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Or Peterman, he was redshirted so he still has 4 yrs of eligibility left. My prediction is that Peterman will be chosen and Ferguson will end up transferring to somewhere he can start if he is 3rd string or lower.

If Peterman isn't at least the #2, he will be the one transferring. I don't think Riley would transfer just yet, regardless.

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This mock game is a win-win scenario.

And this vid is just freaking hilarious:

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You just have to look at Oregon for those who think it doesn't help with recruiting. They were cellar dwellers and bottom feeders for decades. The hire a new coach and start upgrading their uniforms and their fortunes turn around rather quickly. Sure, they go overboard sometimes, but it attracts the youth of today. Time to get onboard or get left behind.

I think the grey uniforms are fine if worn on a limited basis, but as for Oregon... and any other team: the coaching change, not the uniform change was the obvious difference maker. Hiring Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator in 2007 began that change, and by the time he took over as head coach in 2009, the winning ways of his potent spread offensive attack was attracting even more high caliber recruits. IMO, the uniform changes may give you a little "umph" with the recruits, but the coach's ability to communicate with the recruits and win on the field does much more than a uniform change could ever attain.


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So, uh.... Why does the Adidas Tennessee Volunteer ad take you to the Notre Dame store?

They could have the coolest freaking UT gear I've ever seen - I would not purchase it there just on principle alone.

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Some of you should really research Tennessee tradition before you speak.

And for those who like to spout out that the new smokey gray uniform won't help us win games..., well lately the orange and white ones haven't done much to that end either.

Let the kids have their grey uniform for the one game a year. My goodness, its not like they're wearing green and gold, blue and yellow or... crimson.

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I hope enough of the guys step up their game that it makes Butch's job difficult to determine the actual starters.

It was also good to hear Al Wilson got to address the team again. We need a leader like that on both sides of the ball these days.

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Anyone following John Ward in the booth was bound to be cursed despite John's rejection of that idea just before he retired. I think he underestimated his influence on the Tennessee football faithful over the years.

I feel sorry for those who never got to hear John call a game. At least they can hear some snippets on youtube these days, but even that is not the same as hearing it live. Even with the TV broadcast, I remember turning down the sound and listening to John Ward though the audio and picture were not together.

Having said that. The man who follows Kesling has a much better chance of success. I don't have anything against Kesling, but not only is his style very different... the quality of performance just isn't anywhere near Ward's. That probably applies to the whole support cast.

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Great to live out of state and see all the games on ESPN3 if not on TV... play ball... it's football time in Tennessee !!! GBO

I thought that was great too.. until my DSL provider decided to stop carrying ESPN3. Idiots.

O well, I'll actually be in state visiting family that weekend anyway.


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Jalen Hurd rushes for 200 yards and Todd Kelly JR has 2 picks, one for a TD. Bates has 2 sacks.

...correction. Bates has 2 sacks, a pick, and a forced fumble.

Just for the record.


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Marquez North will be a beast at WR for us. The coaches are going out of their way to temper their excitement. He will not look like a freshman out there this year.

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A sack covers a multitude of sins..., or something like that.

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Maybe we have a package with all three "safeties" on the field together. I guess that might be a 4-2-5 variation.

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I think Powell made a wise decision for himself. Anyone that slams the young man for that decision is a bit warped. We are good in the 2014 class at RB, and we have quite a few options in the slot as well. He is looking out for his best interest, specifically an opportunity to play earlier. That was going to be tough with 5* Jalen Hurd and 4* Treyvon Paulk coming in that same 2014 class with him. More power to him.

Be classy Vol fans.

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Witch Doctor say two words

Jalen Hurd

Bones never lie.

True that. Maybe Powell just saw Jalen's highlights from that 5A championship game last year.

In any event, Powell made a smart decision for himself. Can't fault him for it.

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Sounds like the competition in practice is being amped up. But it is still tough for a freshman to come in and make a difference right away.

And then there is the freshman Vereen on defense who is making the coaches forget he is a freshman. We need someone like that at WR. Maybe North will find his groove in the next couple of weeks.

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Oregon was unnoticed until they started changing their uniforms. Now look at them.

I'm not saying do anything crazy like Oregon, but a little change to keep the recruits and younger players interested can only help.

