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Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

I am extremely disappointed in my HS coach. I always wanted to play for TN but ended up playing at a smaller school in KY. I was also an average athlete. Thanks for nothing coach! I could have at least had a worthless article written about me and you could have been perceived as an idiot.

Written on Picture of Alabama commitment holding wads of cash goes viral:

Lucyyy. You got some splanning to doo.

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First two before SEC opener should be warm ups. Then bring on the top 25 until the BCS BS is gone and we have a true playoff system.

Written on John Adams: Preseason line on UT isn't all bad:

The past two coaches never made UT fans feel "great" (well Kitten added some swagger but we all know that didn't last). Nor have the last two coaches made an immediate impact on the recruiting trail. We have needed a coach that could sell the program to a new age of players. We have needed a coach to bring in big time talent. We have needed a coach to sew up the state of TN recruits. We have needed a coach to rebuild the program that has been around successful programs. We have needed a coach that has been preparing day in and day out to be a head coach for a big time school like UT. Well, it is my opinion that we now have THAT COACH! I don't expect to win the SEC next year. However, we have a coach that has put in the hard work to first develop himself so that he can develop a team of young men to go to war for him. WE HAVE THAT COACH! You look at where we are today in recruiting not only 14' players but five 15' players. When have we ever seen that in the last 10 + years? For all the haters and trolls out there have fun on our site right now poking holes into our program. Right now that is. My only question is what will you do with your time when we start putting together 8 win, 9 win, 10 win seasons? You know we're going to be beating "your teams" to get there... I promise you this, us true UT fans won't be wasting our time on your websites rubbing it in your faces. We will still be on our site waiting for the next 4*, 5* recruits to sign with UT over your schools. Funny how it all unfolds, but it's coming. So, enjoy it while it last, but make sure you have another schools website to go to when we start upsetting your teams program. Or come back to ours and jump on our wagon like everyone did Alabama after they started winning titles. Half of AL fans weren't even AL fans before those titles. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner. Similar to how these young men that have signed with UT of late want to be associated with Butch Jones. Go big Orange!

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

In all honesty. We could loose all of last years DB's and be fine. There was a lack of coaching, but what hurt more was lack of speed and having a nose for the ball. There's a reason for having Div II. Good luck Gray! Go Vols!!!

Written on Defense dominates Jones' first Orange & White Game:

Offense wins games. Defenses win championships. Which one do you want looking better this time of year? Go Vols!!

Written on GoVols247: Florida WR becomes ninth UT commitment:

Highlights look good! Kick returner written all over this young man! Plays with attitude!! Welcome to BOC!!

Written on Back for pro day, 'humbled' Da'Rick Rogers says he wants to rebuild bridge to UT:

Eric Gordan shows up? But doesn't show up for practice?? Did I miss an article that told exactly why he hasn't been practicing? If so please share.

Written on In full-pads practice, Vols crank up intensity:

As much as I am looking forward to a fast paced offense; I am equally looking forward to a fast paced defense. Whip em in shape coaches!! Go Vols!

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

We don't know if CBJ can coach in the SEC but he can dang well recruit in the SEC!!! WOW!!!! It's only a matter of time my Vol friends. TN will be back on top. And by the way the Butchinator is recruiting; it's looks sooner than later! GBO

Written on A look at Tennessee's 2014 class after 3 new additions, including 4-star Todd Kelly Jr.:

Kelly is a 5* if I ever saw one! What a get! This kid has it all. I want to see him at punt/kick off return a few times just to see what he can do. He gets up the field quicker than any returner I have seen in YEARS! GO VOLS!!!

Written on Tennessee spring football position-by-position previews: Looking at the offense:

A coach that coaches players up and conviences them they can win is what I feel CBJ brings to the table. He's like Kiffen without a skirt and an NCAA investigation parade. Remember almost beating Bama when kitten was coaching?? We weren't supposed to come close in that game on paper. Spread offense, recruiting better talent (almost a top 20 finish with all the tumoil). Great things ahead for the Vols. If you don't agree then jump on the Vandy bandwagon. Just don't try jumping back on ours after we dismantle them this season! Go Vols!

