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Really, remembered for what? As a line that had a career losing record and never went to a bowl game?

There you are DC3, I was wondering when you'd show back up in here to talk phooey about us. I guess this means you'll be bringing your other VOL hating buddies alone with you? I look forward to your insight into college football and how we should have, could have, would have. I guess you and Forbes Ford or whatever his name is today will enjoy sipping on moonshine and laughing it up. These gentlemen that wore the orange and white for 4 years and stuck it out should be remembered for playing with their heart and soul regardless of going to bowl game as you say. Theres more to them than you think. Honor, Courage, Commitment to the University of Tennessee. What do you know about any of that?

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I'm so ready to talk Tennessee football again over here. Everywhere I go i'm asked if i'm a Tennessee fan, and I proudly say HELL YES!!!!! I look forward to Coach Butch Jones doing what he can to bring some new glory days to Tennessee football. We as fans just need to give him the chance to make those changes. 1 and done should be over with, and we should give this man every opportunity to make us great again. This year and next will be hard i'm sure, but improvement will also come as well. At least I get to watch the start of the season at home this year, super excited, win or lose!!! GBO VFL

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Look for Pearl in Memphis for the 2014/2015 college basketball season. This will depend on how well the Tigers do this season. Boston College might make a run for the big time and come up with the 4.5 million it will take to get him. What's Tennessee's chances of welcoming Bruce Back. Coach Martin (I like this guy) would possibly take up the Purdue position and open the door. But all this would depend on what the Haslams and Holland think about the situation. I haven't talked to any of the high profile donors...I am just talking through my hat. Tomorrow, I will probably feel completely different after eating some prime rib at the Copper Cellar. If you haven't eaten at the CC for awhile, come on out...wear a UT shirt and the drinks are on me.

I didn't hear anything you said other than wear a UT shirt and the drinks are on you. Good thing i'm not home yet or I would come to CC and shout at the top of my lungs wheres tovolny, he's buying!!!

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What stinks is Manziel will ruin the chances of other freshmen winning the Heisman Trophy. He's supposed to be an ambassador for all of college football and the only thing he's shown is his immaturity. I know innocent until proven guilty, but he's not doing anything to help his case. Wheres the Coaches and seniors? Why aren't they sitting on this guy and telling him to cool it. Now all the college football fans have to deal with this type of standoffs from their favorite players. I feel truly bad for TNboy72 for driving so far to be disappointed by the new rules that are being instituted without any formal warning.

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For all you traditionalist and former alumni, how about you guys get on the website or send in a petition as to how you want the uniforms to look. I never went to the University of Tennessee, but I was born and raised in Tennessee and I love my state and the university. It just seems that so many people are caught up in this old tradition thing that the school is truly missing out on other things. I'm sure this younger generation is all about style with only the students wanting to come to Tennessee for an education. The student athletes are coming to play sports. Recruiting today kids to come play for our great Tennessee is not going to happen without a little change. Even something as small as our uniforms will not get those 4 and 5 star players that everyone seems to be screaming for. The wins and loses, the coaching change over are all parts of the bigger picture, but kids today want style to go along with the best coaches and the wins. So the point of this ramble is this, if they can add a little splash of flash but yet keep it from going overboard and looking crazy then I say so be it. The kids of today want today not yesterday.

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Oh how I really wish I could say what I want on this page to some of you. If I could i'm sure I would be in a parking lot lining some of you up for a good ole fashion TENNESSEE @#$ whoopin. Uniforms do not make a team, the young men on that team make it. What does it matter if we change for a game or two? Some of you whine about us losing and we need change. Some of you whine about the coaching staff and the front office. Nothing is going to make everyone happy, but if wearing a new uni makes the young men playing this game happy them let them go out and have fun playing for the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE. Some of you truly need to get over yourselves. It's not about what you want, its about what help sell the Volunteer brand to the new generation of players.

