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I am a fan of the pro-style offense when you have the personnel for it. I love watching a team run it down hill and throw it down the field. Though, one of the key ingredients is at least one dominant down-hill back. Tennessee does not have that guy right now. Those guys are committing to Alabama, Georgia, LSU, USC, etc. Tennessee still has and is still getting quality guys who are serviceable but they are not going to dominate games (Eddie Lacy, Trent Richardson, etc) Therefore, I have made this comment several times over the last couple years, when you don't have those type backs, a dual-threat quarterback is the great equalizer. Again, I am a fan of a pro-style offense but I think Tennessee will benefit greatly in the next two or three years with their new approach. If Bray stays, mold your offense around him until you get the personnel.

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The UT job is a good job. Best conference in the country, tradition, great fan base, potential to be most popular person in the state. You will have the opportunity to win. The problem appears to be the ineptitude of the people doing the search. I dont think Dave Hart wanted to do this search. A job as important as UT there should have been more feelers put out before Dooley was fired.

Bullcrap! You don't put "feelers" out there. As an AD, you support your head coach while he is in the position. Coaches talk, man! If you start putting "feelers" out, coaches see you as a back stabber. Then, absolutely no one wants to come because your AD is a back stabber.

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Character guy my butt!! More like shrewd snake..He just squeezed the louisville AD for almost an almost 2 million dollar raise

That's the AD's choice, knowitall.

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Strong was my choice ever since Dooley was fired because he is a character guy and a defensive minded coach. I appreciate Hart going after a guy like this. It shows that he understands what is needed in UT's situation. I hate that Strong didn't come, but we will get a good coach by the end of this thing because Hart is goint to be diligent.

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Kinda of a piss poor effort if that was the conversation. I don't know but I for one am ready to get some real business done. If Gruden wanted to come, I am sure Tenn could make it happen, but seems Tenn needs to move to serious candidates

Dude, he doesn't want the job! Give it a break.

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It's "one guy" who is being counted on to replace Rivera who just so happens to be our best TE since Witten! Kind of a big deal!

Ever drink too much and act like an idiot while in college? Yea, me too. It's a bad choice, and he will pay the consequences. However, it's not the end of the world.

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Get Petrino Nowwwwwww!

Yes bring in a guy who has no character/integrity. Stupid. CDD didn't win, but he did bring and establish some integrity in the program. Do things like this not cross your mind?

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Hire the right guy. Forget how long it takes to find him, forget who's staying and who's leaving, forget next year's recruiting class.

Hire the right guy.

"The right guy" is relative. If the guy that is hired wins, then he is the "right" hire; if he doesn't, he is not. These comments always amaze me. Much like analysts saying "what a great play call" when the fake punt works, and "I don't know what Coach so-so was thinking with that call" when it doesnt. This may be too philosophical, but I think it is true. Decisions are decisions...some work out and are praised, others don't and they are criticized. Those in leadership have to make the best decision they can given the info they have and let it roll. As fans, we should support.

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I think Hunter will probably be back-- I don't think he has had a "1st-rounder" kind of season.
If Dooley is fired and replaced by a proven offensive mastermind, then it becomes slightly more likely that Bray returns.
I don't foresee any scenario in which Patterson decides to stay next season-- he's an early 1st-round lock, and will be a multi- multi- millionaire this time next season.
I wish all three of them well, regardless. It would be nice to see the Vols finish this season with two regular-season wins and a bowl win, but that would surprise me greatly at this point.

Well, you must have insight that pro scouts don't. Hunter is projected as a first round lock and Patterson a second rounder. Also, scouts look at upside and not at pure numbers. They see a tall, athletic, fast kid with a huge vertical who has great hands. He is a potential game changer in the NFL. Patterson is more "raw" and not as NFL ready as a WR.

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Totally agree about Cutcliffe..He's not my 3rd choice, but I respect him as a person and coach..I would love to see a younger coach that has earned the right to coach at a university like UT. I have a feeling Kirby Smart is #1 on Hart's list..We'll see.