Written on Incoming QB Joshua Dobbs receives academic award:

When you're as smart as he is it will come fairly easy. Not the typical student athlete. Great job! And I can't wait to have a mobile QB again!!! Go Vols!!

Written on 'Persistence' flips Joshua Dobbs from Arizona State to Tennessee :

I see a couple of QB transfers in our near future. Vols recent non mobile QB's equaled SEC championships. Vols last mobile QB equaled a National Championship. Just sayin... Great job by our new staff on pulling in this quality young man and all the others!! GBO!!!

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

And his brother will sell more gas and Cheetos at his Pilot Stations!!!

Written on GoVols247: Top247 WR plans to visit UT again :

in response to SummittsCourt:

Funny name for someone who lives in his grandma's basement and rubs her feet for free.

What are you compensating for with that name?

you rub her feet???? Thats gross!

Written on Derek Dooley to offer recruiting commentary on ESPNU's National Signing Day coverage :

in response to govolsn3:
2010 ranked top ten recruiting, 2011 top 15, 2012 top 20. Look it up yourself and CINCY is nowhere in sight. Some of you just have to be steered to the truth on here. Look it up yourself. COACH JONES has got a lot of work to do beat this recruiting.

And our National Ranking (or lack there of)fell faster than his recruiting ranking. We need a coach to "coach up" the guys; and seeing that CBJ has had nominal "ranked" classes AND been successful (forget about the conference) maybe he's our guy. Once(if) we start winning regular season games, going to the SEC champ game, winning bowl games, finishing in the Top 15, etc its gets REALLY easy to recruit especially with the facilities and tradition that TN has. We have heard more buzz about recruiting since CBJ arrived than I can remember during Dooleys tenure. This guy is getting looks from guys that wouldn't even visit TN. And some of them were from TN.

Written on Derek Dooley to offer recruiting commentary on ESPNU's National Signing Day coverage :

in response to govolsn3:
2010 ranked top ten recruiting, 2011 top 15, 2012 top 20. Look it up yourself and CINCY is nowhere in sight. Some of you just have to be steered to the truth on here. Look it up yourself. COACH JONES has got a lot of work to do beat this recruiting.

You get paid 2M/Year to recruit AND win. Let's move on and support our new coach.

Written on Derek Dooley to offer recruiting commentary on ESPNU's National Signing Day coverage :

That's like Weight Watchers asking John Madden to be their spokesperson! Thanks for the laugh!!

Written on John Adams: Tough times ahead for UT football :

Hey John - are you a Vols fan?? Do you think recruits look at this site? If you answered yes to either of these two questions them why is your headline negative? It could have been titled coach jones will instill mental toughness back to tennessee football. Or 15 other titles. Lets keep it positive... At least until after signing day and then you can go back to your negative headlining. Thanks.

Written on Nick Reveiz joins Carson-Newman as graduate assistant :

We should have brought Nick on as a GA. Great guy, great player with a passion for TN football. This one got away...

Written on Florida lineman Jessamen Dunker charged with stealing scooter:

Even the FL trolls have to shake their heads at this! I needed a laugh today; thank you! I thought throwing beer bottles and golf balls off a balcony was stupid. But thank god for FL players!! And for those FL fans that troll our site - I really enjoyed the Sugar Bowl. Go Vols!!!

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

Peyton verses Martin - it's amazing that after 14 seasons we are finally writing articles on a TN website about this. Don't even offer another pro style QB.

Written on Quarterback Tyler Bray selects agent Don Yee :

Didn't read the article just the headline and wanted to say WHO CARES!!!

Written on John Adams: Time for 'serious' changes at Tennessee :

Start selling beer! That would make things louder. On a side note - I would really like to see new uniforms next year. These days recruits look at that! Nothing against tradition but let's mix it up!!!

Written on USC shows up an hour late for bowl dinner; Trojans player cusses El Paso:

I repeat - who give a rats rear what Kitten or the thugs that play for him are doing? Stick with the Vols could have just left this on the Yahoo page you found it on. Give us something we actually care about!

