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Great!!!! Good luck this year!!!!

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a better thought would be to take the names OFF the jerseys! They serve absolutely no purpose.

They serve a great reason. If you are not able to attend the game then you do not have a program. Many players want a certain number so their high school fans can tell who they are. Your logic would be we don't have numbers or names because they have no purpose.

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Can't wait for the season to get here. Season ticket holder with a 5 hour drive each way but think it will be well worth the mileage. Go Vols!

Same here on season tickets, 5 hr. drive and CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON TO GET HERE!

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I didn't bother to read this article so what I have to say is my opinion only. When will the KNS ever learn that MOST people in Tennessee could care less about reading about Kiffin. The only thing I want to read is that he has been fired and has to repay his $500,000 loan.

Come on KNS. We don't care and as another said if we did we would go that web site. Wasted space for SITE CALLED GOVOLEXTRA.

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Lost a lot of respect for Baylor coach. The officiating was the worst I had seen. The whole game it favored Baylor. The foul called against Louisville that L. coach got a technical was actually a foul by Baylor as reported by AP. So Baylor got two free throws and the ball and then a basket. Louisville should have shot 2 free throws a 6 point swing. Then the game wouldn't had Baylor leading with 9.2 seconds. The Baylor coach has no class like Pat and Holly. I am glad they got her. To claim at the press conference that the officials were bad and should not call another game. Get over it cry baby, Louisville beat your five and three officials.

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I have never understood the stupidity of the KNS staff or web page managers. When this web page came out it promoted the fact here will be a web page devoted to UT sports. They continually post articles about other teams and players. Please someone in management put a person in charge of what goes on this page and put GOVOLEXTRA articles ONLY!

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John Adams?????? The people who defend Adams don't look very deep at this person. Recently when Jay Graham left, Adams wrote part of his article about that only left one black on Jones staff, which was not Jones fault. He tried to hire Tee Martin and that would have been three before Jay's departure. But would have actually been five with Terry Fair and A. Davis. Coaches hire the best they can get and those who have been sucessful with them in prior jobs. In this time of history the coachs don't look at hires the way a sorry sports writer does. White fans don't look up and see all black assistance coachs on Cunzo Martin's staff and say where are the white coachs. Coach Martin has who he feel wil help him and I want him to win so that is fine. At the Florida game a few days after Adams's article I observed when the the teams lined up for the National Anthem, that Flordia had eight coaches and support staff lined up at center court. Guess what? ONE was black and SEVEN were white. And he can recruit blacks contary to what Adams said in article about recruiting blacks. Did Adams write an article about the ratio on Billy Donovant's staff.
No because that wouldn't be negative toward UT.
Does anyone know how many black sportwriters Adams hired in his years of Sports Editor at KNS or prior employment??
The answer is NONE. Again NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are right. Kentucky clearly wanted it more, and the officials kept the Cats from winning by an even larger margin with their horrible calls.

Kentucky fan TheEffect!!!! The officals were the worst I have seen this year. And I used to officiate. I don't have Ky. blue binders on. I will call a call that goes for Tn. to be wrong if so. But these mauling to help the home team and see their coach talking to the officials as if they are friends has to stop. It is taking away from the players who put so much time in this effort. Oh well Ky fans who love coach cal don't care as long as they win.
Bobby Knight said it best on national TV "I don't know how a coach who got two programs *Memphis & UMass in trouble with the NCCA can wind up at Ky".

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Lady Vols did not win at kentucky and will NOT WIN THE OFFICALS WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN......

So "slick" (coach) you got a win......but at KY. with whistles!!!!!!!

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Well..........did some of our team stay in Knoxville???????? Looked bad except Jordan he played like a giant! Other guys please.. help.... and NO none of you are ready for NBA! Ms. Vol moment

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A long time Vol fan here: It wouldn't make any difference if we had won the National Championship three years in a row I would not like Satan Saban speaking at the dinner or Knute Rockne. Both of them are doing it for recruiting purposes. John Adams has been stealing from KNS for a long time and they don't fire him.

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Thanks to the News-Sentinel for constantly digging for dirt on University of Tennessee Athletics. Looking forward to watching this newspaper fade into the sunset like the rest of the industry.

AMEN !!!!!! I wonder how many of the so called reporters have cheated on their expense reports and the actual amount of time they worked and turned in!!!!!