Hart will bring in an established head coach who has won. I just don't think he will take a chance on a "up and comer coordinator" like Smart. The stakes are too high. He will go safe before hiring a guy like this. If he goes mid-major, watch out for Hudspeth from Louisiana-Lafayette.

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I believe it will be Petrino

No way! If it is, I won't watch a game. Character counts, and Petrino has shown time and time again he has none. I know it's not the rock star hire, but I hope Hart brings Coach Cutcliffe back. The guy is a proven winner who will build on the "character" culture change that CDD established.

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Did you know, you being so good at picking losers, that US military members gave more money in donations to the president that they did to mittens?

"President Obama has received more than $500,000 in donations from military members, a figure that dwarfs the amount Mitt Romney raised by more than $250,000. That’s according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan election money tracking site, which released a report on October 15th detailing the political spending habits of military personnel. "

I actually care about our guys overseas, unlike people like you.

How stupid do you feel calling people out: "Oh, you voted for Obama", when the president won the popular vote by an amount unprecedented since FDR?


UT '81

Walt, I have thought you were an idiot for a while. Now, you have confirmed it. Why don't you move to Califormia, smoke some dope, quit your job and live off the working man, and hug a tree! Go Vols!

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I pulled for Dooley for a long time. I'm over it. This knucklehead has to go. Look what Louisana Tech is doing without him!!! Does it get any clearer!? WTF am I missing here?

One thing you are missing is that CDD recruited the upper classman who are the core of this LaTech team. Not defending CDD losing games at UT, but giving you what you asked for.

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(enter your entry below)

I say 9 (monday after Vandy game)

I'll take the under. Honestly, I think CDD 's fate is sealed, and think the announcement will be made Monday morning. Hart needs to get on the ball and get the guy who can turn this thing around. I would like to say that I like CDD a lot for the following reasons: 1) He has gotten control of the program from a discipline stand point (not perfect, but impossible to have it perfect when dealing with 18-22 year olds.) 2) Along the same lines, he has recruited kids with character. I spoke to the father of a high school quarterback who CDD offered when he was at La. Tech, and he said that on his son's official visit CDD told him, "You won't have to worry about your son doing right here, nor will you have to worry about others acting right. We demand that they act right." 3) I really believe CDD has tried to develop these boys into men. However, he has not won winnable ballgames, and Tennessee is a winning program. I wish the guy the best because I think he is a great dude, but it is time for change. Unfortunately, another change hurts recruiting and will set us back for at least another year.

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Patterson has got skills to pay the bills!!
We need him back next year. Graduate from UT young man and make us proud. Same goes for Bray. Next season we should be a top ten team. Dooley and Sal, I'm glad you got it fixed but your hole is too big. Even if you win out.

If they win out, I think Dooley will be retained. However, I just don't see how he can justify keeping Sanseri. I don't doubt that this guy is a good football coach, but I don't think he was ready for this job.

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If our defense stays true to form. Franklin may be able to get into The Heisman Trophy discussion after Saturday

Now, that's funny right there! I don't care who you are...that's funny!

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Dooley took over the largest mess ever at UT and has found a way to make it worse.

This may the funniest post I have ever read.

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I don't think any fan understands just how low this program had sunk when CDD took over. I also think that many of the negative folks on this board were the same ones wanting Chavis fired when our defense was one of the best in the country. They like negativity, are insecure, and posting negative messages on a message board makes them feel better. Most of them sucked at playing sports and couldn't coach/teach to save their hind end; yet, they are experts. Do I think things need to get better? Sure, but I also think that a coaching change is not the logical move right now.

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I don't know what team you Dooley haters have been watching for the last three years, but it's not the one I've seen. The one I've seen has:
• Had better players recruited every year
• Has shown improvement on the field every year (with the exception of this year's defense, whose performance can be argued is understandable)
• Has gone toe-to-toe with all but one SEC Top 10 foe in the third year
• Has shown increased determination and grit in the fourth quarter in the third year
• Is increasingly comprised of more high character guys each year than the group that was inherited
• Is poised for a breakout year next year if everyone stays, which they should

Now, I know there will be minions of you who will disagree with this assessment. So, to those who do, I say - if you don't like the direction of your program, then do one of two things:
1. Stop all your financial support of the program, or
2. Get with your friends and cough up $9.3 million to buy out Dooley and his assistants. Then pony up the financial commitment necessary to hire the "next Nick Saban." And, since most of you think it's Jon Gruden, then remember, you're bidding against the DP annointed "Mother Ship" of all sports media. So, good luck with that.