Written on USC gave Lane Kiffin loan for house, but there's a catch:

Please quit writing articles on the dirtbag. You can do better.

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

in response to silicon28:

Ferguson is going to blow peoples' minds when he gets to campus - exactly like he did in Charlotte in High School... Get ready... He literally could be the next Tee Martin...

This Lemond Johnson kid that just committed was an incredible dual threat QB in HS. I know we will prob put him in the safety spot; but guarantee CBJ gives him a look at QB. Check out his YouTube. Remind you of anyone???

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

in response to knoxville_born:

Is it common for a new coach to announce a junior is leaving before the player himself does so?

If the new coach is trying to recruit stud WR's that are curious as to how much PT they would get. I think it was a good move on the teams behalf. I wish he would come out an say Bray was leaving so our current backups and incoming freshman can get their heads in the game now. Worley is ok; but I am ready for another mobile QB. Especially now that Patterson/Hunter are gone. Yeah - we still have talent/speed at WR; but we need to add the mobile QB to the mix to get it done for the next couple of years anyway. I hope we never recruit another pro-style exclusive QB. Let's step up our offense so that we aren't on pins and needles when our "star" WR gets of the turf slowly...Go Vols!!

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

Image if Hunter wouldn't have dropped all those passes this year! Super Star = Not! Bray leaving = who cares! Patterson leaving = Nooooooooooooo!!!!!

Written on John Adams: The right quarterback could speed up UT turnaround :

God bless you for writing this. Please recruit anyone that resembled Tee Martin in high school. If I want to watch a pro style offense I will watch football on Sunday.

Written on UT confirms football staff hirings :

I will say that coach Jones has been hitting the recruiting trail pretty good. I don't think Dooley meet with as many recruits as Jones has in a week as Dooley in the past three years. One thing that I can't understand is why we can't sign a receivers coach? What gives?? It's not like we don't have talent at WR (with or without hunter/Patterson) and Jones loves throwing the ball. Plus they will probably be paid close to 300K/year! Lets go already; signing day will be here before you know it.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to Colts_VolFan:

Too bad T couldn't show the same commitment to the son he has in Knoxville.

AGREED! I guess babymomma is a CRAZYMOMMA!!

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

Well....don't come-a knockin after they fire kitten. Karma's knockin on his door. Good luck to ya Tee - your still one of the best QB's our beloved team has ever witness play the game! There are plenty of good WR coaches out there. Not too hard to screw that position up with the right recruits and scheme. We definately need a WR coach that can recruit these prima donnas though!!Go Vols!!

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

So you might NOT want to have ALL of yours kids in ONE town. AND continue to work for a coach that help set this great program back... Publicity nightmare if you don't take the offer Tee. And...folks won't be asking for your autograph the next time your in K-town. I've got a framed front page National Champs Tennessean newspaper with your mug on it in my man cave. Please don't make me take it down!! Go Vols!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Remove all fax machines immediately! Hello???

Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

All past records and body of work aside. Auburn????? Why would we want anybody from Auburn??? And lastly - thank you for the article I haven't slept for two days wondering what was going to happen to our strength and conditioning coach! Thank goodness he is a blogger! Good night. And Go Vols!!

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

in response to traderjoe:

If this is true, then Hart should've known this and not hired Butch. Just as I said in an earlier post, maybe Butch was hot to trot every 3 years because he'd gotten all he could out of Brian's talent and organization. If this is true, then this should be enough justification to fire Hart and hire Fulmer as AD. Hart gets $750,000.00 and it sounds like he didn't do any due diligence. An average fan could have done better.

He beat Pitt and South FL this year and only lost to Rutgers by 7 and took L'ville into OT losing only by 3. Don't take the star ranking to serious for these 17 yr old kids. Most of the 4 and 5 star kids we have gotten to sign at TN lately have either been sent on their way or sent to jail. I'll take a 2-3 star kid thats only expects to play if they earn the right and academically eligible when the season starts.