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Why is everyone so upset about a uniform that we will wear what once or twice in a season? I have a friend that is a big time Michigan fan and I showed him the new uniforms and he was thrilled to see the new look. One of the true Tennessee Volunteer fans on here said it, it's a uniform, tradition lies in the heart of our school not in a uniform. If the new generation of players like them so be it, we're not to ones out there playing in them. Let them have fun and look good doing it. Instead of whining about the uniforms, whine about the trolls and unfaithful fans that come on here and bad mouth our proud Tennessee football team. I personally don't care what uniform they wear, as long as when they play I get to see my beloved Vols play on AFN!!! I'm sick of hearing it on the internet. I want to see them play!!!!! GBO VFL

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Thanks, JA, for this optimistic perspective. Maybe many more are to follow. Dooley was a mistake, but time had to tell its story and those of us who supported his program aren't at all the dummies the (so far not involved in this conversation) trolls stupidly call us. We're fans like everywhere else and we're simply supporting one of the elite and most legendary college football programs in ncaa history. There's much more reason for our optimism regarding this upcoming season so, thanks again John Adams for stepping up and making note of it. BTW Vol fans: As for the soon-to-appear trolls on this site......please hit "Suggest removal" and pass up the urge to respond by reposting. If you have to say least do so without going through with the process by hitting "Reply to this post." Save that option for civilized repartee and keep out the trash. Here's to a great season. GBO!

I must agree with you on this post. As long as our guys play with energy thru out the whole game I truly believe we will have a shot or two at some games. There were times in the past where you could just see that the Vols didn't have it in them anymore and the Coach didn't even know what to do. I truly believe that will change with CBJ and the new and improved Volunteers. Is it game day yet, I need some Tennessee football in my life over here. As for the trolls that are a coming, once again I agree ignoring them is going to be the best medicine. VFL GBO!!

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Lots of feel good articles will follow and Big Orange Kool-aide will flow freely. Reality will not set in until mid September though.

I see a historically bad season ahead for the Voles:

08/31/2013 Austin Peay UT 32 AP 3
09/07/2013 Western Kentucky UT 31 WK 17
09/14/2013 at Oregon UT 13 OR 41
09/21/2013 at Florida UT 14 FL 27
09/28/2013 South Alabama UT 42 SA 14
10/05/2013 Georgia UT 24 GA 42
10/12/2013 Open date ---
10/19/2013 South Carolina UT 21 SC 24
10/26/2013 at Alabama UT 10 UA 35
11/02/2013 at Missouri UT 27 UM 28
11/09/2013 Auburn UT 22 AU 24
11/16/2013 Open date ---
11/23/2013 Vanderbilt UT 17 VU 27
11/30/2013 at Kentucky UT 28 UK 17

So that you don't have to write them down, I've done it for you. 4 - 8

Can I now have the lottery numbers please? My family and I would love to have me come home for good and since you picked these numbers for scores you obviously know the future. These games haven't even been played yet and you're on top of it. Help me out please.

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Collegegrovebilly, so since you and Johnny_Aint have all the answers why are you two putting in together and becoming donors that help make the decisions that need to be made? We as fans just want someplace to come and enjoy football talk, not all the negative nancy phooey. Theres enough trolls in here trying to get a rise out of people anyway, why do our own have to sit in on it as well. I sit some 9,000+ miles away from home. I get so fed up with all the negative phooey I have to deal with here. So I come on here just to get a piece of home and some football joy from the great state of Tennessee and I can't even get that? So what that Dave Hart isn't from Tennessee, neither is Johnny_ Aint, big freaking deal. How about you two gentlemen take that phooey some where else and let the adults have this room for a bit. Like I said before, we may not be on top right now, but at least we'll go down fighting. Give it a chance. Oh and like my mother and grandmother used to say, "If you don't have something nice to say about a person, don't say anything at all". VFL GBO

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I wonder if it was Skippy or Jif, chunky or smooth, doesn't matter i'm about to go load up on PB&J feller's. GBO VFL

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Please show everyone! Do it for a soldier who can't be there!!!!! Go Vols!!!!!! Break the record!

I'm right there with you. Where I work over here the internet sucks really bad. I'd love to hear it at least, not sure thats going to happen though. If I was home I would be one of those fans sitting up there going crazy just for the heck of it. To all the true VOLUNTEER fans, we're begging you, go show support for our home team. We're far from home, but we have TENNESSEE in our hearts over here.