Go Vols!

Oregon was relatively unnoticed until they hired Chip Kelly as Offensive Coordinator in 2007.

Alabama didn't do it with grandiose uniform changes. It was a coaching change also.

I don't mind having some changes with the uniforms, but the more important thing is winning.


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Our coach(es) obviously spoke with Lee about his options and the reality of his future at Tennessee. Why do they need to call up his HS coach at that point? Politics?


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Guilty until proven indisputably innocent?

I'd like to see more solid fundamentally sound tackling, but this is beginning to get ridiculous. Judging a player's intentions brings more and more subjectivity into these calls.

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Stick with the tradition!!! Orange and White!!!

From 1911 to 1920-21, black was the primary color for the Tennessee Volunteer football team uniforms. That is also part of our tradition.

But until they come up with a better design for a black uniform, I'd prefer to stick with the orange and white combinations.

The Power T on the helmet needs to stay. But there is no need for "Tennessee" to be spelled out anywhere on the jersey as long as that Power T is there.

As for the state of Tennessee logo, I reserve any opinion until I actually see it. I understand the statement there. But I think that statement is made sufficiently once we establish 10+ wins every season. At that point it will be clear to all in-state recruits that if they really want to represent their state, Tennessee is their first, best choice.


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We've come so far in the past 8 months, it is difficult not to get excited about what the next 4 months have in store for BOC.

Consensus #1 ranked recruiting class for 2014. This time last year we had 5 commits; bUTch picked up that many this past week or so... and the week isn't quite over.

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Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

New 247Sports Team Recruiting Rankings:
1) Vols
2) Bama
3) FSU
4) Georgia
5) Miami

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Great addition to the 2014 class. But I'm eager to get this 2013 season underway.

Let's get it started:


Written on Jarnell Stokes a golden boy once again as Team USA beats Serbia for the FIBA U19 World Championship:

Stokes was "apart" of the win.... C'mon KNS. :)

I just can't wait to see him playing with Maymon back this next season.


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52 110 yard sprints?!?!?!? Whoa!

Go Vols.


Puke City.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

CBJ rated 4th most efficient coach over last two years. Consider yourself bUTch-slapped.

That is all.

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Very interesting article here on Butch Jones efficiency: ranked 4th overall over last two years. New rating system.

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Only two outstanding commits left to wrap up the Legacy 2014 Class...

...yep, the Berry Twins, Elliot and Evan.

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Dillion Bates, now a legacy Vol after commitment tonight. Vols back to #1 recruiting class in Rivals for 2014.

I wish these guys were coming in this year. That could increase the attendance.

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That's it. Charging students for tickets is insane also.

But winning would do wonders for all the empty seats.

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Stop charging for student tickets. They pay enough to go to school there. When I was in school we didn't have to pay to go to games.



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Witch Doctor say Clowney is a freak! Witch Doctor has watched that a thousand times...first time noticing for ONE split second the QB almost runs toward the flying helmet and not the ball. Witch Doctor all Vol but can appreciate talent. 1# pick in the next draft.
Bones never lie.

Tiny Richardson is a bigger freak.

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We will be back.

Go Big Orange!!!

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Amazing that Tennessee Football is number 1 in anything good right now. How many games have we won in the last 5 years? Worse, how many have we lost? Yet in the first year of a new coach's reign - before he has coached a single game in the SEC - here we sit at the number 1 spot in the 2014 Rivals Recruiting class rankings. Most of us were "hoping" for a top 15 class; some of you dared to project a top 10 based on a slew of "ifs" as long as your arm. Yet we have a legitimate opportunity to bring in not only a top 10, but quite conceivably a top 5 class in 2014. Freaking crazy!

"Yeah, but its early," you say. And you're missing my whole point. Something significant is going on in K-town right now. To not see that is to choose to be blind. How the heck did we get to this point in recruiting after what has happened these past 5 years?

Now that just means I'm excited. It doesn't mean I'm stupid. Last time we had a class close to this ranking, that class didn't pan out so great. CPF saw that class of seniors go 5-7 if I'm not mistaken. Nonetheless, I don't think 2014's class will be 5-7 their senior year. Heck, several of them will probably be making big bucks before then.

