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The bigger question for all of us in Big Orange country is "can this staff coach?" That includes game-planning and half-time adjustments. Every staff up to this point has talked a good game, but the results on the field left much to be desired.

This is what will have a much bigger impact on recruiting going forward than anything else.

Go Vols!!!

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Spring is the time for optimism, and I see it's running high in Knoxville. And that's a fine thing. You folks need something to bring you hope.

Just remember, though, a coach coming into a situation like this is just about always going to have a good to great 2nd recruiting class. Why? Because the depth chart is wide open. When you can show kids a depth chart that has them starting right away, or maybe backing up as a true freshman, and starting as a true sophomore, they are going to be very interested.

The trick is, when you have that class of starters in place, what do you use to recruit with in year 3? The real trick to recruiting is not bring in a 4/5 star, it's bringing in that 4/5 star when there is already a couple of those same type kids already at that position.

Not saying Jones can't be that kind of recruiter, just that the jury shouldn't come back with a verdict until probably the 4th class (or at least the third) is in the books.

Actually, if you are doing it the right way, and CBJ appears to be... you recruit the same way year after year. You always tell every recruit they will have an opportunity to compete not only for playing time, but also for a starting role. And you never promise them either one. The best recruits, those who are competitive and well motivated, are not going to back down from additional competition. They just need to know they've got a chance to prove themselves. Regardless of ratings, any recruit who backs away from that is probably someone you don't need on your roster.

CBJ is selling them on Tennessee, its tradition, its SEC genetics and the opportunity to compete right away. That means the potential for exposure at a National level and playing for championships. That will not change from year to year regardless of the depth chart.

The recruits hear it from both sides prior to making their decision. They've heard how Tennessee is "years away from competing for championships..., while we at the University of _____ are competing right now, blah, blah, blah." So eventually you have 2 deep starting rotation with 4 and 5 star athletes and competing for championships, and it will be suddenly harder to recruit high level talent? Absolutely not. CBJ will tell them the same thing he always has. This is what I've been selling from day one. Our goal has always been to compete for championships, and now we are there.

The message will not change.

The other thing here is that CBJ is actually having not just a good/great class in his 2nd year, but he is having a Top 5 potential class in his 2nd year. So someone looking in from the outside, especially a rival opponent, naturally wants to point out some potential cloud for every silver lining. Well, in this case, that alleged cloud holds little water.

Go Vols! #RiseToTheTop This is BOC!!!

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Picked up commit #9, WR Lawrence Lee from West Florida.

Go Big Orange!

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Would love to be in K-town for that one. Anyone going from NE Georgia up to that game?

Go Vols!!!

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Dangit!! This hurts becuse we don't have antrue SEC RB's as is on the team! And No I do not think Jabo Lee will be an SEC Gamebuster; before anyone brings him up! He was a clean up last minute choice by a RB coach that was already on his way out the door!! I hope Hill can be a much better RB!

It will be another year, but help is on its way:

Go Vols!#RiseToTheTop

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If you are just itching to find a reason for hope for our Vols, check out this 9:41 definition of the word, "Ridiculous."

Or if you prefer a shorter definiton:

This kid (JH) is as level-headed as he is a monster RB.

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Just the fact that Peyton was here, speaking to the team and talking football with the coaches is another testament to how much CBJ values and embraces Tennessee's winning history and tradition.

CBJ has to succeed on the field, but during the offseason it is tough to find a flaw in his walk or his talk.

Go Vols! #BrickByBrick #VolByVol GBO!!!

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Personally, I can hardly wait to get this college football season started. I find myself each day bringing up twitter and Tennessee football websites to check on the latest developments. It has been quite a while since I was this excited. Even though I suspect this year may be another tough one in realistic terms, I am hopeful that we will see some real improvement... even in the win column. The early returns on CBJ's first full class of recruits (2014) is a remarkable improvement over the past several years as a Top 15 (as some predicted) could turn into a Top 5 class (presently ranked 4th on Rivals). The current commits are talking up the Tennessee Brand and selling it to other top recruits. And, at the very least, those recruits are taking notice. Time will tell, but I can't wait for time before I fully invest myself into this team, its coaches and the vision they are preaching. I am unashamedly a Tennessee Volunteer football junkie, and I approve of this Attitude among other fellow Vol FANatics.