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Jones must narrow the gap between UT and the rest of the SEC. Last week, the gap widened. AL, LSU, GA, FL, USC, TAM, VU, Ole Miss, Auburn - all have considerably more talent on hand than the Vols. Jones must close the talent gap immediately or he is doomed to fail. The competition is not stagnant. All the aforementioned schools are upping the game now - every year. Jones must leapfrog several SEC schools for multiple successive years in recruiting for the Vols to compete for an SEC championship - not an easy task. Let's give him support, he will need it.

When you sign 21 vs 27 or 28 then your class will not be ranked but your 21 might be better than theirs. Who are you to say the schools you mention are widening the gap. Do you remember the number one running back in the nation and another one ranked right below him. Well it was Bryce Brown and Aku. Oh yeal there was the number one linebacker in the nation, Chris Donnel who couldn't make it at Ut or UTC. Brown wound up 3rd team at Kansas State, Aku at Arkansaw State. Well you better believe Ala, Fla and others will have the same results. But all we have on here is "experts" and fortune tellers.

Written on In Nashville, Jay Graham steals the show — again — while looming vacation puts focus on coaches' families :

What a good person Jay Graham is and has always been. Besides being one of the greatest running backs in UT history. Thanks for coming home.

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The key to the Vols returning to the top of the SEC?, it's spelled M_E_M_P_H_I_S!! The greatest athletes in the state reside in Memphis, both in quality and quantity. Lately both 'Bama and Ole Miss have dominated recruiting in this TENNESSEE city. Butch Jones, target Atlanta over Memphis at your own demise!!

I live in Tennssee and I also lived in Memphis for several years. No Sir there are plenty good Athletes who live in other parts of Tennessee that are better. But there are a few great ones from Memphis. Look at the football playoffs every year. West Tn outside of Memphis dominates the wins. I found Memphis people very shortsided in their views.

For the other posters, remember the rankings are based on how many stars each recruits has and then add them up. Tn signed 21 (in 31 Days)so their rankings will be less than those who signed 25 or 27. Welcome Jason Carr, you are one of the best in all Tennessee.

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Yemi and Hall are a joke for this level of BB. Stokes looked like he made some quicker moves but he must continue working on that fundamental. Tennessee wings and guards hardky ever penetrate and shoot short floaters or jump shots. Richardson did about twice. Coach has told them this is not my offense or they are afraid of getting blocked, less face it they are a sorry fundamentally coached team. And that is not just the head coach.

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Let's see: In an economy move, the UT Board of Trustees appoint JA Athletic Director and acting Head Football and Women's Basketball coaches. With the latent managerial skills he obviously possesses, our teams will win, the sun will shine, tickets will be sold and the hall of fame awaits!.

If I get the point of his little piece, Pat had it all wrong and what worked for all those National Championships is suspect. Injuries happen; just check around, Mr. Adams. We have had our unfair share, for sure, but this suggestion on the heels of visiting recruits in an ambulance makes this a stellar week for insightful thought.

I guess we will have to continue putting up the lack of quality in sports writing in the KNS, since the management of the paper is as shallow in management as John Adams is in writing. This article saying Pat's style doesn't work is a tune to saying George Washington should have crossed the Delware somewhere else. John Adams is the worst sports writer I have ever read and at my age and the different cities I've lived in I have a lot to judge by. Retire your inept ability!!!

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Lack of discipline. Lack of coaching

I have to agree. The lack of coaching is so evident. I like Martn but hell I liked Bill Battle but realize that he was not a good coach. Martin was suppose to be a defensive minded coach. So if his weak makeup of his coaching is suppose to be his strong makeup, we are in trouble and we are. Dave Hart has to be shocked at how bad this coaching staff and head coach is in games and preparation.

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In the Ky game when Kennedy pulled him out he smarted off at the coach, who grabed him by the jersey and said something back. If I was the coach he would sit for two games. Bur wait this is Kennedy who got in a race tirate with a NY cab driver. Hotty toody has become a classless ath. department.

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Franklin is jerk. Goes after Georgia coach at mid field after the game year before last. He has no class like most of the spoiled Vandy students.