Otherwise, keep your sorry, whining rear ends off this board. CDD and his staff have work to do, and you're in the way.

Nice post! I would like to shake your hand. These are the facts! I would assume that you have a decent athletic background because you obviously understand the process.

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WARNING***** "Vols20" is yet another FRAUD AND POSER who wants to keep Dooley Losing at UT!!!!

Go back to Vandy, FL, UGA, or wherever!!!


Get off our site TROLL!!!!

No, Mr. "I was in the band and blew a horn in high school and now know everything about football", I am a Vol fan!!! I also am a former coach who understands how IGNORANT people bash coaches all the time. Every one is a freaking genius! I live in Tennessee, am a Vol fan, and those are my thoughts. I know that I am in the minority in my feelings, but I have a right to an opinion. Go back to practicing your flute, jackpump!

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Here is my opinion - for what it's worth. Unless, Tennessee finishes with a losing record, Dooley should be retained. I have played sports at a pretty high level and understand "you have to win the big one", but they still have a chance to finish the season 7-5 which would be an improvement. I don't think any fan, myself included, can fathom the poor shape the program was in three years ago when CDD took over. He said that it would take time to get this thing back on track at the first press conference. We all want instant gratification, but three years (and really I would say this is year two because of the timing of his hire) is not much time. The SEC is tough folks! Tennessee hasn't beaten the big boys, but with the exception of Bama, have had a chance to win every game. And this has happened while our defense has been terrible. The positive is that our offense is dadgum good and should be better next year. I do believe the defense will be much improved next year after a year in the new scheme and with more experience/talent in the secondary.

Another thing I would point out is the way the program is being run. I think CDD understands the "process". Off the field problems are better. I think this is the case for two reasons: (1) CDD understands what it means to run a program that has discipline and accountibility and (2) recruiting a better quality of kid . I am not saying that there haven't been issues but the reality is that there will always be bad choices by 18-22 year olds. Heaven knows I made some. The bottom line is that CDD process is not a quick fix philosophy, but can be, and I think will be, successful in time. I just hope they finish the year strong.

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I have supported CDD from day one, but there is no excuse in UT being 0-3 in SEC at this point in the season. The only way he keeps his job is to win out after SC and AL, and win a bowl game which would get UT to eight wins. This is an eight win team at the very least.

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No disrespect intended to Tyler Bray but I wish we had honered the committment to Taj Boyd because I think he's better.

Boyd wouldn't put up near the numbers he has at Clemson playing in the SEC. I think he is talented, but I can't say he is better.

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Not so fast. Maybe he isn't great. But, we are not even playing our base defense right now. Why? Why is Wilcox better at Washington than UT? Maybe Dooley makes his assistants look bad, as opposed to Fulmer, who had assistants that made him look bad. Neither is acceptable.

Maybe coaching in the PAC-10 is not the same as the sec.

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Listen guys! I have been hammering Dooley and Chaney for that STUPID WILDCAT since last year. It has a HIGH PERCENTAGE of failure, yet we still run it.

Sure we got a FG, but this is another example of a couple of Ding Dongs who refuse to learn from past mistakes. CALL WINNING PLAYS!!!

Oh yeah, Lane comes in and gets 5 yds. Hurry up! Get him out! Obama passed an executive order mandating Neal replace Lane IMMEDIATELY after a successful run.

Yes, and you are the guy that hammers all coaches. You stand on the fence at high school games and talk about how stupid your school's coaches are as well. You also probably stunk at sports and are a pansy.

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Bray is already saying "forget this mess!" He ain't even trying!

Shut up, dude! You're stupid.

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The Vols are about to enter a gauntlet of ranked SEC teams which they have historically competed with equally and even dominated over the years. But, this is the new SEC, in which even the Fulmer teams of the 90's would have problems winning consistently. Add in all the problems the Vols have had, and you've got a mess.