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I'm starting to put the pieces together about our disgruntled Johnny_Aint_No_Del_Shofner, the leader of the few unfaithful Vols. So Coach Phil Fulmer was a star back in the day and you rode the bench huh. It's sad that a player of the Tennessee Volunteers would turn around and hate them so much. Just because we don't get the people in places that you want them does not mean you should get on here and sprout out such hatred. But I guess being from Alabama the true dark side does shine thru huh. GBO VFL

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Dear sweet baby jesus, I come to you today praying that you give the Volunteers the needed insight as to playing better. I also pray that you will please give these negative Tennessee fans something else to gripe about because they are beginning to get on my last dang nerve. Oh and please give the head negative guy Johnny come lately and his legion of negative followers peace, amen. GOB VFL

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johnig00, I agree good comments today. Guys and Gals we also have to remember this is spring ball. Rust has got to be knocked off and then learning a new system again is not going to just happen. I believe over the course of the summer and into the fall they will start to gel. CBJ will not let this group of guys fail, be it in the classroom or on the field of play. I truly believe this. We're truly going to turn heads for the better this year. GBO VFL

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All I want is a better showing this season with some quality wins and the stands packed again to show some Tennessee Volunteer pride!! Lets get Neyland stadium back to one of the places you fear to come play against us in football. I believe its coming for sure. GBO VFL

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Coach Phil Fulmer's record speaks for its self. 152-52 in Division 1 football is very good. The man did give his all for Tennessee, even when he was on a downward slide. For all the haters it just goes to show that winning had become everything to them and not the integrity of our program. Yes I know some of the players he recruited got into trouble, but compared the to problems a Coach that shall not be named brought, well I think CPF wasn't so bad. Anyway why are we living in the past, lets look to the future and some hard nosed new era TENNESSEE VOLUNTEER football boys and girls!!!!! GBO, VFL

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Nocleats, part of your statement is not all true. You can't teach speed. In fact you can teach speed or help a kid get faster. The workouts that need to be done have to focus on that aspect. Foot strike, leg power and body mechanics will help a players develop needed speed. Some athletes just weren't taught the proper techniques in middle school or high school for that matter. They may seem fast then because they are running against slower kids in those divisions. Theres plenty of articles and documented cases that you can improve speed. We can do it, it just doesn't happen over night. I'm glad your comment wasn't negative though, we have enough trolls that will come on here and read your comment and feed off of it. GBO Is it football time in Tennessee yet.

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I went to UT and yes weed was everywhere. If I had his ability and a chance to be a multimillionare I would have had no trouble not smoking it. Esp after getting caught over and over. NO EXCUSE IMO

Oldvol I hear what you're saying, and a lot of kids wish they had his abilities. Think about all the kids that don't have his abilities and walk on all over the country. Look at some of our former VOLS that walked on and made a difference for Tennessee. I made plenty of mistakes in my life, weed was not one of them. All I'm saying is for some of the kids the ability that they are gifted with needs to be shared with others. Teaching or mentoring something along those lines. These guys get to college and are promised the world. Look at the facilities Tennessee has and all the pretty women up there. This is truly a culture shock to some of these kids. The VOL FOR LIFE program should be at the lead. Im glad you were able to resist, it speaks volumes of you for resisting the temptations.

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It's a wonder kids learn anything from adults this day and age. Reading some of the negative post on here may be part of it. Remember you're not these kids parents. They come to Tennessee thinking that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and then the pressures to perform are thrown at them. Some of you act as if you never made mistakes in your lives. I'm by no means defending DaRick or any of them that can't control themselves, but to belittle them and think they can't change their lives is just plain crazy. If you think you have the solutions to keep these kids out of trouble how about you go volunteer your time to some organization or some sports league to help get kids on the right track, instead of being negative. Now I wonder how many negative comments i'll get for this post. GBO.

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Now this is TENNESSEE football. Not one negative post so far. Memories are forever. Bring back those big orange pride days. If CBJ can show the legacies that they have a place at Tennessee others will come as well. For those waiting to give us some negative karma take that phooey to your own page. THIS IS BIG ORANGE COUNTRY!!!!!! Time for Tennessee football.

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The way I see it, if the football players believe in CBJ then maybe we as fans should believe in him as well. Spring practice hasn't even began and all the nay sayers don't even want to try and believe. Losing sucks I get it, but for fans to just turn their backs when the going gets tuff is just down right un-Tennessean in my book. I definitely wouldn't want some of the negative people on here watching my back while i'm doing my job over here, because the first sign of trouble i'd have to be looking out for them. I now thats a stretch and a big difference between football, but holy cow lets let things work themselves out before we pass judgement. GBO!!! I need something to cheer about.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Since I've started reading the post on here not once have I seen you say something positive about the Volunteer football team. People have asked you time and time again questions about your post and you ignore them. Everyone on here that posts a positive comment about our football team has to come back and see you and your cronies start up with the name calling and negative posting. Now we're all fools for wanting to believe in our team and have something positive to look forward to. It's bad enough we have to read the papers about how our country is going down the drain, the economy sucks, and our troops are being MURDERED by the same people we are trying to help, but no, you sir along with your anti-Hart, anti Cheek cronies can't for once just come on here and make posts that would give some of us a little bright news as to having a chance at a deceit football season. Thanks. Its football sir and I thought it was supposed to be fun and give us all something to cheer for and retell stories about our Volunteer football team.