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The problem I have about the announcers and Vandy recruiters is they talk about Vandy's high Academics but old guys remember when the SEC let Vandy athletes go to Peabody college for easy courses. Then Vanderbilt bought Peabody and rolled all their courses into Vanderbilt. I saw a lady on Nashville news lead in a couple of years ago who was there to talk about a little unknown fact. Then when they did the story she talked about her daughter is now enrolled in Vanderbilt after not eligible to enroll at The University of Tennessee.

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Please can it be the officals are all BAD! I am just wondering. Also come on coach show some emotion get on the officals! Come on team we need some wins. Volmoments wife's comment!.....

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Come on, KNS. At this point with his status with the university and team, it's just a 20 year old who got arrested for weed. Happens every day, who cares?

I agree!!! The KNS sunk years ago when they didn't get rid of John Adams. The CEO's of the Newspaper world don't get it. They wonder why circulation is dropping and don't realizie that there is enough negative thinks going on, like people getting shot and terroism, that people in a sports page only want news about current players and former players doing charity work. I bet a chemistry major, oh wait I know one, got arrested for weed and this guy dropped out of UT after second year. Where is the headline and story. FORMER UT CHEMISTRY MAJOR ARRESTED FOR WEED POSSESSION Testifies his connection to UT had nothing to do with it. KNS reporter insist, however you did go there, right!

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Another great hire by Coach Muschamp. Vols must be saying.."only-if"....

You post anything to be negative toward the Vols. Let me think, Never heard of this guy and where was South carolina in 2006, 2007,2008, 2009. Good luck Fla. You got an average hire. Only Vol haters rank him high. The dam is about to break. Louisville made Muschamp look less than average.

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All Notre Dame fans should push to have their AD fired for trying to cover up this LIE from Te'o. ESPN announcers should have question more than they have. Let's see: He never met this girl, but she is the love of his life. He is an All American A.... at ND who probably could have other girls in person, maybe not. She dies and he never goes to visitation or funeral then or after his next game. I and all others who lost a girl friend while we were in college should take this "FAKE" out where he could not make it back. He has insulted me and everyone else who lost a love one. What a JERK!!!!!

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And then our AD goes and hires one of the few Football coaches Dooley even beat

You guys are a joke and the most stupid fans I have ever encountered. Butch Jones is highly respected and hasn't coached a down at UT. Saban"s record at Mich State was really sub-par yet LSU hired him. So what does Dooley's one game with those two schools involed have to do with our football status. You are so stupid you are either Alabama "steroid" fans or "crawler"gator fan

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Football players lose their talent and ability to think quick as they get older. Sports writers do the same when they get John's age. They retire and John should retire.He reached this several years ago. He is spoiled and if the coaches, administration and others don't pat his ego by disagreeing with him, he holds that against them and or the team.
Make my new year by annoucing your resignation effective January 1.

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John Adams is a sick little man with the Nepolian complex.

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The problem I had with Tee explanation to cover up been hen pecked is that he said he was commited to the players he had and the ones he recruited. Tee that doesn't fly! What about the Kentucky players you recruited and coached. Tee I wish you hadn't said that!!!!

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This is another bad article by a sorry person. Look at how many years Ala. was down, Notre Dame down, LSU went many years down, did some stupid sports writer saying the same as john cause them to not get back to the top--I DON'T THINK SO. So climb back in your hole. When people see what a little person john adams is they will say I knew he was a little person by his negative persona but didn't realize how little he is in totality.

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Wait...... Why would Payton Manning try and persuade Jones to go the University´╗┐ of Colorado??????? What the Heck Manning!!! Unless it was a joke. Jones never should have said that.... WTF! I hope it was a joke... a badly presented joke I hope!

*Im always watching*

PS We now have coach Jones!! Next hire for assistant coach will be Radio... haha love that movie "Radio". Hey coach Jones!

You must be 8 years old. Peyton called before Jones was even talked to about UT job. UT was rumored to be after Grundy and Strong at that time. He was trying to help a school where he lives. Jones was right to tell it because it was an endorsement of his coachong ability by the great Peyton Manning. You don't even know how to spell Peyton. Your mother is calling, it's time for your bottle.

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Sad day in UT BB. Martin has shown that he can't coach on this level. I have supported him and am sad that he is not the man to have us at the top. Hart will have a hard decision to make in the near future.