This is Big Orange Country!!! #RiseToTheTop

Todd Kelly Jr reaction after our 8th commit on Wednesday this past week: Todd Kelly (T.K.) ‏@ToddKellyJr6 10 Apr We got another commit today, we want to be the best in the country #RiseToTheTop #BossTeam #VolNation

Jalen Hurd reaction after our 7th commit the week before: Jalen Hurd ‏@MrHurd18 3 Apr S/o to my dude @realdpayne. A new Tennessee commit! We are building this legendary class. LETSSS Gooo!!!

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If we could have just prevented the conversion of 3rd and 20+ last season, we would probably have won at least a couple more games. I have suppressed the memory of exactly how many times we allowed that. I just know there were several.

That's my goal for this defense: allow no 3rd and 20 conversions. Don't give up the big play!!!

Yes, I think we will be much improved this year on defense also.

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We also operate under some pretty adverse conditions on this site. Why, you hear babies (7T, Jeffy, etc.) crying on here all the time.

+ ∞


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Naval, I've got to agree with you..How can someone supporting a coach (regardless if you think he's the best coach available) be considered a negative?? I defended Dooley, not because he was a great coach (i didn't even want him hired in the first place) because UT hired him I had no choice but to support whoever they hired. Real fans/alumni unless they are part of the hiring process should stand behind their coach if for nothing else do it for the university. I certainly didn't vote for Obama, but I support him as president. One: because he's the COC, and two: I'm an American. A real Volunteer has enough sense to accept the things they have no control over..GBO!!

Yep, pretty much sums it up for me, too.

GBO! This Power T means everything!!!

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Well, that is nice for a change. It means a little more when defense rules the scrimmage. But the offense is going to need develop some playmakers.

This is Big Orange Country!!!

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Posted that comment about Payne here on this story...

...Wednesday, April 3rd.

Written on As UT's 2014 class connects online, Twitter ground rules aren't always clear-cut :

in response to jakethevolguy:

If Payne committed on Wednesday morning why are we just now hearing about it?

My bad, Jake.

I only posted it in one of the story's comments here after seeing it on twitter. I'm getting as lazy as KNS, I guess.

Of course, you can get a twitter account (don't have to tweet, I guess) and just follow some of the guys like Vic Wharton, Todd Kelly Jr, and Jalen Hurd. If someone new commits, they'll be retweeting it. Sometimes they give hints before the guy actually commits. They are on the job... unlike me I suppose.

Go Vols!!! #RockyTopReigns #VolNation

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in response to Pompey:

....several lessons here:

For those who believe than only an alum should coach their college team...get over it!

I hate every body in the SEC except one....UT. If you are an "SEC fan" get over it!

If Auburn is not guilty no harm. If they are don't kill the messenger when you don't like the message.

Finally, the fans share much responsibility for the mess college sports is in.

I am Tennessee born, raised and a UTK grad. I'm a passionate VolFanatic. I'm also a fan of the SEC.

And there's absolutely nothing to "get over."

Go Vols! #PowerT

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It appears that Rivals has us at 5th, not 4th, despite Farrell's tweet.

Written on Butch Jones likes Vols' focus after break:

With latest commit from D'Andre Payne, 4* CB, Rivals Mike Farrell tweets Tennessee is up to No 4 in 2014 class rankings.

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It has already been a great ride, but none of us want to see it end. Great win last night!

Go Vols! Beat the Cards!!!

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I'm expecting us to be much improved on defense. I don't think that will take a miracle.

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I know I've made some pretty strong statements recently against last year's defense. But to their "defense," I do recall quite a number of big plays defensively. The only problem was that we consistently gave up the big offensive play following most of those (remember allowing the first down play after all those 3rd and forever downs?). We aren't exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel with the guys we have returning. Insert these guys into a scheme that they don't have to "think" too much about..., and I think we'll see them playing much faster on that side of the ball as well.

I'm expecting much improvement on defense this year. With one of the best offensive line units in the SEC, we will find a way to score as well. The next recruiting class, however, will determine how soon our Vols will be back to those 10+ win seasons. And we have a pretty good start with that class already.

Go Vols!