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allvol8, thanks for your kind words and thoughts. And just as he supported his Badgers until the end, so will I support my Vols. One small lesson out of many that my Dad taught me.

God bless and be well...

Sorry for your lost GerryOP. Thats why i've never been a fan of the personal trash talking that happens on here. No one knows the daily grind or personal things that happens in everyones day to day life, so in order to avoid those types of mistakes why not keep it about sports. Its truly is funny though how we get so many bama, fla, ky, fans on this site to talk so much junk. That to me shows they want the real scoop about what our Vols are up too. Once again sorry for your lost and remember he's still with you in your heart and soul. Truly from my heart, God bless you and your family this New Year.

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Watching that game last night, I kept asking myself....why didn't Bray and Hunter and Paterson do this when we played them. Florida's secondary was just as awful then as they were last night. It's just that we are scared of Florida, and other teams aren't. I hope Jones can fix this, Fulmer and Dooley couldn't.

Just a quick question, didn't Coach Fulmer beat Florida 2 years in a row? Somewhere down the line we had back to back SEC championships, so we had to beat them right? Wasn't that during Coach Fulmer's tenure

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The difference between Charlie Strong and Butch Jones is the Charlie can and will go into the Worst hoods of Miami Dade and pull out the best talent, even if they are rated 2 and 3* players from the state. While Coach Butch Jones will and has been recruiting all these Ohio Kids from these schools in the nicer parts of town.

It was said by Jason Swain on the Eric Ainge show, UT needs some of those tough mean Thug type players that want out the hood!

Coach Strong can keep them in check because he probably has been where they are and is just as tough if not tougher than them.

Hate to say it but chances are a 2-3* kid from Florida dade county may be leagues above a kid from a Ohio prep acadamy Athletically!

We need some Dogs from CBJ not more Choir boys! We are Tennessee not BYU! Maybe he can coach these choir boys up to be SEC type players! GO VOLS!!

Hey sayin1, I want them dogs as well. We need some bite in our defense and special teams. I just don't want those that feel like they can do whatever they please when they want to do it. Remember back when the store got held up and our players were involved in that. That mentality can stay in the hood. It makes our school look bad for sure. The choir boys will grow up quick in the SEC if they want to belong. GBO VFL!!!

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Butch beat out Charlie Strong as Big East COY twice. Yeah, there's the fact he lost to Dooley, but I still think Hart made the right decision in hiring him. O so satisfying seeing the Gators getting their just desserts! Stay safe out there!

Hey I'm with you on this one. I believe we got a good one in Coach Butch Jones. So unlike the doubting Vol fans on here i'm ready to see what we can do next season. I say we give CBJ a chance and let the chips fall where they may. If Charlie Strong can take a bunch of 2 and 3 stars and beat Florida with them, then CBJ should be able to keep his head above water with the recruits we have coming. I'm sure others don't agree, but hey just my opinion and I approve of this message.

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For all of the Vol fans who didn't want Charlie Strong coaching the Vols because he was a Big East coach... what do you think now?

Let's hope bUTch Jones makes this point moot.

I must concur sir. As much as I love Tennessee football the fans can have their heads buried so far in the sand and be just as nasty as other college fans, but as you said Charlie Strong made a statement that he can coach in the big one as well as beat a so called elite team in the SEC. Sitting at #3 and getting beat by #21 did that really happen? Now I see why the Florida trolls as well as some others were worried if Strong came to Tennessee. Like you said let's hope Butch Jones shows he can coach 'em up as well.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

GFF, Man to man, why if you're a VFL do you have such hatred for our Tennessee Vols? I mean you haven't even seen the roster yet, you haven't even seen the players practice. All you seem to know is that every hire so far was a bad one and that Hart sucks. Big deal. Why can't we be going thru the period that every college goes thru. SMU nearly had their program taken away, but look at them now. Yes, June Jones is a big named coach, but the program had to be piece back together. Yes, it sucks our Volunteers are going thru this rough patch, but God you truly seem to hate everything VOL right now. Relax, take a breath and slow down on the negative post for a bit. I for one as well as some other Volunteer fans just want to come on here and see some positive post for once from the TRUE Volunteer faithful. Yes, you have the right to post whatever you want, but jc, you and some others can surly take it over the top, and no I'm not one of the doolaid drinkers or Hart lovers you keep talking so much about.