In order for UT to get back to the relevance they enjoyed in the SEC in the 90's, it's going to take more than Top 20 recruiting classes every year. That won't even get you past fifth in the East. It's going to take Top 5 classes for 3-4 years just to catch up with Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and even Vanderbilt. And then, you've got LSU, Auburn, and Arkansas in the West to consider - not to mention A&M.

Compounding the problem is the uncertainty surrounding Dooley. I still believe he's the right choice, because he's making improvements, he's got a good eye for talent, and he needs another year with his own players and a stable coaching staff. He's building the program the right way, with the right players. And, if I'm wrong - then someone please tell me, who do you think UT can hire that will do a better job and will come?

Well said! I agree with you.

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Hey Derek, why not settle on ONE player to run the wildcat package so you can get BETTER at it and DO MORE THINGS? Especially since you're dealing with a weak run-blocking offensive line. It's just a question.

Shut up, Spanky! Your name says it all. Probably the only thing you're decent at.

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Ugly, but a win. 8-4 and a quality bowl -- book it!

Written on Rajion Neal now sharing Tennessee's running back role :

This is off the subject, but I want to get something off my chest. The Vols will beat it! Ahhhh...I feel much better now.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So....what is it like being a crackhead?

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There is no Livingston University in Alabama. It is now West Alabama.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Walt, I believe there is quite a bit of sarcasm and humor in what doing CDD is saying. Lighten up!

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Were you born a moron or did you just develop into one over the years? The best course of action would be for you to finish your GED and work on that promotion at the Waffle House.

That is a great response to an idiotic post...nice!

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In other news. Tyler Bray woke up this morning, took a shower, put some clothes on and walked to the store to get a cup of coffee. As he entered, an old lady walks out at same time and Bray didn't hold door open for her.

I actually like the post.

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Well said. UT under its present leadership---including the Board of Trustees that hired this sequencial stupidity---is awash in inferiority:

Bad coaches in all major sports, except Women's BB.
Bad coaches after bad coaches.
Bad Athletics Director after Bad athletics director.
Pat Summitt, living national legend and treasure, pushed out the door by the AlabamaJerk,Supported by the FloridaScumballs.

And from some of the people on this board and other places with chatboards, who can lose a lot of money if people stop clicking, we get comments like "we need to support our coaches; we need to support______."

The real deal is these people do not deserve supporting. They are guaranteed to lose; they are guaranteed to screw up; and they are guaranteed to make UT look like the laughingstock of college football.

Maybe you do not remember, but Phillip Fulmer's last year % before Hamilscum fired him on Monday of Homecoming---the one that they used to fire him---was better than Dooley's entire career.. Pearl could have been kept---and with him winning basketball---if Hamilscum and the BOT had really decided to defend him, instead of running their mouths that direction, but feet walking another and mollifying Commissioner Slive.

The baseball program now has two bad hires to replace Delmonico, just like the Football program has to replace Fulmer. The two top people in the University are the third group of bad hires, also; just like the (formerly) men's athletics.

Predictably, the crown jewel of women's athletics in colleges in America, UT's, was disbanded by Hart and fellow losers.

And the scum running the place pushed out Pat Summitt!!!!! Sooner or later somebody has to look at the Board of Trustees and say, "Enough!"

Ywr we have people on this very board and elsewhere suggesting that loyalty should prevail, and that we "Support" those jerks?????

Those who advocate that are naive twits or comatose.

GoVols. And we need VOLS with integrity and morals in charge @ all levels, not pretenders and Alabama or Florida rejects...

or misfits and the amoral.

You have a right to your opinion. I disagree with a lot of it. One thing in particular,Dave Serano was a heck of a baseball hire. It's obvious you don't know much baseball, my friend. Also, you seem very frustrated. You got some issues going on that you need to talk about? Come on - open up.

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Maybe it was never about being a Vol For Life. Perhaps it was about Dooley having a fall guy to complain to when a player got in trouble. Could it be Lott got tired of playing football policeman? If so, it tells us much about Dooley's poor leadership and Lott's good character and integrity.

