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Written on UT players, media weigh in on social media about Cuonzo Martin:

Cuonzo was just never a good fit at Tennessee. He is called a "class" guy, but some ex players may disagree. Especially the signee that was told to look elsewhere before Thompson signed. He signed around 20 players in 4 years. How many are SEC caliber players? Stokes, Richardson, Hubbs…maybe AJ Davis, and Thompson. I think Tennessee will get an upgrade in a coach, but a 15 win season will probably be the best anyone does with next year's roster.

Written on [Updated] Cuonzo Martin leaving UT for California; search for his replacement begins:

When Stokes declared, Cuonzo knew what next season was going to look like. 14-15 wins and getting fired, with an average attendance of 11K, would mean a trip back to the mid major level at best. Taking Cal now, where they actually appreciate the NIT, was the best move for him. The Tennessee job is much more appealing now than it was when Bruce left. There are no NCAA clouds and no criminals on the team. Next year will be tough regardless of the coach, however, I think Tennessee will definitely upgrade the coaching position.

Written on Kingsley Okoroh a giant addition to a Vols team in need of frontcourt players:

7'1" and the 30th ranked center? I think we have another project player.

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Fire the Weekly's. ;-)

Written on John Ward’s most memorable games at Stokely:

wow..100+ point games before the shot clock and the 3 pt line. I'll bet those were games to see!

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I signed the petition in an emotional tirade after the second Texas A&M loss. That, plus the fact the CCM never seems to work the refs in defense of his players, had me convinced that Coach Martin was not going to be able to save his job. I couldn't fathom the thought that a senior laden team with so much talent was heading down the road to the NIT. As usual, I was wrong and over reacted. The "tougher breed" kicked in just in time and those guys and coaches gave us some of the best basketball that we've seen in the post shot clock/3 pt line era.

In Martin's tenure we have head some head scratching losses, but some record setting wins over Vanderbilt and Kentucky. When CCM's teams play defense the way Martin wants, it is not boring basketball. It is dominating. However, when they have games here and there where the effort on D isn't there, they could lose to almost anyone. Their offense just isn't good enough to put them over the top in those games.

I really think CCM has improved as a coach, but I do hope he gets a little more offensive help from his staff. When I see how Stokes, Richardson, Maymon and Jordymac developed over the last 3 years, there is hope that Martin could be very successful at Tennessee. I, for one, am pulling for him. He has done a great job developing these men and our arrest record is non existent. That entire team made me very proud with that run and that is the first time since I became a real UT basketball fan(1979) that I actually could envision a team in orange cutting down nets. I hope within 10 years, we are the last team standing. If anyone deserves it for all the phooey he has had to put up with, it is CCM.

Written on Jarnell Stokes 'to pray about' future plans:

If Stokes comes back, his jersey will end up in the rafters.

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in response to KENVOL:

They did good. I am proud of them. Coach Martin did a good job. I would give him a raise but no extension. See what he does next year.

If you don't give him an extension, you pull the rug out from under him on the recruiting trail. No one commits to a coach in the last year of his contract.

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in response to Goodgriefcharliebrown:

Sounds like sour grapes on both counts. Of course, no one saw your number called to play anywhere did they. Who's the joke. Get a life.

Good for little Pearl. I do agree that he had no business playing in front of Maymon. He did get more minutes than his talent deserved. I guess had we all been sons of Coach Pearl, maybe our number would have been called.

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Just because we disagree with the administration on several issues doesn't me we are not true fans. I will be pulling for the Vols to win every time they take the field/floor. If it is a close game tonight, I don't like the Vols' chances based on our coach's record in close games. But just because I'm not a sunshine pumper, doesn't mean I don't want them to win. GBO! Survive and advance.

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in response to underthehill:

Like it or not..Auburn did not just buy a coach..they bought a program..I felt sure he would get a top notch job..I just hoped it would not be in the SEC..

Auburn has BALLS, Tennessee has CHEEKs….and those cheeks will get spanked next year and for years to come. Some don't think it will happen as soon as next year, however, without Stokes, Mcrae and Maymon, combined with Pearl's recruiting…the Vols and Auburn will be much more even in talent next year. Pearl will keep the game close and win in the last 5 minutes.

I hope the Vols prove me wrong and make a run in the tournament, but I've thought time and time again that they had turned the corner this year, only to have them lose inexplicably. This team had 5/6 seed talent, yet barely got in, if you consider the play-in "in". In close games, Tennessee only had a chance if their opponents were extremely inferior(Tennessee Tech, etc). I will cheer as hard as I can for the Vols, but I'm just too skeptical to get my hopes up.

