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Written on Summer trips added new perspective for some UT basketball players:

I'm so glad Josh Richardson is a Vol. The guy really seems to have it together athletically, academically and service-wise. It's been a pleasure watching him improve every year, and I'm expecting big things from him this fall!

Written on Scotty Hopson shines for Miami Heat in summer league:

It took CJ Watson 3 years to make the NBA, and once he got his foot in the door he made the most of it. Hopson is certainly more physically talented than CJ, and hopefully he's shored up the mental side of his game (along with ball-handling and defense!) to have a similar level of NBA success as CJ. He represented UT well and seems to be a sound person, so I wish him great success.

Written on Derek Reese to play for Puerto Rico's national team again:

I know that Richardson and Stokes also have other basketball-related commitments keeping them from playing in the RTL, but I don't know why Chievous is not playing. Does anyone know?

Written on John Adams: SEC basketball could use a Bruce Pearl or a 'Funny Sonny':

A major college coach has about 3 or 4 years to win or else he's gone, so I don't think coaches are willing to put forth the time and effort to endear themselves to the media and the general public as much as in the past. The NCAA is constantly breathing down their necks, and there's the constant battle of keeping 18-21 year-olds on the straight and narrow in their personal and academic endeavors. Even the slightest screw-up becomes public knowledge within minutes due to social media, so coaches need to run a cleaner program than in the past. Recruiting seems to be year-round, so there's really not much time left to be a "celebrity coach."

Written on Changes don't change course for UT men's basketball:

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Help control the troll population. Keep the trolls spayed or neutered (by not responding to them)

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Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

in response to voloffaith:

Have to (sorry) comment that the player contending with young mister Stokes in the picture looks somewhat like JJWalker of 'DYNOMITE!!' fame..........Again, welcome back mister Stokes!

You are correct sir! Thanks for the laugh.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

in response to 123forVOLS:

I yawn when I read some of the ridiculous comments on here. But it's the microwave, fastfood, twitter-me-now what have you done for me in the last breath age. This was a horrible loss. The team and coaches should be embarrassed but it is not the totality of what this season has meant. The team began by losing a key player for the season and sure looked the part of a down and outer. They then came back and made a run in the end and almost made the Idolatrized experience that is the NCAA tournament. Then they laid an egg at home in the NIT. Bad, painful, sad and borderline pathetc? Yes it is. But it is not the end of the world. It is not grounds for the Pathethic Pearl memorabilia. If you miss him, go jump on the wagon he will be pulling somewhere else perhaps next year. So this season is done and ended badly. Life has not ended nor has Cuonzo Martin's era as UT's Mens head bb coach.

Thank you for this nugget amongst all the moaning and moronic statements by the majority of the "fans" commenting on this article. Please post more often!

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

Sigh. One game short again.

If UT plays at home and you're willing to get there very early, you can sit close to the court relatively cheap since I believe the NIT tickets are all the same price and it's general admission.

Go Vols!

Written on Vols concentrating on wins, not NCAA tournament:

Just read where Stokes was named SEC Player the Week (again). Way to go Jarnell! I missed my first game in years this past Wednesday against Auburn, so you can blame me for Stokes free throw shooting woes ;>). I think the team needs to win one more to be assured of a place in the NCAAs. The potential opponents have gotten worse while UT has gotten better, so I'm confident of a win.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

in response to cdamna1:

I am surprised that out of all the comments on here, no one has mentioned that maybe this team was just out of gas? I know they should have been playing like it was "lose or go home," but after the 4OTs AT A&M, then a late tip for a mid-week game against the #8 team in the country (that was more of a fight than a game), followed by an early game on the road against a team that you've already played and has you scouted to a "T", it just looked to me like they (except McRae) were on fumes. Maybe all the minutes finally caught up with Golden (and McBee). So instead of complaining about the coaching and the effort...consider the schedule, the travel, the hotels, practices, film study... all the stuff they did in the last 7 days PLUS going to class. I don't know....they were bound to hit a wall sooner or later. It's just unfortunate it happened at the same time their NCAA hopes were hanging in the balance. I had bad feeling about this game when I realized it was a pretty early tip off and on the road. Just my thoughts......

Hey, what on earth are you doing on this site offering well thought-out possible reasons behind a terribly disappointing loss :>)? Seriously, great post - a refreshing change from the usual garbage from trolls and fair weather fans after a loss. I swear half of the people posting on this article only started following the mens BB team again after they heard about the improbable 4 OT win over Texas A&M. Folks, remember these are 18-22 year-old student athletes giving their best.