This post is ridiculous! I don't know all the details but know enough. I can promise you that Lott's "character and integrity" is not real good. Fact!! I believe that it boils down to this: Lott's job was to teach character, and his lifestyle and decision making didn't model good character.

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And neither do you, but I don't like former Vols getting run off and replaced by Bammers

Could be that he got himself run off.

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Dang it Dooley, just focus on being the head coach & stop being a micro managing dictator.

Shut up, dude! You have no idea why this decision was made.

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Is the VFL Coordinator kind of a mix of spiritual leader, mentor, sports psychologist, and Sunday School teacher? Is his/her role to take the place of a student athlete being responsible for their own actions?

The answer is clearly "no". I would say that it does require one to make a concIence effort to live out the very principles that they are trying to instill. Hard to be a role model without "modeling" proper behavior.

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You're right, so why did Hamilton hire him? Nobody else wanted the job! Oh, did you notice that Kiffin has USC as #1 in several poles comming off of NCAA scantions? Right up there with the Vols! Ha,Ha,Ha!

They say ignorance is bliss. Your life must be wonderful!

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I hope someone is hired who has true character. The program needs someone who will not just talk the talk but walk the walk. Talking about doing the right things and then going out and doing the opposite is a horrible thing. This is as critical of a hire as Dooley has made in my opinion because men of true character are very difficult to find.

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Witch Doctor say most of these post are the same person(look at when they joined the board...same date) the rest are Georgia and Vandy fans with the fear of God at the beat down coming! Witch Doctor say they can cry like girls but Bray gonna hang points and they will have to cry about something!
Go Vols!
Go Bray!
Bones never lie.'re right. By the way, I always enjoy your witch doctor wisdom. Go Vols!

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It is NOT silly. It is plain STUPID. I would be looking for another and smarter QB.

That's right...bench the 20 yr old kid for doing something really stupid! I'm glad some of these folks weren't my college coach. My gosh! China, did you attend college? Ever drink some beer and do something stupid? I did and glad people didn't totally give up on me because I think I turned out alright.

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Bray should be punished as coach sees fit and everyone should move on.

Plain and simple....Well put Smokedawg!

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in response to jejjen:


"... let's allow the coaches to handle this in the appropriate manner."

They tried that at Penn State, and look what happened there. Does it bother you at all that there's a second victim that as far as we know has been shown no consideration at all by Coach Dooley or the UT football program about what was done to her car? You might think that at a minimum someone at UT would offer to pay for the damages to her car if for no other reason than they are totally against such acts of retaliation and/or intimidation.

Dude, you just compared a student throwing beer bottles at a vehicle to a coach sexually abusing multiple young boys. This is not very intelligent analogy, my friend.

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Hey Perry Mason....Bray did not rob a bank. Bray did not take hostages. Bray did not commit a felony. He ALLEGEDLY threw an empty beer bottle. Lighten up wacko.

Beautiful!! Here is the deal, Bray drank some beers, did something foolish, woke up the next day and regretted it, and hopefully will learn from it. We, the fans, probably would have never even heard of this if it had happened 15 years ago. The social media changed that! In today's society, we know if a college athlete farts to loud. I'm not condoning Bray's behavior, but let's allow the coaches to handle this in the appropriate manner. Trust me internal punishments can be brutal. I, along with several of my college baseball teammates, made a bad decision at one point (by the way I was 20 years old), and the situation was handled at 5:00 am one morning. I wouldn't wish the pain I went through that September morning on my worst enemy. None of us were suspended any games, but you better believe we didn't make that mistake again.

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Sorry Witch Doctor,

If Bray's throwing beer bottles breaking windshields of cars, he needs to be OFF the team PERIOD!


Vol for Life - Integrity for some Big Orange!!!

You're wrong! Punish - yes. Kick off team - absolutely not! College kids do stupid things. They are not mature yet. All you tough guys who want to "kick em off" for everything have obviously never been a part of quality programs run by quality coaches. As a coach, these players are like your kids. You don't kick your kids out of the house when they do something stupid.

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You just can't fix stupid!