If Mcrae and Barton miss their first 4 shots, it will be a long night.

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in response to Snapshot:

Agree, that pretty much says it all.

I, too, hate when someone makes a good play, such as a dunk, and they scream with their mouth wide open like they had just won the Nat. Champ. And it is players all over the country, not just the Vols. Just make the play and get your butt back down court and play some defense instead of going "look at me, look at me". Nothing wrong with being passionate about your play but I think it has gone a little overboard.

Right on Snapshot and 1volk-nowi-tall. Mcrae didn't learn his lesson dropping the f-bomb at Witchita St did he? When I saw him yelling it again Saturday, I sort of expected another T. Not to worry, Pat Adams got us in the end when Martin wouldn't argue a damned thing and left the arguing to Maymon. What a garbage call that was! And Martin said notta freaking thing!

Written on Offensive trouble, tough whistles weigh on Tennessee men's basketball team after SEC semifinal loss to No. 1 Florida:

I don't blame Maymon for pleading his case. Heaven's knows his coach wouldn't stand up for him. I want a coach that fights for his players! Does Martin ever argue anything? Is he ever in a ref's ear? NO. This is why his record in close games is horrible.

When he needs a call or a break, it will never come his way. The scales in the refs head are always tipped toward the other coach, because typically, the other coach has been working it. Martin will never get a tough call in crunch time. The players are left to argue for themselves, which really rubs refs the wrong way. As long as Cuonzo is our coach, we will be griping about zebras as we win 20% of games decided by 8 or fewer points.

Proud of the team, but this program is going nowhere fast. When Stokes, Mcrae, Maymon, and Barton exit left, we are going to be the next Auburn…a bunch of 6'6" athletes that can't shoot or score in the post. I will cheer for the Vols, and I hate to be negative, but the future leaves me with a malaise feeling.

Written on SEC tournament matchup: South Carolina vs. Tennessee:

Vols playing in a dome makes me fear a 3 for 27 from the 3 pt arc type performance. Hopefully, they will shoot the ball well and stay hot! GBO

Written on Matchup: Georgia at Tennessee:

Fox > Cuonzo…Tennessee talent > Georgia talent. I would say Tennessee in a close one, but Tennessee doesn't win close ones, so I'll say Georgia in a close one.

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in response to utfans#211352:

Something wrong when you can't get the ball in court in a do or die last possession, we looked totally panicked. So much of basketball is chemistry this team just looks tentative and uncomfortable now. I never get when we call timeouts, the half court offense, why they didn't play zone, I think Martin and this team are doubting themselves now. A lot of talent is going to waste.

If Cuonzo wastes food like he wastes talent, he could feed Africa.

Written on Barring surprises, Vols look forward to drama-free National Signing Day:

If we don't get Adoree, I sure hope he goes to USC instead of FL. He could be the difference in that game.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' bandwagon has good seats available:

Never left the bandwagon, but this team can't be trusted. I hope Mcrae and Maymon get to play in another NCAA tournament, but I expect another inexplicable flameout if they do. If they are an 11 or 12 seed, it will be bad. If they can work their way into an 8/9 game, then they may get to round two before getting hammered by a 1. You just never know which team will show.

Written on Former commitment Kevin Mouhon not coming to Tennessee:

Good luck Kevin. And to all the people thinking he was backing out on UT….really? My guess is the Vols told him that they weren't going to have room and they gave him time to find somewhere else. From what I hear, it may happen 2 or 3 more times, especially if they get silent commits from more coveted players.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Are Vols just good enough to fall short?:

Just good enough to lose like an uninspired team.

Written on UT denies public access to athletics board meetings:

The secret society of how Jimmy Cheek, with his fear of the power of Bruce Pearl, undercut our basketball program.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Stirring the pot with Martin? Martin is cooking himself by letting refs walk on him and his team. NO TECHNICAL FOULS in his career as a head coach? You can't make that up. Taking no timeouts during the A&M run when his players looked gassed? WTF is he thinking? I can't figure it out. I'm not a basketball expert, but I know a good coach when I see one. And although I think Martin is a very good man, I do not think he is a very good coach.

Written on Mike Strange: Transfers loom large, for and against Vols:

Players should be able to transfer. Schools give 1 year scholarships, which is a year by year contract. Coaches leave for other schools every year, players should be able to do the same if they have legitimate reasons. If coaches realizes his player is not up to par, he can just cut him loose(Wes Washpun, Trae Golden). It should be a two way street.