Written on Tennessee will retire jerseys for Dale Ellis, Candace Parker, Monica Abbott:

in response to Wayfarer:

Why haven't we honored Ron Widby?

1967 Helms Athletic Foundation first team All-America ... Earned honorable mention All-America honors following his sophomore season ... Also earned first team All-America honors from The Sporting News in 1966 as a punter for the Vols’ football team ... Two-time (1966 and 1967) first team All- Southeastern Conference selection ... Named the 1967 SEC Player of the Year by the UPI and Associated Press ... Averaged 22.1 points and 8.7 rebounds per game in leading the Vols to a 21-7 overall record and the 1966-67 SEC championship ... Averaged 18.1 points per game during his career ... Finished his career second on UT’s scoring list with 1,432 career points ... His 50 points against LSU on March 4, 1967, stood as the school record for more than 20 years... Named the SEC Sophomore of the Year in 1965 ... A four-sport letterman who was also a standout baseball player and a scratch golfer ... Drafted in the 12th round of the 1967 NBA Draft by Chicago ... Played one season with the New Orleans Buccaneers of the ABA ... Also a fourth round draft pick of the NFL’s New Orleans franchise ... Played six seasons of professional football with the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers ... A 1971 Pro Bowl selection, he holds the Cowboy record with an 84-yard punt against the Saints in 1969.

Wayfarer, I was wondering that myself. Widby was before my time, so I never saw him play. Nonetheless, you'd hope that the selection committee is evenly considering ALL former Vols, not just the ones they've seen with their own eyes.

PS Lofton should be next after Widby!

Written on Tennessee will retire jerseys for Dale Ellis, Candace Parker, Monica Abbott:

I'm really happy for Dale Ellis, my all-time favorite Vol basketballer. It was shocking seeing him become such a great 3-point shooter in the NBA after playing inside during his entire UT career. He had such a quick release and touch around the basket. I'll never forget his duels against Dominique Wilkins and UGA. I thought Ellis deserved the honor ahead of Allan Houston, but that's probably unfair and due to the coach UT hired to get Allan :>).

Written on Vols land a big one, 64-58, against Florida :

McRae in the first half and fierce team defense in the 2nd leads to another "uge" (as Bertelkamp would say) win! Georgia is no gimme next game, I can't see losing to Auburn, and I like the chances against Mizzou in the home finale. Let's start hitting free throws again and quit missing layups (Yemi, I'm talking to you) and win them all by 30. Go Vols!

Written on Fourth overtime Golden for Vols, 93-85:

The toughness and character the team showed today was outstanding. They had so many chances to pack it in, but refused to lose. As many others have already said, kudos to Nicodemus for having the team conditioned to play 3 halves of basketball! I'd like to see another article about Nicodemus, except this time without the cheesy "before and after" player photo :>). How about a co-SEC Player of the Week award for McRae and Golden??!! Beat the Gators!

Written on Vols' streak coincides with Golden's rejuvenation :

This article leads one to believe that Golden's only injury this season was the hamstring strain. I seem to remember that before the hamstring injury, Golden hurt his shoulder by running into a Stokes pick in practice. I also vaguely remember Golden saying that he could not lift his arm over his head after the shoulder injury, and I certainly remember him playing with the shoulder all taped up. I know that CCM expects players to play through pain when possible, but I believe the shoulder injury also majorly contributed to Goldens' struggles.

Written on All of Jordan McRae's career-high 34 points "count" in 82-72 win over LSU:

Incredible guard play once again. Yemi was a disaster and Stokes got outplayed by O'Bryant, but with Golden, McRae and Richardson playing like this, the team will be hard to beat. I refuse to get hopeful about the NCAAs until the team gets past A&M and Florida, so I'll just keep enjoying the ride. Congrats on a career night, Jordan!

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

Fierce effort from the opening whistle! Hall's benching seems to have lit a fire and Edwards played really aggressively too. Too bad that Murphy couldn't get a bucket, but there will be other chances if the team keeps this up.

Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

It's always satisfying to beat Vandy in their awful gym! I liked the small starting line-up even though Moore is still a turnover machine. Stokes is a man among boys - can't wait to see him and Maymon together again next year. Was that awesome 3-point bank shot the first of Stokes's career? 6 double-doubles in a row!

Written on Stokes named SEC Player of the Week after lifting Vols to first road win:

Folks, I apologize in advance if you're tired of seeing me post this same thing. It's the last time I will this BB season...