In any event, all Vol Fans have very good reason to be excited right now.

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I think he is just trying to psyche out the rest of the SEC. Well, I hope that's it. :D

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Despite the ones who seem to enjoy pointing out how early this is in the recruiting process for 2014, the fact that we are sitting at #1 on Rivals in that recruiting class is extremely significant. Just think about that for a minute. When was the last time we were anywhere near #1 in any recruiting class? And where have our classes been ranked in recent years at this point? Freaking crazy people.

I said, freaking crazy people!!!

Something cookin' on Rocky Top, ya'll! Go Vols!!!

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The SEC did not get where it is at by conforming to what other leagues are doing, and the difficulty of its schedule is already above any other conference's. But I don't agree that adding a 9th conference game necessarily makes one's schedule more difficult by itself. Too many factors there. "Well there will be more conference losses...." Yeah? By which teams, you think? Fluff.

Right now we usually schedule 3 relative cream-puffs and 1 very good non-conference game (like Oregon). Do you really think we will eliminate the cream-puff with a Mississippi State or Auburn? No, the best team (like Oregon this year) will just go away. So how much will we have done to better college football or the SEC in that scenario?

I just don't see it. I'd rather drop one of 3 cream-puffs for a perennial powerhouse school, myself. But I certainly don't see that happening either. However, if you really want to do what is best for the conference and college football- THAT is exactly what you would be wanting to do. Pick up that banner, Saban, and run with it if you really want to make a statement.

Having a 9 game conference slate can just as often mean an easier schedule as it could a tougher one by itself. For example if Auburn had opened with Kentucky, Mizzou or Tennessee instead of Clemson last year, how would that have been better for college football? How would that have made Auburn's schedule more difficult? I can't see how that is better for anyone except possibly those outside the SEC.

Keep at least 2 of your current 4 out of conference games against the traditionally stronger teams. You measure the strength of your own conference much better that way. Man up or shut up. Who's gonna carry that flag into the SEC meetings?

Everything else is just so much posturing- much to do about nothing... in my opinion.

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The Ducks are going down.

Let the SCHMACK begin, eh?!

Go Vols!

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Brick by Brick: building of a champion w/2014 class.

Bringing VolEnforcement back to BOC! Go Vols!!!

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Dead on..UT hasn't recruited this well, this early since 2000 and that was coming off of a national championship season. Imagine what Butch could do if UT wasn't coming off of a 5 win campaign??..GBO!!

2014 committed recruits recruiting others to UT....

UT Legacy Class 14' @UTLegacyClass
Imagine commiting to a school and making them #1 in the national rankings.. @D1Bound721 could be that special guy on Friday! #RiseToTheTop

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The momentum hasn't slowed yet with recruiting. Added 13th commit as our class rankings for 2014 is #3 nationally and #1 in the SEC.

Go Vols!

UT Legacy Class 14' @UTLegacyClass
Welcome to the #Legacy14 @MedleyAaron! .. Top kicker in the country chooses the VOLS! Give him a Big Orange Welcome! #RiseToTheTop

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He isn't the only one who is/will be on watch lists for OL awards. That is one area we are among the best in the country. Gotta get their back-ups up to speed quick though 'cause several of these are NFL bound.

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I don't know. I hope he's great--but his height might be a problem. At 6'3 he's already /very tall/ for a RB, and he may still be growing. There is a reason most RBs are compact and not very tall--they are not easy to see behind blockers, and more important, they are not so easy to tackle when they are running low. Hurd will not be able to run low, and he'll be a big target. Fingers crossed.

“Even though he’s 6-3, his pad level is very good,” Crabtree said. “He runs like a 5-10 running back.”

This isn't just a biased coach's assessment. Check out his highlights and watch the runs he makes up the middle. He freaking disappears on a couple of them, and you think he has been tackled when he suddenly emerges from the pack and outruns the rest to the endzone.

How many of us would have loved having a CP in the backfield? Well Jalen can go outside or inside effectively. I don't think CP could have been an up the middle kind of guy. Jalen has proven he is very good at that and can do the end around as well. Watch those highlights.

Also, at the 5A State Championship game, he ran for 397 yards and 7 touchdowns. You would have to assume any team that actually makes it to the 5A championship game is not exactly a cream-puff HS team.