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in response to fannotsheep:

This is a unique situation. If you are a student athlete wanting a great education and not rolling all your dice on an NFL career, Vandy is a great place to be, regardless who the coach is. But if football is not secondary -- and Franklin made it a place where guys with bona fide skills would sign -- then why would you stay there? The only good move Vandy made in football in the past 75 years was hiring Franklin. Why would a commit expect them to find another guy like him after they let him get away?

The comments here are priceless. UT fans sold their souls to ride the Lane Train and imagine if he had achieved the turnaround here that Franklin did. Compared to where Vandy had been, Kiffin would have had to go 32 - 7 or something, play in two BCS games and win a national championship to equal Franklin's stunning transformation of the long-dead football program in Nashville. They didn't (still don't) have an Athletic Director folks.

You can nitpick about ethics, right and wrong, etc. But Franklin was their Bruce Pearl times 3. He raised Lazarus. If they wanted to stay on the track he placed them on, they'd have dug deep in the alumni wallets and paid him enough to keep him. He is leaving for a school best known to 18-year-olds as the place that covered for a dirty old man who molested little boys.

One thing no one mentions is how Franklin won most of his games with Bobby Johnson's players. Johnson probably would have won 7-9 games with those teams given the talent he had and the fall off of the SEC East. Franklin got too much credit for winning like he did at Vandy. I'm not saying he is not a very good coach, but we will really see what he is made of at Penn State. Last year, Missouri was in injury hell, this year, Georgia and Florida were. Tennessee was incompetently coached last year, and this year, Tennessee just didn't have the offensive fire power, and still should have won the game. Franklin is no Nick Saban, Urban Meyer or Pete Carroll. Ethically, he is very close to Meyer, but he is not some great x's and o's guru.

Written on Antwan Space's 3-pointer beats UT, 57-56:

I don't think Pearl will be back at Tennessee, although he would kill it…again! However, did you ever think Louisville would hire Petrino again?

Written on Alabama couple names son 'Krimson Tyde':

Hopefully someday Krimson will refer to her parents as Stupid Arse and Dumb Redneck Arse. Row TIE

Written on ESPN: Saban invites Kiffin to share ideas on Alabama's offense:

Kiffin destroyed 3 football programs in 5 years. Hopefully, he can tear another one down. This is probably a Jimmy Sexton ploy to get Kiff yet another coaching job handed to him. Dear Kiffy, please stay in Tuscaloosa.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols leaving too many points on the court:

Vols lead the league in one category. Getting their ish packed! Liberace would fit right in with our low post rotation.

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in response to ChesterDrawers:

Am I the only fan growing weary of such a slow pace on offense, seemingly relying on good defense as the primary game tactic. Is it an unreasonable to change to a faster pace of offense and maybe speeding up driving the ball to the basket? Frustrating to watch!

It is unreasonable if you are Cuonzo and you believe in the Purdue model. How many National Championships did that system win at Purdue? (Crickets) Bruce Pearl would mop the floor with other teams if he had these players. That's what makes it so hard to watch.

Written on Former Tennessee basketball star Dyron Nix dies:

Dyron RIP…loved watching him dunk the ball. Great athlete.

Written on Vols embracing underdog role in matchup with Wichita State:

I just don't see Vols winning this one. Hopefully they prove me wrong. Predition: WSU 71-UT-56

Written on Loss to San Diego removes homefield lock for Denver, Peyton Manning:

will Peyton ever play for a team that plays defense?

Written on Alabama woman faces murder charges for allegedly killing another fan because she wasn't upset enough at Crimson Tide loss to Auburn:

And they continue to prove Clay Travis right. Alabama is definitely the dumbest fan base in Merica.

Written on Tennessee beats Xavier in Bahamas, 64-49:

Cuzzball is maddening

Written on Mike Strange: On further review, this class couldn't catch a break:

Another head scratching review came in the loss at Lexington 2 years ago. In Kentucky's winning touchdown drive, they clearly fumbled the ball inside the 10 and Tennessee clearly recovered, yet the replay official ruled "inconclusive" video evidence while keeping his UK tramp stamp covered and out of sight.

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Bring out the black curtains Dave Hart. UT will average 8-10 K with this garbage. Feed the post, get it packed, clank 2 free throws. Feed da pose, kick it out, clank a 3 ball. Great scheme! This team can't "score the ball" against a valid opponent. Good luck Cuonzo, but the only way this team qualifies for NCAA tourney is to win the SEC tourney. 1 in 5000 on that happening.

Written on Vols to play in 2014 Old Spice Classic; field includes Michigan State, Kansas, Ga. Tech and Xavier:

Cuonzo Peterson can't lead them or we'll go 0-for in that tournament too.