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Written on Stokes named SEC Player of the Week after lifting Vols to first road win:

Well-deserved honor for Jarnell! Personally, I would have given him the award just based on picking up Michael Carerra using the ball :>). Stokes has gotten a lot more decisive making his scoring moves when he's posting up. Pound Vandy!

Written on First road win of season a giant learning experience for Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols at South Carolina :

in response to Ironcity:

As I stated earlier I did not see the game but you indicated Chievous contributed but when I look at the box I see 11 minute and 5 fouls. Ouch! I am guessing Golden iced the game away. he is the only player I trust at the stripe with the game on the line.

I look at box score and see 4 points, 1 rebound and 1 steal for Chievous, and 3 rebounds for Edwards ;>). Chievous was trying to aggressively check SC's big gun Carrera. Between Chievous and Edwards, some of the load was taken off the other players, which contributed to the win.

Written on First road win of season a giant learning experience for Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols at South Carolina :

Way to go Vols! Having Golden back was huge, and it was great to see contributions from McBee, Chievous and Edwards too. It was amusing watching Frank Martin drop an F bomb within the first 2 seconds of every time-out. Is a road win at the awful Vandy gym too much to ask?

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

Some of you may not remember that Kenny was suspended for the last several games last season. The reason for last season's suspension was never publicly disclosed. If his past suspension-causing transgressions are also what caused his license to get suspended, he could be kicked off the team again. I wouldn't casually dismiss this.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

That was the luckiest win in recent times. Hopefully Lopez can keep contributing and making those pretty passes since it looks like Golden is going to be out again. It's pretty cool that the team has 3 6'5" players with arms long enough to block shots from behind, but I wish they'd stop the drive by getting in front of the player first!

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

The team is really building some depth and hopefully it will pay off soon. The next 5 games are against mid-pack and below SEC teams. Now let's get on a win streak!

Written on Vols loosen up, pick up first SEC victory :

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Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

Can we PULEEEEZE stop the Pearl talk?? Yes, he was arguably UT's best ever coach...but the fact is, he broke the rules, he lied about it, and got caught. He's partly to blame for the debacle the team finds itself in right now. Sucks, but it is what it is. I hope Pearl learned from his mistake and wish him well. But his UT days are over...time to move on.

Agreed - myself and others have posted the same sentiment over the past couple of weeks, and I wonder if it's one troll with multiple log-ins posting that inane idea or there are truly that many Vol fans that are unable to think through the implications of rehiring Pearl without dismissing the notion as ridiculous. Either way, it's easiest for me just to ignore those particular posts and move on to the next positive, encouraging post ;>).

Written on UT freshman Armani Moore working to increase role :

in response to sly_stone99#434111:

The one area CCM has yet to address in his short stay has been the point guard position. At this point he may need to go the juco route. Not sure if Landry can contribute immediately this fall. Not ready to throw the towel in on CCM as most are. His talent assessment is going to have to improve if he is going to compete. Based on this season things are not going well, but CCM is only in his second year with one of his main players out for the season (Maymon).

Sly, I don't believe that most people are ready to "throw in the towel" on CCM; I think it's a vocal minority on this website. Everyone obviously is aware of the impact of Maymon's injury, but I'd be willing to bet that over half of Vol "fans" don't really understand the nature of McBee's injury nor do they even remember who Dwight Miller is. Throw in nagging injuries to Golden and Hall, plus Reese's delayed debut, and you have no recipe for consistency or chemistry. What coach could win faced with those problems?

Similarly, I think it's a vocal minority that thinks it's a good idea to rehire Pearl. I was as big of a Pearl fan as anyone, but he brought shame and embarrassment upon himself and university by lying to the NCAA and instructing others to lie, and there's no possible way that any university officials would want to re-invite that level of scrutiny and negative exposure by rehiring him. If they did rehire him, could you imagine how easy it would be to recruit against Pearl?

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

in response to One_in_West_Knox:

John Gruden (or, perhaps, ANY football coach, for that matter [I KNOW, I KNOW, probably wouldn't do it for all the money in the world]) might coach this team better than CCM.

John Gruden? Never heard of him. Can't you football geniuses that troll the basketball boards even spell your heroes' names correctly? Thanks for stopping by.

Written on No pressure, just winning on Cuonzo Martin's mind entering SEC play :

I've disagree strongly with the beginning of this article: "Tennessee coach Cuonzo Martin only speaks in measured tones. Never too high, never too low." Brendan's obviously never tried to listen to CCM on the radio while driving home after a game. No matter how much I turn up the volume or adjust the bass/treble, I can't hear him. I think that only dogs can.