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Jalen Hurd's phone call to CBJ:

Feel Good (To Be A Vol):

The Power T:

Can't wait to get this started. The Orange and White are everywhere!

Go Vols!!!

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Can't help but feel we've got a good start on upgrading the talent level of our team. We need to lock down our borders and wrap up the remaining legacy recruits in this class. Rivals has us rated at 6th right now.

Not sure what Bates and the Berrys are waiting on. C'mon guys; VolNation needs you!

Go Vols!!!

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"Throw everything at'em and see what sticks" vs "Do a few things with excellence, then add on."

Well, we know how the former turned out; let's hope and pray the latter works much better.


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I'm afraid under Sunseri they must have been taught to De-Tackle the ball carrier..

...yeah, or just wave at 'em as they go by.

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5 D's of Defense: defend, destroy, demolish, deTackle, defend. Last year it looked more like we were practicing the 5 D's of Dodgeball on defense.

Bring back the "...and a host of Volunteers" on every defended play.

This is Big Orange Country!!!

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Nothing to see here. Way too early.

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"Tennessee coaches left players with a stern admonition before saying goodbye."

...and all of you going to the beach during spring break, just remember, we'll be there watching.


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Riyahd seems like he's got his head on straight. I like. We need more like him in the DB.

Go Vols!

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In other news... football recruit Stanton Truitt received 102 letters from Tennessee... at the same time. Okie dokie. :D

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in response to stevefrommemphis:

I'm so undecided that I voted 'no' on my work computer and 'yes' on my home computer.


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I would have said, "NO"... and then I saw some of those who did make it in....

Tennessee has more top 50 RPI wins than MTSU and St. Mary's... combined.

The selection committee is either on acid or just practicing some bad voodoo to come up with some of these "at large" picks.

Jay Bilas: "La Salle, MTSU and St. Mary's have four Top 50 wins, combined. UVa has six, by itself. Tennessee has three. Maryland has three. UK has four...
...I'm okay with the Committee taking every little guy. That's fine. Just admit it and stop saying "who did you beat?" Because you don't care." "Of the teams on the bubble, not one from a power conference was given an at-large bid. We’ve reached the point where the selection committee is discriminating against power conferences in favor of the “little guy” as Bilas put it. With the field the committee selected they sent a message to schedule terrible teams and beat them. MTSU played just four games against the RPI top 100…and lost three of them. The Vols, conversely, played 19 and won nine. Which team is more tested? Which team is more proven?"

Written on Did Tennessee deserve to make the NCAA tournament?:

I would have said, "NO"... and then I saw some of those who did make it in....

Someone also pointed out that Tennessee has more top 50 RPI wins than MTSU and St. Mary's... combined.

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"Victor LaRoy Wharton @VWharton5
Tennessee fans better be on twitter all weekend! There will be good news.. Maybe 3 commits this weekend but who could they be? Stay tuned!"

Well, going from 1 commit to 6 in a week's time is pretty good already. But I'd love to see the Berrys and Mr. Bates commit.


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CBJ mic'd up, Come get some!

Go Vols!!!

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The Orange and White are everywhere.


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in response to SevenT:

National Signing Day is next February. It is very pre-mature to take these early commitments seriously. Most likely 1/2 of them will change their mind and play somewhere else.

Just Saying

Yeah, this sounds like they will be jumping ship any time now...

Jalen Hurd @MrHurd18
Can't wait till tomorrow! Family day and spring practice at UT. Going to try and get some other commits in. Make this class LEGENDARY! #VFL

Todd Kelly (T.K.) @ToddKellyJr6
All I can think about today is getting more recruits to become Vols! #VFL #VolNation

Jalen Hurd @MrHurd18
I cannot wait to run out of the T and play in front of thousands of my home-state fans. My dreams are now reality!! #VFL

Victor LaRoy Wharton ‏@VWharton5
You better join me @ToddKellyJr6 @MrHurd18 @NEIK_BETImossU @cthomas55 whos next? Its great to be a Tennessee Vol?

Victor LaRoy Wharton ‏@VWharton5
I see @CoolJones_ (Riyahd Jones) doing some recruiting now! Its addicting!! Haha

Too bad none of these key recruits are too excited about playing for UT...


