's working for the Gators. It's his fault that UT fans are having to pull against it's own team.

Working for the Gators? If you are a true ut fan and bleed creamsicle orange, then you know it doesn't matter who the coach at ut is. After Dooley is canned and the next 4th or 5th choice is hired, nothing will change. But leave it to a vawl to come up with something like this.

Say it with me now:


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Hunter got called for spiking the ball not for blowing a kiss

Hunter should be suspended a game for spiking the ball after scoring against a team from the SUNBELT CONFERENCE.

So pathetic.


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With Arkansas and Auburn hiring new Head Coaches this coming off-season, ut will be right back where they were when Dooley was hired. This will once again be a job that will be offered but not accepted several times before the next Dooley comes to Knoxville.

Might as well start here:

Too expect anything better is delusional. But then again, we are talking ut football here.


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Troy lost to LA-Lafayette, W. Kentucky, and Fla. Atl. Add ut to that list.

48 is the most points the Trojans have scored all year. Troy, not USC.

Is this the opposite of a moral victory?

The comedy that is ut football continues and we LOVE IT!


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Is this the opposite of a moral victory?


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The stadium is too big. ut should have known they would seldom be relevant and would not fill that erector set on a regular basis. Another "uh-oh" in the comedy of errors by the ut football team/athletic dept. Go vawls!


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He was tweeting last week about how he should have stayed in Florida. It probably had something to do with that. Or he's already flunking out of school. He's the guy that UF wouldn't enroll after the NCAA cleared him.

But ut did enroll him.

See a pattern here?


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UF 31
UGA 20

PS - Congratulations to the ut men's basketball team for "also receiving votes" in the first AP poll of the season. The football team accomplished that same feat earlier this season. Good job guys.

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This is hilarious. The weekly sit-com that is ut football has returned. It could be worse. You can still lose to UK.....again. Anyway, keep up the solid work. This is the best entertainment value in all of college football.

Go Vawls!


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Of course SC is a better coaching job than ut. Just look how far down the coaching ladder ut had to go to hire Dooley. ut is considered a joke and no coach with any success would take a chance on ut. ut is stuck right where they belong: behing UF, SC, and UGA, on par with Missouri and Vandy and just slightly (we hope - lol) ahead of UK.

The truth hurts.


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Just an average receiver from a less than average football team.


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Meanwhile down in The Swamp.....



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Personally, I am pulling for the Mildcats to kick the **** out of UGA. Then the Vols upset Bama....what a glorious Saturday it will be. Hey, if you are gonna dream....DREAM BIG. : )

All you can do is dream. You're a ut fan.

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September 21st it will become 9.


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Tyler really catches a lot of flack by so many of you in your seat of high judgment. Michael Phelps and Saun White, together, haven't caught as much. Lucky they don't compete for the Vols. Their characters would be totally attacked if they were, when the fact of the matter is they are just kids. Principles are a lot easier to talk about than live up to. I wonder how many of you character assasins really live up to what you espouse on these boards. Of course that answer is already evident in your posts.

White could hit a windshield with a beer bottle.

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What a clown this kid is. A cancer to a team. Will cost him dearly in the draft.

Ryan Leaf Part II


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No way Florida reaches the SEC champoinship game,much less the National game.THE REASONS ARE AS FOLLOWS.

Coaching sucks.We would rather have Dooley any day.QB can't play.Bray is head and shoulders better.No proven running back.Florida will be very lucky if they win 6 games this year with Musshy as coach.Heck,even Tennessee will beat Florida this year. This will be the year Tennessee gets back to the top.

Sounds like a typical post from a ut fan back in early September.

UF has better coaches
UF has better players
UF has better facilities
UF is so far ahead of ut it's rediculous

Now what were you clowns saying back in September?


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The Gators are up to #3!

(who cares what happens the rest of the season....ut will not see #3 in any of our lifetimes)


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Please win.
It is all there.
Bye week + Mississippi State = achievable victory
I remember when State came to Ktown in '03.
It was the early JP game. The GF and I just stayed in bed, b/c the victory was so assured.
Times change.
Please just win.

Go Vols

Please win? Really? That says it all.

How's that GF?


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Let's give that award to the most deserving recipient.......the KNS for allowing the field to be fertilized by this manure, and for allowing a use-to-be decent site for Vol fans to talk sports. Now there are about as many re-re-re-re-posted comments by social misfits as by the rest of us......and sometimes more.

If it weren't for trolls there would be very little knowledge posted on this site. You delusional, kool-aid drinking clowns for some reason think ut is important. ut is the laughing stock of college football. I heard Tim Brando on the radio prior to the ut vs. UGA game and he said ut fans are a joke. Very little knowledge and rooting for a team that has done very little in our lifetime. Sure, you backed in to a title in 1998. What else have you done? Slow you roll there kool-aid drinkers. ut is nothing more than a small pimple on the big butt of college football. Here's a thought: Beat Kentucky. LOL


(yes, I am a troll:))

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You clowns are a riot with all this talk of 10-2, 9-3, 8-4.