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Why are so many of our fans worried about this right now? CBJ came in and has done a good job so far I think. I wouldn't think that a kid that hasn't even talked to CBJ and or heard from any of the former Tennessee staff just jump onboard because of a coaching change. Some of you want 4*s and 5*s but remember these kids have seen what Tennessee has been thru the past few years and they have switched or truly rooted themselves in the fact that they are better off with the schools they have chosen or thats on their short list right now. CBJ is truly playing catch up in some areas. He's trying to hold on to the recruits that wanted to come to Tennessee. I say we give it a chance to pan out. Once he gets this first year over with he can truly go out and find those 4 and 5 stars that most of you want. On the other hand I would rather have a few coachable 3 stars with heart, speed and determination, willing to play for Tennessee, than some self absorbed kids that thinks their better than the program. I know talent helps, but it could also hurt a program. Just saying. GBO

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This rebuilding project is going to take a few years unfortunately because Dooley always wanted to switch to the 3-4 D so he recruited bigger LB's and DB's but that failed because they are slower even though they're stronger and hit harder.

Now CBJ and staff have to start all over from scratch to recruit 4-3 D players which means more speed and faster footwork and better athletes.

In the meantime we just have to do the best we can with the players we have now even though most of them were recruited by CDD for a different system and the same is true on the O side of the ball.

I honestly believe that in 3 or 4 years we're really going to love what CBJ puts on the field and the old FEAR of having to face our Vols will be back in a big way.

As we get more Wins then the top recruits will start looking at us closer again but it's going to take a few years like it or not.

Now is the time for all real Tennessee fans to UNITE, support our program and learn to be patient for once in our lives.

This time we have some really good coaches that know what they're doing instead of guessing as they go.

I'm already JONESin for some Tennessee smashmouth, slobberknocking football!


I agree with you and with a good strength and conditioning program we can slim some of those DB's down a bit and make them faster as well. Change up the defensive packages a bit and involve those big ole boys and wreak havoc. Like you said it may take a bit, but any improvement over last year is way better. VFL GBO!!

Written on John Adams: Avoiding Oregon would be worse than losing to it:

Lets let the team get sorted out before we start saying they lose this one. I truly believe Coach Jones is going to get these guys up for any game we play against any opponents we face. The returning players are going to be hungry to prove themselves. The new kids are going to come in and produce as well. All the negative phooey that the trolls are putting out is nothing more than garbage at this time. GBO!!!

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WOW!!! Give someone a computer and google and they can run a football team. I know someone on here will call me a name or two and thats sad, but I thought this was a site for Vols fan to talk about our team. Theres so many positives and negatives about our team and staff right now. We won't know anything about them till they hit the practice field and work out the kinks. Some of you went online and watched videos of Cincinnati play or googled the pass coaches to see the types of defenses they ran or the positions they coached. Now for the life of me why is it that some of you think that we'll be that way as well. Why can't we recruit players that fit the system these coaches are bringing in and they wreck shop. So many of you say the rating system doesn't matter, all that matters is heart.

Every program has its ups and down, defensively as well as offensively. The Martinez's and the Thigpen's of the college football world make mistakes just like every one of us do in our everyday lives. In football its called playing the odds. No one player is always going to get it right. When we recruit these kids to play football for us their eyes are so wide open to the speed of college football that mistakes are going to be made. So with that being said why can't we just wait to see the product we produce before we judge.

Alabama got beat by Texas A&M does that mean Saban is a bad coach, no he and his staff had a bad day is all. Coach Jones was excited to be at Tennessee so of course he may have said things that to him seemed to be the best choice of words, but to all of us to truly believe he would put together the best staff in the country and some of you to believe it is beyond me. We all know that putting together the perfect staff is truly unimaginable in college football more so in the SEC. This may seem like a rant to some, but good gracious this is getting out of hand with the name calling. Lets all just look past the trolls that come on here to cause hate and wait it out till the recruiting is done and spring practice starts.