Go Vols! or just go away...

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The biggest excitement about those last two recruits committing is because they are considered quality RBs (Hurd, Paulk).


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S/O to Dillon Bates from Corey Miller: Yo @dillonbates I know you know! You see what I see! The door is open! #FutureVolFriday

@sabanocchio: Dominique Booth will be a Vol soon too. He'll be here on the 6th and again for the O&W game.

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Some other tweets out of BOC--

Riyahd Jones: Rocky Top! this class we're piecing together is so playa "we are TENNESSEE there's no other place like it man" *coach jones voice*

Corey Miller: Why not come play football for UT?! Do you not notice the change in our current players' attitudes? THE PROOF IS IN THE ORANGE PUDDING! #VFL

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2014 early commit Vic Wharton tweeting, "I hope Vol Nation is ready for a fantastic weekend! If you know what I mean :)"

He and Todd Kelly, Jr are recruiting others hard to commit here. Jalen Hurd and now Treyvon Paulk are just a start according to them.

Well, if these recruits are excited..., I guess I should be as well.

Looking forward to hearing from the Bates and Berrys....

Go Vols!

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CBJ reeled in another top recruit, Treyvon Paulk. It seems to be snowballing...

Go Vols!!!

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If Stokes remains, and he should, Hubbs coming in could be a boost to our recruiting as well. Winning more games would also help. Maymon, Stokes, Hubbs and if McRae stays....

Just saying....

That just sounds too good; I must've missed something somewhere. That can't be right.

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Loving Riyahd Jones attitude and maturity.

Go Vols!!!

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in response to mempuss:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


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in response to Giverny:

Dear John: all seriousness, lets begin with something that's not antidotal, a metric, something that can be measured as it apples to the 'box of rocks' comment....

Be objective and truthful....what do you think his IQ is....would you like for me to list the critical elements of what comprises the assessment of the IQ or are you familiar with them...

Obviously this is just a guess, a projection if you will but what do you think it is?

Talking metrics then asking for an opinion (albeit an "honest" one) regarding a man's IQ seems a bit wacky.

What exactly is it about Cuonzo Martin that prompts you to question his IQ? How about we start with that..., and please be honest.

Written on Tennessee football scholarship roster projected to climb to 83 players in fall:

2014, the year of the "Legacy" recruits, is looking good.

Wharton, Creamer, Kelly... looking for Bates and the Berrys to keep the momentum building.

With some of these guys helping to recruit Jalen Hurd as well..., this class could really blow it up.

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in response to HtownVol:

I dont understand this junk. Tennessee stayed in the first four out after beating Mizz.. Yet 2 weeks ago they went from first 4 out to last 4 in after a LOSS to UGA. This junk is nuts. And a W over USCE or MSU will likely only hurt Tennessee so maybe a W over Bama is a must. I think they are in no matter what but in Loe Lunardis mind they dont move at all after beating a top 35 RPI team.


Ohio State/WEST

Wichita State
Iowa State

La Salle
Boise State
Virginia (moves in with win)

Tennessee (moves down to Virginia's spot)
Ole Miss
Southern Miss

Arizona State

What is there to understand? It is NCAA Voodoo. 8(

Yeah, I think we should be in period. But we just need to keep winning, regardless. A win over Bama should solidify the obvious. Winning the tournament would make it all academic.

Go Vols!

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I understand how the victory over Missouri is the biggest thus far for this team and this coach. It is the timing; it is about what is at stake. It is also true that Missouri was probably a more "complete" team than either Florida or Kentucky at the time we played those guys. But historically, how many will remember this win over the stomping of Kentucky or even the streak against Florida?

Yet for this year, at this moment, and in regard to what is at stake right now..., I suppose Missouri is the biggest win. Nonetheless, this victory would simply have been merely too little, too late without the ones before it.

As far as that goes, if we don't win one or two in the SEC Tourney... it may still all be "too little, too late."

But this group has taken me from the depths of despair just 10 or 11 games ago, to believing again. I like their chances now more than I ever have. Between the 4 OT victory on the road at A&M and this comeback against Missouri, these guys have so much more composure in pressure situations, more maturity overall. That should bode well going into this weekend.

Go Vols! Keep Winning!!!