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Written on A 'smokey' shade of gray for Tennessee football uniform:

A grey metallic helmet is needed to finish off the package. A white helmet looks like a leftover. Oh well... go win with any color!!!

Go Vols !!! VFL !

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:


Go Vols... new uniforms or not !!

Written on John Adams: Vols prove that inaction can be a virtue:

Good article John. We now need to move on with some "what we have done"... win some big games this fall, surprise a lot of hotshot Teams and go to a bowl.

Go Vols !!

Written on Tennessee football season opener to be on pay-per-view:

Great to live out of state and see all the games on ESPN3 if not on TV... play ball... it's football time in Tennessee !!! GBO

Written on John Adams: Reserved optimism for Tennessee to break bowl streak :

Great job John... I like your thinking and covering all your bases... hope our Vols do the same and you are able to get out of the "Hotel Slump".

Go Vols !!!

Written on Mike Strange: There are unsung players hidden on every depth chart:

Let's have 22 unsung hero's, 11 on offense and 11 on defense... Go Vols!!!

Written on UT preferred walk-on kicker Andrew Gantz going to Cincinnati in same capacity:

He is going to Cincy as a preferred walk-on where there is less competition... no big deal... the Vols are already covered.

Go Vols !!

Written on Vols try to turn attention off NCAA omission and onto Mercer:

Lets be winners... buck up and show the committee they were wrong... lets win this thing and not be like a wimpy Kentucky.

Go Vols !!

Written on UT assistants fired up at thought of full recruiting year:

Congratulations Coach Jones on a good first recruiting class - - lets show the naysayers that these guys can be developed and coached into a Rocky Top Team we can be proud of !!

Go Vols !!!

Written on Evan Woodbery's chat recap:

A recruiting class is only a start. These guys must be developed and coached to win otherwise it will be more of the same. The real work starts now... let's go coach, get these guys ready for the start of a terrific future !!!

Go Vols !!

Written on Chaney joins Arkansas as offensive coordinator:

Good luck coach - - thanks for your contributions at UT.

Go Vols !

Written on John Adams: Martin homecoming will have to wait :

We should not burn Tee Martin at the stake. He is still a good man with a family to take care of and a career to manage. He is still building a resume - - if now is not the right time, then maybe a time in the future. All this stuff about flying him out is ridiculous - - get a life. It is not his job to clean up the UT football program. He can be a VFL and contribute to the program at another time. Lets put this subject to rest, move on, prepare for 2013 and give Coach Butch Jones our full support.

Go Vols!!

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to volswinsome:

Ya'll are nuts. He's a solid coach with a winning percentage 800% better than Stooley's. With the state of our program right now, you might call it a "2nd tier coach" but that's a heck of land for a 5th tier program. Our schedule next year posts a min of 6 losses. Takes a lot of moxy to walk into that. CO & Purdue wanted him. It's a great hire and I don't think it's 2nd rate at all. Everyone's been asking who else do you want? TN gets a proven HC that can at least win twice what he loses and keeps a mid-major schoold competitive nationally. You're kidding yourselves if expected anything more, but this is not a 2nd rate hire. Good man and coach. Welcome to TN!

If you read this, dont' worry that the majority of TN fans voted no. They also all voted Kifftard & Stooley and most want Fulmer back. YOu're the right man for TN right now.

Go Vols! (well, in 2014).

Great post... you make a lot of sense !! Welcome aboard Coach Jones ! Go Vols !

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

Nice resume... but now time to put on the "big boy" pants and compete in the SEC. Welcome aboard Coach Jones - - Go Vols !!

Written on Five Vols named AP All-SEC :

Where's Tyler?

Written on Tough enough? No choice for Vols against Georgetown :

Go Vols!! Hang tough and get a nice road win!

Written on Evan Woodbery: Tennessee has most of the advantages against Troy :

in response to Vols4life77:

Okay little boy with bad facts let me help your illiterate Florida retarded arse with some info here.
Tennessee 6 national championships
So there write this down next time you feel you want to talk about championships.
Oh how many do the gators gave? Well that would be a whopping 3. Still playing catchup there gator boy.
Tennessee record 797- 354 which is a (.683) winning percentage
Also 16 conference titles
Also 38 all-Americans
Florida 676-385 which is a (.632) winning percentage
Florida 8 conference titles
Florida 31 all-Americans
THIS IS TENNESSEE and this ^ is what it means dumba**
Still playing catchup you idiot

Nice !! A real VFL ! Need more fans like YOU.

Written on Rajion Neal not 100 percent, but could play Saturday:

Play him only if you need him... don't risk aggravating injury until Missouri.

Written on Dooley: Tyler Bray will be benched if he throws more interceptions:

Bray better worry about staying on the field and not the NFL - - there is no NFL future the way he is playing now.

Written on Brendan Quinn: Matchups to watch :

Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time... Go Vols... take the fight to the Tide !!


Written on John Adams: All in for Tennessee? Not after that :

The defeated look on Bray's face on the final offensive drives was disgusting and not that of a leader, but of a spoiled brat that needs some maturity and education !! Good article Adams !

Written on Evan Woodbery's practice observations :

Let's call the "Wildcat" - - "Hound Dog" sniffing out and attacking the goal line.

Written on Bud Adams will be 'disappointed' if Titans don't land Manning:

Wrong team for Peyton... with Bud shoving this down his organization's throat, all he is buying is Trouble.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols head to quieter side of March Madness :

Make us proud Vols !! GBO

Written on Georgia beats Tennessee, 57-53 in overtime :

Time to try someone other than Golden down the stretch. Shoulda' won this one - - no offense, good defense - - need balance.


Written on Sal Sunseri named defensive coordinator; 3-year deal worth $2.4M:

Yee, Hah !! Now we are rolling - - get those recruits locked up... signing day is just around the corner.

Go Vols !

Written on Alabama's Sal Sunseri is target for defensive coordinator :

This is where Hart begins paying off... get Sunseri NOW !!


Written on Mike Strange: No omens, just a team buying into Cuonzo Martin's mantra :

This is Cuonzo's Team now, they believe... GBO

Written on Jeronne Maymon still optimistic for Vols :

GBO... keep your heads up !

Written on Trae Golden: 'We can't play soft'; Vols struggle against Memphis, 69-51:

A solid beating !!

Let's Go Orange.

Written on UT vs. Memphis: Different teams since Maui classic:

GBO... make the cats jump through hoops!!

Written on Simms intercepts criticism after 1-2 start :

OK Matt... keep focused and you will get better!!

Go Vols

Written on Dooley's focus is on next guy :

Get the guys well for LSU and the Dawgs!! Go Vols !

Written on Meyer knew Florida had to 'create a play' :

Meyer not a genius... just desperate.

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