P.S. To all you negative fans and trolls, its cold as HE double hockey sticks over here. How about you sprue some of that hot air over here to help keep us warm, hehehe. GBO VFL!!!

Written on Western Kentucky hires Petrino as football coach:

Everything that some of the Vol Nation was saying i've read somewhere else. Parents are screaming that theres no way they would even want to consider letting this man recruit their sons for his football program. Like the AD alluded to everyone deserves a second chance, but with his track record it truly makes you wonder. Everything I've read, even with him being out of the spot light for a bit has been negative comments. I'm somewhat relieved Tennessee didn't get him.

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in response to Vol_in_Mich:

They need a someone who can get the job done. This guy wasn't getting it done or else our guys wouldn't have been getting pushed around so much.
This is going to take time. If Dooley had been fired when he should have, the Vols would be a year or two further along.
Give em heII Butch!

ps: If you are really over there, BE SAFE!

Vol_in_Mich, i'm a true Vol, I wouldn't lie to you guys. I am truly over here in Afghanistan reading all the post about our beloved University. Point well taken about the strength and conditioning coach. Guess I was thinking more about the fact that they spend the most time with him during the dead period than any of the other coaches. With a lot of the guys being there thru this circus you know they are like wow. Stay safe up there in Michigan.

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I truly wish he would have kept McKeefery, considering he can be with the players more in the off season than the other coaches. Bringing in a new S&C coach really in my opinion is not a good idea. These guys needed a familiar face around them until the new system can be installed. They need someone they can trust. Now they have to believe in their 7th S&C coach. As for the rest of the staff hires, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Why is it that people seem to think that putting X's and O's on a white board translates to wins automatically? When your bosses put in a new system at your jobs, you have to learn to work those bugs and kinks out. You made mistakes as you learned that new system. Why do we think the systems ran in high school will transfer over to college? All the negatives about Coach Jones getting ate up in the SEC is pure garbage. If he can recruit the players he needs and they can get the system down then I believe we will be fine. It's a chess match people, thinking and adjusting on the fly. Stop trying to compare our coach to other SEC coaches. If you think that Saban,Miles and Spurrier aren't changing and adding new X's and O's every year then you don't know football. Do you think Franklin and Sumlin are going to stay the same next year or do you think they will add in a few new X's and O's. How about we take it a day at a time, see what recruits we get, and let this pan out. I truly don't believe theres a coach that could've come in here and started winning against Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, right away. The SEC is a tough @$$ conference, and we think 1 man will be able to come in here and beat these programs that have had a chance to gel together and beat them. Puff, puff pass please. I will take any kind of improvement next year and then see where we can go from there. GBO!! VFL

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Well he does seem to want the job doesn't he. I'm somewhat surprised they got anyone to take it for a measley $18 million over 6 years. He said he knew roughly half of the roster from recruiting which means he lost out to Dooley recruiting....YECH! Ok, enough fun and poking at Hart, let's see what he's got. Go land some 10 or 15 star know those guys with special powers we see in the movies...some Marvel recruits is what we need. lol

If it's a measly $18 million then I think that should show a lot of people that he really wanted to come to Tennessee. He obviously knows the talent level that we have here and believes he can work with it. After hearing his press conference I believe he will give his all for Tennessee. He even said to be the best you have to compete against the best. Saban and Miles didn't start off winning in the SEC so I believe given time he will make a lot of fans see the light. And as you said if the recruits can believe in him then they will come. Time will tell. GBO!!!

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Well, I'm happy the search is over, but sad in the fact that some of the Volunteer Nation had to resort to hit Coach Jones up on twitter and start calling him names and telling him not to come. After reading some of the tweets I'm surprised he decided to accept. The man hasn't even gotten here and people don't like him. I say give him a chance and lets see what happens. Congratulations to Coach Jones. Now go out there and recruit us some winners and prove the naysayers wrong about you!!! Go VOLS!!!

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I'm not trying to start an argument with you by no means, but for someone that supposedly loves his Volunteers you sir are by far the most negative man on this board. You along with grooveability whoever he is and 1 more just seem to love to bring the hate and discontent to this board. I have seen other posters ask you simple questions as to who you would pick and you go off on a diatribe of other nonsense. So for the sake of a man to man conversation, lets get rid of Dave Hart, he's gone. Along with him Jimmy Cheek is out the door as well. Who do we bring in to take us back to the glory days that we all so love and cherish. You have shot down every one of the names thrown out. To be honest I haven't even seen who your choose should be.