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Jimmy Hyamms is reporting that Gruden turned us down. I want to believe that this is just one more of his ridiculous predictions, but in my gut, I feel like this is probably accurate.

I can't stand this anymore. It's exhausting. We'll get Jimbo Fisher or some middling ACC coach that had one good season in the past three years and we'll be mediocre for years to come. At least Fulmer/Kiffin/Dooley isn't coaching anymore.

Thank you Mike Hamilton for hiring Kiffin and then Dooley. It's worked out beautifully. You couldn't have done more to destroy our program if you had tried.

You must be 17 years old or a person who sacks groceries for a living. A person who never hired anyone. Hamilton's hire of Kiffen looked good until the "snake" bolted for funny farm USC. I as many have hired people in top jobs and you cross your fingers that they work out because you never know. Kiffen's sudden departure 3 weeks before recruiting kept UT from getting a coach from a big time school. So blaming Hamilton shows you to be ignorant.

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John, as usual, did not lie. He simply chose to highlight the negatives. Notice the lack of reporting on offense. Yes John, we get it. Ut advanced in one area and declined in another. Somehow, being the unbiased individual that you are, you only noticed the negative.
Please give me one moment (long pause) :0 My surprised face! :)

Little John never played football so when he watches the game he doesn't see what is really happening.Does anybody know that after you run a 100 yards in 10 seconds you have been outrun one and a half yard by a guy who runs the 100 in 9.7 seconds.. Tennessee defensive secondary was about alignment. When I saw the back break the line of scrimmage with no one between him and the goal. I looked at the position of our cornerbacks and safety and they were five to six yards on both sides and they are not going to make those yrds. up in the next 43 to 75 yards against one of their fastest players. A good defensive coordinator under a new coach will have the speed. Retire John the Negative, you don't understand the game.

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My wife and I will be at the game. Five hour trip. Small number of hours compared what the seniors have put in for our beloved UT and fans. We respect them and say Thanks for trying to win games.

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Why are the facilities and financial condition in such bad shape if Hamilton was the wizard with numbers that everyone thought? Maybe it would be a good time for the Trustees to have someone audit the books to see what Hamilton has done. Or maybe they need to hold themselves a little more accountable and take their job a little more seriously. To make this a thorough housecleaning, Cheek has to go as well. He and Hamilton presided over the dismantling of the athletic department and I can't understand why he isn't being held accountable. Hart has his job cut our for him and I hope he's up to the task. I don't think there is an established coach in the country that has any interest in working at Tennessee right now with the situation that it's in unless the pay is exorbitant. That means taking a chance on an up and comer which is risky at best. In that case, Hart better be right. This a very sad state of affairs for the Volunteer nation. Only the most faithful will survive this.

My,My! Hart says facalties need upgrading. Is it possible that he is talking about the old outdated concourse and rest rooms from section B to section R. Wait all the other improvements at the stadium was done by Hamilton and he had those mentioned above in the next phase. Get a life and maybe you will live in the real world. Hamilton improved the baseball stadium, a new golf facility and others were started or done under his watch. I will cut this short before your mother catches you on the internet.

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At that spontaneous display of concern and sportsmanship is when I said that Coach Dooley needs one more year. If those of you screaming for his head can't see the marked improvement in this team on and off the field just shut up. Instead of bashing one of the greatest coaches to ever coach in the SEC in Spurrier and ignoring that Dooley has brought our program to the brink of success why don't you get a life. VFL

You are the one who needs to get a life. Spurrier has all ways been about Spurrier and winning. The SEC will be better off when he retires. Sweeney at Clemson has more class in one finger tham Spurrier's whole body. Check out Sweeney's background and you will see what a tough life he and his mother had and you pull for him except if they play Tennessee. Spurrier was a spoiled brat in High School and never learned about life in general.

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I hope Franklin and Vandy team think constantly about the locker room celebration. The Vols win 45 to 17. Having played I know the feeling of revenge will last until you get hit or hit for about two plays. Then it is about the moment and if not then you are headed for a train wreck.

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Written on Pre-snap communication issues part of growing pains on defense :

Wake up you idots who don't know football. Tennessee got three game impact bad penalities and one no call game impact. Yet our team (for the true Vol fans)kept fighting in the second half and out played S.C. 21 to 10 in points. What idoits we have here who are so negative they resent that their mother gave them birth. Get a life. I am looking forward to next year with this young team and second year in a new defense.