7-5 at best. Enjoy Nashville. Then again, there's always Shreveport.:)


(nine will be fine)

PS - Yes. I am a troll. Deal with it.

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They have the right to talk about "OUR" team; you trolls are another story. Did you see the episode of Family Guy where Peter G. referred to Fla as "the South's trash can"? Just saying..

If you're looking for multiple BCS titles or multiple Heisman Trophies, check the trash can.

Just saying....


(you clowns make it so easy)

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I'm just glad i'm not a ut fan. How miserable that must be.


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It will sound strange that Dooley's first signature win is against Mississippi State. But, five years of frustration is coming out in Starkville.

VOLS will drill Miss ST by two touchdowns.

You mean like they "hung" 40 on UF?

Or did you mean 20 this season and 20 next?


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Coach Dooley is starting to bring everything together. Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody. Stay tuned...

Go Vols!

Yes! This is year zero. Just wait til next year (shhhhhhh)


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VOLS are going to throw for 350 on MSU and run effectively. VOLS will drill MSU in Starkville.

Healthy, rested and ready to blow somebody out.

VOLS by two touchdowns.

You previously posted:

The PRIDE is back on Rocky Top! Just listening to the pregame and watching social media, it may be the best crowd at Neyland since 1998. So proud to be a TENNESSEE VOL!

Now get out there and win the damn game!

"VOLS hang 40 on the Gators. Start 4-0.
Pandemonium Reigns tonight on Rocky Top!"

Your credibility is shot.



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Witch Doctor say the plot thickens! Witch Doctor say we have denials on both sides...Witch Doctor popping more popcorn to watch unfold. Witch Doctor hope this go to trial so we get good info as in court records from the AD dept finally without all the mixed messages we have been getting. lol.
Bones never lie.

Witch Doctor believe Gators score after the game is too far outta hand to matter.((fingers crossed!)) lol
Bones never lie.

Apparently Bones do lie. Your game is old and tiresome. Go away 'lil girl.

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Florida in November would be sweet! Just like in 2001, when Travis Stephens and Company drained The Swamp! GBO!

The 2001 game wasn't played in November. It was played December 1st. I'm not surprised you didn't know that. After all, you're a ut fan. Keep up the solid work.

(And you wonder why we laugh)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A good off week?


Let me be the first to congratulate you on a "good off week".

Think before you speak. It saves the embarrassment.

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Vols 33 miss st 26
Bama 42 Vols 14
Vols 30 south car 27
Vols 49 Troy 17
Vols 42 mizzou 30
Vols 35 Vandy 20
Vols 45 KY 13

I think our 1st big upset comes against south carolina.

Vawls 20 UF 37


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VOLS by 2 touchdowns against MSU.

Says the one who told us ut would "hang" 100 in the first two games and "hang" 40 on them Gators. Will take at least 2 games to "hang" 40 on UF.

Keep up the good work.

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What a mess.

Boo Hoo

Written on Dave Serrano 'excited' about young Vols :

Just another sport that ut is irrelevant in.

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Love how 90% of the starting posts are trolls. Oh yeah, most people have lives and read this stuff later.
Great job being first at reading things early when most are at work or (as in the case of your friends) Jr high.

starting posts?

Thank you.

(And you wonder why the rest of college football fans laugh at all things ut.)

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Ugly, but a win. 8-4 and a quality bowl -- book it!

You can't spell quality without ut.

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You had business down in Birmingham this week? I did not realize Summer's Eve had a factory down there. But I will admit, you are the perfect spokesperson!

Says Mr. Massengill

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I dont think Akron could win this one if they had Bobby, Terry, and Tommy Bowden all three on their coaching staff.

You might want to change your name. That ain't happenin'. Unless the Heisman is awarded to the biggest head case that can hit a windshield with a beer bottle. Naaaaa....Loco couldn't even win that. Oh well. Woodson for Heisman! LOL

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Not so fast. I'll take the uprights over a ut kicker any day.

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Game over.........move on. Tenessee fans can be the best and the worst. It's easy to cheer on a winning team, a true fan is faithful regardless of the outcome. I would say we are spoiled, but I think it is really unrealistic expectations and the need to associate with winners vs. the opposite. Dooley did not create this situation, we have to give more time than anyone imagined...we're close, real close to being back.


Spoiled from what? ut hasn't been relevant in 10+ years. Typical ut fan.

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Good article. Even better posts from the "fans". You guys are the best.


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What a mess!


It never gets old.


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UT = Vandy?

Vandy wouldn't quit like ut did.

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I think he committed to Wyoming the day after they beat Tennessee.


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Vandy is still Vandy!
Starting a guy who beat Presbyterian (Isn’t that a High School team?) which came from Wyoming where he started for two years. Did he lose his job at Wyoming so he transferred to Vandy?????? Over a guy that had close games with South Carolina and Northwestern?
Vandy is still Vandy no matter how much the coach gets fired up.

And ut is still ut.


Thank you!

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In their eight-game win streak over the Vols, the Gators have run for 1,419 yards to Tennessee’s 408.

Enough said