You tell every one of the Vol Alums that they don't even love the school they went to because they don't agree with you over the way the program is being run. I even believe that if we could pull out a 6-6 or by a miracle a 7-5 record you wouldn't be happy regardless. You truly have the right to your opinions, but good lord for the love of Tennessee football relax. It's only football and we will bounce back from this. GBO!!!

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Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, big name SEC teams right now. Theres an old saying to be the best you have to beat the best. Are you telling me that theres not 1 coach out there that would relish competing to beat the coaches at these schools. Coaches are turning us down for what ever reason to not compete. Money be damned. Get someone that will get us a better record than 5-7, 1-7 in the conference. Petrino, Davis, Jones, Roman, I don't care if Jesus almighty wants to coach the Vols, get someone in here already and stop this train wreck.

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Is anyone else hearing that the OC is interviewing with NCSt? Man we do not need this right now. We will really lose more recruits if this happens.

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Oh phooey, just saw a possible rumor that Chaney may interview with NCSt. What is going on in the VOl Nation!

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Now wait a minute people Volsguy maybe onto something. Why not hire Fulmer back and try to bring in some younger blood to run the defense . Maybe even try to keep Chaney as OC. Have the money bags try to persuade him to keep Jay Graham and a few others on staff as well. Everyone is complaining about Hart not being the proper man for the AD job and wants Orange blood in there, that would be perfect. When Hart calls it quits or what have you we move Fulmer up to AD. We know the man bleeds orange and will get the job done. And like someone else mentioned even if it's for 3-4 years and we have to do it over at least the AD will truly have the best interest of the program at heart. I'm beginning to think that may be the best route to take right now. No one wants this job, and it hurts my soul to say that. GBO!!!

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Gruden isnt coming. Get over it already!

gobigorange5090, he only threw that out there to get a response to his post. He knows nothing, just like the rest of us right now. We're scrambling right now to find a coach and get this over with. People on here just want to rile up the Vol Nation to the point we're at each others throats.

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Louisville is looking at giving Strong a 5 year extension and the Gundy offer is supposedly off the table.

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Right now I'd just settle for a decision from someone on who it's going to be.

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Or in 3 years, the fans will be calling for his head and another head coach search.

God it doesn't matter what coach comes in here. Even if he can flat out coach but can't get recruits to believe in the Tennessee system then he'll be looking for another job anyway. We're running out of candidates and by the time this happens we'll be behind the 8 ball for recruits for sure. Davis, Petrino, Strong, Gundy, doesn't matter if they are losing they are gone, theres no time for a slow year anymore at Tennessee. All I know is I want a coach and for us to start moving ahead.

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WOW!!!! When did this search turn into a racial issue. I thought we were looking for a head coach? Why does it matter if the man is black or white. It's about football people. The thing that brings fans together when rival teams come to Neyland stadium or when we hit the road and show up in force to root for our team. Its football. I am truly saddened at the fact that some of our Vol nation want to burn tickets, listen to phooey reports and not make this about what really matters to us which is football. If this mans wife feels the way she does about then thats her feelings. I remember some veterans fought and died for the freedom to say and do what they want in America. Being a racial couple is already hard, so for those that want to make it harder on this man this only shows nothing is or has changed when it comes to those type of issues. Tennessee fans can surely show a potential coach why he shouldn't come to our University. For all the tradition and fanfare, this is truly turning into a circus of freaks. Lets look pass black or white and get a coach in here that will make a difference. It's truly obvious to some in here that no coach is good enough to come to Tennessee.

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Strong next to last in recuiting in the big east 7th out of 8 teams
Larry fedora north Carolina acc slightly tougher conference is ranked 4th. out of 12 teams
Mike Gundy Big 12 way tougher conference than the Big East ranked 3rd behind texas and baylor.

please vols do not hire charlie strong

Ok so say we get your guy and he sucks, and then we passed a coach that knows the SEC or we get Fedora and he can't cut it either then who is left. You and Ford don't like many of the coaches that are out there. Its conference this, conference that. All the SEC coaches that can hang in our league are gone so besides the two you think should be our next coach if they all past us up then who? A second tier coach that you would definitely hate and talk bad about our school some more.