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

I agree Dooley is in charge and Chaney is a joke. Come on people who have already posted. We went for a low percwntage completion on 3rd and 4, 3rd and three. What a joke Chaney is but Dooley loves him. Tyler Bray is a joke too.

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Ok Adams here you go again, showing you are the worst sportwriter in the history of the KNS.
You write about the great recruits Meyers left Mudcamp and that Dooley has brought Tennessee recruiting up. Then you say we haven't gained on Fla. Lets see Fla. had all these great recruits under Meyers and left them for Mudcamp and Dooley has upgraded our recruits but he has not gained on Fla. Yep! Just plain dumb a-- journalism. And a polite way to be negative about The Vols. Go back to LSU. Oh wait I have two LSU fans and they don't want YOU!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Surely you mean the defensive coordinator! That is if you know anything about football.

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No. The reason Tennessee lost that game was a stupid call by the official who flagged Tn for a hand to Leak's helmet AFTER he threw a pick six to Marvin Mitchell that put the game out of reach!

You are so correct!!! When I read books and articles I am schocked that they don't do more research. It was a call that won the game.. Just like the pass completion that the film showed it slipping through the Fla. guy hands on the goal line that won another game for them. A baby holds it first bottle longer than that guy did. Instant replay would have reversed it. The one offical who ruled it a touchdown played at Vander-commode. Spurrier said we stole one. The SEC office said Monday it was a blown call.

Vols 27 night crawlers 10

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Just a little bit of research Adams and one can see how Majors was able to build Pitt back so fast. UNLIMITED visits by a coach to a high school netted Tony Dorsett (know who he is?) and 72 other recruits that year. 73 total recruits in his first year, 3 years later he gets the NC.

You beat me to it. I should have known Adams would not spend any energy to research anything. Shows his lack of football knowledge. There is no comparison what Majors did in a few years since he was able to bring in that many. Adams was hoping nobody knew that so he could try and put pressure on Dooley who inherited the worst situation of any coach in the modern era of SEC football.

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in response to VolzsFan:

Spoken like a person that is a fan and has never played or coached on any level.

The money involved in basketball (the TV rights alone for the NCAA tournament are $771 million per year compared to all the BCS games TV package of $125 million) I assure you there is some heavy duty paying of players going on. They have actually mastered the way to funnel it through lawyers so the NCAA cannot touch under attorney/client. It is masterful.

Bruce had two prospects in town for an unofficial visit. One is in the NBA and one is considered a first rounder next year and Pearl was the first to offer him a scholarship. Another player, Tatum, brought them to his house. Tough deal. Bruce knew it was illegal but do you be rude and throw them out? Most would not. I would not.

Hammy being the worst manger in history, did not manage his employee. When the NCAA came Hammy split and was no where to be found. Fact. Pearl made a mistake. He was not coached on how to handle the situation. No legal representation was provided except the school attorney representing the school. The entire thing was a misdemeanor mis-handled.

Stop your Bubba talk and show some respect for the best basketball coach in this schools history. Many Bubbas like you did not show the best baseball and football coach their respect. Just think, all three where on campus at the same time and Hammy ruined it.

Hey everyone, enjoy all that change you wanted.

You had some goods points but showed your lack of understanding of top executives latitude in any business. The CEO of General Motors is not responsible for the everyday work load of the President of the Cadilac Division and especially if he lies and does the right thing by confessing. So show your class by trying to blame it on Mike Hamilton and calling him hammy.

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Same old material from Adams. His brain power can not write anything new. Come on KNS this guy represents you. Its time to let him go. If fans count then he is so far up the list to get fired compared to Dooley it isn't even funny.

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Oh please someone at KNS have the professionalism that Hart has and clean up the negative mess they have in John Adams. I am a graduate of UT and a Lady Vol fan. I did not think this was any way a kick at Pat Summitt. John is good at trying to convince everybody that if he says it then the majority will say it. No only the idoit that should have been let go a long time ago. Please KNS get rid of the little man in statue man that fights the demons everyday of everybody looking down at him.

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in response to volnsc:

Great hire!


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Sit them on the bench. This is not a good MS team. Our team is use to losing and should be proud to wear the orange instead of thinking I'm good, I have a scholarship.