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Palardy made 3rd team? Are you serious?

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I usually don't agree with Adams but he hit the bullseye on this one.

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Why not green? That's the color of money. It seems to be at the root of all decisions in the UT athletic department.

Go Big Green!

Actually, green might be OK if it were....camoflauge mixed with orange. Players could grow some beards, win some games, and we would all be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!

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Good to see a DL addition to the list!

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If guilty, castration will be proper punishment.

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Glad to see the Mannings having fun and living a dream! Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

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Good article. Hope he has a great year.

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Guys I get what the coach is saying. It does stink but it is what it is. The kid is damaged goods right now and UT cannot afford that at this critical juncture. Add to it the grade issues and our need to score really high and a tough decision have to be made. The kid is going to get a wonderful education and Temple is a program that is on the rise so I wish the kid well. I do understand where the coach is coming from and for the most part agree with his thoughts but at the end of the day UT did the kid a big favor and protected the program. Thats what a good administrator does.

Well said.

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As long as the orange T remains on the helmets, I don't care what changes are made to jerseys or pants. Just win!

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As Spurrier said a few weeks ago....if you don't like defending against faced-paces offenses, design your offense so it stays on the field longer and keeps the other offense on the bench ...quit the whining.

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Woody found a great place to "anchor down".

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If Saban ever retires, Alabubba will hire Spurrier.

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"It is Time" to get a regular job.

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Dumbest article I've ever read. Amazing how people can try to spin the facts to feel better about themselves.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Take 2 Exlax and let's hope you feel better tomorrow.

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The number of wins in the stadium is what's important, not the number of people.

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I sure hope this works.

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Jerry Jones will draft Da'Rick to keep Dooley busy. Garrett will be fired after next season. Lane Kiffin will be fired from USC and Jerry Jones will hire him as head coach. Jerry will then hire Fulmer to coach offensive line.

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Reminds me of the ending of the LSU game and the UNC game....just when you think Dooley may have been successful.....wrong!

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It appears that Jerry Jones has finally reached the Al Davis stage of life.

True indeed. For us that are both Vol and Cowboy fans, we are now at the bottom of the barrel....but I guess it could get year, Lame could become be the Cowboys head coach.

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Now that's funny right there - I don't care who you are.........

Couldn't have said it any better....

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A VOL to be proud of!

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Ask this question about this same time next year. You will get a more definitive answer.

Yes, indeed. I'm concerned with Martinez and Thigpen. Defensive disasters have occurred everywhere Martinez has been. Let's hope the DC can teach team something. I guess they can't be any worse than Buddy Hackett and gang. Who is coaching special teams?

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Perhaps Tee felt that World War III might break out between his wife and his ex if he moved back to Knoxville.

I can speak from experience knowing that if I lived in the same city with my ex and had to deal with her on a daily/weekly basis because of the kids, things would only get worse and it wouldn't be worth any amount of money. Some people never let go and just love to make others lives miserable.

I'm not saying this is the case with Tee, but I'm going to give him a pass on this one just knowing it's a possibility.

Remember, money can't buy happiness.

Amen to all of this!

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The O line was much better this year. I still don't understand how the O Line was so bad in the previous 2 years under Harry Hiestand....and he goes to Notre Dame this year and their rushing attack looks great. Level of competition difference maybe? UT lineman just needed age/experience? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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40 seconds remaining, 2 time outs remaining, run out the clock....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Each week, I think there is no way that UT sports can get any worse...but they do.

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D - all of the above

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I hope Adams keeps writing stupid articles so he can get fired.

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Maybe Neal can run alot and keep the UT defense off the field!

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Does anyone really believe that giving this guy another couple of seasons would make that much difference. Do you really, deep down believe that this guy is ever capable of winning an SEC championship. I don't. Not even close. Giving him another season would be like giving Obama another 4 years and thinking that things would be any different than they have been. The guy is 0-15 collectively in his first 5 SEC games each year over the last 3 years combined. He is 0-15 against top 25 opponents. They are talking about firing Joker Phillips and he has done better than Dooley. Wake up people. The bottom line is this, you keep Dooley we will continue to have AT BEST mediocre teams.

Terrific analogy.

Written on Mike Strange: In the trenches, Vols and Gamecocks wage a clash of titans:

UT will have at least 3 penalties for an offensive lineman either lining up too far back or moving before the ball is snapped. At least one will occur in the UT's first possession. Richardson will be involved in a least one of these.

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One coach says "We simplified big time" and the other says "I don't believe we've stripped away that much". Sounds to me like two people aren't on the same page.

Yes, indeed.

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Vols fans need to wise up & quit blaming Dooley. The team has improved each year under his leadership. You are naive if you think a new coach will beat Nick Saban, Les Miles, Steve Spurrier over night. Georgia has one loss; the other winners against the Vols were undefeated and highly ranked.

NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Chizik beat Saban, Miles, Richt, and Spurrier on the way to the 2011 BCS National Championship in his 2nd year. Chizik is an average coach as best.

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I think a D is a bit generous for the overall grade for this game...anyone else wondering what petrino is doing right now?

Still apologizing to his wife, I hope.

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Hope UT can get a "first pick" on a Coach before Auburn finds one.

Written on Vols Rajion Neal doubtful for Alabama game:

How about UT Defensive Coach Buddy Hackett? Do you think he is looking forward to seeing his former boss on Saturday?

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Coach Buddy Hackett needs to go home.

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Our family has eight UT graduates. Four have multiple degrees. We love Tennessee football and attended games, home and away, dating back sixty years. Our fall season has historically been controlled by Vol football and the schedule. Weddings, birthday celebrations, vacations, everything is measured by that schedule because of our love for UT and pride in our football tradition. It is a tradition we know well.
We have endured years of embarrassment over the loss of relevance of our proud program as we have slid from the national rankings, endured NCAA investigation, and ,now, regularly rest with the traditional bottom teams in the SEC. We hate seeing our orange on tv only in the role of chasing an Alabama runner into the end zone or missing a tackle against the Florida qb.
Today, fall is taking on a new meaning. Our life no longer revolves around football. The Cheeks, Hamiltons, Kiffins, and Dooleys have distroyed what we had. Now that Dooley can't do his job, it will be, at least, three or four years before we can hope to be competitive again. It hurts.

Yes, indeed. The damage is done. It will get worse if something isn't changed quickly. Arkansas and Auburn will get the best new coaches available at the end of the season and Cheek/Hart will be scratching their heads trying to decide what to do.

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Absolutely pathetic.

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I just wish they would stop the "illegal procedure" penalties....they seem to have 3 or 4 every game...even at home.

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When I first saw the title, I thought it was about the Phil Fulmer donut cabinet that he and Chaney were in during halftime last Saturday. They certainly weren't making football strategy adjustments.

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If their performance doesn't improve soon, Chaney won't be laughing in December.