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Written on Lady Vols approach offseason with urgency, use time as season in itself:

I don't like to make predictions about Lady Vol basketball... I.E. this season. I thought this past season we'd be lucky to make a 5 seed in the tournament. Heart goes a long way, Talent with heart goes further. We will have the talent next year. With being her first year, I think CHW probly second guessed herself on things and was nervous this season when it truly got down to it becuase this was her first time in the driver seat. I loved what she did. I love who she is bringing in next year. With a year under her belt I think she is just going to be a better coach next year and continue to improve. She wants to carry the Tennessee tradition and I know she can do it. CPS father told her after her 1st loss. "you can't take a donkey to the kentucky derby" CHW knows what she needs to do, I just hope she can engrave it on the players minds.

I just hope our guard play improves. I heard that Jannah can really fill that 3 spot really good, I hope Jones developes a jumper like Burddick. When Burd is on fire, she is on and I can really see her playing that 3 position if she gets her speed up and her conditioning. I'd say the 3 is the hardest spot to fill because your asked to cover so much on the court. You can't teach 6'6 in the post. I'm expecting a Candace Parker Syvia Fowles mix from her. Just really excited for this upcoming season!

Anytime you get a group of kids that are talented and EVERY spot on roster is up for grabs and your creating competition on your team, good things can only come from that.

Written on An accurate assessment ... Lady Vols take good shots in rout of Ole Miss :

The lady vols came in this game (1) confident (2) prepared with a game plan (3) relaxed but aggresive

There was no rush, no frantic play, just calm, responsible, basketball and getting the job done.

In all of our loses none of that was portrayed. You have to calm yourself to a point where you don't play out of control, you play with poise, and you play with confidence like you can win the game. You have a game plan and you execute it using Basketball IQ.

Imagine if we walked onto the court everytime with that

Written on Lady Vols caught in the Eye of the storm against Missouri, 80-63 :

i traveled from indiana to this game... I want my money back. I have gone 2 many many games. Love going. Not today. These girls did not deserve to be wearing the orange. Embarassing

williams came 2 play. Spani came 2 play. I dont know what happened to the rest. I've always like massengail, today, absolute horrid. Gotta be more of a leader girl!

No emotion, no heart, no passion. So dissapointed in them all

Written on Isabelle Harrison to undergo knee surgery:

Not a medical expert. Does anybody at least know the "average" time out for what IZZY is going thru?

Kind of over the "next season" talk. Please keep your comments to current and relevant issues (like this season)

Lets focus on whats at hand. We are still undfeated in SEC play and what were we picked to finish?

The media/fans/experts set out there goals and thoughts for the lady vols at the beggining of the season and I bet most of you thought the same thing. These girls are a top 10 team, and number one in the SEC. AMAZING.

At this point, players are not playing to there potential. I hope for their sake they don't read these comments on here becuase if I was reading the negative comments about myself, I'd play like phooey too.

Cathings plays for the fever. The fever played agianst the Lynx for the championship. The Lynx going into the serious had best record, best atheltes, best scorers... who won in the end? Let that be motiviation.

Be a tennessee fan and be greatful. We are still trying for a national title. we are still trying for a sec title. and we are still trying to bring the best players in the country to play at 'the Summitt'

See you lady's this weekend in Missouri!

Written on Isabelle Harrison reinjures left knee, won't practice leading up Mississippi State game :

I agree. Rest her. Rather have her for sec tournament. Bring her back by end of feb. We need her now, but whats best for the team?

Written on Skylar Diggins scores 33 to lead Notre Dame past Lady Vols :

I think what we've seen from carter (minimal yes) she looks promising and we get her for 4 years at the point.

Written on Skylar Diggins scores 33 to lead Notre Dame past Lady Vols :

Props to the team and holly and staff... Definitely not the same team who started 0-1

Written on Skylar Diggins scores 33 to lead Notre Dame past Lady Vols :

Wow. What a game. As soon as ND broke open the second half I thought it was done. Minus the loss, FINALLY so excited to see them fight back. This team had there back against the wall and they had two options. They responded. Again we lost but the grit of this team showed passion.
1. Missed too many around the rim
2. Rebounding
It's okay that SD scored 33, what's not ok is the fact we gave her an EASY 33points.
3. We missed just the size and presence of izzy. I really hope she is ok.
Overall, satisfied we did some good things considering we are young. The bad side we lost and couldn't finish around the rim. We expect championships at Tennessee. Got 3 months to get better.

Whats your take on having cierra in this game? She enough to swing that 10 points around to a victory?

Written on With Notre Dame on the horizon, Lady Vols assess improvements, shortcomings :

Mcbride is a scorer for this team. When they played uconn every time the team needed a score they went to her. Only one time in the game they went to diggins, 2nd half when they were down by 8. Back to back 3's for diggins . This game will come down to three things:
1. Defense 40 minutes, (nothing easy, they will score but nothing easy)
2. No rushed offense. Simply put. In the past Tennessee offense walked on courts with a confidence that they can win. They weren't rushed or scared, they knew they could do it. Need to see that confidence, that style of play
3. Rebound. No 2nd chances. Point blank. Must win the rebound war.

Written on Fast start, fight to the finish for Lady Vols, 83-75:

I thought the physical part of the game was going to really get us down. I haven't seen our bigs respond well to physical post. We let Clarke have her way with us. Even with that said our post played a ok game. If we can get all 5 playing on the same level, watch out. Start of 2nd half we could not rebound. Simmons both charges could easily been avoided by 'the extra pass'. Every time we play vandy it's a true grind and glad we were able to pull out the win. Great job! Good prep for notre dame!

Written on SEC games to support Pat Summitt Foundation:

Glad to see people giving back to soemthing she devoted her life to. On a side note, this is the worst picture EVER for this article. Bad taste for the editor. Its not the losing part of it, its the fact it has nothing to do with the title of the article (SEC TO SUPPORT) least show a picture of her at an SEC game or something doing what she does in the SEC....winning

Written on Free throws key, but nothing came easy in Lady Vols' OT win over Florida:

Thought our defense was horrible. Anytime you allow a team to score more than 70 thats bad defense. Offense looked great. Jones had some athletic moves on o but just forced it. She's a fresh and it's expected. Coaches will teach. Didn't see a desire for defense except Williams in the LATE 2nd half... Lucky we survived. Florida had there way with us offensively. Underrated in sec is nice to see though

Written on New lineup produces results for Lady Vols, 75-40 :

love watching Jasmine Jones. She shows GREAT promise. Graves is Glory Johnson but finishes better around the rim. She does not play/act/work like a freshman. Simmons had a nice second half. Williams looked good on the defense end. I think this message coach sent is wonderful. Playing is earned. Who you play shouldn't dictate how you play.

Written on Lady Vols catch another cold at Baylor:

We were not supposed to win this game. We were supposed to learn/grow from this game.

Come Saturday evening we will know if we "won" agaisnt Baylor.

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