He may very well out-grow his position, but getting low doesn't seem to be a problem for this kid right now.

Go Vols!

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"Sounds" like some good hires.

Just want to see those SEC Championships again. Been way too freaking long.

Go VolS! This is Big Orange Country!!!

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8 is enough. We add a 9th and the game that will be dropped will not be the cream-puffs; it will be the Oregons. I'd rather play a quality out of conference game like an Oregon than add a game against Miss. State or some other SEC West team. The cream-puffs are there to stay..., and for good reason.

IMO, the SEC hasn't become the dominant conference it is by being stupid with the scheduling.

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In that case, you better STHU..

Seven T's first 5 words in that comment says it all. "I have always been disturbed..."

Couldn't resist.

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Witch Doctor believes I must have drank to much brew. Having bad nightmare about team losing a solid player. Hope nightmare ends soon. Must make better brew next time. Next nightmare might be that former coach is returning... Would that even be considered a nightmare I ask myself?

What are the "bones" telling you? You know they never lie.

Written on Ja'Wuan James learns to lead Vols senior lineman becomes more vocal:

Check out this vid, Orlando Brown's mom:

Good talent, and a better young man.

Go Vols!!!

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in response to Lizardgrad89:'s May.

I PROMISE nobody is sweating your recruiting, or anybody's recruiting at this point.

Anybody who thinks immediate playing time ISN'T a factor and ISN'T being used as a selling point really doesn't understand recruiting. Of course it's being used as a selling point. If Butch was golfing, would he leave his driver in the bag? Immediate playing time is a good club. Trust me, he's using it.

On another note, Florida has had 3 great recruiting classes the past 3 years, and this one is looking good as well (ask me about it again in August, when classes are actually shaping up). I seriously doubt your current 11(?) man recruiting class is causing any sleepless nights in Gainesville.

Then why in the world do you feel compelled to come on here and try to minimize it?

And no, CBJ is not promising playing time per se. He constantly reiterates what I've already stated. He's not going to tell the recruits one thing and then the public something else. How would that make the recruits feel about his character? "Hey man, I promise you'll be playing next year but I've got to tell the rest of the world something different." Please!

Go Vols!

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Gotcha..I guess this recent recruiting success has these pseudo FU fans really concerned.

That pretty much nails it.

Just the fact we are anywhere near a Top 5 recruiting class right now for 2014 before CBJ has won a game is crazy good. I truly hope and believe that the same thing that makes him a good recruiter, leader and motivator will make him a successful coach for us. Heck, he already has the top recruits from in-state, a terrific start on the legacy class, and each of his commits on twitter urging other high caliber recruits to come and help build a championship team at Tennessee.

Recruits that have already committed to other schools have still voiced how impressed they are at #VolNation Fanatics who still follow them by the hundreds. Current targets saying things like "Vol fans are so love...S/O to you all," and "Tennessee fans a trip bruh." One recruit picked up 200 Vol fan followers today; a few days ago, another picked up more than 400 in just 30 minutes. Also, the Berry twins are following all our current 2014 commits; gotta be a good sign for the #LegacyClass. There are rumors of two more commits about to announce soon. This is not your typical Tennessee spring. I think we usually have maybe 4 or 5 commits by summer.

Yeah, FU is sweating. I mean they've got meltdown-muschump, and we have bUTch.

Go Vols! Kick butt!! #RiseToTheTop

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I know what you mean, and it won't be known until about a month into the 2013 season. However, so much of coaching has to do with preparation and planning. What part of CBJs' coaching style leads you to believe his team won't be well prepared? The man has every detail either being installed or tweaked. There will not be a better prepared team in the country and that's something I am certain of...GBO!!

I don't know of anything that warrants concern at this point. I have nothing but optimism. That post was really a continuation of the previous one where I was replying to LizardGrad.... He was raising recruiting concerns going forward after we build depth. I think the biggest recruiting impact will be whether CBJ can coach successfully against SEC opponents. Frankly, I think that he will be successful. But that would impact recruiting going forward much more than Tennessee managing to build depth at each position. Once you have depth and are competing for championships, how does that hurt your ability to recruit high caliber talent as LizardGrad was suggesting?

Go Vols!