Written on UT men's basketball walk-on Brandon Lopez getting shot as Trae Golden's backup :

Tough sledding for McBee. I had to Google UCL tear to find out what it is, and found out it is the baseball pitcher's injury that usually results in Tommy John surgery. I wonder if he got the injury from putting up so many shots or there was a single traumatic event that caused it. It certainly explains his shooting against Wichita State.

I would not mind seeing Yemi get a start if Hall can't go. I've liked Yemi from the beginning and he's earned it.

These next 2 games could be real confidence builders for Lopez and some of the new players. Win by 40 Vols!

Written on Tennessee snaps scoring slump, beats No. 23 Wichita State, 69-60 :

This was the kind of performance I've been waiting for from Yemi! He really sparked the team in the first half. Stokes got schooled and McBee was scoreless, but we got a little home-cooking from the zebras, especially with the technical fouls. Not going to compalin about that a bit :>).

Written on Now at Southern Cal, Renaldo 'Swiperboy' Woolridge welcomes Butch Jones to UT:

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This area of the site (comments) would be great if it supported an ignore button that could be applied to the trolls.

There is such a thing - it's called a browser extension, and it can be added to Firefox or Chrome. Check this out for the details, and be sure to read the prerequisites section.

Written on Now at Southern Cal, Renaldo 'Swiperboy' Woolridge welcomes Butch Jones to UT:

My goodness, an article about an ex-UT basketball player and the new UT football coach. How newsworthy.

How about an article about the current UT men's basketball team and/or coach for the dozens of true basketball fans out here?

PS - I'm anxiously awaiting the 9 part series on the new assistant football coaches.

Written on Different day, same struggles for Vols, 46-38 :

in response to no1djkb#278630:

I don't know much about basketball as you guys do so tell me this, can you coach a team not to shoot scared? They had open looks but could not put the ball in the basket. McBee who is suppose to be your scorer can't score himself. What can any coach do if they players can't put the ball in the basket? I don't remember Bruce Pearl's team being any better his last year as a coach. I think Coach Martin is a good coach. I just hope he can get better talented players in or he will be gone. The guys are terrible shooters.

There is hope for next season - Hubbs is supposed to have a really good stroke, as is the injured freshman Derek Reese.

I think a big part of the team's problem on offense is that they're so "bowed up" from playing intense, physical defense that they can't relax enough on offense to make jumpers. It looks like a team full of Steven Pearls at times!

Written on Brendan Quinn: Jordan McRae says Vols need a leader, and he is ready to take that step :

in response to no1djkb#278630:

There need to be more posters like yourself that sits back and evaluate this team and other Tennessee teams. I am not sure if players or coaches look at blogs but if I am a player and I look at some of the junk these people post, I would shake my head to most of it.

johnlg is The Man when it comes to basketball comments. I think Seth Davis of SI stole from him a couple of years ago when writing about one of Pearl's teams.

My hope is that the frustrated football fans redirecting their anger towards basketball will go away once the new coach is announced. I don't post very often, but I do read nearly every basketball comment, and I've noticed a ton of new basketball posters lately. There's a marked lack of perspective about how short-handed the team is right now with all the injuries, and how they came within 2 points of beating the #15 team in the nation on their home court.

Stick with it - there are some really knowledgeable people that comment on the basketball articles. If you use Firefox or Chrome and want something to block the trolls, check this out:

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

Great defense and rebounding - CCM's 2 big things.

3-11 free-throw shooting and late turnovers cost UT the game. I expected the horrible 3-point shooting.

Nonetheless, things are still looking good for a 20+ win season. Beat Virginia!

Written on Dreaming big: Cuonzo Martin's mother provided plenty of incentive :

Fantastic story, Brendan! So glad to have you writing basketball stories again.

Cuonzo Martin exudes strength and character. Regardless of what happens on the court, his players will be better men having played for him.

Now it's time to beat Oakland. Fortunately their player that dropped 35 on UT last year is gone, but I'm sure they still have a competitive team.

Written on UT men's basketball finds its firepower against Massachusetts, 83-69 :

in response to sameolvolalum:

'Definitely agree with your post ecxept I definitely don't think Gruden's leaving ESPN and "definitely" isn't spelled with an "a".

I was following my own instructions! Man you people are hard to please ;>).