Written on Kentucky senior Raymond Sanders suspended for Senior Day against Tennessee:

uh oh! I hope his replacement isn't named Mauk. I guarantee you whomever runs in his place will look like an All-American.

Written on With 1 game left, Butch Jones entrusts Joshua Dobbs to finish season:

Did anyone ask: "Since we were playing conservative in a close game, why were we not running the play clock down before the snap throughout the 4th quarter?"

Written on Butch Jones: Cam Sutton received death threat after Vandy loss:

yes…Cam is one of our best and most consistent players on defense. That sounds about right for some of our ignorant fans!

Players didn't lose that game, coaches did. I understand the pace of a hurry up offense, but when you have a 10-7 lead with 6 minutes to go, you don't snap the ball with 20 seconds on the play clock. Time management alone wins the game. Also not selling out to get pressure on the QB on 3rd and 7 was another bad move. And the fake FG? I didn't think Palardy was going to make it. I was hoping they would try to punt it inside the 5 and play defense.

Written on John Adams: Vols are versatile, but not in a good way:

Kentucky has a QB that can run. We are probably losing 8 for the first time ever.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee-Vanderbilt is a rivalry because of James Franklin:

Lets be truthful David. Tennessee and Vandy's rivalry was not awakened because Vandy hired Franklin, it was because Hamilton hired Dooley. It isn't like Vandy jumped up to the top of the East to challenge Tennessee, but Tennessee dropped to the cellar to anchor down with Vandy.

Written on Bernard King says he faced racism at Tennessee:

I wish folks who down play racism could walk around Knoxville(or any U.S city) in a black man's shoes for about a month. I would say they may have a different perspective after that. BTW, King accused the KPD of racism in the article, not Knoxville or UT. That's how I read it.

Written on Mike Strange: 'Bernie and Ernie' shows there's more to the story than baskets:

I was born in 67, so I never saw King play in person. I wish I had though. I became a Vol basketball fanatic starting in 1980.

My favorite player to this day: Dale Ellis! Fluid, smooth, dominant, great defender, one of the best in UT history at moving without the ball. I think he listed 6'7", but he played inside like he as 6'11", and played outside like he was 6'4". Still one of the best scorers I've seen. How good would he have been with a 3 pt line and a shot clock in his day? Same for King. In today's game, you could probably add 10 points and 5 rebounds to both of their bottom lines.

Like they did with King, UT waited too long to honor Dale. Better late than never I guess. GBO

Written on Butch Jones: No timetable on Justin Worley's return:

Dang KNS, couldn't you find a better picture of the kid? That picture makes us realize why is arm strength is not as good as it could be. I've heard he throws of his back foot, but heck, either foot could be his back foot.

Written on Secondary coach Willie Martinez: Tennessee's improvement showing:

True statement on every play being significant. For instance, the first play with Tennessee kicking off to Gorgia ended with a taunting penalty with 15 yards tacked on. The drive ended with a 56 yard field goal. I don't think Richt would have attempted a 71 yard field goal(like Lane Kiffin). Without those 3 points, who knows what would have happened.

All those that say one play doesn't win or lose a game are incorrect. Every play matters. Every penalty matters. Every yard matters.

Another thing that matters are blown calls by referees protecting one of the leagues "favorites" to get into the BCS championship game.

1. The phantom pass interference on the game tying drive. 2. The unsportsmanlike call on Coach Jones. How many times has Muschamp blown his top? I'd say 40 or 50. How many flags has he gotten?
3. The review of the previous play when Tennessee snapped the ball before the whistle. 4. The no call on the Aaron Murray intentional grounding.

I would say Jones will send a complaint to the SEC office highlighting the awful calls. And Slive will know the refs were just doing what they were instructed to do(wink, wink).

Written on John Adams: Vols are playing like it's 2010 again:

Major difference: In 2010, UT had an imitation coach that was born on third base and acted like he hit a triple. In 2013, UT had a real coach that singled up the middle(united the fan base), stole second with blazing speed(recruited like heck, sorry...hell) and now the opposing pitcher(other SEC head coaches) are so distracted that they are litterally praying on the mound(see Mark Richt with head bowed) that he doesn't steel third(win the SEC in 2015) and home(make the 4 team playoff).

The sleeping giant was tickled on the nose with a feather Saturday. I think I heard a snort!


Written on Derek Dooley enjoying fresh start in Dallas; Georgia-UT week different this year:

Dooley is not a coach. He is a check casher, period.