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in response to HopeisNotaCourseofAction:

You play the schedule you have I guess but these averages are apples and oranges.

While Cincy held teams like delaware state, fordham, toledo, usf and miami (oh) to low scores we were playing top some 10 teams like ua, uga, uf. Of course we also had big scores from troy and mo, so our D vs everyone was horrible.

This has to be an upgrade, last year was bottom - I HOPE!

Agreed - but I am curious as to what he can do with better athletes in a better conference. He has done pretty well with the talent he was able to pull into Cinnci. I wonder with him being such a hands on offensive guy if he will retain Chaney? And with his explosive offense it really wouldn't bother me if he cut him loose. We all know the coaches that really need to stay; I just hope he keeps the ones that have proven themselves.

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

I personally like the hire. Players coach, good recruiter, spread offense, no huddle AND can get his kids to play defense! Only had THREE teams score more than 23 points on them. 31 points were scored on Cinnci against Louisville in OT. VA Tech and Syracuse were the only other teams and they scored just 24 in regulation. Heck, we averaged having 28 points scored on us this season. Certainly an upgrade from Dooley. Good luck Butch!! Bring back the winning tradition and you will be embraced by millions of fans nationwide!! GO VOLS!!!!!

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

in response to voodoo101:

And Smokey has some definite thoughts about the kicking game.

Certainly showed more bite than Doolittle.

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

I vote for SMOKEY as next HC. All we would be out $$$ wise would be a bag of Beneful once a week. And his buy out could be some Beggin Strips! Only concern is finding a headset that would fit his head.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Just fire Sunseri and replace him with a great DC running a 4-3. We haven't had a great HC for years. Save the money - no A lister wants the job anyway. Hire a great DC keep everything else in place (other than our DB coach or lack there of). Why we give soooo much credit to a head coach anymore is beyond me. If we need a recruiter go find a great salesman with a passion for UT football for $250K/year and be done with it. Anyone got a spare fluxcapathatatar on em? If so dial in 1998 would ya? I'm tired of taking chances on these aledged great leaders. But still remain optimistically orange!

Written on Kentucky hires FSU assistant Mark Stoops as coach:

WHO CARES! Put this on the Wildcat's website.

Written on Poll: Who was Tennessee's MVP this season?:

I vote that we all try to forget this season ever happened. Can I get a second...

Written on Mike Strange: Justin Worley awaits coaching decision and Tyler Bray's decision :

Bray has had more good games then bad. His problem is when pressured. He cannot throw on the run. Luckily he hasn't had to much due to the great O-line. Worley is still unproven and could be another great pocket passer for us. The bigger concern to me is IF Hunter/Patterson leave for the NFL (and Rogers is a senior) who will his (Brays) great arm throw too? That brings me to this; why do TN refuse to recruit mobile QB's that can also throw from the pocket. It may be that Justin King is our guy... Let's face it; no one can argue that it never seems to fail that we will have an offense on a 3rd and 11 (or whatever) coverage downfield does their job (don't laugh) and here comes the mobile QB down the field for the 1st down. If you don't have some 1st round draft picks at the skill positons (QB/WR/RB) it is EXTREMELY difficult to win a championship. Now - look at what this coaching revolving door will do to our recruits over the next two years (if we don't get that stud HC). I personally feel that we are going to have to lean on a QB with some wheels to keep the chains moving. This is not taking into consideration our defensive struggles; but does anyone else feel that a QB that can run at least a 4.7 is invaluable to a college football team in todays game?

Written on UT Athletics halts academic donations; money needed to fund coaching change :

I want a big name coach; but more than anything I hope us true orange fans don't have to endure another three years of BS and then have to go through this phooey again! I'm enjoying the college football season less and less these days. Enough is enough! Go out and get a WINNER Hart or whoever is pulling the purse strings!!! Go Vols!

Written on Mike Tirico steers clear of speculation on Gruden’s possible return to coaching:

Nothing to add to this worthless acticle; just have never been 1st to post! Go Vols!