Written on UT men's basketball finds its firepower against Massachusetts, 83-69 :

<Generic Dooley comment with 1-2 spelling and grammatical errors, already been made at least 500,000 times>

<Generic next football coach comment w/2-3 errors, already made 250,000 times>

Great to see the team finish the trip on a high note! Proper toughness and energy today. A lot of opposing forwards and centers are going to foul out trying to guard Stokes! He even played good defense and had a couple of nice passes to go along with all those points and rebounds. I really wish that Chievous would stop jacking up 3s. The team will be best served by him defending, rebounding, and picking up a few points with putbacks and fast break points.

PS Doolys turrible! Definately hire Grudin!

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

Comprehensive loss against a good team. Marcus Smart is the type of player that makes everyone better, and UT had no answer for him. Hopefully the Vols will be able to have a little fun tomorrow and get ready to leave Pueto Rico with a victory on Sunday.

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Written on Vols start with win in Puerto Rico, 75-68 :

Looking forward to the game tomorrow against OK State. It's going to be real physical and possibly ugly if Phillip Jurick pulls some of the stuff he did today against Akron. He should have been ejected for hitting that guy in the nose.

"dek dek dek" must be a Philly thing :>)

Written on UT men's basketball expects 3 letters of intent this week :

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Written on UT men's basketball expects 3 letters of intent this week :

in response to johnlg00:

Can someone refresh me on Landry's size? I don't care if he isn't big--there have been lots of great PGs at every level that aren't--but I would just like to know. Besides, if we need a bigger defender at times at the position, there are always 6'5" Moore and 6'7" Richardson to give them a different look.

Landry is 6'0" or 5'11" depending on your source. Moore has long arms, so he plays taller than he is.

I still chuckle whenever players heights are discussed because Melvin Goins expanded and contracted between 5'8" and 5'11" during his time here.

Written on Vols beat Kennesaw State, 76-67:

in response to rockypop:

Not one for the RPI ratings. These kind of wins should be reserved for SEC teams and above - and away games to boot. Stokes was pretty much AWOL against seriously inferior competition. Martin can't possibly be happy about this. UT pretty much mailed it in the second half and almost got "return to sender" to show for it.

It was a strange game, but I wouldn't say Stokes "mailed it in" with 10 pts, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals and 3 blocks. He defended well most of the game too.

The floor PA announcer called Armani Moore "Armani Brown" about 5 times. He got McRae's name wrong once too.

Anyone know why Yemi only played 1 minute?

Written on Tennessee taking shape under Nicodemus Christopher :

in response to richvol:

Thank goodness for this. UT has needed this forever in the BB program. Wayne Chism,as good as he was,did not change physically one iota during his four years here. He could have been a monster with the right SC coach. Can't wait for BB season.

Rich, I respectfully disagree. Chism came to UT with rounded shoulders and skinny arms, and by the time he left he was pretty muscular and could hold his own inside. My big regret with Chism was Pearl giving him the green light to jack up those 3s. I think Chism and the team would have been better served with him focusing on being as inside player, as Stokes is now.

I'm going tonight and sitting in the "good" seats. I'm really hoping to hear John Ward belt out "It's basketball time in Tennessee" like he did last year!

Written on UT's Puerto Rico trip begins with early takeoff:

in response to jhayes0926#638474:

anyone know what ever happened to Hopson?

Hopson, aka "Hobson" to the UT fans making football comments in basketball articles, is playing in Israel now:

Griffith was pretty good on giving updates on formers Vols. Hopefully Quinn can do the same, but I'm sure it will be harder without the personal connections.

Written on Memphis lands Austin Nichols' commitment:

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Written on Oregon guard Jordan Reynolds picks Lady Vols :

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Written on Five things to know: Lady Vols exhibition opener vs. Carson-Newman :

in response to ps11824:

VolzFan, I'm sick of your kind. DO NOT continue to disrupt this thread. The KNS writers drop us (Lady Vols Basketball fans) a crumb from time to time amongst all this sickening innunundation of football gripes and accusations articles. GO THERE and join the other hundreds of badmouth posters. STAY off this site, and allow us (Lady Vols Basketball fans) to enjoy our fellow- LVB fans' comments in some semblance of decency and order... We care, OK? Too aching bad that you don't. It figures that if you were sincere you would not log in. Knowing full well that this site is for (Lady Vols Basketball fans).

Some monkey always crashes in with a distracting, off-topic comment to spoil what little coverage there is for us (Lady Vols Basketball fans) to comment peaceably to each other. Why would your gender insecurity regarding UT sports be of any interest to us (Lady Vols Basketball fans)?

I promise you there are many just like you on those OTHER sites. Go join them, please.

NOTE TO STAFF: Delete from this site those chronic badmouth abusers.

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